The 6 Best Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) for Xbox One in 2022

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Xbox One owners are looking for ways to stay safe and keep their data private. Here are the six best VPNs for Xbox One in 2022.

The “best vpn for xbox one” is a question that has been asked many times. You can find the best VPNs for Xbox One in 2022.

The third device in a line bearing the name “Xbox,” Microsoft’s Xbox One is an eighth-generation gaming system. Gamers may play games on the system in 1080p HD (4K on the Xbox One X). The system can also watch 4K movies on disc or via streaming (on disc-equipped models).

Both Microsoft-developed games and those created by independent developers are supported on Xbox Live. Popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and many more are all compatible with the Xbox One.

What Makes a VPN for Xbox One Useful?

Unfortunately, you’re losing out if you don’t utilize a Virtual Private Network (VPN), since not all games, in-game material, and streaming entertainment are accessible everywhere in the world.

The greatest method for unblocking geo-restricted material, which is often only available in particular regions of the world, is a VPN. A VPN does this by temporarily assigning a new IP address from a different part of the globe, allowing access to that region’s content, while “spoofing” the location of the device and its user.

Your online activities will be protected from the prying eyes of your Internet Service Provider, the government, and international bad actors owing to a VPN’s ability to encrypt the internet connections used by your Xbox One and other devices.

I examine the best six VPNs for your Xbox One console in this post.

Top VPNs for the Xbox One

The following six VPNs were found to be the best VPNs for usage with the Xbox One gaming console after I put all of my top VPN providers to the test in several rounds of intense gameplay. 

Here is a succinct description for those of you who would rather play the 2,377th iteration of Tomb Raider than read about VPNs:

  1. The best VPN for Xbox One is NordVPN. Some of the greatest router support in the VPN market is offered by NordVPN. Because of the provider’s extensive worldwide server coverage, you may access information from all over the world with confidence. Streaming and online gaming are fun activities because to the provider’s quick VPN connection speeds.
  2. A good VPN choice for those on a tight budget is Surfshark. Many different brands and kinds of routers are compatible with this service, and Xbox One users on a tight budget will value the company’s reasonably priced extended subscription choices.
  3. Premium VPN for Xbox: ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN has excellent support for routers (the provider even offers custom firmware for select routers). You get worldwide access to streaming and gaming material thanks to a vast global server network.
  4. CyberGhost: Simple Xbox VPN security. Many Xbox One players will find CyberGhost to be an appealing alternative, and they will value the provider’s quick connection speeds and streaming-optimized servers. If you have other linked devices, you’ll value CyberGhost’s user-friendly VPN software for the majority of common device platforms.
  5. Access to gaming material that is dependable via private internet. Access to geo-restricted internet services like Xbox Live and Xbox Cloud Gaming is still becoming better on PIA. The provider’s worldwide server network might need some improvement, but it is dependable for viewing internet material.
  6. Fast, gaming-ready connections with PrivateVPN. Gaming-ready bandwidth from this supplier gives players a ton of power. The service provider has secure connections and doesn’t store any logs.

Please be aware that no VPN service provides an Xbox One native app (or any other gaming console). Therefore, by integrating directly with your router, any VPN on our list can safeguard your Xbox.

I gave VPN network providers extra points in my assessments if they offered pre-configured routers; you can also set up a virtual router on your Mac or Windows laptop. Later, more on it.

The following criteria were used to analyze and rank the best Xbox One VPNs:

  • compatibility with routers (extra points for pre-configured VPN routers)
  • fast connection rates for gaming and HD and 4K streaming
  • worldwide server coverage that is complete
  • high degree of security and privacy safeguards
  • fantastic client service

The best six VPNs for the Xbox One are listed below.


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The greatest overall VPN safety and improvement for your Xbox One gaming and streaming entertainment requirements is offered by NordVPN.

