Best 6 VPNs to Get a Spanish IP Address From Anywhere

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Whether you’re traveling to Spain for vacation or work, it’s important to protect your privacy. Here are the best VPNs for getting a Spanish IP address from anywhere in the world.

The “vpn for spain” is a tool that allows users to change their IP address from anywhere in the world. This VPN can be used to get a Spanish IP address from anywhere.

To watch one of your favorite Spanish television programs on channels like Telecinco, La 1, or even Netflix Espana, you may need to get an IP address in Spain.

If you use BBVA online banking and need to access your account from a different country, having a Spanish IP address is very helpful.

I’ll describe how to get a Spanish IP address using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) in this post.

Your internet traffic is routed via an encrypted tunnel by a virtual private network, protecting your online activities and the associated personal and business-related data from prying eyes.

The capability of a VPN to alter your IP address is perhaps its most crucial component for the purposes of this essay.

This makes it possible to access geo-restricted websites and services from anywhere in the globe, including Spanish streaming video providers and online banking websites.

How to Use a VPN to Get a Spanish IP Address

Using a VPN, you may easily get a Spanish IP address by following these simple steps:

  1. Locate and join a reliable VPN service. (NordVPN is the VPN I like.)
  2. Choose the appropriate VPN app for your device from the provider’s website and download it (s).
  3. Select one of the Spanish VPN servers after the software has started to operate.
  4. You currently have a Spanish IP address! Disconnect and try a different server if you have any trouble unblocking Spanish content.

ADVICE: Trying doesn’t cost anything. A money-back guarantee is often provided by VPN companies. The 30-day money-back guarantee for NordVPN is in effect.

This implies that if your trip will take you out of Spain for less than a month, you will be eligible for a refund when you come back. Yes, you will pay the fee up advance, but you will get a refund if you decide to cancel.

What VPN Provides the Best Spanish IP Address?

The following 6 VPNs performed the best in our tests to get a Spanish IP address out of all of our favorite VPN services.

Here is a summary in case you don’t have time to read the whole article:

  1. My top supplier, NordVPN, has dependable servers in Spain, quick connections, strong content-unblocking capabilities, first-rate privacy safeguards, and multi-app compatibility.
  2. Surfshark: This inexpensive service provider provides an unlimited number of simultaneous connections, has servers in Spain, and offers quick connections.
  3. ExpressVPN: The provider provides dependable Spanish servers, quick connections, strong content-unblocking capabilities, superior privacy measures, and multi-app compatibility.
  4. CyberGhost: Thanks to its user-friendly programs that provide security with only a few mouse clicks, CyberGhost is the perfect option for individuals who are new to the VPN market. features connections that are quick and secure.
  5. IPVanish: This service offers top-notch speed and security since it owns its VPN servers, some of which are situated in Spain. There are no data limits or bandwidth restrictions on the service.
  6. PrivateVPN: This service offers up to 6 simultaneous connections with quick connections to Madrid. compatible with a variety of streaming providers.

Each VPN service has unique advantages and disadvantages. While some providers give superior multi-platform compatibility than their rivals’, others offer exceptional worldwide server coverage and ultra-rapid connection rates.

The following criteria were taken into account while selecting the top VPNs to utilize in order to get a Spanish IP address:

  • Spanish-based servers
  • high connection speeds are available
  • capable of unblocking streaming services
  • utilizes powerful encryption to safeguard your connection
  • keeps no records of a customer’s internet actions in any form of logs
  • offers excellent cross-platform assistance.

Here are the top 6 VPNs in my opinion for getting a Spanish IP address:


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My top recommendation for a VPN to utilize in order to get a Spanish IP address is NordVPN.

This supplier has more than 5,100 servers spread over 60 different countries, 60 or more of which are situated in Spain. The service is now transitioning to an owned-and-operated server model, keeping customer data far away from third-party contractors.

Along with the standard security and privacy safeguards, all NordVPN server activities are carried out entirely in RAM, with absolutely no data being written to a physical hard disk. This makes sure that when the server reboots, all of the data is totally deleted. The NordLynx connection protocol offered by the supplier has been enhanced for security and effectiveness.

The quickest connections I’ve ever seen are provided by those servers, which should be more than sufficient for all of your online requirements, including streaming your preferred Spain-based material, which NordVPN does an excellent job of unblocking.

In order to safeguard your online activity, NordVPN offers native applications for Android, Android TV, iOS, macOS (with native M1 Mac compatibility), Linux, Amazon Fire, and Windows platforms. All of these apps have kill switch protection and 256-bit encoding of a military nature.

The business furthermore offers browser add-ons for the Chrome and Firefox browsers. (Remember that the browser extensions only cover your in-browser actions; everything else you do is out in the open.)

This supplier also has your back when it comes to privacy, as the business retains no records of its clients’ internet activities and expresses a desire to take Bitcoin in exchange for their pricey services.


  • There are about 60 servers alone in Spain.
  • very quick connections
  • superior cross-platform support
  • affordably priced
  • Strong privacy and security precautions


  • The selection of servers might be done more efficiently.

