6 Best VPNs to Watch NOW TV From Outside of the UK

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If you’re looking to watch UK TV shows and movies from outside of the country, but don’t want to miss a beat of your favorite shows due to geo-restrictions, then you’ll need a VPN. Here are 6 top VPNs that will let you do just that!

The “now tv detects vpn” is a problem that has been present for a while. The best VPNs to watch NOW TV from outside of the UK are as follows: ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Private Internet Access, IPVanish and VyprVPN.

Whether you currently have a NOW TV subscription or are considering doing so, you may be wondering if you can watch the U.K.-based streaming service when you travel or go on holiday abroad.

Unfortunately, only customers in the United Kingdom may utilize the NOW TV service. There is a workaround, however, that will let you watch NOW TV abroad in Canada, Australia, Australia, the United States, or anyplace else.

Does a VPN Enable NOW TV Access?

Subscribers to NOW TV may view the episodes they desire from practically any foreign country by registering for a VPN service. You may circumvent content restrictions by using a VPN to access services from locations where they are not allowed.

Even whether you are in Germany, France, Argentina, New Zealand, or the Bahamas, a VPN may help you seem to be in the U.K. by changing your IP address.

I’ll walk you through the best VPNs for watching NOW TV abroad so you can watch it in the United States, Spain, Australia, Canada, or anyplace else. All of the VPNs I suggest below can circumvent NOW TV limitations in 2022.

How to Use a VPN to Watch NOW TV Outside the U.S.

Here are some easy steps to take in order to use a VPN to watch NOW TV when you are abroad.

  1. Install and download your preferred VPN. I suggest NordVPN.
  2. Open the VPN application you installed in step 1 and join a British server.
  3. Clear your browser’s cookies and cache to make sure that no personal information from earlier browsing sessions—which might prevent access to NOW TV—remains there.
  4. Open the NOW TV app or internet browser on the device of your choice. Your favorite programs are now available to you wherever you go!

Let’s now examine the top VPNs for this particular job.

Which VPN for NOW TV Works the Best?

I’ll go into great depth in this post as to why I selected the best six VPNs on this list for viewing NOW TV. Here are my top VPN suggestions for accessing NOW TV from overseas, just to give you a short overview.

  1. With a wide selection of servers, NordVPN can give access to NOW TV and many other geographically restricted websites. Additionally, NordVPN provides robust security and inexpensive subscription options.
  2. NOW TV is among the streaming services that may be unblocked by Surfshark, a service that is skilled at doing so. This supplier offers quick connection speeds and the best possible online security, and they do it for as many devices as you need at once. It charges a pittance for doing all of this.
  3. ExpressVPN: A reputable company with outstanding content-streaming capabilities, ExpressVPN. It may also unlock many more well-known channels, like NOW TV internationally. offers a 30-day refund policy.
  4. CyberGhost: It’s straightforward to choose any server using this provider’s user-friendly software selection, several of which are geared for streaming. Up to 7 simultaneous connections on a single account with quick, secure connections.
  5. NOW TV and other streaming services may now be accessed more easily thanks to Private Internet Access (PIA). Although the provider’s server network is slightly constrained, it does well in most service-related categories.
  6. A developing VPN service that able to unblock NOW TV is PrivateVPN. Offering strong security features is PrivateVPN.

Although there are many VPN service providers available right now, only a small number of them are reliable and capable of quickly unblocking NOW TV while also offering fast speeds and strong security features.

I’ve put up a list of the top VPNs for watching NOW TV to assist you in finding the best one for your requirements. The following factors were taken into consideration while compiling this list:

  • NOW TV may be unblocked from abroad
  • has several servers located in the UK
  • Deliver quick, dependable speeds for TV streaming
  • secures your online identity and privacy
  • provides robust encryption to avoid eavesdropping or hacking by outside parties

The best 6 VPNs for viewing NOW TV in 2022 are listed below.

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Fast connections, one of the biggest server networks, and very affordable membership rates are all features of NordVPN.

