Best VPN For Mexico In 2022 (Fast, Secure & Private)

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Mexico is one of the most dangerous countries in the world and online privacy is a top priority for many people. That’s why we’ve compiled the best VPN services for Mexico in 2022. We tested each one to make sure they meet our strict standards for performance, security, and customer service.

The “best VPN for Mexico server free” is a tool that allows users to find the best VPN service for Mexico. The article will include 6 different services, along with their pros and cons.

Mexico received a Freedom on the Net 2021 Score from Freedom House of 60/100 (100 being the freest). Nevertheless, the amount of time that journalists, human rights attorneys, and other prominent persons are under surveillance is growing. 

Access to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter is still available, as are a foreign blog hosting providers. Government inquiries, however, for user data from social media platforms have grown in recent years. Private chat platforms like Facebook’s WhatsApp and Apple’s iMessage are still accessible. 

In Mexico, you may access streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. However, because of licensing limitations, the material made accessible via these well-liked channels in the nation differs from that made available by the service in other nations. Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and several more services, on the other hand, are restricted to their native nations and are often unreachable from within Mexico. 

Access to popular streaming services and privacy may both be improved with the use of a VPN. However, not all VPNs provide speed and total anonymity. 

According to the music business, peer-to-peer networks account for almost 90% of all music downloads in Mexico (torrenting). Mexican intellectual property laws are very lax and have not been updated to take torrenting and other illegitimate ways to get copyrighted material into consideration. 

By using a Virtual Private Network, Mexican people may improve their capacity to access internet material while avoiding all forms of restriction and surveillance (VPN). 

I’ll reveal the top 6 VPN services in this post so you can safeguard and improve your online activities in Mexico. For Mexican ex-pats or nationals who are going overseas, all of the providers described in this article have physical locations and a variety of IP addresses for their servers within Mexico, providing simple access to Mexico-only content.

How to Utilize a VPN While in Mexico

It’s really easy to use a VPN from inside Mexico if you do these few easy steps: 

  1. Sign up using a VPN service. (NordVPN is my first preference.)
  2. Install the VPN client on each of the devices you have linked (s).
  3. Open a VPN connection.
  4. To access locally geo-blocked content from inside Mexico while being outside the country, choose a VPN server outside of Mexico. Alternatively, if you want to protect your online activities while inside Mexico or if you want to access geo-blocked content from Mexico while being outside the country, choose a server inside Mexico.
  5. Enjoy the freedom of the internet!

Mexico’s Top VPN Services

The top VPN services to use within Mexico are the six contemporary VPN providers listed below. The corta and dulce versions are as follows:

  1. The greatest option for safeguarding and improving your internet activity when inside Mexican borders is NordVPN. For popular connected devices, the provider’s extensive server network offers the quickest, safest access to material all around the world.
  2. Surfshark: Internet users on a budget will value this provider’s cost-effective multi-year membership pricing. Despite the affordable price, the quality of service is high because of the excellent online safety, thorough cross-platform app compatibility, and limitless concurrent connections.
  3. ExpressVPN: ExpressVPN is a great option for unblocking streaming material in Mexico and internationally because to its quick speeds, well-known content-unblocking prowess, and broad server network.
  4. Take a hard look at CyberGhost if you’re new to the VPN sector or searching for a user-friendly but powerful VPN service. The provider’s applications enable one-click access to a vast worldwide server network that includes servers geared for streaming and file sharing.
  5. With a self-owned and -operated worldwide server network, IPVanish offers an additional layer of privacy protection while maintaining service levels comparable to several of the top 6 VPN companies.
  6. PrivateVPN: Although this service has a very small number of servers, it does a great job of dispersing them throughout the world. Fast connections are a plus for streamers, while Stealth VPN protection is a plus for all users. 

The following variables were taken into account while determining the top 6 VPN providers: 

  • Mexico-based servers are part of a global service network.
  • Online privacy and security measures that work
  • connectivity rates
  • Number of supported apps
  • Customer service options 

Here is my ranking of the top 6 VPN service providers for Mexican citizens and tourists.


