5 Best VPNs for Public Wi-Fi Hotspots in 2022 (Fast & Secure)

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With the ubiquity of public Wi-Fi hotspots, it’s important to be able to access the internet securely and privately. Here are five VPNs that will help you do just that.

The “using a vpn while on a public wi-fi network will not protect you from” is the reason why people need to use VPNs. The 5 best VPNs for public Wi-Fi hotspots in 2022 are fast and secure.

Public WiFi connections may be found at nearby cafes and eateries, in hotels, on airlines, and even at street kiosks run by municipal governments, like those in New York City.

You may have noticed that most public WiFi hotspots don’t need you to provide a password in order to connect to the wireless network. Without encryption, there is no password, which results in an open connection that may be monitored.

assaults by hackers to steal your personal and business-related information, such as man-in-the-middle attacks, phishing efforts, and more.

A VPN is useful in this situation.

Computer and mobile device users may shield their online activity from prying eyes by using the security that a Virtual Private Network (VPN) offers.

A VPN may enhance your worldwide reach in addition to hiding your online misdeeds by giving you access to services and your favorite TV program material that could otherwise be prohibited due to geography.

We’ll examine the top 5 VPNs in this post to safeguard and improve your online activity while using a public WiFi network.

How a VPN Works with Public WiFi Hotspots

Follow these steps to utilize a VPN on a public WiFi hotspot:

    1. Become a member of a VPN service. (My first choice is NordVPN.)
    2. Install the VPN’s app(s) on the device of your choice (s).
    3. Connect to a WiFi hotspot nearby.
    4. Open a VPN connection.
    5. choosing a VPN server.
    6. Enjoy your newfound secured internet connection from a public WiFi hotspot!

Top VPNs for Public WiFi Hotspot Use

These 5 VPN services have shown to be the most effective at defending and boosting your online activity while using public WiFi hotspots:

  1. When using a public WiFi network, NordVPN is the service provider I recommend most highly for providing the greatest security for all of your devices. The company performs an excellent job of shielding your online activity from prying eyes while not hindering what are probably already poor hotspot connection speeds. It also has some of the greatest native app compatibility in the VPN industry.
  2. Surfshark: This inexpensive VPN service will help you save enough cash to purchase a Grande [insert name of favorite caffeinated beverage] at your preferred coffee establishment. For the most popular mobile and desktop device platforms, the supplier provides complete connection protection.
  3. ExpressVPN: This supplier provides dependable, quick, and secure VPN connections. Some users may find it particularly alluring due to its extensive worldwide server coverage and strong multi-platform compatibility.
  4. CyberGhost: Users who are new to using a VPN, or even those who have just a little knowledge with their device, will value this provider’s user-friendly applications that provide one-click (or -tap) access to high-speed servers all over the world. The supplier also provides some of the greatest connection security available.
  5. Using a network of independently owned and maintained server farms, IPVanish delivers exceptional worldwide server coverage and great app compatibility for all of the major device platforms. This service also adds an extra degree of anonymity by preventing outside contractors from having access to user data.

You discover that each VPN service provider has a unique set of strengths and disadvantages when you do your research on them. For instance, a provider could provide excellent connection safety yet fall short in the area of worldwide server coverage.

Because of this, prospective VPN customers should thoroughly consider all of a VPN provider’s options before signing up for a subscription.

I took into account the following elements while rating the top VPNs for using with free WiFi hotspots:

  • Support for native applications
  • Coverage of all servers worldwide
  • Downloading rates
  • precautions for privacy and security
  • Customer support level

Here are my picks for the top 5 VPN services to use with free public WiFi:

How-to-Unblock-Instagram-at-School-in-2022 Jul 2022

My top recommendation for protecting public WiFi connections is NordVPN, which offers the best connection security, quick connection times, and exceptional cross-platform app compatibility.

Applications are available from NordVPN for the following operating systems: iOS, Android, Android TV, macOS (with native M1 Mac compatibility), Linux, Amazon Fire, and Windows. Additionally, there are extensions for the Chrome and Firefox browsers and router support for usage at home. On a single login, up to 6 devices may be linked at once.

With 5,100+ servers spread over 60 nations, the supplier gives dependable access to Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and other well-known streaming services. In order to prevent outside contractors from having access to consumer information, NordVPN is transitioning its server network to an owned and managed model.

You share the connection with many other users while utilizing a public WiFi hotspot. There can be hundreds of people using a hotel hotspot. As a result, your connection speeds will probably already be constrained; you don’t want a VPN service provider that significantly reduces your connection speed.

In my most recent set of performance testing, NordVPN came in as the fastest VPN service, so it won’t significantly slow down your WiFi hotspot connection. No need to worry about data limits here.