Although the provider lacks an Xbox One app, it is compatible with many different router brands and models, unlike the other providers on our list. There are routers that are already set up.

In order to safeguard those internet devices while you are not connected to your own wireless network, the service also provides native app compatibility for the majority of common desktop and mobile device platforms.

One of the fastest connection speeds the market has to offer is provided by NordVPN. You never have to be concerned about dealing with data constraints or bandwidth restrictions since they are readily capable of handling gaming, streaming, and any other online activities you engage in.

Your entertainment selections will be substantially increased as a result of the provider’s dependable access to geo-restricted gaming and streaming material with its 5,500+ servers located in 60 different nations across the world.

Thanks to its SmartDNS service, which gives unblocking capabilities but lacks the encryption that the provider’s VPN service delivers, NordVPN’s unblocking services are still accessible to those without a suitable router.

Your online activities are shielded from prying eyes by military-grade encryption. Additionally to blocking advertisements and viruses, the service safeguards against DNS breaches. Your privacy is protected by a stringent no-server-logs-ever rule and a Bitcoin payment option.

The provider’s owned-and-operated servers, which prevent outside contractors from having access to your personal data, are another privacy safeguard. Additionally, the service provider operates every server on RAM only, so no data is ever written to a real hard drive. This makes sure that anytime a NordVPN server is restarted or shut down, all data is completely erased.

A 24/7 support chat, email assistance, and a searchable support knowledgebase are all accessible to help you if you ever have a query regarding NordVPN’s services.


  • servers spread over 60 different countries
  • Gaming, as well as HD and 4K connections
  • Affordable multi-year membership options
  • complete protection for your privacy and security
  • Continually available customer service


  • The user experience of apps should be improved.

BEST VPN FOR XBOX ONE: NordVPN is the best option for boosting and safeguarding all of your online activities with the Xbox One. The supplier provides first-rate router support, dependable, quick connections, and top-notch online privacy and security. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered.


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Thanks to its inexpensive extended membership options, Surfshark should prove to be a desirable VPN choice for those of you who would want to save your money for gaming and streaming material.

With its ready-to-use routers, Surfshark provides outstanding compatibility with a wide range of routers.

You may benefit from the provider’s strong cross-platform compatibility and their rather odd unlimited number of connections at once if you possess an Xbox One in addition to other internet-connected devices. Your content options are increased by a Trust DNS function, but it doesn’t provide encrypted security.

The service provider offers quick, secure connections that are prepared for gaming and streaming.

The provider’s quickly expanding worldwide server location network—which presently numbers 3,200+ servers in 95 countries—allows users to access geo-blocked material from all over the world in ever-improving ways.

With banking-grade encryption, a kill switch, DNS leak prevention, ad and tracker blocking, and a prevention of DNS leaks, Surfshark provides excellent connection security. For further privacy and secrecy, a patented Multi-Hop function sends your internet connection over two VPN servers.

The service provider’s servers keep no records at all, and there is also a Bitcoin subscription payment option.

Thanks to the provider’s 24/7 live support chat, searchable FAQ library, and support contact form, customer assistance is always there to address any inquiries you may have.


  • a good global network that unblocks content
  • unlimited number of connections at once
  • excellent compatibility with routers
  • complete protection


  • There are some advanced settings

BEST FOR BUDGET XBOX GAMERS: Surfshark could be your best option if you’re the kind of player who’s constantly seeking for a bargain on games. A good value is created by connection speeds suitable for gaming, great online protection, and an unlimited number of simultaneous connections. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered.

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You have access to streaming, gaming, and other forms of entertainment from all around the globe thanks to ExpressVPN’s huge worldwide server network.

The supplier provides excellent router compatibility and provides unique firmware for usage with a broad range of compatible routers. You can buy pre-configured routers to use with the VPN service if you’re not a do-it-yourselfer. For the majority of widely used device platforms, the supplier also provides native app support.

