5 Best Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) for Middle East in 2022

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The Middle East is one of the most sensitive regions in the world when it comes to online privacy and security. However, with the right VPN, you can easily protect your identity and keep your data safe. Here are five of the best VPNs for use in 2022 in the Middle East.

The “best free vpn for middle east server” is a virtual private network that is available to people in the Middle East. This VPN will allow users to access content from different countries, as well as encrypt their internet connection and protect their personal data.

Many Middle Eastern nations now impose some of the strictest internet filtering practices. For a variety of reasons, including legal, political, and religious ones, those governments there monitor and impose restrictions on their residents’ access to the internet.

Users must be concerned about their Internet Service Provider (ISP) monitoring their online activity in addition to government surveillance, as well as hackers attempting to steal their sensitive personal and corporate data.

I’ll give a list of what each nation in the area censors later, along with information on whether using a VPN is permitted there. However, it’s reasonable to assume that if you’re in a Middle Eastern nation, anything on the internet is being blocked there.

Fortunately, residents in the Middle East and tourists to the area may use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to evade governmental surveillance and limitations and to shield their online activity from their ISP and hackers’ prying eyes.

I’ll share my selection of the top 5 VPNs for the Middle East with you in this post.

Middle Eastern VPN Use: How to Use One?

Remember that several Middle Eastern nations, like the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and others, make every effort to ban all VPN traffic (excepting that from a few government-approved providers). As a result, many VPNs won’t function in these nations.

However, the five VPN services mentioned in this article are still fighting the good fight, and as of my most recent check, they are still functional inside of those nations as well as the other Middle Eastern nations.

Even if a nation doesn’t prohibit VPNs from operating inside its borders, many do so in order to make it more difficult for users to sign up for service. For this reason, before traveling to the Middle East, I always advise that you subscribe to a VPN service, download the provider’s software, and try it out.

Users need just take these simple actions in order to safeguard their online activity from prying eyes and provide access to the rest of the world:

  1. Sign up using a VPN service. (I recommend NordVPN.)
  2. Install on your smartphone the app(s) provided by your service provider (s).
  3. Connect to the server network of the VPN.
  4. Choose a VPN server that is not in the Middle East and connect to it.
  5. Enjoy the freedom of the internet.

Top VPN services for the Middle East

These 5 VPNs give the finest security in the Middle East, according to my tests of all my top VPN providers. Here is a quick rundown:

  1. NordVPN: Due to its top-notch security and privacy safeguards, this company is rated as the best. The Double VPN option and its obfuscated servers allow you conceal your VPN activities and offer extra encrypted security for your connection.
  2. Surfshark: For a relatively affordable fee, Surfshark provides excellent security and privacy measures, as well as an several connections at once policy.
  3. ExpressVPN: This supplier provides additional security choices in addition to government-grade encryption. You may enjoy secure connections to a huge number of locations throughout the globe thanks to its worldwide server coverage.
  4. Although the worldwide server network of this up-and-coming VPN service, PrivateVPN, is not very outstanding, it does have a “Stealth VPN” function that masks your VPN activity as regular browser traffic.
  5. VyprVPN: This company offers an additional degree of anonymity by owning and operating its whole worldwide server network. With the aid of its unique “Chameleon” protocol, VyprVPN offers dependable access to the outside world while also helping to conceal your VPN activities.

Using the following criteria, I assessed and rated the best Middle Eastern VPN services:

  • not a single user log
  • most advanced degree of encryption
  • switching off automatically
  • protection against DNS leaks
  • comprehensive support for several platforms
  • superior client service

The best 5 VPNs for usage in the Middle East are listed below.

How-to-Unblock-Instagram-at-School-in-2022 Jul 2022

The greatest choice for bypassing most Middle Eastern nations’ blockades while maintaining your privacy is NordVPN. The provider’s obfuscated servers and Double VPN capabilities give trustworthy security for your online activities in the Middle East.

Of all the providers I’ve tried, NordVPN has the quickest connection speeds. The connections offered by NordVPN can easily handle streaming, gaming, and any other online activity you could like, depending on your typical connection speeds.