It’s likely that at least one of the individuals you’re sharing the WiFi connection with is engaging in illegal activity. Because of this, connection security is an important factor. The iOS app for NordVPN has features including a kill switch, auto-reconnect, DNS leak protection, ad and malware filtering, and encryption that meets regulatory standards.

Your privacy is safeguarded by the provider’s no-server-logs policy and a bitcoin subscription payment option.

NordVPN never writes any data of any sort to a conventional hard disk and operates all of its servers entirely from RAM. All data is safely wiped when the servers are restarted.

24/7 support chat (you’ll speak to a bot at first, but you may ask for a human person), email assistance, and a searchable knowledge base are all accessible for customer help at all times.


  • 60 nations have servers.
  • lightning-quick rates
  • assistance for all widely used device platforms
  • complete privacy and security protection
  • Low-cost premium service provider


  • Apps might be easier to use.

Greatest VPN FOR PUBLIC WIFI HOTSPOTS: NordVPN is the best option for those who use public WiFi hotspots to access the internet. Travelers will like the provider’s quick, secure connections, first-rate app support, and top-notch customer service. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered.

Read our in-depth NordVPN review.

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The greatest choice on our list for frugal customers who like to keep a few dollars in their wallet for their preferred coffee-based beverage is Surfshark.

For Android, Android TV, Amazon Fire, iOS, Linux, macOS (with native Apple Silicon support), and Windows device platforms, the company offers applications. There are also browser add-ons for Firefox and Chrome. In your home or workplace, router support has you covered.

Because the provider permits an infinite number of connections at once, this is a desirable choice for companies with a large army of mobile workers.

The service has almost twice as many servers as last year, with 3,200+ servers spread across more than 65 nations. The servers are excellent at unblocking geo-restricted material. The supplier claims to give unlocking for more than 30 Netflix libraries.

With enough bandwidth, Surfshark connections can easily handle video streaming, gaming, file downloading, and file sharing (all subject to the WiFi hotspot’s connection speeds, of course). There are no data limits in place here.

A kill switch, banking-level encryption, and the option to automatically activate VPN protection while connected to an unprotected network like a WiFi hotspot are all features of Surfshark connection protection. For enhanced security, “Multi-Hop” protection transmits your internet traffic across two VPN servers.

Your membership payment information is kept private through a Bitcoin payment option, and the service never keeps any sort of server logs.

24/7 live chat, a support request form, and a searchable support library are all accessible for customer service at all times.


  • very low prices
  • Fast Downloading rates
  • several connections at once
  • Comprehensive precautions for privacy and security


  • not having some cutting-edge alternatives

BEST FOR THE BUDGET-MINDED:Public WiFi users will appreciate Surfshark’s low-priced multi-year subscription options. Luckily, that low price doesn’t come at the expense of superior connection security and above-average native app support. The provider also offers an several connections at once allowance. A 30-day money-back guarantee is available.

Read the whole of our Surfshark review.

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ExpressVPN is a reliable VPN provider that offers fast Downloading rates, excellent multi-platform support, and optimal protection when connecting to a public WiFi hotspot.

Apps for iOS, macOS, Windows, Amazon Fire, Android, Android TV, Chromebook, and Linux are available from ExpressVPN. There are additional browser add-ons for the Chrome, Edge, and Firefox platforms.

With the provider’s thorough router assistance, you can safeguard all of your gadgets when you’re at home. (The provider just changed the software on its routers to give a better user experience.) With the same login credentials, up to 5 devices may connect to the service simultaneously.

The provider’s worldwide server network consists of more than 3,000 servers spread across 94 different nations. The ExpressVPN network enables access to Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and other well-known streaming services’ geo-restricted content.

The connection speeds of ExpressVPN are fast enough to handle the majority of internet activities. No data limits to worry about, either.

In order to guarantee the best connection security, ExpressVPN offers military-grade encryption, internet kill switch protection, DNS and IPv6 leak prevention, and a split-tunneling option.

After the fact, this supplier strictly enforces a no-server-logs-ever policy and takes Bitcoin as payment for subscriptions. Additionally, because to the provider’s TrustedServer protection, all of its servers operate solely in RAM rather than from hard drives, wiping off all client data with each server reboot.

24/7 live chat, a problem ticket system, email assistance, and a searchable help library are all included in round-the-clock customer service.


  • fantastic app support
  • worldwide server coverage that is complete
  • High speeds and limitless bandwidth
  • superior protection for your privacy and security


  • more costly than a lot of other VPNs
  • fails to identify its streaming servers

FAST AND RELIABLE VPN:ExpressVPN is a respectable choice for anyone who wants swift speeds and reliable connections. The provider’s ideal precautions for privacy and security will keep you thoroughly protected. A 30-day money-back guarantee is available.

Read the whole of our ExpressVPN review.