You may still use the provider’s MediaStreamer DNS service to access restricted internet material on your Xbox One even if you don’t have a suitable router. Please be aware, however, that it does not provide the same level of encrypted safety as the service’s VPN.

To watch HD and 4K material and play fast online games, ExpressVPN offers more than adequate bandwidth (depending on your usual ISP-provided connection speeds, of course).

Furthermore, the service never places data constraints or bandwidth restrictions on its customers, so you never have to worry about having your fun interrupted in the midst of a game or a binge-watching session.

Thanks to ExpressVPN’s extensive worldwide server network, which includes over 3,000 secure VPN server locations spread across 94+ countries, you’ll have the best access to geo-restricted material anywhere in the world.

This service uses military-grade encryption, a kill switch, DNS leak and IPv6 leak protection, so security and privacy are never a concern.

To secure your payment information, the service provides a Bitcoin payment option. It also never stores any kind of server logs.

Customer service is available around-the-clock through live chat, email, a searchable support database, and a ticket tracking system.


  • There are routers that are already set up.
  • complete overview of server locations worldwide
  • Fast connection rates for HD video and games
  • great protection for your privacy and security


  • incredibly expensive
  • fails to identify its streaming servers

WIDE-RANGING SERVER NETWORK: ExpressVPN’s server network, which is completely global in scope, guarantees that you will have access to all the material you want. The high speeds offered by the company will be helpful for streaming and gaming. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered.

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CyberGhost offers Xbox One gamers fast connection speeds, worldwide server coverage that is complete and much more.

This service is compatible with a wide range of router brands and models and provides great router support. There are also pre-configured routers available in addition to manual configuration. For the majority of widely used mobile and desktop device platforms, simple native applications are available, guaranteeing the security and improvement of all your online activities.

With this service, fast connection speeds are the norm, so your online games will run smoothly, in-game purchases will download swiftly, and updates will be simple. When utilizing CyberGhost, there are no data constraints or bandwidth restrictions to be concerned about.

One of the biggest worldwide server networks on our list at the moment is CyberGhost, which has over 7,900 servers spread over more than 90 nations.

Government-grade encryption, kill switch security, the ability to block adverts, spyware, and trackers, as well as a setting that compels websites to provide HTTPS versions of their pages, if available, all help to keep your online activities private from prying eyes.

CyberGhost adheres to a no-logs policy and offers a Bitcoin payment option to safeguard the anonymity of your membership payment.

A password manager, notifications when your email is compromised in a data breach, and other services are available from the provider in addition to high-quality VPN services. The antivirus and anti-malware security offered by the supplier is advantageous to Windows users.

With a support ticket tracking system, a searchable help library, and 24/7 live support chat, customer service is available to you at all times.


  • world-class server coverage
  • sufficient connection speed
  • several alternatives for already-configured routers


  • Routers are not protected by a kill switch
  • Does not have the fine-tuning that experienced users value

Greatest FOR BEGINNERS: CyberGhost is the best option for Xbox One players who are new to using a VPN for online gaming. Even new players may quickly join the game thanks to the provider’s pre-configured routers and simple-to-use applications. There is a 45-day, risk-free money-back guarantee offered.

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Xbox games and video material are reliably accessible over Private Internet Access (PIA).

More than 3,300 servers located in more than 80 countries are part of the provider’s extensive global server network. This gives users access to Xbox games and other material as well as other stuff that is available almost anywhere in the world.

PIA offers more than enough bandwidth for gaming and downloading games and in-game stuff, even if their download rates may not be the quickest available. There are no data limits or bandwidth restrictions to worry about.

Thanks to the provider’s usage of government-grade encryption, IP/DNS leak prevention, and kill switch protection, PIA also performs a great job of shielding your online activity from prying eyes. The service provider also provides ad, tracker, virus, and harmful site blocking.

Your use and payment privacy are well-protected since PIA servers operate without keeping server logs and the service additionally supports Bitcoin as subscription payment.