A SPANISH IP ADDRESS’ BEST VPN: My top recommendation for obtaining a Spanish IP address is NordVPN. It offers quick connections, smooth video playing, great privacy safeguards, and compatibility for several platforms. You may test it out risk-free thanks to a 30-day money-back guarantee.


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Due to the reasonable price Surfshark charges for its high-quality service, which includes an infinite number of simultaneous connections, it was able to secure the “place” position in this competition. The supplier was recently ranked as South America’s top cybersecurity firm.

3,200+ servers are offered via Surfshark in 65 different countries, including a large number of servers in Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia. Over 30 Netflix libraries located all over the world are accessible via Surfshark servers.

The service provider’s connections are fast and more than capable of supporting Spanish-language streaming. It has strong content-unblocking capabilities.

Your connection is safeguarded by encoding of a military nature, a kill switch, DNS leak protection, and IPv6 leak prevention. There includes ad and tracking blocking, malware and phishing protection, and “Multi-Hop” protection, which passes your connection across two VPN servers to increase your anonymity, all of which are accessible.

Surfshark never stores any records of your online actions, and if you choose, you may pay with a cryptocurrency that respects your privacy.

The outstanding range of platforms that Surfshark supports with its applications includes iOS, Windows, macOS (with complete native M1 compatibility), Android, Linux, and Fire TV gadgets.

With routers that Surfshark is compatible with, you can secure all of your devices via a single point of access while selecting between Chrome and Firefox for your browser extensions.

You may connect as many devices as you like to Surfshark’s servers continuously because to its several connections at once feature, which is one of its primary selling factors.


  • There are several servers in Spain.
  • several connections at once
  • doesn’t cost a fortune
  • rapid connection rates


  • lacking certain cutting-edge features

BEST FOR BUDGET: Surfshark provides fast, reliable connections at a reasonable price. The provider’s several connections at once allowance is also a big draw. A 30-day money-back guarantee is available.

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ExpressVPN is a great option for fans of Spain-based streaming services because to its fast connections, Spanish servers, and above-average content-unblocking capacity.

The VPN company has over 3,000 servers spread across 94 countries, some of which are in Spain (in Barcelona and Madrid).

The program has great interoperability with numerous streaming providers, like Netflix, making it simple to access your preferred Spanish-language entertainment.

When it comes to connection speeds, ExpressVPN excels, offering more than enough bandwidth for all of your streaming requirements.

Additionally, the connections are secured with encoding of a military nature, so you won’t need to worry about digital eavesdropping while you do critical online activities like banking. Performance and security are prioritized in the provider’s exclusive Lightway connection protocol.

Thanks to ExpressVPN’s rigorous no-logs policy, your internet activity will stay secret. The service provider doesn’t store any records of the internet activities of its customers. This location also accepts Bitcoin, guaranteeing the privacy of your payment details.

ExpressVPN most likely offers a native app for every major desktop and mobile device. For devices running macOS, Linux, Windows, Android, and iOS, there are apps available.

The service does offer a wide range of router brands and models, making it simple to secure several devices with a single access point, even if they are a touch restrictive with their simultaneous connections restriction, allowing just 5 devices to be connected on a single account. Recently, the provider improved the router’s features, enhancing the user interface and router functionality.


  • fast, dependable connections
  • excellent worldwide server coverage with Spanish-based servers
  • encoding of a military nature
  • effectively provides access to a variety of well-known streaming services


  • more expensive than competing providers
  • only permits five connections at once

GREAT FOR STREAMING: ExpressVPN gives you a Spanish IP address that unlocks access to buffer-free streaming material in Spain. This is made possible by its amazing content-unblocking capabilities, fast speeds, and servers in Spain. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered.

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For those of you who are brand-new to VPNs, CyberGhost could be your best option. One-click protection is available on the provider’s applications.

130 of the 7,300+ CyberGhost servers are located in Spain, one of 90+ nations that they are spread out over.

Fast connections provided by CyberGhost guarantee a top-notch gaming, streaming, and file-sharing experience. No worries about data quotas or bandwidth restrictions in this case.

encoding of a military nature, a kill switch, and DNS leak prevention keep your connections protected, as does ad, malicious website, and online tracker blocking. There’s also the ability to force websites to serve up HTTPS versions of their web pages.

CyberGhost adheres to a no-logs policy and recognizes Bitcoin as a safe, anonymous payment option.

You are not let down by the service in terms of multi-platform support either. For the Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, Android TV, and Amazon Fire device platforms, user-friendly applications are accessible.

Additionally, there are extensions for the Firefox and Chrome browsers, and they work well with routers.

Along with an ID guard function that alerts you if/when your email address is included in a data breach, the service also provides a password manager. The supplier also provides a Security Suite for Windows that includes antivirus defense, a Privacy Guard that lets you choose how much of your personal information Microsoft may access, and a tool that checks your computer for insecure and out-of-date software.

A searchable knowledge base, a problem ticket tracking system, and live help chat that is constantly accessible are all included in the customer support package.