Users have several connectivity possibilities because to the more than 5,200 servers spread across 60 nations. There are many servers available in the United Kingdom alone, and NordVPN performs a great job of watching NOW TV outside of the U.K. Additionally, the provider is converting its server network to an operated and owned operating model, protecting the private information of its clients from outside contractors.

NordVPN can provide users access to NOW TV broadcasts and other geo-restricted streaming services like Netflix because to its outstanding server network.

By offering unrestricted streaming and fast speeds, NordVPN may enable you view your preferred NOW TV movies, sports, or programs overseas without being constrained.

In addition to allowing you to access NOW TV, NordVPN may enhance your online experience by offering features that protect your security. Nobody can access your sensitive information thanks to the military-grade 256-bit AES encryption.

Additionally, the service provider provides Double VPN protection, which increases anonymity by routing your connection across two VPN servers as opposed to just one. The NordLynx connection protocol from the provider is based on the WireGuard protocol, which is designed for better performance and security.

You are always protected from hackers thanks to additional security and privacy features including a rigorous No-logs rule, an internet kill switch, and DNS leak prevention. Additionally, NordVPN doesn’t write any data to a conventional hard drive and operates all of its servers entirely from RAM. When a server reboots, all of its data is erased.

Having a sense of security on all of your devices is crucial, and NordVPN provides user-friendly applications for all the popular platforms. With a single NordVPN subscription, users may protect up to 6 devices. Apps are available for Windows, Linux, Mac (with native M1 Mac compatibility), Android, Android TV, and iOS, as well as Chrome and Firefox browser extensions. There is also router security available.


  • More than 440 British-based servers
  • may unblock NOW TV from anywhere, including the US, Australia, and Spain.
  • The No-logs rule safeguards privacy.
  • rapid connection rates
  • can stream HD NOW TV


  • Desktop applications’ usability should be improved.

BEST NOW TV VPN:NordVPN able to unblock NOW TV streams from outside of the U.K., and it provides a number of additional features that protect you online. This VPN provides excellent online security and privacy, along with rapid connection rates.  NordVPN also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Read our in-depth NordVPN review.

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Due to its unlimited concurrent device capacity, Surfshark is an inexpensive service that is an excellent alternative for VPN customers with a home full of NOW TV watchers (which is still an unusual feature in the VPN industry).

The provider’s worldwide server network has expanded significantly from its relatively small beginnings, and its 3,200+ servers in 65 countries are surely nothing to belittle. In Glasgow, Manchester, and London, servers for Surfshark are located in the United Kingdom.

NOW TV’s HD broadcasts can be readily handled by Surfshark’s protected connection rates, and depending on your typical connection speeds, 4K streaming can also be handled. Additionally, they manage big file sharing and online gaming with ease.

With military-grade 256-bit AES encryption, a kill switch, and DNS leak protection, Surfshark performs an excellent job of safeguarding the connections of its users. Malware and phishing prevention, as well as ad and tracker blocking, are furthermore included. Additionally, you may utilize the MultiHop server option to route your internet data across two VPN servers, double your safety.

Surfshark values your privacy as well, which is why it doesn’t retain any form of server records and gladly takes Bitcoin in exchange for its services.

Options for the iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, macOS, and Amazon Fire TV device platforms are available in Surfshark’s native app support. For Apple’s M1 Mac range, the supplier provides native app support. Additionally, there are router compatibility options and plugins for the Firefox and Chrome browsers.

A single set of login credentials with Surfshark enables an infinite number of concurrent connections.


  • access to NOW TV and many more streaming services is available.
  • Allowance for many simultaneous connections
  • fantastic privacy and security safeguards
  • affordable subscription rates
  • rapid connection rates


  • A little on the expensive side for a one-month membership

PERFECT FOR VIEWERS ON A BUDGET RIGHT NOW: Cheap membership packages with unlimited concurrent connections are available from Surfshark. The company provides connections that are quick and secure. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered.

Read the whole of our Surfshark review.

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One of the biggest VPN service providers on the market, ExpressVPN, offers a wide selection of servers.

