Does CyberGhost Still Reliably Provide Access to Netflix?

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CyberGhost has been one of the most popular VPNs for streaming Netflix. However, there have been recent reports that CyberGhost is not providing access to Netflix anymore. Is this still a reliable VPN for streaming Netflix?

Netflix is a streaming service that has become one of the most popular in recent years. CyberGhost is a VPN service that provides access to Netflix, but it’s not clear if CyberGhost still reliably provides access to Netflix after all these years.

As you may have seen, Netflix and other streaming providers aggressively seek to block access to their content libraries made possible by Virtual Private Networks.

Many VPN providers have given up on giving access to Netflix and other streamers as a result of this online game of whack-a-mole.

Fortunately, a few resilient providers are still making an effort to provide dependable access to the services.

Accessing Netflix and other streaming services has sometimes been problematic for CyberGhost. However, the company has been working to enhance its Netflix capabilities recently. In that time, the business has established a reputation as a trustworthy method of getting access to Netflix in a number of particular nations across the world.

Why Would Someone Who Uses Netflix Want to Use a VPN?

While Netflix is renowned for its huge content library, the sad reality is that not every nation can access the complete collection since Netflix restricts access to its library on a per-country basis.

This implies that a program or movie that is accessible in the US could not be accessible, for example, on the Japanese streaming service.

As a VPN enables you to route your internet connection via servers in other countries, it may be utilized to access geo-blocked material like what Netflix provides. Your device will get a temporary new IP address as a result, giving the impression that you and your device are both in that nation. Access to geo-restricted material in that nation is now possible.

All online users will find a VPN’s capacity to encrypt their internet connection to be a handy added function. Your connection is enclosed in an unbreakable tunnel thanks to encryption, which also increases your online security and privacy by concealing your online activities.

I regularly test and retest VPN service providers. One of the aspects I check when I evaluate a company is its consistency in unblocking Netflix and other well-known streaming services.

The results of my experiments on Netflix access while using CyberGhost are shown in this post.

While I’ll go into more depth below, for those of you with places to go and things to do, I’ll also give a TL;DR version here:

Worldwide, CyberGhost offers dependable Netflix access in a number of nations.

But only if you utilize a server designed specifically for Netflix streaming. Netflix could not be accessed in the nations I tested by using a random server. The good news is that every server listed as a Netflix streaming VPN server functioned properly.

The business also provides servers allocated for several other well-known streaming services, which is wonderful news. More on it in a moment.

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Do CyberGhost’s desktop and mobile platforms provide dependable access to American Netflix?

If you’ve used CyberGhost before, you’re probably aware that its applications feature a specific list that displays all of its streaming-optimized servers.

Along with Netflix, the service provider offers servers located in certain nations that may unblock a variety of other streaming services, including Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, iPlayer BBC, CBC, HBO, Spotify, and many more.


The provider labels all of its streaming-optimized servers, which gives it an advantage over most providers who do not label their streaming-capable connection points, even though the number of countries where the provider has streaming-optimized servers is rather small when compared to its overall global server network (8 out of 91 countries).

With other VPNs, you are compelled to either contact the provider’s customer service staff for further information or attempt a random selection of servers until you locate one that supports Netflix.

The list of streaming-ready servers may be searched as well, enabling you to focus on a particular streaming service or nation.

CyberGhost had servers in Japan, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, the British Empire, the United States, Germany, and France that were optimized for Netflix at the time this article was written.

Additionally, the service provider provides servers that are prepared for use with CBC, Canal+, C More, Spotify, Sling TV, Radio France, YouTube, Disney+, Amazon Prime, ZDF, Hulu, iPlayer BBC, and several other streaming services.

Netflix Access using CyberGhost on Windows and Mac

I’m delighted to say that CyberGhost worked admirably when I tested it on computers running Windows and macOS to provide access to Netflix in each of the nations specified in the preceding section.

As long as I remained on the streaming-optimized servers, the service never failed to provide me access to Netflix.

The outcomes weren’t as favorable if I utilized a different server based in one of the aforementioned nations.

Fortunately, finding a server that supports Netflix is simple thanks to the server labels and the app’s search feature.

With other streaming providers, I tried to use, I saw comparable outcomes. With Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and iPlayer BBC, I conducted comparable tests. In every instance, the defined streaming services and their assigned servers performed well, but general servers were unable to provide access to the services.

Netflix Access using CyberGhost for iOS and Android

My testing of CyberGhost on my iPhone and Android cellphones revealed findings that were very identical to those obtained on the aforementioned PC platforms.

I was always successful when I tested the list’s Netflix-designated servers. I had no problems watching Netflix’s programming.

I was unsuccessful when I attempted a random server located in the same nation as the Netflix-designated server.


As long as I kept to CyberGhost’s streaming-enhanced servers, testing with Amazon Prime, iPlayer BBC, Disney+, Hulu, and other services performed perfectly. I had a similar outcome with these services.

Is CyberGhost Capable of Providing Reliable Access to Netflix Libraries Abroad?

Although Netflix is accessible in the majority of nations worldwide, each country’s viewing selection will vary. This is as a result of the streaming agreements that Netflix makes with show and film creators.

The ability of a VPN to access Netflix in various countries enables you to get the most value possible from your streaming subscription.

While CyberGhost does not have servers set up specifically for Netflix in every nation, they do have them in several of the most popular Netflix nations. I had no trouble using the Netflix library in these nations throughout my testing.

Servers that support Netflix are situated in:

  • Japan
  • Denmark
  • Italy
  • Sweden
  • British Empire
  • Germany
  • France
  • the United States

The servers do make some of the most well-liked Netflix libraries accessible for watching, despite the fact that this may appear like a small number of Netflix libraries.

You should be aware that streaming providers and VPNs are playing a game of virtual whack-a-mole. 

Both Netflix and VPN services like CyberGhost put out a lot of effort to maintain open lines of communication. This implies that you can sometimes discover that Netflix and other streaming services have blocked your access. Make sure to get in touch with your VPN’s customer support team as soon as this occurs to inform them.

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Can I Access Other Streaming Sites Using CyberGhost?

Numerous streaming websites are accessible using CyberGhost’s dependability. I tested the following streaming servers even though I wasn’t able to test all of them; other than where it was indicated, I had no trouble watching these streams while utilizing a CyberGhost streaming server.

  • iPlayer BBC
  • Disney+
  • HBO Max
  • Hulu
  • Video on Amazon Prime (only on desktop)
  • ESPN+

There may be instances when you encounter a server that no longer offers access to its assigned service since I only tested a random sample of servers. Call customer service at CyberGhost if you do have problems. The customer service representatives of the supplier are quite helpful and may be able to recommend a different server.

Remember that most of the streaming services mentioned above need a membership. You may sometimes have to pay the streaming service using money that is based in the United States.

Conclusion: Does CyberGhost Still Offer Netflix Access?

The quick answer is “yes”: CyberGhost still offers trustworthy access to Netflix. 

There are a few restrictions, however. In addition, it only consistently offers access to Netflix in 8 nations, and even then, only when utilizing a server on the list of streaming-optimized providers maintained by the service.

Having said that, the service provider performs a great job of giving users in certain nations dependable access to Netflix streams while also offering internet rates that are more than sufficient for streaming and other common online activities.

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