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The greatest choice for Mexicans seeking top-notch internet security and complete access to international web content is NordVPN.

A worldwide server network with over 5,200 servers spread across 60 nations (including Mexico) is above average. The provider is transitioning to an owned-and-operated arrangement for its entire network. Due to the fact that no personal information will be shared with outside contractors, this will enhance user privacy.

Military-grade encryption, a kill switch, and IPv6/DNS leak prevention are provided by the service, so you don’t have to worry about your online actions being tracked. Blocking ads and viruses provides an additional layer of security. 

Thanks to the provider’s bitcoin subscription payment option and no-server-logs policy, the privacy aspect of things are well-covered. Additionally, the provider’s servers never write any data of any type to a traditional hard drive and run entirely from RAM. This implies that anytime a server reboots, all of its data are totally erased.

NordVPN supplies the fastest connectivity rates I’ve ever measured, meaning you’re in for a great experience while streaming, gaming, or file sharing. The provider’s unlimited bandwidth policy ensures there are no data caps to deal with. 

The majority of popular device platforms are supported by NordVPN, including Windows, Linux, macOS (including native support for M1 Macs), Android, Android TV, and Amazon Fire. 

Additionally, there are extensions for the Chrome and Firefox browsers, and the service works with many different routers, protecting all of your other devices. Using the same login, up to 6 devices may connect at once. 

Customer help is offered round-the-clock through live chat, email, and a searchable knowledge base. 


  • servers having a presence in Mexico and 59 other countries
  • lightning-fast rates
  • All main gadget platforms have apps.
  • alternatives for multi-year subscriptions at affordable prices
  • comprehensive security and privacy measures 


  • Applications aren’t very user-friendly.

Finest VPN FOR MEXICO: NordVPN is the best option for consumers seeking the highest level of security while operating within Mexican territory. Through its fast connections, the provider’s worldwide server network offers great access to geographically restricted material all over the world. There is a 30-day, the risk-free money-back guarantee offered.


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The least expensive choice in our comparison, Surfshark offers top-notch VPN security at a cheap, affordable cost.

You have plenty of access to worldwide material because of the provider’s 3,200+ servers, which are hosted in 65 different nations, including Mexico. The supplier claims that it offers access to more than 30 Netflix libraries worldwide.

All of your favorite online activities, including HD video streaming, massive file sharing, and online gaming, are readily supported by the provider’s download speeds. Furthermore, you won’t ever have to struggle with bandwidth limitations or data quotas.

Additionally, your connections are well-protected with military-grade encryption, a kill switch, and DNS leak defense. In addition, Surfshark provides security against phishing, malware, trackers, and advertisements.

For further secrecy and privacy, a “MultiHop” server option transmits your connection over two VPN servers. An option called “Camouflage” masks your VPN use as regular internet traffic.

The service provider offers complete privacy protection thanks to its no-server-logs policy and bitcoin payment option.

Most likely, Surfshark can meet your app demands. Apps are available for Linux, Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Android TV (includes native Apple Silicon support). There are also browser add-ons for Firefox and Chrome. The service provider works with a wide range of router brands and models.

Whatever a number of concurrent VPN connections you want, Surfshark provides an unlimited policy.

Thanks to 24/7 support chat, email help, and a searchable knowledge base, Surfshark customer service is always accessible.


  • very cheap prices
  • encompassing online safety
  • All the simultaneous connections you need
  • both inside and outside of Mexican borderlands


  • Advanced users have few advanced choices.

Surfshark is the best VPN service for users on a budget. BEST FOR BUDGET: No security, privacy, speed, or other features are compromised in order to give that cheap price by the supplier, who allows an unlimited number of concurrent connections. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered.

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ExpressVPN is a fantastic choice for streaming enthusiasts because of its quick speeds, extensive server coverage, and superior content-unblocking capacity.

