6 Best VPNs for IPTV for Fast and Private Streaming

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IPTV is a great way to catch your favorite shows without having to deal with buffering or ads. However, since it’s IP-based, it can be vulnerable to attacks from spyware and hackers. To make sure you’re getting the most out of your streaming experience, check out our list of the best VPNs for IPTV.

The “best free vpn for iptv streaming” is a tool that allows users to stream content from their mobile device without any restrictions.

The distribution of television programming through an IP-based network is known as Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) (such as the internet).

Numerous IPTV service providers exist, many of which you are probably already familiar with. Some examples are DirecTV NOW, FuboTV, and YouTube TV.

While IPTV is accessible in most places in the globe, many of the legitimate providers, like Netflix and Hulu, limit some of their streaming television programming to certain geographical areas.

Fortunately, you may access geo-restricted IPTV programs by using a VPN service’s geo-spoofing capabilities.

Look for the following qualities in a VPN service when choosing one to use for quick, private IPTV streaming: first-rate worldwide server coverage, quick connections, thorough multi-platform support, and strong privacy and security safeguards.

optimum IPTV VPNs

We put our favorite VPN service providers to the test, and the findings showed that the following 6 VPNs unblocked IPTV the best:

  1. My top choice for IPTV is NordVPN. This cost-effective service provider offers quick connections, excellent security, and industry-required privacy features. Additionally, NordVPN provides extensive server coverage around the world and multi-platform app compatibility.
  2. The low-cost supplier for this roundup is Surfshark. Access to IPTV services worldwide is great because to the provider’s quickly expanding network. Additionally, it offers an infinite number of quick, secure connections to all widely used device platforms.
  3. ExpressVPN: The company provides dependable servers spread all over the world. Fast, secure connections are offered by ExpressVPN, together with top-notch privacy safeguards.
  4. With IPVanish, you can be sure that you’ll get excellent speed and security since the company owns its VPN servers. There are no data or bandwidth restrictions for the service.
  5. PrivateVPN: This service offers quick connections and supports up to 6 simultaneous connections. well-known to function with a variety of streaming providers.
  6. Owns its VPN servers, says VyprVPN. Fast speeds, robust privacy safeguards, and strong security are all provided by the supplier.

The following criteria were used to analyze and rank the best 6 IPTV VPNs:

  • rapid connection rates
  • worldwide server coverage that is above average
  • superior privacy and security safeguards
  • dependable cross-platform support

The top VPNs for IPTV are listed below.

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Thanks to its extensive worldwide server coverage, outstanding multi-platform compatibility, and A quick bond, NordVPN took the top rank in our comparison.

Your demands for IPTV streaming are probably met by the service, which has almost 5,200 servers spread across 60 nations. The A quick bond those servers provide—the quickest I’ve ever witnessed—mean that the material from your preferred HD IPTV provider will load swiftly and stream without interruption.

For iOS, Android, Android TV, Windows, Amazon Fire, and macOS (with native M1 Mac support) device platforms, NordVPN offers native apps. All of those apps provide military-grade encryption and kill switch protection to protect your privacy and security. Additionally, there are numerous router compatibility options and browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. The WireGuard protocol serves as the foundation for the provider’s NordLynx connection protocol.

Always a top priority is privacy, and NordVPN has got you covered. When it comes to their customers’ online activities, the provider strictly adheres to the “no-logs” policy. Additionally, it only takes Bitcoin for subscription payments, protecting the privacy of your payment information.

The service writes no data to a traditional hard disk and operates its servers entirely from RAM. This implies that anytime the servers are restarted, all data is totally deleted from them.

The company also provides NordVPN Teams, NordLocker, a cloud storage solution with file encryption, and NordPass, a password manager (VPN service for businesses).


  • servers spread across 59+ different countries
  • A quick bond
  • complete support for many apps
  • affordably priced
  • dependable privacy and security safeguards


  • Comparatively more challenging than with other suppliers is choosing particular servers.

THE BEST VPN FOR IPTV: NordVPN is the top VPN for IPTV. The company has sufficient worldwide server coverage, the quickest available speeds, extensive multi-platform compatibility, and reasonable prices for its top-notch service. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered.

Read our in-depth NordVPN review.

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Surfshark charges a pittance for its services. Its limited but fast expanding worldwide server network, which at present consists of 3,200+ servers situated in 65 countries, enables dependable access to IPTV services.

Those servers deliver connection speeds that can easily handle high-definition video streams from any IPTV service. Online gamers and file-sharing users will also appreciate the provider’s A quick bond and lack of data caps or connection throttling.

