5 VPNs That Allow You to Watch Rai TV Outside Italy in 2022

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The “free vpn for italian tv” is a service that allows users to watch Rai TV outside Italy. It is important to note that the service does not allow you to unblock other channels.

The national broadcaster of Italy, Rai, creates some of the most well-liked TV and radio shows and programs in the nation. The business’s on-demand internet streaming platform is called RaiPlay.

Rai TV has a sizable following across Europe since it is available not only in Italy but also in close-by nations like Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Albania, Switzerland, Monaco, Malta, San Marino, and many more.

The good news is that a reliable Virtual Private Network (VPN) can allow you access your preferred channels while protecting your data and privacy if you want to watch Rai TV outside of Italy.

Live streaming of the 2020 UEFA European Football Championship is available on Rai TV (Euro 2020). You’ll need a VPN if you want in on the fun.

By listing the best 5 VPNs compatible with Rai TV in 2020, I’ll explain how to stream Rai TV from outside of Italy in this post.

Optimal VPNs for Rai TV

Here is a brief overview of the best VPNs for RaiPlay in 2020 in case you’d rather see the list without reading my evaluations of the five VPNs I’ll be reviewing in-depth for Rai TV.

  1. My top VPN for Rai TV is NordVPN. There are many server locations to select from, excellent complete security and privacy features, and opens up Rai TV from all of its servers in Italy.
  2. Surfshark: You may connect as many people at once to Italy using this provider’s dependable, rapidly expanding worldwide server network. The service provider does not demand a large fee in exchange for its offerings.
  3. ExpressVPN is my third-choice VPN for RaiPlay because of its quick streaming, wide selection of servers, and robust security features.
  4. CyberGhost: This service is a good choice for new VPN customers or for those looking for user-friendly but effective VPN security and improvement.
  5. Using PrivateVPN, you may access other well-known streaming services like Netflix and watch Rai TV using the company’s Milan server. security features and speedy streaming.

To rank the Optimal VPNs for Rai TV, I’ve used the following criteria:

  • The company maintains servers in Italy.
  • The VPN unblocks RaiPlay
  • Strong encryption and security
  • speedy streaming speeds

Here are the Optimal VPNs for Rai TV.

How-to-Unblock-Instagram-at-School-in-2022 Jul 2022

Because of its fast servers, great content-unblocking capabilities, and extensive worldwide server network, NordVPN is my top VPN for Rai TV. Thanks to the provider’s 60+ Italian servers, Rai TV is unblocked.

Users have a variety of alternatives, including connecting to P2P servers, selecting a VPN protocol, such as OpenVPN, SSL Proxy, or IKEv2, or using NordLynx, a proprietary protocol developed by NordVPN (based on WireGuard) that provides improved speed and security. Simply said, this implies that consumers may choose the optimum security and performance compromise for their requirements.

There won’t be any problems streaming RaiPlay in HD without any latency since there are several servers situated in Italy. In fact, I’ve never seen connection speeds as fast as those provided by NordVPN.

In all, NordVPN provides almost 5,300 servers spread over 60 different countries. If you want to access other geo-restricted video content websites like Netflix or Hulu, this is fantastic news. By switching to an owned-and-operated server architecture, NordVPN will prevent outside contractors from accessing the sensitive data of its users.

With a stringent zero-logs policy that guarantees no information about your surfing, streaming, or other online behavior is collected, this VPN also offers outstanding privacy standards. Maintaining your privacy, DNS leak prevention prevents your true IP address and location from being disclosed to your internet service provider. All of the provider’s servers are entirely operated from RAM, which means that if a server reboots, all of its data is totally erased.

You can connect up to 6 devices at once with NordVPN, and there are applications available for all the main operating systems, including Windows, Linux, macOS (with M1 Mac compatibility), iOS, Android, Amazon Fire, and Android TV. This means that all of your devices will be secured. For in-browser viewing, Chrome and Firefox plugins are available, and the service is also compatible with many routers.


  • opens up Rai TV
  • unblocks Hulu and Netflix
  • more than 60 servers headquartered in Italy
  • adapts to HD transmissions
  • Low-priced


  • Certain VPNs support several simultaneous connections.

The best VPN for Rai TV is NordVPN, in my opinion. At a reasonable cost, the company provides very fast connection speeds, a large number of servers in Italy, excellent multi-platform support, and extensive privacy and security safeguards. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered.

Read our in-depth NordVPN review.

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Surfshark is a great choice for customers on a tight budget because of the affordable price it charges for its high-quality service. Thanks to its rapidly expanding worldwide server network of 3,200+ servers situated in 60+ countries, the service provides dependable access to Rai TV. The service provider has servers located in Rome and Milan, two locations in Italy. Access to more than 30 Netflix libraries worldwide is also provided through the service.