ExpressVPN covers the world with over 3,000 servers located in Mexico and 93 other countries. This supplier is unquestionably worthwhile to test if you’re hoping to learn more about the content options available from various nations. 

With the help of bank-grade encryption, a kill switch, IPv6 and DNS leak prevention, and bank-grade encryption, the connections from the ExpressVPN server network are properly safeguarded. You may choose which applications will utilize the provider’s encrypted security by using a split-tunneling option. The Lightway protocol from the supplier is designed for better performance and security.

Thanks to a no-server-logs-ever policy and an anonymous Bitcoin payment option, your privacy is fully safeguarded. Furthermore, the provider’s servers function only from RAM; no data is written to a real hard disk. This makes sure that every time the server reboots, all data is entirely erased.

ExpressVPN offers safe to download and upload speeds that are ideal for sharing files of any size, online gaming, and 4K viewing. There are no data limitations, which implies there is an unlimited bandwidth policy. With ExpressVPN, you can easily access streaming services like BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime Video. 

For Amazon Fire, Android, Android TV, Chrome OS, iOS, macOS, Linux, and Windows platforms, ExpressVPN provides applications. 

Smart TV users may broadcast information to their large home screen using ExpressVPN’s smart DNS function. 

Additionally, extensive router compatibility and plugins for the Chrome and Firefox browsers are available to safeguard all of your connected devices. The same account may be used to connect up to 5 devices at once. 

24/7 customer assistance is offered. A searchable troubleshooting database, email assistance, a problem ticket system, and live support chat are all accessible round-the-clock. 


  • servers in 93 countries, including Mexico
  • Fast downloads are the norm.
  • dependable access to geo-blocked content
  • excellent support for cross-platform apps 


  • more costly than a lot of other VPNs 
  • Five devices may connect simultaneously.

GREAT FOR STREAMING: Searching for a VPN that can quickly connect you to content from across the world? If so, ExpressVPN would be a good fit. The streaming service provider provides good security and privacy safeguards in addition to the best specifications. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered.

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You should look at CyberGhost if you’ve never used VPN software or if you have but detest all the convoluted choices on certain VPN programs. 

With more than 7,100 servers located in Mexico and 90 other nations, this supplier provides one of the greatest international server networks in the industry. The service provider’s server network consists of multiple globally dispersed servers geared for streaming and file sharing.

When it comes to CyberGhost, simplicity of use does not imply a lack of security. Government-grade encryption, a kill switch option, IPv6 and DNS leak prevention, and other measures are used by the service to safeguard your internet connection. CyberGhost may also have websites send up HTTPS versions of their pages when they are accessible, protecting users from trackers and advertisements. 

This company has a stringent no-server-logs policy and offers a Bitcoin private membership payment option, thus privacy is also unaffected while using them. 

The company offers quick downloads that are on par with those of the other providers on our list, so it is clear that it does not fall short in this area. The connections of this service are unaffected by 4K streaming video, frantic online gaming, or the exchange of enormous files. There are also no data limits of any sort. 

CyberGhost has user-friendly applications for Amazon Fire, Android, Android TV, iOS, macOS, Linux, and Windows platforms, so app support shouldn’t be a problem.  

Users of Chrome and Firefox browsers will like the provider’s extensions, and a wide range of routers are supported. On the same set of login credentials, up to 7 devices may connect to the service at once. 

The company includes a password manager in addition to its top-notch VPN service, and it features a function that alerts you when your email has been compromised. Adware blocking, antivirus protection, privacy settings, and a tool that checks your hard drive for insecure and out-of-date software are all included in CyberGhost’s Security Suite for Windows.

Round-the-clock customer service is provided through live chat, email, a problem ticket system, and a searchable help library.


  • world-class server coverage
  • Quick downloads
  • strong but user-friendly applications
  • servers with streaming and download optimization 


  • Advanced customization options aren’t available. 
  • struggles to unblock certain streaming websites

BEST VPN FOR NEWBIES: CyberGhost’s user-friendly VPN protection will appeal to those who have just recently learned about VPNs or who enjoy superior VPN security without effort. Global VPN fast servers, including those designed for streaming and downloading, are accessible with a single click. This is a wonderful choice because of these simple characteristics. There is a 45-day, risk-free money-back guarantee offered.

