Hide My Ass! vs. ExpressVPN Comparison & Test Results 2022

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In this blog post, we will be comparing and testing the two leading VPNs in the market- Hide My Ass! (HMA) and ExpressVPN. We will also provide you with a detailed analysis of each service, as well as recommendations on which one is best for you.

“Hide My Ass! vs. ExpressVPN Comparison & Test Results 2022” is a comparison of the two most popular VPN providers, Hide My Ass! and ExpressVPN. The test results were compiled by using each service for one week, and they are given in detail on this page.

ExpressVPN is a well-known virtual private network (VPN) service that provides quick Relationship Speeds, excellent privacy safeguards, and dependable BitTorrent access across all of its servers.


Even while ExpressVPN is substantially more expensive than many of its rivals, it provides a fair return on investment. The service should be particularly appealing to movie fans who want to hide their internet viewing and file-sharing habits.

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Another well-known VPN company is Hide My Ass (HMA!). HMA! is a viable alternative for every internet user because to its numerous appealing features. However, the provider has a history of disclosing customer information to law enforcement, so bear that in mind when thinking about privacy.


Users seeking better worldwide server coverage, quick Relationship Speeds, first-rate customer service, and an affordable pricing may find HMA! to be an appealing alternative.

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Selection of a VPN

In this essay, I square off ExpressVPN and Hide My Ass! against one another.

I’ll be looking at the key characteristics that each VPN consumer should take into account while weighing their selections. I’ll discuss the significance of each feature, compare how both providers do in each area, and then choose a winner in each one.

I’ll add up the results at the conclusion of the piece and declare a winner overall. You need to have sufficient knowledge at that time to choose the company that most closely matches your requirements.

Relationship Speed

When was the last time you weren’t online, do you recall? You are connected while driving. You are linked whether you are at home or at work. Ew, in the bathroom! If I use your phone, please kindly remind me to wash my hands!

In any case, having a quick connection is crucial for your overall pleasure with your online experience.

We here at Pixel Privacy use the Speedtest.net app to test the protected Relationship Speeds of VPN providers. The speed tests are performed as follows:

  1. On a North American-based Windows virtual server, we make advantage of a gigabit Ethernet connection.
  2. We evaluate each VPN by establishing connections to its servers in three separate countries over the period of three days: the United Kingdom, the United States, and Hong Kong.
  3. The applications from both service providers are used on Windows, and they are set up to communicate with the provider’s servers using the OpenVPN protocol via UDP.

Average Relationship Speeds

One of the quicker VPNs we tested, Hide My Ass! has an average download speed of 61.44 Mbps. Your 4K streaming, gaming, and file-sharing experiences will be more than sufficient with that kind of speed.

ExpressVPN’s connections are quicker than HMA !’s, with an average protected download speed of 106.78 Mbps, and they can handle any online activity that needs quick connections. For 4K movies, file downloads, and online gaming, the supplier offers the right amount of bandwidth.

The Relationship Speeds you’ll experience will be different from what we measured and will depend on your ISP-supplied Relationship Speeds, your location and the VPN server that you connect to.

Average Relationship Speed Winner: ExpressVPN


No one will ever mistake one of these companies for one offering services at rock-bottom prices. Nevertheless, both service providers provide their clients considerable value for their money.

If you choose an annual plan, Hide My Ass! has a fair pricing that is almost equivalent to a monthly Disney+ membership. However, if you choose a month-to-month plan, the cost increases to around the same as a Netflix HD membership every month.

The yearly plan cost of ExpressVPN averages out to be a few dollars more each month than the Hide My Ass! charge, but its month-to-month pricing is only a few cents more than HMA!

Due to how often most VPN companies change their prices, I don’t disclose specific pricing in my “against” articles. For the most recent prices, be sure to check the suppliers’ websites.

Price Champion: Hide My Ass!


You should always conduct yourself as though you are being observed while you are online because you most likely are.

Your ISP is now permitted to sell your surfing histories to advertising and other interested parties. Hackers are always trying to steal your personal and business-related information. The need for complete privacy protection cannot be overstated.

Think carefully about the following factors when evaluating the degree of privacy safeguards offered by a provider:

  • Is the provider situated in a nation that values privacy?
  • Does the supplier keep records on the internet activity of its customers?
  • Does the supplier accept Bitcoin or other secure payment options?

Because ExpressVPN is based in the private British Virgin Islands, it is not required to store any form of records on your internet activities. Additionally, they accept Bitcoin as payment for their services.

Hide My Ass! doesn’t exactly protect your privacy, since the U.K.-based company does record the IP addresses of its users and has previously shared such information with law enforcement. Additionally, the service provider doesn’t give any subscription payment methods that might enhance privacy.

Winner for Privacy: ExpressVPN


Don’t fall into the trap of focusing on just one or two features while selecting any VPN. Instead, seek for the service with the top overall rating across all of the categories.