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The user-friendly but potent applications offered by this service will be appreciated by those who don’t have much experience utilizing a VPN or being a road warrior.

Support for the CyberGhost app is available on devices running Windows, Mac OS X, Android, Android TV, and Linux. There are extensions for the Chrome and Firefox browsers, as well as router support for use at home or at work. On the same account, up to 7 devices may connect simultaneously.

CyberGhost covers the majority of the free world with its network of over 7,400 servers located in over 90 countries. Many of those servers are prepared for downloading and sharing files as well as for streaming content from different streaming providers all over the world.

Your public WiFi connection will only be slightly slowed by the provider, giving you more than adequate bandwidth for the majority of your favorite online activities. Your use has never been subject to any data limitations.

Bank-grade encryption, a kill button, and leak protection for DNS and IPv6 keep your connection to a public WiFi network safe. When you join a fresh WiFi hotspot that isn’t secured, Auto-Protect WiFi immediately activates VPN protection. If available, the provider may compel websites to offer HTTPS versions of their pages by forcing them to disable advertisements, malware, and online trackers.

A password manager and an ID Guard feature are offered by CyberGhost in addition to first-rate VPN security. The ID Guard function notifies you if and when your email address is exposed as a result of a data breach. Additionally, a new Windows Security Suite provides antivirus protection, a mechanism to limit the amount of data that Microsoft may collect, and a security updater that checks your computer for out-of-date and insecure software.

CyberGhost offers excellent privacy protection since there are no server logs kept and you may use Bitcoin to pay for your membership. 

A 24/7 live chat option, email assistance, a problem ticket system, and a searchable help database all guarantee constant customer support.


  • Servers geared for streaming and file sharing
  • Fast Downloading rates
  • encompassing connection security
  • Auto-Protect WiFi


  • Some of the functionalities included in desktop programs are absent from mobile apps.
  • Not applicable in China

EASY-TO-USE PUBLIC WIFI PROTECTION:CyberGhost is my recommended VPN for newbie VPN users or warriors who are new to the road. (Was that a stretch? It felt like a stretch.) The provider’s apps offer easy-to-use yet encompassing connection security. A 45-day, no-risk money-back guarantee is available.

Read the whole of our CyberGhost review.

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Users of free public WiFi who value their privacy will find IPVanish to be appealing.

The service offers app compatibility for all of the most widely used device platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, ChromeOS, and Amazon Fire. There are straightforward setup guidelines available for Linux-based devices.

There are no extensions for any browsers. After you get home, router support will be available. A single login may be used to access the service from an infinite number of devices simultaneously.

The service provider operates a worldwide network of more than 1,900 totally autonomous VPN servers that are dispersed across over 60 nations. By owning and running its own servers, IPVanish prevents outside contractors from seeing your personal data. The service provider has said that it would be growing its network throughout the course of the next year.

The provider delivers above-average Downloading rates, meaning you’ll see little slowdown when using the VPN on your favorite coffee shop’s hotspot. No data cap restrictions with this provider.

Government-grade encryption, an Internet kill switch with auto-reconnect, DNS leak protection, and a specialized “scramble” function that masks your VPN activity as regular browsing activity are all used to secure connections supplied by IPVanish. On its network, the provider is implementing the free and open-source Wiregurad connection profile.

On IPVanish servers, there are no server logs to be seen, but the service does not accept bitcoin payments.

Your support requirements are met round-the-clock with email support, a searchable help database, and a 24/7 customer service chat.


  • superior connection security
  • owns and runs a worldwide server network.
  • many connections at once


  • High cost for choices for short-term subscriptions
  • No opportunity to pay using Bitcoin

ADDED PRIVACY PROTECTION: Thanks to their private servers, IPVanish could emerge as a compelling choice for those seeking a little more privacy protection. Although the company doesn’t provide browser extensions, it does support the widely used device platforms. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered.

Read my whole IPVanish review.

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Do Free VPNs Work on WiFi Hotspots?

Yes, a free VPN should function on a public WiFi network provided it works with your preferred device. However, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be pleased with the gratis provider’s performance, usability, or level of security.

When accessing a WiFi hotspot, you’re probably pressed for time. Free VPNs and being pressed for time aren’t exactly compatible.

There’s a risk that when you try to connect to a free VPN, you’ll have to wait it out in a virtual waiting area. When you eventually get the green light, you’ll probably discover that you either instantly connect to a server of the provider’s choice or that there aren’t many servers from which to pick.

Your connection speeds may suddenly decrease after you’re connected. Free VPN companies sometimes reserve the majority of their bandwidth for paying clients and are known to limit the connection speeds of free users. Additionally, the majority of free VPNs will have daily or monthly data limits on use.

