Buffered VPN Netflix Blocked Workaround 2022

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Buffered VPN is a Netflix workaround that allows you to watch US Netflix outside of the United States. However, BufferedVPN was recently blocked by Netflix. What does this mean for users?

The “how to get UK Netflix” is a workaround that allows users to use a VPN service like Buffered VPN to access US Netflix.

The weekend is here. YAY! But snow is falling. NO!

It seems like the perfect moment to watch Stranger Things in its entirety. Grab a drink, settle down with your preferred streaming device, open the Buffered VPN software, load Netflix, and press “Play.”

Oh my, Netflix has increased VPN filtering to “Eleven” now.

More and more VPN customers are discovering that their preferred VPN service no longer consistently allows them to view Netflix material that is geographically restricted in other locations.

Buffered was a dependable method to access Netflix’s extensive library of content when traveling abroad. However, it no longer has the ability to unblock Netflix as some other providers do.

So what are your alternatives if you utilize Buffered?

Netflix and buffered not functioning together? Try it out…

Use ExpressVPN instead (which I think is the best VPN provider for unblocking Netflix).

I’ve tried a lot of VPNs, and Express consistently unblocks Netflix in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Japan, and other countries. Additionally, it is quite quick, allowing you to stream in HD without buffering.

For a 30-day money-back guarantee, ExpressVPN, you can test it out risk-free.

Why a VPN Service is Blocked by Netflix

Netflix isn’t really bad. When you discover that they have banned your preferred Buffered VPN server, it only appears that way (again). In essence, the streaming service must prevent any efforts to access material from areas that are not authorized viewing areas.

The entertainment industry mostly overlooks the global reach of the internet when it comes to content licensing and instead bases access restrictions on regional licenses. That means that depending on where you’re attempting to view it from, your preferred Warner Brothers film or The CW Network TV show may not be accessible.

Netflix is pretty darn excellent at figuring out when customers are using an IP address from a VPN server to view its content from a location that isn’t authorized to do so. Additionally, they are adept at blacklisting such IP addresses.

Many VPN providers have stopped offering assistance for enabling foreign Netflix access as a result of Netflix’s banning capabilities. Although some service providers are still operating, many of them take a while to respond when users complain that their preferred VPN server is no longer able to access Netflix.

The Best Replacement for Buffered VPN

Have you ever played Checkers and attempted to leap and take two of your opponent’s checkers only to have them jump and take three of your own, forcing you to crown their piece in addition to losing two of your own? No? I may just be a bad Checkers player.

Anyhow, that is essentially how things are between VPN services and Netflix.

This is how it goes. A significant number of users are connecting to Netflix’s streaming service using the same IP address, according to the company. This alerts them to the fact that these viewers are accessing the material using a VPN. Therefore, as a precaution, Netflix blacklists that IP. Stop using that VPN server again!


Users complain to the VPN operator after realizing they can no longer watch Netflix using their regular server. The VPN should react quickly, introducing additional servers and brand-new IP addresses. Once again, access to the streaming service is made possible—at least, until Netflix detects fresh traffic coming from the new IP address and adds it to its blacklist.

Given how often this occurs, many providers have just given up and stopped offering the massive streaming service.

It’s time to switch VPN providers if you discover that your current one often appears on Netflix’s blacklist and is slow to act to remove the blockages. ExpressVPN is the finest, in my opinion.

Get 49% Off

The best approach to guarantee that you’ll have dependable access to Netflix is probably by using ExpressVPN. When the streaming service tries to shut users out of their material, the supplier does a great job of keeping up.

ExpressVPN provides dependable access to several more streaming providers in addition to Netflix. I’ve always been able to discover an alternate server that grants access whenever I’ve had trouble connecting to a streaming service.

The VPN service also provides useful FAQs, practical hints, and connections to browser add-ons, all of which are meant to enhance your Netflix-watching experiences.

ExpressVPN also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, fast connections, first-rate App Support, extensive worldwide server coverage, and 24/7 customer service. (Click here for a detailed review of ExpressVPN.)

Rapid connection rates

For your high-definition streaming requirements, ExpressVPN offers more than adequate bandwidth. With the speed test included into the applications for the service, which lists the quickest servers, the company even makes it simple to improve your VPN connection.


My unprotected, ISP-only speeds are often only around 80% as fast as those of ExpressVPN. That should be more than enough bandwidth to meet Netflix’s suggested connection speeds, depending on your typical download rates.

App Support

Any device you use to watch Netflix has a great probability of having an ExpressVPN app that will allow you to stream anonymously. There is app compatibility for all popular platforms.


The standard price for ExpressVPN’s excellent services is $8.32 per month ($99.95 if paid yearly). When you take into account the excellent services you get in return, that’s a good return on your investment.

You need not worry—the business is not using their son’s disappearance as an excuse to spend all that money on Christmas lights. They instead put a good portion of that money back into their offerings.

You may always choose the $12.95 month-to-month plan if you don’t enjoy making a year-long commitment. You are protected by ExpressVPN’s 30-day money-back guarantee in any case.

Customer Service

No matter the issue, you’ll find ExpressVPN’s Customer Service folk are responsive and ready to help. 24/7 live support chat is always available.


When alerted of banned servers, the supplier replies immediately, providing fresh servers and IP addresses.

Server Coverage Worldwide

Netflix’s nearly 3,000 servers, dispersed widely over 94 countries, ensure that you’ll likely always have unrestricted access to the service wherever you go (well, maybe not The Upside Down).



When you use ExpressVPN, you won’t have to worry about privacy issues since the company is based in the British Virgin Islands, which value privacy. Since the BVI does not have any data retention laws that apply to VPNs, this service does not store any form of records related to your online activities.

The anonymity properties of bitcoin may be effectively used by users to conceal their subscription payment details.

In conclusion

Choose a better solution if Buffered VPN is unable to view your preferred Netflix movies or TV episodes. I just have one thing to say about VPN services: “ExpressVPN.” (Or are there two words there?)

ExpressVPN keeps its customers’ streaming options wide open, offering responsive Customer Service, new IP addresses when needed, plenty of bandwidth for streaming, top-notch privacy protections, and much more.

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