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In addition to offering features on par with those of its rivals, IPVanish goes above and above by adding an additional layer of anonymity that is not offered by the other top VPNs on our list. 

Mexico is one of more than 55 countries where IPVanish has 1,900 servers. The extensive privacy precautions are provided by the fact that IPVanish totally owns and runs all of those servers. Your personal information is not accessible to outside contractors since IPVanish owns (rather than rents) its servers.

IPVanish excels at safeguarding your online activities with military-grade encryption, a kill switch with auto-reconnect, and a patented “scramble” technology that disguises VPN traffic as regular internet traffic. 

Thanks to IPVanish’s no-server-logs policy, there are no usage records to be concerned about. However, as the supplier does not provide a cryptocurrency payment option, you will need to pay for your membership using PayPal or a credit/debit card. 

All of your favorite online activities, like downloading and uploading huge files, playing online games, and watching your favorite programs in HD video, may be readily handled by the provider’s high download rates. Data limits are not an issue here. 

With support for the Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, ChromeOS, and Amazon Fire platforms, the service is able to support most of the major device platforms. For Windows Phone and Linux-based hardware, setup instructions are provided. 

Sadly, the service doesn’t provide browser add-ons, however, they do support a wide range of router brands and types. The provider’s servers can accommodate an infinite number of simultaneous connections.

24/7 customer service options include email help, a searchable support library, and live chat.


  • servers that are privately owned everywhere
  • A quick bond
  • Multiple devices may simultaneously connect. 


  • browser extensions are absent
  • Prices for short-term membership alternatives are a little excessive. 

EXTRA LAYER OF PRIVACY PROTECTION: IPVanish’s self-owned and -operated server network provides comprehensive privacy protections, making it a valid option for users who have the privacy utmost in mind. The provider’s quick bond and unlimited simultaneous connections allowance will also prove to be a draw. A 30-day money-back guarantee is available. 

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Although PrivateVPN falls short in a few areas, overall performance is on par with that of the other service providers on our list. 

With just 200+ servers, the provider’s worldwide server network is a little underwhelming. However, the supplier does a decent job of dispersing them throughout the world, finding them in Mexico and 59 other nations. If the service keeps growing its client base without expanding the number of servers, this might result in server overload. 

For all of your favorite online activities, such as streaming, gaming, and sharing big files, the provider’s download speeds provide more than adequate capacity. There are no data limits, so you’ll never experience a cutoff. 

Military-grade encryption, kill switch security, DNS and IPv6 leak prevention, and other features make up online protection. Additionally, the provider’s “Stealth VPN” feature, which masks your VPN activity as regular web browser traffic, adds an additional degree of security to your online privacy. 

With a no-server-logs policy and a Bitcoin private membership payment option, your privacy is likewise securely protected. 

With support for the Amazon Fire, Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows device platforms, app support is a little bit more constrained than it is for the other platforms on this list. PrivateVPN may be manually configured on Linux systems. Numerous brands and kinds of routers are supported. 

A single set of login credentials may be used to access the service from up to 6 streaming devices simultaneously. 

Although the service provider advertises live chat as being open around-the-clock, I have often visited the site when the chat balloon was red, suggesting chat was not available. However, email assistance and a FAQ support library are accessible constantly.


  • Stealth VPN conceals your VPN use.
  • A quick bond
  • superior privacy and security safeguards 


  • Servers are overloaded.
  • Support for several platforms might need some work. 

STEALTH ONLINE PROTECTION: PrivateVPN’s exclusive Stealth VPN protection disguises your VPN usage as a regular online activity to keep it hidden. The service has servers located in 60 different nations, although the number of servers is a little low. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered. 

A Free VPN Won’t Function in Mexico

While it is possible to locate a free VPN that operates from inside Mexican borders, it is quite rare that you would be satisfied with the total result. 