More than 5,400 servers for NordVPN are located in over 60 countries. Regardless of who is restricting material, the provider’s servers provide above-average unblocking.

Your membership payment information is kept private by using a bitcoin payment option, which is supported by all of those servers.

NordVPN offers kill switch protection, IP and DNS leak avoidance, along with bank-level encryption. Additionally, the service provider’s masked servers conceal your VPN activities, and its Double VPN option double-encrypts your connection by passing it via two VPN servers.

Native applications for Android, Android TV, iOS, macOS, Linux, Amazon Fire, and Windows are available as part of NordVPN’s app support. Additionally, browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome are available.

A single set of login credentials may be used to connect up to 6 devices at once, and router support is available if you want more.

Your support requirements are met round-the-clock with 24/7 live chat, email help, a problem ticket tracking system, and a searchable support library.


  • never keeps user logs
  • lightning-quick rates
  • bank-level encryption
  • fantastic privacy safeguards
  • Obfuscation of the connection and double VPN security


  • The user experience of the app might be somewhat improved.

The best VPN for the Middle East is NordVPN, which can safeguard your internet activity while there. Your online activities are well-protected thanks to the provider’s robust privacy and security measures. Its quick speeds are welcomed. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered.

Read my in-depth NordVPN review.

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Due to its “Multi-Hop” Double VPN routing, strong encrypted connections, and limitless simultaneous connections, Surfshark takes second place in our ranking.

Surfshark connections provide plenty of bandwidth, which puts them above average for file sharing, gaming, and streaming. No form of data limits are ever applied.

The number of servers in Surfshark’s worldwide server network has increased to 3,200+ servers in 65 countries, almost doubling from little over a year ago. The network is quite good in unblocking websites and other forms of material, including streaming and gaming services.

All of those servers are run without keeping any kind of logs, and the supplier also takes Bitcoin in exchange for their valuable services.

In addition to government-level encryption, the provider offers kill switch protection, ad and tracking cookies blocking, and protection against DNS leaks. It also offers Double VPN protection (called “Multi-Hop”), which routes your internet connection through two VPN servers, further obfuscating your actual IP address.

Native applications for Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows, and Amazon Fire are supported by the Surfshark app. There are also browser add-ons for Firefox and Chrome.

Support for routers is also provided. The several connections at once allowed offered by Surfshark would be appreciated by customers wishing to safeguard large groups of users.

Thanks to the provider’s 24/7 support chat, contact form, and support knowledge base, customer help is always accessible.


  • Low cost pricing
  • fantastic online security
  • several connections at once
  • Dual VPNs equal dual anonymity


  • Would be nice to have advanced options

GREAT FOR BUDGET:Surfshark provides top-notch protection at a budget price. There’s protection for your Middle Eastern internet activity thanks to its Double VPN protection. Large groups will appreciate the provider’s several connections at once policy. A 30-day money-back guarantee is available.

Read my whole Surfshark review.

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ExpressVPN claims extensive worldwide server coverage and strong security and privacy safeguards, providing you with access to a wealth of material from all around the globe.

Your internet connection is little slowed by the supplier, who offers very fast connections. There are no data limits to limit your internet activity.

No matter where in the globe you need to connect, the company offers more than 3,000 VPN servers spread over 94 different countries, offering security. Access to geo- and governmental-blocked material, such as streaming services, restricted websites, and more, is reliably available via the provider’s server network.

Being headquartered in the British Virgin Islands exempts VPN providers from keeping user logs, which is how the business operates. The service makes the most of this by safeguarding your privacy by maintaining no records of any kind. ExpressVPN allows Bitcoin to keep all of your financial information private.

Military-level encryption, switching off automatically protection, and IPv6 and DNS leak prevention keep your online activities undercover. Plus, the provider offers the ability to route your computer’s DNS requests through the ExpressVPN DNS service which runs on every server.

The supplier provides native applications for the Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, Chromebook, Amazon Fire, and Android TV operating systems. For the platforms of Chrome, Edge, and Firefox, there are browser extensions available.