The service provider has more than 3,000 servers spread across 160 sites in more than 90 countries. There are 7 server farms in the UK that can provide NOW TV connectivity.

ExpressVPN may allow you watch HD services from other providers that could be blocked in your area, such as BBC iPlayer and Netflix, in addition to unblocking NOW TV.

Users may watch all of their favorite videos without any buffering or waiting since there is infinite bandwidth available.

ExpressVPN has some of the strongest security and privacy features on the market, including the highest encryption levels. Military-grade 256-bit encryption is used by ExpressVPN servers to protect your data from prying eyes. The company’s own Lightway protocol is intended to deliver enhanced performance and security.

Due to the encryption of all data, which prevents crooks from decrypting it, users are likewise protected from hackers and thieves. Even your Internet service provider (ISP) won’t be able to tell which websites you are visiting since they will only be able to view encrypted data, which prevents them from accessing your sensitive data.

Additionally, ExpressVPN has a No-logs rule, which guarantees that your information will never be recorded or shared with other parties. Additionally, the provider utilizes its patented “TrustedServer” technology, which never writes any data to a physical hard disk and executes all operations entirely from RAM, to manage its whole server network. When a server restarts, all data is safely erased, according to the.

The good news is that ExpressVPN provides applications that function flawlessly across all popular platforms, including desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, and numerous Wi-Fi routers. Users who desire the protection of a VPN across all of their devices can now do so.

For iOS, Android, Mac, Android TV, Amazon Fire, Chromebook, Linux, and Windows devices, there are simple-to-use applications. There are extensions for the Chrome, Edge, and Firefox browsers, as well as full router compatibility. (The provider recently improved the user interface and added new capabilities, such auto-update, to its router support.)


  • large server network with several servers in the United Kingdom
  • NOW TV may be unblocked from abroad via UK servers.
  • Fast download and streaming rates for HD material without pauses
  • There are no logs, thus user data is kept private and safe.
  • Apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android are available, and support is provided for all main platforms.


  • a little bit more costly than comparable VPN services
  • Applications do not label streaming servers

ExpressVPN is a fantastic all-around option for accessing NOW TV from abroad. GREAT FOR STREAMING: This supplier offers 7 HD-capable servers in the U.K., and customers are well-protected online by top-notch security and privacy features. The supplier is the most costly on our list, but you may test it risk-free since there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Read the whole of our ExpressVPN review.

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Easy-to-use software and worldwide access to stream-friendly servers are both provided by CyberGhost.

With 7,400+ servers in 90+ countries, CyberGhost has one of the strongest worldwide server coverages on our list. The company is a great option for streaming binges since many of its servers are geared for streaming video.

When choosing a VPN to use with any streaming service, fast connections are a key consideration. CyberGhost has you covered in this column. Some of the fastest download speeds I’ve ever seen are offered by CyberGhost. When utilizing CyberGhost’s no data limits connections, you should be okay to go if your internet connection can typically handle HD and 4K video.

Thanks to CyberGhost’s use of military-grade encryption, IP/DNS leak prevention, and a kill switch that cuts off your internet connection if you lose access to CyberGhost servers, those fast connections are also highly secured.

Since the service adheres to a rigorous No-logs rule and also takes Bitcoin as payment for its VPN subscriptions, privacy is also well-protected.

Offerings for the macOS, iOS, Android, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Linux, and Windows device platforms are included in the native app support category. Accessing NOW TV from your computer’s browser is made simple by extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

On a single account, this provider permits up to 7 simultaneous connections. The service is also compatible with a wide range of router brands and models.

In addition, CyberGhost includes a password manager, sends notifications when a data breach exposes your email address, and more. The antivirus and anti-malware software, privacy customization tools, and other security and privacy features are available to Windows users.


  • stream-friendly servers
  • It’s easy to utilize apps
  • 100% log-free
  • comprehensive security measures


  • No router applications
  • few cutting-edge choices

NOW TV CONNECTIONS ARE SIMPLE TO USE: CyberGhost is a great choice for NOW TV subscribers. offers one-click security for many widely used devices and connections that are suited for streaming. Here, complete security and privacy are offered. There is a 45-day, risk-free money-back guarantee offered.