Surfshark should be able to stream RaiPlay and other streaming services if your ISP-provided connections are capable of doing so. File sharing and online gaming are also permitted. Never does the provider throttle bandwidth or impose data limits in order to ruin the experience.

A kill button and banking-grade encryption keep your internet actions hidden. For the best possible online security, there are additional options for ad filtering, tracker blocking, virus prevention, and phishing protection. A MultiHop option doubles the encryption and secrecy of your connection by passing it across two VPN servers.

Your anonymity is safeguarded by the absence of server records and the availability of a bitcoin payment method.

The majority of streaming device platforms, including iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, macOS (with M1 Mac compatibility), Android TV, and Fire TV, are supported via Surfshark’s native apps. There are in-browser viewing plugins for Chrome and Firefox. Additionally, the supplier provides router compatibility.

Large groups of streamers will find Surfshark to be an excellent choice since it allows for limitless simultaneous connections.


  • offers trustworthy access to Rai TV
  • Considering value
  • several connections at once
  • excellent privacy and security online


  • The state of the world’s servers is patchy but improving.

BEST At BUDGET: Surfshark provides its first-rate service for a very affordable cost. And Surfshark merits a deeper look if you have a large Rai TV fan base, such as a big family or if all of your coworkers like the streaming service. Any size group may quickly and securely use RaiPlay thanks to the supplier. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered.

Read my whole Surfshark review.

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Due to the outstanding performance and quick speeds of two server farms in Italy, ExpressVPN is included on this list.

Users won’t have any issue watching RaiPlay in HD because to the speed and security that VPN protocols like OpenVPN and IKEv2 provide.

ExpressVPN prioritizes security and offers the greatest levels of encryption with a 256-bit AES code that is of military grade. Additionally included is an automated kill switch.

Additionally, ExpressVPN protects user privacy and does not record your activities or IP address. Because the VPN has built-in DNS leak security, no one else on the internet, not even Rai TV or your ISP, can recognize you or your true IP address. The provider’s own Lightway protocol increases both your speed and security.

ExpressVPN provides you with a wide range of options when it comes to streaming from other well-known online video sources. By connecting to servers in the appropriate areas, you may unblock websites like Netflix and Hulu thanks to the extensive network of over 3,000 servers spread over 160 server locations in 94 countries.

The server network of the provider runs entirely in RAM and writes no data of any type to a physical hard disk. This implies that everytime an ExpressVPN server is rebooted, all server data is safely erased.

For Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, ChromeOS, Amazon Fire TV, Android, and Android TV, native VPN applications are accessible. Support for multiple router brands and models is also offered, along with Chrome and Firefox browser extensions. Recent advancements in the provider’s router support include a new interface that makes quick location change possible.

On a single package, users may connect to the VPN with 5 different devices at once.

ExpressVPN offers a 30-day “no-hassle” money-back guarantee but no free trial.


  • opens up Rai TV
  • There are two servers in Italy.
  • 256-bit military-grade encryption
  • speedy streaming


  • a little bit more costly than other VPNs

RELIABLY FAST: ExpressVPN is a terrific VPN option since it has two server locations in Italy, quick and secure connections, amazing all-around content unblocking, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Read the whole of our ExpressVPN review.

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CyberGhost 4.

CyberGhost could be the service for you if you’re new to using a VPN or want simple one-click access to VPN security.

More than 7,100 servers located in more than 90 nations make up the provider’s extensive worldwide server network. Many of those servers include streaming and downloading features.

The super-fast download speeds offered by CyberGhost’s servers are more than sufficient for streaming, gaming, and any other common online activity. With this service, there are no data limits or bandwidth restrictions to worry about.

Banking-grade encryption, an automated kill switch, and DNS/IP leak prevention are all used to safeguard all CyberGhost connections. There are other options for blocking malicious websites and trackers. Many websites may be made to offer up HTTPS versions of their pages when accessible using the VPN.

Your payment information may be kept secret by using Bitcoin, and CyberGhost does not maintain any records of any type.

Easy-to-use apps are available from the provider for devices running Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, Amazon Fire, and Android TV. There are extensions for the Chrome and Firefox browsers as well as extensive router support.

On a single account, you may secure up to 7 devices at once.

In addition, CyberGhost provides further services and security, such as a Windows security suite. The package offers malware and antivirus protection, lets you choose how much data Microsoft may get from your Windows computer, and has a function that alerts you when programs need to be updated. There are additional options for a password manager and a tool that alerts you when a data breach involves your email address.

A issue ticket tracking system, a searchable help library, and live chat assistance are all accessible at all times.


  • worldwide server network of enormous size
  • servers with streaming and download optimization
  • programs that are simple to use for the most common devices
  • 7 concurrent connections maximum


  • has problems functioning correctly in certain nations with excessive restrictions
  • Apps lack certain sophisticated features.