All of your internet gadgets may be secured with an excellent router. On a single account, up to 5 connections may run simultaneously.

ExpressVPN offers round-the-clock customer service through email, a support ticket tracking system, a live chat option, and a knowledge base.


  • 100% log-free policy
  • military-grade encryption for connections
  • Kill switch, IPv6/protection against DNS leaks
  • worldwide server network of enormous size


  • On this list, the most costly provider
  • just five connections at once

WORLDWIDE ACCESS:ExpressVPN supplies access to content around the world thanks to its worldwide server network of enormous size. Its security and privacy protections are above-average, and its app support is more than comprehensive. A 30-day money-back guarantee is available.

Read the whole of my ExpressVPN review.

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A rising VPN service, PrivateVPN, provides “Stealth VPN” access to its rather limited worldwide server network, masking your VPN activities.

Fast connection rates from this service make it possible to play quick online games, stream high definition video, and share huge files.

Although the company has a relatively small number of worldwide servers—150+ servers scattered across 60 countries—all of them are excellent in unblocking geo-restricted material. Ensure that they have servers in the desired locations.

A Bitcoin subscription payment option keeps your payment information safe, and all of those servers are operated without maintaining any kind of records.

Government-level encryption protects your online activities from prying eyes, as does the provider’s kill switch option, and its IPv6 and protection against DNS leaks. In addition, the provider’s “Stealth VPN” protection helps keep your VPN usage hidden.

The service provides compatibility with a wide range of router brands and models, but native app support is only available for the big 4 (Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows). A single account may connect up to 6 devices simultaneously to the PrivateVPN servers.

An FAQ section, a live help chat function, and email assistance are all parts of PrivateVPN’s customer care system. (Although the service provider states that its support chat option is accessible around-the-clock, I have visited the website multiple times when it wasn’t. In the event that live chat is available, the chat balloon will be green.


  • access to the outer world with certainty
  • security for covert VPN connections
  • six simultaneous connections maximum


  • low server count
  • Support for cross-platform apps that is below par

Impressive online protection is provided by PrivateVPN, which, with the help of its “Stealth VPN” obfuscation function, makes it difficult to track your VPN activities outside of the Middle East. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered.

Read the whole of my PrivateVPN review.

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The self-owned and -operated worldwide server network of VyprVPN enables it to deliver a level of privacy protection that no other provider on this list can.

Although VyprVPN’s connection speeds aren’t the fastest, they are more than capable of managing practically any online activity.

700+ servers spread across more than 70 nations make up the provider’s worldwide server network. A world of geo-blocked material is now accessible thanks to those servers, which provide access to the majority of the free globe.

As of December 2018, the provider stores no logs of any kind for any platform on those servers, and as they own and run every single one of them, they ensure further privacy by preventing third-party contractors from seeing your personal information.

Military-grade encryption, kill switch protection, and personalized DNS settings that prevent DNS leaks are all used to safeguard all VyprVPN connections. Additionally, the company provides “Chameleon” protection, an exclusive, customized OpenVPN protocol that hides your VPN traffic.

Applications for Android, Android TV, iOS, macOS, and Windows are supported by VyprVPN native apps. There are no extensions for any browsers. The company does support a wide range of routers. On a single set of user credentials, up to 5 devices may login to the service simultaneously.

With 24/7 support chat, email assistance, a support contact form, and a searchable knowledge base, customer help is always accessible.


  • protection for all connections
  • No logs
  • manages and owns its server farms


  • more costly than a lot of other VPNs
  • five simultaneous connections maximum

PROPRIETARY SERVER NETWORK: VyprVPN’s privately owned and run server network shields your data from outside contractors. Additionally, its “Chameleon” protection aids in concealing your VPN activity. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered.

Read my whole VyprVPN review.

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Middle Eastern VPN Evaluation Methodology

Never choose a VPN service provider for usage anywhere in the Middle East without first confirming that it is compatible with the nation. There are several nations in the Middle East that have restrictions, therefore not just any VPN will function there. I evaluated the top VPNs on the market to see whether they would function well in Middle Eastern nations, and I’ve listed them above.