With native apps available for iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, macOS, and Fire TV, native app support is also well-represented at Surfshark. The service now supports Apple’s M1 Mac series with native apps. Users of Chrome and Firefox may access extensions, and your whole network can be secured using above-average router compatibility.

It’s a fantastic value for big families or corporate customers since the provider doesn’t place a restriction on the number of devices you may connect to their service on a single account.

With Surfshark, you never have to worry about online security. To secure consumers’ connections, the company employs banking-grade encryption, a kill switch, and DNS leak protection. Additionally, it provides malware and phishing prevention in addition to ad and tracker blocking.

By using Surfshark’s MultiHop feature, which transmits an internet connection over two VPN servers, users may quadruple their safety.

In terms of privacy, there are no server records and a bitcoin payment option.


  • IPTV broadcasts can be accessed consistently by servers.
  • Considering value
  • several connections at once
  • excellent privacy and security online


  • Although still rather limited, global server coverage is growing.

BEST FOR BUDGET: If you’re searching for good service at a reasonable price, Surfshark is a great option. The service provider’s unlimited concurrent connections allowed would be appreciated by users who need to safeguard and improve their online activities across various devices. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered.

Read my whole Surfshark review.

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No matter where your preferred IPTV provider is situated, the British Virgin Islands-based VPN company’s 3,000+ servers spread across 95 nations give great restriction-unblocking capacity.

Your favorite program won’t take long to load thanks to this provider’s quick connections. Additionally, you don’t have to be concerned about other parties watching your online activity owing to military-grade encryption.

Due to ExpressVPN’s rigorous no-logs policy, which prohibits the provider from recording any information about your online activities while you are connected to their servers, your privacy is never in jeopardy. Additionally, the service provider allows Bitcoin for subscription payments, protecting the privacy of your payment details.

Additionally, the desktop programs for the service include a kill switch option that cuts off your internet connection in the unusual case that you lose contact with the ExpressVPN servers, masking your real IP address.

You may get IPTV applications from this VPN service for all main device platforms. For devices running Linux, Android, Android TV, Chromebook, iOS, Windows, and macOS, there are apps available. For the platforms of Chrome and Firefox, there are browser extensions available.

The service provider permits up to 5 connections at once using the same account. If you need more, you may benefit from the provider’s support for a variety of router brands and models, which enables customers to secure an infinite number of connected devices using a single centralized connection. (The provider just changed the firmware on its routers, giving them a better user experience and performance.)


  • A quick bond
  • world-class server coverage
  • connections with encryption at a military level
  • Access to IPTV and other well-liked streaming services might be opened with this.


  • more expensive than comparable services
  • just five connections at once

ACCESS TO WORLDWIDE CONTENT: ExpressVPN’s very extensive worldwide server network makes it possible to unblock IPTV providers all over the world. Additionally, the service provider gives the opportunity to watch on a variety of devices and guarantees dependable speeds. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered.

Read the whole of our ExpressVPN review.

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IPVanish ranks 4th in this 5-horse race thanks to its easy-to-use apps and rapid connection rates. Both make the provider an attractive option for first-time VPN users looking for simple apps and great performance.

Through their native applications for the operating systems iOS, macOS, Android, Windows, ChromeOS, and Amazon Fire Stick, this supplier provides dependable access to IPTV streaming services. These programs include an obfuscation function that masks your VPN traffic so that it appears to outside observers as regular internet traffic. There are manual Linux setup guidelines available. The WireGuard connection protocol is being implemented by the provider.

Your online privacy is protected by IPVanish, which keeps no records of any kind. As the company does not take Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as payment for a membership, you will need to go elsewhere if you’re looking for the utmost in payment anonymity.

You should be able to access the majority of the world thanks to IPVanish’s 1,900+ servers spread over more than 60 nations. It should be highlighted that the provider controls each and every one of those servers, making it simpler to react to client complaints and prevent unauthorized access to your data.

A quick bond are the rule at IPVanish, and the service doesn’t restrict your browsing with bandwidth or data caps. That’s just what you want to hear when you’re streaming television.

A single login may be used to connect up to 6 devices simultaneously. Additionally, the service is compatible with many different router brands and models.


  • easy-to-use applications
  • owning and operating their own VPN servers
  • rapid connection rates
  • several connections at once allowed on a single username


  • not accepting Bitcoin
  • no browser add-ons

The best VPN for beginners is IPVanish, which offers quick and secure connections to your preferred IPTV service for an unlimited number of devices. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee from the supplier.