While PIA provides router support, you can safeguard and improve your online activities linked to your Xbox. There is also a ton of support for several well-known desktop and mobile device platforms.

You can access online games and entertainment on gadgets like the Xbox, PlayStation, and other gaming consoles by using PIA’s Smart DNS service. Remember that unlike PIA’s VPN service, the Smart DNS service does not encrypt your connection.

On a single user account, up to 10 devices may be linked at once.

A problem ticket form, a live help chat feature, and a support database are all available for PIA customers.


  • allows a maximum of 10 connections at once
  • complete protection and privacy
  • A quick bond


  • no servers tailored for gaming
  • has problems functioning correctly in certain limiting locations

ACCESS TO XBOX CONTENT AND GAMES WITH TRUST: Connection to Steam and other well-known gaming websites and services is dependable and good thanks to private internet access. For any online activity, the provider’s quick, secure connections are an excellent option. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered.

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Even though PrivateVPN has the smallest server network of those on our list, the locations where its servers are located provide exceptional content access.

Your online actions are kept private by the provider’s quick, secure connections, which use military-grade encryption, IP/DNS leak protection, and other measures.

The supplier provides applications for the “big four” device platforms in addition to support for a few routers (Android, iOS, macOS and Windows). A single account is permitted to support up to six simultaneous connections to PrivateVPN servers.

A rigorous “no-logs” service, PrivateVPN stores no information about your internet activities. Here, Bitcoin is gladly accepted as payment.

With just 200+ servers dispersed over 63 countries, the service might need a boost in terms of worldwide server coverage.

The service provider offers email, live chat, and a FAQ page as its customer assistance alternatives.


  • A quick bond
  • excellent internet security and privacy
  • Recognizes Bitcoin


  • More servers might be used worldwide.

UNLIMITED CONNECTIONS: Because PrivateVPN enables up to six devices to connect simultaneously to a single login, it’s ideal for households with more than one online player. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered.

Techniques for Evaluating VPNs for Xbox One

There are numerous crucial considerations to bear in mind when deciding which VPN company to utilize for Xbox One gaming. You can’t simply use any VPN since some don’t have the functionality you need.

Here are the several characteristics I take into account and my justifications for doing so:

  • Connection Speed: Connection speeds and low connection lag is critical for online gaming. Each VPN on my list offers low lag, A quick bond
  • Server Network: If you want to access the gaming world, it’s a good idea to have a sizable worldwide server network at your disposal. Additionally, search for a provider with several servers installed at each location, since this helps prevent a single server from being overloaded with customers.
  • Value: The cost of a VPN should be reasonable for the features and capabilities it provides. Every VPN on my list offers exceptional value for the cost they demand.
  • Easy Use: VPN applications must to be simple to use. You should be able to download apps on your selected gaming platform. Every VPN I mention has strong multi-platform app compatibility and user-friendly applications.
  • Even though the focus of this post is mostly on gaming, a VPN may help you maintain your online privacy and security. All of the VPNs on my list include banking-level encryption, a kill switch that activates automatically, DNS/IP leak prevention, and other specific security measures. None of them keep records of your internet actions in their logs.
  • Gaming: As many games as feasible should be playable with VPNs. Most Xbox One games are compatible with the VPNs in my list. A VPN may be used for a variety of purposes, including viewing Twitch, unblocking Twitch, and removing bans from Discord, Runescape, Fortnite, and other services.

Although it would seem that my study is completed at this point, this is just a minor portion of my whole VPN testing technique. The service options of each VPN are better understood with this data-driven methodology. This enables me to suggest VPNs that are suitable for the requirements of my readers.