When evaluating those VPNs for the Middle East, I paid particular attention to the following categories:

  • Speed: Because certain Middle Eastern regimes censor their residents’ internet access, connection speeds for VPNs—which are already a crucial factor—become even more crucial. Fast download speeds are available from all of the VPNs on my list, notably NordVPN and ExpressVPN.
  • Server Network: A vast server network enhances your alternatives for unblocking globally geo-restricted internet material, making it a crucial component for many online activities. Additionally, search for a large number of servers spread throughout many nations. A bigger server pool will result in better performance since fewer users will be hammering each server simultaneously.
  • Value: Never accept a VPN whose asking price is more than its qualities warrant. Each VPN I suggest for the Middle East provides outstanding value at a cost that is fair in light of what the VPN provides.
  • Usefulness: Setting up a VPN shouldn’t be difficult. Pick a service that provides robust applications that are simple to use. I exclusively suggest VPNs that have user-friendly yet effective mobile applications so that even new VPN users can rapidly reap its benefits. Additionally, confirm that the VPN service provider you are thinking about has applications for a variety of device platforms.
  • Security and Privacy: Since the Middle East contains highly restrictive countries when it comes to the internet, making comprehensive digital security and privacy protections essential features of a VPN. Banking-level encryption, an switching off automatically, and DNS/IP leak protection are the bare minimum in online protection that you should look for. The VPN should also never save any server logs of your online activities, so an oppressive government can never request any records of them (because there won’t be any).
  • Streaming: It makes sense to take into account the streaming capabilities of VPNs as streaming is undoubtedly one of the most popular online activities among VPN users. Every VPN on my list provides dependable access to major streaming websites including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and others.

See more details on my VPN testing procedures here.

Is Using a Free VPN a Smart Choice in the Middle East?

Don’t even think about it, no. Do not, for the love of God. Never use a “free” VPN, but especially not in the Middle East, which has a lot of restrictions.

I contend that protecting your online activity from snoopers is the most crucial benefit of utilizing a VPN. In the Middle East, privacy and security online are particularly crucial.

Your privacy won’t be protected with a free VPN. In fact, it could make you more vulnerable online.

Many free VPN service providers watch the internet activities of their customers and then sell that data to advertising and other interested parties. A VPN service presumably wouldn’t fight back too much if the government of a Middle Eastern nation came knocking if they were prepared to sell your information to anybody.

You should also be aware that certain free VPNs have been exposed for introducing tracking cookies and intrusive adverts into users’ browser sessions. (Even if you leave from the VPN network, the tracking cookies remain.)

Additionally, you pay for “free” VPNs with your valuable time. Some gratis providers need you to cool your heels in a line as you wait for one of the few available free spaces on their servers to open up. Once you’ve received the all-clear, your server options will either be significantly limited or you’ll just be handed a server of the provider’s choice.

Numerous free VPNs will also impose daily or monthly data restrictions on your VPN use as well as reduce your connection speeds.

Do any of these things appeal to you?

Is Using a VPN Legal in the Middle East?

Depending on which of the more than 15 Middle Eastern nations you are in, using a VPN may or may not be legal. Numerous nations have one or more limitations on your internet activity.

The data I was able to obtain for each nation is listed below. It indicates if the nation limits the use of VPNs and whether the country is subject to censorship.

Pixel Privacy does not support unlawful online activity, thus I highly advise you to learn about the country’s internet and VPN use regulations before traveling there.