A common adage says, “If an internet service is free, you are the true product they are selling.” No exemption applies to free VPN services. 

By monitoring their customers’ online behavior and selling that information to advertising or anybody else with a few dollars, many free VPNs keep their servers humming. Others will add tracking cookies and unwelcome adverts to your browser sessions. 

Free VPNs are not just inconveniences, but they are also not very private. You could discover that whenever you try to connect to a free VPN server, you’re forced to wait around until your number is called and you’re permitted to join. 

The number of servers you are able to connect to after receiving the all-clear is either severely restricted or you are immediately established on a server of the provider’s choosing. So much for easy access to the desired geo-blocked stuff. 

Once you do connect to a free VPN server, you’ll likely find that your connectivity rates are reduced greatly. VPN providers reserve most of their bandwidth for paying customers, relegating free users to the slow lane. Plus, you’ll find that your online time will be limited by a daily or monthly data cap. An hour or so of streaming and you’re done for the day. 

You should spend the relatively tiny price you will for high-quality VPN security because it is worth it.

What Can I Use a VPN For?

Unquestionably, the greatest approach to safeguard and improve all of your online activities is with a virtual private network (VPN). A VPN increases your online entertainment options while shielding your online actions from prying eyes. 

By enclosing your internet connection in a tunnel of military-grade encryption, a VPN protects your online activity from the prying eyes of your ISP, the government, and hackers. 

Your online actions are vulnerable to monitoring if you utilize an unsecured Wi-Fi hotspot, such as those offered by hotels, coffee shops, and other public places. 

Because they can watch your connection as you buy, bank, or engage in other sensitive online activities, hackers like public Wi-Fi. Hackers cannot track your online activities because to the encryption provided by a VPN. 

A VPN may shield your connection from ISP throttling or banning if you’re doing “unapproved” things like file-sharing or watching movies from certain streaming services thanks to the same encryption. 

By providing access to online resources that may otherwise be inaccessible to users in your area, a VPN expands the possibilities for your online activities. This is accomplished by giving your connected device a temporary new IP address, giving the impression that you and your device are in a different country. 

The “spoofing” of a VPN’s server location deceives other computers into thinking you should have access to their geo-restricted material. The content vaults of the streaming services are now accessible, expanding the range of entertainment options.


I highly advise internet users inside the boundaries of Mexico to benefit from a Virtual Private Network’s security and improvement of their online activity. For the best security and augmentation for all of your online activities, I recommend NordVPN.

In every area of VPN services, NordVPN gives the best performance. The company has some of the strongest worldwide server coverage in the business, and each of those servers offers quick, secure access to information anywhere in the globe. All widely used device platforms are secured, and if you want assistance, customer support is offered around the clock. 

Visit the NordVPN website for further details or to buy a membership. 

Mexico VPN FAQ?

How Do I Access Netflix US From Mexico?

Simply sign up for a VPN that can access Netflix USA from Mexico to watch Netflix USA there (like NordVPN). The VPN software should then be downloaded and installed on your preferred viewing device. Open the VPN application and join an American server. Select a program or movie by using the Netflix app or website. Take in the spectacle!

Can I watch ABC, NBC, or CBS on my Roku in Mexico?

Yes. While U.S. networks like ABC, NBC, and CBS only allow viewers within the country to watch their broadcasts, your Roku may pretend to be in the U.S. by utilizing a VPN, giving you access to the networks. Please be aware that even though there are no VPN applications for the Roku, you may still share your PC or Mac’s VPN-protected connection or use a VPN on your router.

Is Mexico a Legal Place to Use a VPN?

In Mexico, using a VPN is permitted. Currently, internet access is unrestricted for Mexican citizens. However, because the government there has already made efforts to establish surveillance legislation, anything might change at any moment.

Will Every One of These Providers Give My Devices a Mexican IP Address?

Yes, each of the six providers mentioned here has access to servers and IP addresses in Mexico, thus they may momentarily give your connected device a Mexican IP address.

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