The “Private” component of “Virtual Private Network” doesn’t really compare to a free VPN in terms of protection level. Even “free” VPN services aim to earn a profit. Free VPNs have a reputation for monitoring its customers’ internet activities and selling such information to advertising and other parties.

It has been discovered that some free VPNs insert tracking cookies and advertisements into their customers’ browser sessions. What a waste of privacy!

Security, ease of use, and speed are crucial when connecting to a public WiFi network. Why don’t you spend a few dollars a month on a good VPN service?

What Benefits Does a VPN Offer?

When you use a public WiFi hotspot to access the internet, a VPN protects and improves your online activity.

Your internet connection is encrypted using a VPN, which is crucial for insecure public internet connections like those often found on WiFi hotspots. This stops hackers from hanging around at the hotspot and watching what you do online.

Bad guys would have access to all of your personal information while you make payments, shop, or conduct financial transactions if your connection wasn’t encrypted. OUCH!

When you’re at home, the same encryption safeguards and improves your online activities by preventing your Internet Service Provider (ISP) from tracking your online habits and selling the information to advertising and other parties willing to pay for it. Additionally, it stops inquisitive government officials from observing your online activities.

An ISP cannot throttle or restrict your connection because you are doing “unapproved” activities like BitTorrent file sharing or watching movies from certain streaming sites since a VPN conceals your activity from the ISP.

Your options for online entertainment are increased with a VPN. Your device receives a temporary new IP address thanks to a VPN. For all intents and purposes, the rest of the internet perceives you as being in the nation where the VPN server is situated if you connect to it.

This grants access to local content, such as streaming services, gaming platforms, and even banking institutions that could otherwise prohibit logins from the targeted nation.


You put yourself up to attack by hackers who linger on open hotspots and try to collect as much personal data as they can from users by connecting to an unsecured public WiFi hotspot.

You can keep all of your online activities hidden from prying eyes by utilizing a virtual private network, such as NordVPN, which is my top recommendation.

For both mobile and desktop platforms of popular devices, NordVPN offers the best online security. Due to the provider’s extensive worldwide server network, geoblocked material may be reliably accessed from practically anywhere in the open globe.

When you reach home, the provider’s extensive router compatibility will safeguard all of your connected devices, and the protected connections the provider offers hardly slow down your connection speeds.

Visit the NordVPN website for additional details.

FAQ for Public WiFi Hotspots

How to Find Free Wi-Fi Near Me, Please

You may get a list of nearby coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, and other establishments that provide free Wi-Fi in your region by going to Google or Google Maps and typing “free wifi around me.” 

Despite the fact that I reside in a tiny town, there are several places where I can use free Wi-Fi, ranging from neighborhood coffee shops and eateries to large chain stores like McDonald’s, Starbucks, Kohl’s, and Five Guys.

Here’s How to Get the Fastest Public WiFi,

Public Wi-Fi, such that available in hotels, airports, and coffee shops, is infamously sluggish. This is a result of concurrent connections from several people. Thousands of people may simultaneously use the Wi-Fi network in a hotel with hundreds or even thousands of rooms.

Remaining near to the Wi-Fi access point will help you acquire the most bandwidth possible. An airport, for instance, can have many entry points. Run speed tests on areas in your neighborhood using websites like Speedtest. When you locate a faster signal, remain there.

Another method is to use a utility like Speedify. Some users have reported good results with this utility, which can combine the signals of your device’s Wi-Fi and LTE radios to increase your bandwidth. It’s similar to adding another lane to a highway. Of course, you’ll be using your LTE data allowance, but your Downloading rates may improve.

How to Use Public WiFi to Watch Netflix

Using free public WiFi can prevent you from accessing Netflix. In order to protect bandwidth for all users, businesses providing public Wi-Fi connectivity may prohibit streaming services like Netflix. (As you are probably aware, streaming may use an absurd amount of bandwidth.) Or, since you’re in a different part of the globe, you may not have access to the Netflix material you usually do.

In any case, using a VPN to connect to a public Wi-Fi hotspot will enable you to watch Netflix. Just carry out the following:

  1. Sign up for a VPN service.
  2. Install the app from the supplier on your gadget.
  3. Connect to a server by logging into the service of the supplier.
  4. Open the Netflix app or website.
  5. Take in the spectacle!

Can I Use a VPN and a Mobile Hotspot on My Phone at the Same Time?

You would have VPN security from your phone to the Internet if you were using a VPN on it. Your phone’s connection to your PC would be vulnerable, however. To fully secure your connection, you’ll also need to run a VPN client on your computer. Additionally, make sure that a strong password is used to safeguard your mobile hotspot connection.

The “vpn for wifi speed” is a topic that has been trending in recent years. The best VPNs for public Wi-Fi hotspots are fast and secure.

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