  • Heavy censorship in Bahrain. The use of VPNs is uncontrolled.
  • Cyprus: Foreign gambling sites are blocked; otherwise, there are no restrictions. The use of VPNs is uncontrolled.
  • Egypt: Disables sites for encrypted communications, news, and anti-censorship. social media monitoring. Although VPN use is uncontrolled, the majority of VPN websites are blocked by the government.
  • Iran: Websites and encrypted messaging applications are often blocked. VPNs that have been authorized by the government alone.
  • Iraq: Social media is sometimes blocked. conceivable government monitoring VPN use is forbidden.
  • All non-Israeli gaming websites are banned in Israel. The use of VPNs is uncontrolled.
  • Jordan: Censors politically sensitive and LGBT-related information. journalist arrests and monitoring in the past. The use of VPNs is uncontrolled.
  • Kuwait blocks information that is offensive to the monarchy, the religious establishment, or the LGBT community. The use of VPNs is uncontrolled.
  • Lebanon: Periodic banning of pornographic and gambling websites. The use of VPNs is uncontrolled.
  • Oman: Sex-related information is heavily restricted, along with anything that is critical of Islam, the government, and censorship. Though there are no laws governing VPN use, many VPN websites are prohibited.
  • Palestine: Censors news and pornographic websites selectively. The use of VPNs is uncontrolled.
  • Qatar: Disallows VoIP, anti-government, dating, and pornographic websites. The use of VPNs is uncontrolled.
  • Journalists have been killed and imprisoned in Saudi Arabia in the past. blocks material on encryption, VPNs, sex, and conversion to another religion. Additionally, it censors news that criticizes the administration. Though there are no laws governing VPN use, many VPN websites are prohibited.
  • Syria: Monitoring and blocking of news and opposition websites. has murdered journalists The use of VPNs is uncontrolled.
  • Pornography, file-sharing, news, social networking, gambling, streaming websites, and other content are all blocked in Turkey. Though there are no laws governing VPN use, many VPN websites are prohibited.
  • Blocks content connected to gambling, dating, pornography, social media, VoIP services, and politically sensitive topics in Dubai/United Arab Emirates. Although there are no laws governing VPN use, the government will pursue anyone who do so.
  • Yemen: Censors materials that is anti-Islamic, sexual, anti-establishment, or otherwise deemed “offensive.” has slowed down websites like Facebook. The use of VPNs is uncontrolled.

How To Be As Private As Possible In The Middle East

Once in the Middle East, do the following steps before connecting to your preferred VPN.

Enable every security feature your VPN software has to offer. Use the OpenVPN protocol if it is available. Enable any function that might assist in hiding your actions and the fact that you are using a VPN, such as kill switch protection, auto-reconnect, obfuscation features, Double VPN, and Stealth VPN.

Avoiding public Wi-Fi hotspots, utilizing an encrypted email service, and using a secure browser like Tor are all further options to increase your anonymity.

What Else Can I Do With a VPN?

A VPN offers extra benefits in addition to full protection for your online security and privacy.

With a VPN, you may access a wide range of information that would not typically be accessible in your area. This includes websites and services that could be restricted in your nation, such as streaming services and gaming material.

Your ISP may wish to limit your connection speeds if you are indulging in forbidden activities (like P2P file sharing) or visiting unapproved websites, but a VPN’s encrypted connections conceal your online activity from them.

When using an unsecured public Wi-Fi hotspot, the same encrypted connection conceals your online activities. As a result, you can shop online, pay bills, and conduct banking transactions without being concerned that the shady person seated at the table across from you in the coffee shop will try to steal your sensitive data.

FAQs On The Best VPN For The Middle East

Can I Get in Trouble in the Middle East for Using a VPN?

It depends is the resounding response to this particular query. There are more than 15 countries in the Middle East, and each has its own regulations on acceptable online behavior and the usage of VPNs. Make careful to review the laws and regulations of your nation.

Is the Middle East Subject to Serious Internet Censorship?

Yes, almost all of the Middle Eastern nations restrict or filter various types of online information. Content that has been censored includes pornographic material, messages critical of the government or certain religions, the shutdown of gaming websites, and much more.


The ideal tool for enhancing and safeguarding all of your internet activity while in the Middle East is a VPN.

NordVPN is the best VPN on our list for circumventing internet censorship in the Middle East, shielding your online activity from prying eyes, and granting access to material that could otherwise be prohibited in that region of the globe.

Visit the NordVPN website for further details or to buy a membership.

The “vpn arabic country” is a virtual private network that allows the user to connect to their preferred internet service while in another country. VPNs are essential for those who travel often or work remotely.

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