  • There are several servers in Spain.
  • outstanding connection security
  • superior cross-platform support


  • lacking some sophisticated options
  • Doesn’t function properly in China

BEST FOR ROOKIE VPN USERS: Easy-to-use apps make CyberGhost an excellent option for first time VPN users. rapid connection rates add to the provider’s appeal, as does its comprehensive security and privacy protections. A 45-day, no-risk money-back guarantee is available.

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Thanks to a selection of simple-to-use applications that provide quick, secure connections, IPVanish reached fifth position on our list. This makes this company a respectable choice for new VPN users.

With more than 1,900 servers spread over 55+ countries, this dependable supplier provides access to a vast amount of material (10 servers are located in Spain: 6 in Madrid and 4 in Valencia).

Since IPVanish controls every one of its servers, it can respond promptly to problems and ensures that no other parties ever have access to the actual servers.

With native apps available for iOS, macOS, Windows, Android, and Amazon Fire Stick, you may receive dependable access to Spanish IP addresses on nearly any device. Additionally, the service supports a variety of router brands and models.

Every software has an obfuscation function that masks your VPN traffic, making it difficult to track.

You are free to connect as many devices as you like to the service at once, according to the supplier. Your connection speeds will be enough to offer everything you’re searching for when you do connect.

Since IPVanish doesn’t retain any form of logs, privacy is always the company’s first priority. Sadly, because Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies cannot be used as payment methods, privacy safeguards do not apply to payment methods.


  • covers well-known app platforms and routers
  • Your VPN communication is obscured by the obfuscation function of VPN servers.
  • owns and runs every server
  • Multiple logins with no connection limits


  • no browser add-ons
  • not accepting Bitcoin

BEST FOR FIRST-TIME VPN Customers: Due to its user-friendly applications, speedy connections, and proprietary servers that enable prompt support response, IPVanish is the best VPN for first-time users. The little money-back guarantee time may deter some people, but 7 days ought to be plenty to evaluate the service provider.

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PrivateVPN manages to score a top 6 finish thanks to its rapid connection rates, excellent privacy protections, and top-notch app support.

Even while PrivateVPN may not have been around as long as some of its rivals, it has swiftly developed a reputation for providing excellent service.

Compared to the other providers in the top 5, this provider’s worldwide server coverage is relatively limited (only 200+ server locations in 60 countries), but Spain is still served owing to servers in Madrid.

In accordance with its self-imposed no-logs policy, PrivateVPN does not keep track of any of its users’ online activities while they are connected to their servers. The business also takes Bitcoin in exchange for its services, and your payment information is kept private.

PrivateVPN prides itself on having speedy connections, so you can view your favorite Spanish material without interruption.

On the majority of popular device platforms, including your Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android computers, you’ll have access. Users of Kodi media players may benefit from the provider’s Kodi add-on, and the service is compatible with many different router brands and models.

All of the apps above use encoding of a military nature, and up to 6 devices can be connected using the same login credentials.


  • dependable connections
  • takes good care of your privacy, doesn’t retain any records, and accepts Bitcoin
  • Contains a Kodi add-on


  • Inadequate global server coverage (but does have servers in Spain)
  • There is no 24-hour customer service.

RELIABLE, FAST ACCESS TO SPANISH IPs:PrivateVPN offers fast connections protected with encoding of a military nature, as well as comprehensive privacy protections. The Kodi option is a definite plus. A 30-day money-back guarantee is available.

Is it Possible to Get a Free VPN with a Spanish IP Address?

Yes, there is a strong possibility you can locate a free VPN service with Spanish servers.

However, you may not be completely happy with the user experience a free service provides. Using a free VPN might also jeopardize your privacy.

The use of “free” VPNs is often subject to a number of constraints, including data quotas and bandwidth restrictions. Additionally, you may have to wait in a line to join, and if you do, you’ll only be able to access a small number of servers.

Despite the fact that your VPN service may be free, VPN providers must find a method to pay their bills. A lot of them accomplish this by collecting records of their users’ online behavior and then selling that information to marketers.

Some free VPNs also add tracking cookies and adverts to your surfing sessions.

Although it’s entirely up to you whether or not to use a free VPN, I’d highly advise against it. Instead, stay with the commercial services.

FAQs about Spanish IP Address VPN

Which Free VPN Provides the Best Spanish IP Address?

Avoid using free VPNs. Free VPNs often place data limits on customers, throttle their bandwidth, and make them wait in line. Additionally, they keep tabs on your internet activity and sell the information to those that are interested, such marketers. Always use a premium VPN service to be secure.

How Can I Change My iPhone’s IP Address?

Simply download the app from your selected provider to change your IP address on your iPhone. Enter the app, log in, and choose a Spanish server. Boom! Your IP address is now Spanish.

How Do I Change the Location of My VPN?

All you need to do to change your VPN location is access your VPN’s server list and choose a server in a different region of the globe, like Spain. You’ll have an IP address from there as soon as you connect to it. 


Using a VPN service like NordVPN or one of the other excellent companies we’ve looked at is probably the easiest and most dependable way to get a Spanish IP address for your computer or other connected device.

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