Read the whole of our IPVanish review.

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By providing dependable and quick access to IPTV providers, PrivateVPN earned a position on our list. As an aside, PrivateVPN is one of only a select few VPN companies that function trustworthily from inside China.

Although this company is relatively new to the VPN industry, it has already established a solid reputation for dependability.

Make sure PrivateVPN supports the locations of your preferred IPTV service before signing on the dotted line since its worldwide server coverage is fairly limited when compared to other providers on our list (200+ servers in 60+ countries).

Be aware that Sweden, where PrivateVPN is situated, has a history of being a little nosy about internet privacy.

Fortunately, PrivateVPN doesn’t retain any records on its customers’ online activities, so if the authorities do contact you, there won’t be anything for you to look at. They accept Bitcoin, so you can also keep your payment information private.

Since the provider doesn’t do anything to slow down the typical internet connection, your streaming should begin promptly and continue without stuttering.

Given that PrivateVPN offers native program compatibility for macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS platforms, such speeds ought to be accessible on the majority of your preferred linked gadgets. Support for routers is also offered.

Additionally, the service provider provides compatibility with a variety of router brands and models as well as an add-on for usage with the Kodi video player program.

Military-grade encryption is used across all programs to safeguard your connection, and using the same login information, up to 6 devices may connect to the VPN simultaneously.


  • rapid connection rates
  • superior privacy safeguards
  • A Kodi add-on is included with the excellent app support.


  • Uneven global server coverage
  • network of fewer servers

RELIABLE, FAST ACCESS TO IPTV:PrivateVPN provides A quick bond and superior privacy safeguards. Kodi compatibility is a plus. A 30-day money-back guarantee is available.

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Due to its quick connections and self-owned server farms, which contain 700+ servers spread across roughly 70 countries, VyprVPN managed to scrape into the sixth and last position on the list.

When it comes to unblocking streaming services, VyprVPN has a solid track record, and IPTV streaming services are no exception. When you connect, the action will start streaming right away with almost any buffering needed.

The online exploits of VyprVPN customers are not recorded in any of the service’s records. Your payment information may be at danger since the supplier does not accept a privacy-enhancing payment mechanism like Bitcoin.

As I already indicated, VyprVPN owns and manages its VPN servers, enabling them to react fast when a server is down and assisting them in protecting your information from outside parties.

For the macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, and Android TV device platforms, VyprVPN offers native app compatibility, and those applications provide military-grade encryption to secure your connection.

Five simultaneous logins are the maximum allowed by VyprVPN for one user. However, the service provider also offers compatibility for a wide range of router brands and models, enabling you to secure any connected device using a single access point.


  • access to IPTV is provided
  • trustworthy relationships
  • owns and runs VPN servers


  • a little expensive
  • No opportunity to pay using Bitcoin

OWNS ITS SERVERS:VyprVPN offers dependable access to streaming services like IPTV. The supplier increases the security of their customer support and privacy protection services by owning and running their VPN servers. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered.

Check out our whole VyprVPN review.

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How to Use a VPN to Watch IPTV

Follow these easy steps if you want to expand your viewing options while utilizing an IPTV provider.

  1. Become a member of your preferred VPN.
  2. The software for your linked device may be downloaded (s). Type in your login details.
  3. Choose a VPN server that is close to the IPTV content you want to watch.
  4. Use the app or website of your IPTV provider to establish a connection.

From then, everything should go well.

Can I Watch IPTV Streams with a Free VPN?


If you don’t mind a poor viewing experience and the possibility that the free VPN is disclosing information on your VPN-based trips, that is.

So-called “free” VPN providers often place bandwidth limitations and data caps on their users. Unfortunately, HD video requires rapid connection rates and a lot of data use.

Many free VPN service providers require customers to wait in line before connecting to a VPN server. You will often only be able to connect to a small number of servers after your number appears.

Since they track your online actions while you are connected to their servers and sell that information to advertising and other interested parties, many free VPN services are far from safe.

Keep in mind: If you’re receiving anything for free online, there’s a very high probability that the product being sold is your information. Picture “Facebook.”

Some free VPNs introduce adverts and monitoring cookies into your surfing sessions in addition to selling your personal information.

In my not-so-humble view, it’s preferable to pay upfront for a VPN service than to do so covertly. But the choice is yours. I think I’ve provided you enough details to enable you to choose wisely.

The “best vpn for iptv android box” is a question that has been asked by many. There are 6 best VPNs for IPTV in 2018 that allow you to watch TV without restrictions.

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