In this part, I’ll present a detailed analysis of key features provided by both providers and discuss how each VPN performed in that area.


A VPN adds an extra layer of encryption to customers’ internet connections to shield their online activity from prying eyes.

ExpressVPN offers OpenVPN with TCP/UDP, PPTP, SSTP, and L2TP/IPSec protocols and employs military-grade AES-256 encryption. Additionally, the company offers kill switch, DNS, and IPv6 leak prevention to secure your connection.

Along with 256-bit encryption, Hide My Ass! also supports the OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP/IPSec protocols. They don’t provide the SSTP protocol that their rival does. A kill switch, DNS leak and IPv6 leak protection, as well as an IP shuffle function that regularly changes your IP address, are all available as further security measures.

Winner for Encryption: Tied

Parallel Connections

You’ll value a VPN service that permits several simultaneous logins on the same account if you use many devices, are a member of a big family, or run a small company.

Both HMA! and ExpressVPN permit a maximum of 5 simultaneous connections.

Parallel Connections Winner: Tied

Streaming Assistance

Movie and television streaming fans will want to carefully examine the Streaming Assistance of any VPN they are considering. The more streaming services unblocked by a VPN, the more varied your entertainment options.

A precise count of the number of streaming providers that ExpressVPN offers access to is not provided. I was able to unblock the BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, HBO, Disney+, and other streaming services throughout my testing, however.

Access to HBO, Netflix, Disney+, ESPN, NBC, ABC, BBC iPlayer, iTV, and more services is available with Hide My Ass!

Streaming Assistance Winner: ExpressVPN

Support for BitTorrent

One of the most beneficial yet divisive internet activities today is peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing, commonly referred to as BitTorrent activity.

The laws governing technology change from one nation to the next. This implies that sharing certain file formats might be regarded lawful, criminal, or just discouraged depending on where you reside.

The act of P2P file sharing is lawful. Even game makers utilize the technology to send updates for their games, and many businesses use it to exchange data among their personnel.

P2P programs, however, are prohibited in the majority of the world’s countries from sharing copyrighted material, including music, games, and other sorts of content, including movies.

Some Internet Service Providers censor or even disable P2P file sharing due to the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted content. Therefore, using a VPN is the most effective technique to stop your ISP from discovering your P2P activity.


Users of ExpressVPN are able to transfer files via any of its servers, and the service even provides P2P experience improvement advice.

P2P activities are permitted by Hide My Ass! but only on certain servers. There are presently servers in Prague, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and New York that permit this. (Remember that when you join, HMA! logs your IP address. Your ISP or attorneys for the film and music industries may be given access to this information.)

Winner in BitTorrenting: ExpressVPN

Server Coverage Worldwide

Users who enjoy streaming content and gamers who enjoy competing in the online arena will appreciate a VPN’s ability to unblock streaming and gaming content. This feature makes comprehensive Server Coverage Worldwide a vital feature.

ExpressVPN offers more than 3,000 servers spread over 94 countries, while Hide My Ass! has over 980 servers spread across more than 180 nations.

The decisive aspect in this area is that HMA! has servers in more countries whereas ExpressVPN has more servers overall.

Server Coverage Worldwide Winner: Hide My Ass!

Multi-Platform Assistance

I would venture to say that the majority of my readers own and use more than one connected device. That’s why Multi-Platform Assistance is an essential consideration when deciding on a VPN provider.

For the macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, Amazon Fire TV, and BlackBerry operating systems, ExpressVPN provides app support. The supplier also provides browser add-ons for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. There is also ExpressVPN compatibility for a number of well-known routers.

Native applications are available from Hide My Ass! for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS gadgets. Additionally, HMA! provides instructions for using the service with Linux and certain router types. There are no browser add-ons offered by the service.

Multi-Platform Assistance Winner: ExpressVPN

Customer Service

ExpressVPN and Hide My Ass! both provide easy-to-use applications and reliable VPN service. However, odds are that eventually you’ll need to get in touch with their Customer Service departments.

Through their live chat feature, ExpressVPN offers help around-the-clock. Users may also get assistance via a help library that is simple to search and a problem ticket system.

HMA! provides live chat help around-the-clock, email assistance, and a searchable knowledge base.

Customer Service Winner: Tied

The winner is…

Early on, the race was tight, but ExpressVPN quickly drew ahead, and from that point on, the race was never in doubt.


ExpressVPN was tops in the Relationship Speed, privacy, Streaming Assistance, Multi-Platform Assistance and Support for BitTorrent categories.

Meanwhile, Hide My Ass! won out in the pricing and Server Coverage Worldwide arenas.

The providers were tied in the other 3 categories: Parallel Connections, security and Customer Service.

ExpressVPN takes the overall crown, mostly due to its Relationship Speeds, superior privacy protections, top-notch app support, and the much better BitTorrent access it provides.

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