Read the whole of our CyberGhost review.

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Access to NOW TV and many other streaming services is reliably provided by this well-known VPN service provider.

There are 3,300+ servers in more than 80 countries in the provider’s extensive worldwide server network. Access to NOW TV, Netflix US, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Crunchyroll, Eurosport, HBO Max, and Disney+ is consistently available via Private Internet Access (PIA). (The advises using your computer’s browser to access the streaming services.)

The VPN’s well-protected connections provide more than enough speed for all of your favorite online activities, including watching HD video, even if PIA’s connection speeds are not the quickest I’ve observed.

Thanks to PIA’s use of government-grade 256-bit AES encryption, IP/DNS leak protection, and a kill switch, all of those quick connections are properly safeguarded. Ads, trackers, malware, and harmful websites are all likewise blocked by the service.

PIA has your privacy secured thanks to a strong No-logs rule and its support of cryptocurrencies as subscription payment.

For Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms, PIA offers native apps. Additionally, it provides extensive router compatibility along with Opera, Chrome, and Firefox browser extensions. On a single account, up to 10 devices may be linked at once.

The customer service offered by PIA consists of live chat, a problem ticket form, a searchable knowledgebase, and troubleshooting manuals.


  • a full range of app support
  • is compatible with NOW TV and other streaming providers
  • Connect up to 10 devices simultaneously.


  • Streams only reliably in-browser
  • Doesn’t function effectively in nations with excessive restrictions

RELIABLE BROWSER-BASED NOW TV ACCESS: For customers who want to watch content via their browser, the provider offers NOW TV access. Excellent privacy and internet security precautions are offered by PIA. It has certain problems in nations with excessive restrictions, however. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered.

Read the whole of our Private Internet Access review.

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One of the fastest-growing VPN services available is PrivateVPN, which I am pleased to recommend for accessing NOW TV programming from other countries.

Even though PrivateVPN has a much smaller server network than the other providers on our list, it nonetheless provides some of the fastest VPN speeds available.

The business now has over 200 servers spread over more than 60 nations, 6 of which are located in the United Kingdom and are capable of unblocking NOW TV broadcasts.

PrivateVPN can give outstanding streaming of NOW TV movies, sports, and TV episodes with no latency, buffering, or disconnects, even in HD, thanks to its ultra-high-speed server network and unlimited bandwidth.

Netflix and BBC iPlayer may both be unblocked by PrivateVPN for those who want to view other online material.

All of the servers on this VPN network employ military-grade 256-bit AES encryption coding, and PrivateVPN offers robust encryption to safeguard your data and online conversations from hackers and criminals. A zero-data-logging rule, IP leak prevention, and an internet kill switch function are also included.

Applications are accessible on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.


  • able to unblock NOW TV
  • very fast streaming rates
  • No-logs rule


  • fewer servers than those of competing VPN providers
  • Limited to the Big 4 platforms is app support.

GREAT SPEEDS: PrivateVPN has some of the fastest available streaming speeds, making it ideal for NOW TV in high definition. Along with other useful privacy features, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Read the whole of our PrivateVPN review.

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Techniques for Examining VPNs for NOW TV

There are some crucial considerations to ponder while choosing a VPN service provider to access NOW TV. Any VPN won’t do, since not all of them have the performance and capabilities required.