How to Use a VPN With Your Xbox One

While improving and safeguarding your Xbox One gaming experiences can first appear a little difficult, doing so is really pretty simple if you follow these instructions:

  1. Sign up for a VPN. (Seems reasonable.)
  2. Configure a suitable router with the VPN (or buy a pre-configured router).
  3. The closest VPN server to the gaming server or other material you want to access should be chosen.
  4. Make sure your VPN-protected router is used for the Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection to your Xbox One.
  5. Play some games!

Is Using a Free VPN With My Xbox One a Good Option?

For any online activity, but particularly for usage with the Xbox One, a free VPN is just not a suitable choice.

Since no free VPN service I can think of right now supports routers, using a free VPN with your Xbox One is all but impossible.

Even if you do find a free service that does support routers, you won’t be satisfied with the provider’s performance or level of privacy protection.

Since they wish to save the bulk of their bandwidth for their paying customers, free VPN companies often limit the connection speeds of their free users. Additionally, the majority of free VPNs will impose daily or monthly data use limits on its customers. Nothing about this makes playing games or watching videos fun.

Regarding privacy, many free VPNs track their users’ online activities and sell the data to marketers and other Nosy Nellies. Other VPNs will snoop on their users’ browsing activities and include intrusive advertisements and tracking cookies.

You’ll discover that premium VPN security is often less expensive than many in-game content purchases. So skip a round or two of power-ups and invest in a trustworthy VPN instead.

A Replacement for Physical Routers

There is an alternative method if you don’t have a suitable router or if you don’t feel comfortable flashing your router’s firmware and can’t buy a pre-configured router.

On your Mac or PC, set up a VPN-protected Wi-Fi hotspot.

Owners of laptop computers running Windows or macOS may configure them to function as VPN-protected Wi-Fi hotspots. 

Both a wired Ethernet connection and a Wi-Fi connection must be present on the Windows PC or Mac machine. You may distribute the computer’s VPN security using those connections.

All you have to do is share your computer’s WiFi connection as a WiFi hotspot after using the VPN program of your choice to secure the Ethernet connection. By doing this, your Xbox One will be able to connect to the hotspot and access the secured IP address.


I highly advise adopting a trustworthy virtual private network service, like my top pick, NordVPN, if you possess an Xbox One and are searching for a simple solution to improve and safeguard your Xbox One gaming and streaming experiences.

In addition to providing exceptional assistance for the majority of your other connected devices, NordVPN provides the best router support. Additionally, it has a sizable worldwide server network with authentic IP addresses that allows for dependable access to geo-restricted gaming and streaming video material.

Your online journeys are improved and safeguarded by the provider’s quick, secure connections. The service has some of the greatest online security and privacy policy safeguards in the industry.

Visit the NordVPN website for further details or to buy a membership.

FAQ about VPNs for Xbox One

How Can I Change My Xbox One’s IP Address?

Enter the Settings section of the Xbox One. Click “Network Settings” and then “Advanced Settings” under the General tab. Next, choose “Manual” under “IP settings.” Your IP address, Subnet mask, Gateway, Primary DNS address, and Secondary DNS address should be entered (in that order).

Will a VPN on my Xbox One safeguard my identity?

By giving you a new IP address from a different region of the world, a VPN may prevent anyone from discovering your genuine location. You must be careful not to divulge too much information about yourself on your gaming profile or when you use your gamertag to access social media sites or other websites and publish content online.

Does NordVPN have servers that are optimized for gaming?

While NordVPN (and most other VPN providers) do not offer optimized gaming servers, the provider does offer A quick bond and low latency rates, making it a good choice for online gaming in most cases.

Do My ISP’s Internet Throttling Limits Apply When I Play Xbox Live?

The ISP determines this. If a user engages in certain online activities, including P2P file-sharing or streaming from “unapproved” sources, several Internet Service Providers have been known to limit the user’s connection speeds. You could want to check with your ISP even though I’ve never heard of any ISPs specifically targeting Xbox Live subscribers. When you reach a certain threshold for monthly data use, they could start to limit your speeds. Once again, confirm with your ISP to be certain.

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