GREAT VPN FOR ROOKIE VPN USERS:CyberGhost’s easy-to-use apps make it an excellent option for rookie VPN users. Fast download speeds from a worldwide server network of enormous size are another advantage. As are streaming- and downloading-optimized servers. A 45-day money-back guarantee is available.

Read the whole of my CyberGhost review.

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One of the very few premium VPN services that still support Rai TV in 2020 is PrivateVPN.

I was able to connect to PrivateVPN’s server in Milan with the help of their live chat assistance, and I was able to view Rai TV material.

If you’re interested in streaming content from other well-known video websites like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, or Amazon Prime Video, the organization provides 200+ servers in over 62+ nations worldwide.

My testing permitted access to all of the above-mentioned content streaming websites after choosing and connecting to the appropriate PrivateVPN server.

In order to watch HD video, PrivateVPN’s package includes limitless bandwidth. Users may choose from a variety of VPN protocols to meet their requirements and find the ideal combination of security, privacy, and speed. Streaming speeds are very decent.

With a no-logs policy and 256-bit AES encryption, the same degree of protection used by the U.S. government and military, privacy is maintained.

With a straightforward UI and applications for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, the service is extremely user-friendly. Additionally, Linux and routers are supported, but you must manually setup them. One set of login credentials may be used to connect up to 6 devices at once.


  • opens up Rai TV
  • Italian-based servers
  • stream videos quickly


  • Smaller than average server network

GREAT SPEED:PrivateVPN provides quick video content streaming speeds and unlocks Rai TV. The server network is smaller than that of competing VPN services, but it has outstanding security features and helpful customer assistance. Guaranteed money-back for 30 days.

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How to Use RaiPlay with a VPN

Here is a brief primer to get you started if you’re new to using a VPN to view Rai TV online:

  1. Join one of the VPN services I’ve mentioned in this post.
  2. Install the VPN provider’s app on the device of your choice (s).
  3. Find the list of accessible servers by launching the VPN software on your device.
  4. Select a server in Italy by using the country filter to narrow down the list of available servers.
  5. Wait for the VPN to ensure that you are connected after clicking “Connect.”
  6. You may watch your favorite programs by opening RaiPlay on your browser.

Can I Use a Free VPN to Watch Rai TV?

You may have came across various VPN services that advertise being free when looking for a VPN that enables you to stream Rai TV.

If you’re tempted to use one of these “free” VPNs, resist the urge. It can wind up costing you far more in the long run than you anticipate.

Free VPN services still need to generate revenue because, well, they are businesses. They must pay for servers and employees to run a VPN service, which costs money.

Free VPNs make money by collecting and selling your personal information rather than charging consumers a charge and providing them with safe, quick, and secure servers. This procedure can include installing monitoring cookies to keep track of your internet activities and selling your personal information to marketers.

These privacy issues alone should raise red flags, but they’re not the only reason for avoiding utilizing a free VPN.

Your experience will be degraded while using a free VPN service, which might make watching TV more challenging and less pleasurable.

When compared to the best-paid VPN companies, free VPNs often only provide a small number of servers. As a result, you will have fewer server options and the servers will be overrun with other free users, which will slow down your streaming rates.

Free VPNs also have bandwidth restrictions, which will result in constrained viewing times and the potential for interruptions mid-show.

Finally, since they lack the server infrastructure necessary to support VPNs based in Italy, the bulk of free VPNs are really incompatible with Rai TV.

FAQs on Rai TV

Is Rai TV Right to Use a Free Italian Proxy?

For Rai TV, free proxies are not a smart idea. Free proxies do let you alter your location, but they don’t provide connection encryption. You become vulnerable to ISP tracking and hackers as a result. It is preferable to stay with a VPN service rather than using a free proxy.

How to View Rai TV in the UK or the USA?

The procedure for unblocking Rai TV is the same wherever you are.

Simply sign up for a VPN account with your chosen provider, download their app(s) to your device(s), log in, then choose and connect to an Italian VPN server via the app. Make sure you clear the cache and erase the cookies from your browser. You may get Rai TV by going to the website.

What Channels Is Available on Rai TV?

Rai TV provides a wide variety of TV channels, including:

  • News 24 Rai
  • Sport Rai
  • Rea School (School)
  • Radio 2 Rai
  • Rai Yoyo
  • Rai Gulp
  • Intoria Rai (History)
  • Premium Rai
  • Rai Film
  • Rai 1
  • Rai 2
  • Rai 3
  • Rai 4
  • Rai 5

The “rai tv on fire stick” is a service that allows users to watch Rai TV outside Italy. There are five VPNs that can do this, and they are NordVPN, ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, IPVanish, and VyprVPN.

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