The crucial criteria for the VPN services I evaluated are listed below, along with an explanation of why each one is significant:

  • Connection Speeds: Fast connections are an important factor for full enjoyment of streaming services, such as NOW TV. No one wants to wait while a movie buffers or to see artifacts while enjoying the movie once it starts. I regularly perform connection speed tests. Each VPN I include on my lists provide reliably rapid connection rates.
  • No matter what kind of online activity you’re involved in, a large worldwide server network is your friend. Furthermore, as no one server should be overloaded with users, having several servers in one place helps maintain performance at its highest level.
  • Value: For many consumers, the cost of a VPN service provider is a key factor. When deciding whether to get a VPN, you should always weigh its features against its cost. Every VPN on my lists provides an above-average value for the services they provide.
  • Easy to use applications make it easier to connect and start streaming right away, which is always a benefit. Additionally, confirm that the VPN service provider supports your favourite streaming platform with native apps. Look for router compatibility if a VPN doesn’t have a native app for your device. Every VPN on my list provides multi-platform compatibility and user-friendly software.
  • While this post focuses on using a VPN to watch your favorite NOW TV programming, a VPN is also a crucial tool for preserving your online security and privacy. All of the VPNs on my list include, at the very least, DNS/IP leak prevention, an automated kill switch, and government-grade encryption. None of the VPN services I suggest maintain records of your internet activity.

While the aforementioned elements are crucial to take into account when choosing a VPN, my research doesn’t stop here. The above-mentioned parameters are just a minor portion of my entire VPN testing approach. I am able to suggest VPN companies that are a suitable match for the requirements of my readers because to this data-driven methodology that helps me better understand VPN services.

Can I Access NOW TV with a Free VPN?

There are several free VPNs available, but I’ve never found one that was trustworthy and safe enough to justify the drawbacks and dangers.

Free VPNs have a variety of drawbacks, so you can end yourself paying more than you anticipated.

First off, free VPNs do not have reliable server networks, so your options for connecting and the information you can access will be limited.

It’s also true that bandwidth limitations and throttling are used by free VPN servers to restrict how much a single user may use them. This is not the best option for watching high-definition TV, movies, or sports.

Additionally, you don’t receive much in the way of privacy protection, encryption requirements, or online threat prevention. In reality, selling user data to advertising is one of the ways free VPNs generate revenue.

I agree with the majority of cybersecurity experts when they say that it is always worthwhile to pay the rather cheap membership cost for a quality VPN.

Where Can I Find NOW TV?

The Sky TV network runs the streaming service NOW TV, which is situated in the UK.

The service provides a variety of membership plans broken up by program genre, including passes for “hayu” reality TV, kids TV, sports, and entertainment.

You must choose the passes you want and pay a rolling monthly fee in order to register. All popular credit and debit cards are accepted by NOW TV (excluding American Express and Maestro). For new customers, there is a free 7-day trial period available.

You will be informed that NOW TV is not available in your area if you attempt to connect to the service from outside of the United Kingdom. You must establish a connection using a U.K.-based VPN server to get around this.

What Else Can a VPN Do for Me?

Although I’ve showed you in this post how to use a VPN to get NOW TV from abroad, there are many other helpful things a VPN can do for you.

Other banned websites and streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer can be consistently unblocked with a VPN. You may use a VPN to download files and other information privately as well as use public Wi-Fi in a safe manner.


Is Using a VPN with NOW TV Legal?

Using a VPN to access NOW TV is legal. The worst-case scenario is that NOW TV would prohibit the IP address given by the VPN. Connect to another VPN server in the UK if this occurs.

Can I Use NOW TV While Traveling?

Unfortunately, users outside of the British Isles cannot access NOW TV. Fortunately, British expats and visitors from other countries may use a VPN to simulate being at home, enabling them to get NOW TV.

Which Devices Can I Use NOW TV On?

The majority of widely used connected devices, such as Windows and Mac PCs, iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, Xbox One and PS4 game consoles, Roku and Apple TV set-top boxes, and a variety of Smart TVs, support NOW TV.


If you’ve been trying to access all the fantastic material that NOW TV has to offer while you’re abroad, you may have encountered some difficulties and thought it was impossible to use the service abroad.

However, as I’ve shown in this post, anybody may view their preferred NOW TV movies, sports, and entertainment programs overseas by following a few easy steps and signing up for NordVPN.

“Nord VPN” is a VPN service that allows users to watch NOW TV from outside of the UK. The “nord vpn now tv” is one of the best VPNs for watching NOW TV.

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