A Guide on How to Watch Australian TV Abroad and in the USA in 2022

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The “where can I watch Australian tv shows online for free” is a guide on how to watch Australian TV abroad and in the USA in 2022.

You could be having trouble keeping up with the latest episodes of your favorite Australian TV shows if you’re an Australian national traveling outside of Australia’s boundaries or if you’re an Australian ex-pat who now resides in another nation (like the United States).

Due to the fact that many Australian television streaming services restrict access from outside of the nation, popular television programs like River Cottage Australia and sports events like the KFC Big Bash League Cricket are not directly viewable from outside of Australia.

The Best Method for Foreigners to Watch Australian TV Online

Only those who really live in Australia are allowed to use the streaming services offered by Australian television networks. This implies that your device must have an Australian IP address if you want to watch your favorite Australian program.

By utilizing a Virtual Private Network (VPN), which momentarily gives your device a new IP address, you may get an Australian IP address. With the use of this IP address “spoofing,” you may fool others into thinking you’re in Sydney when you’re really in San Francisco.

No matter where you are stationed right now, you may unblock access to your favorite Australian programs using NordVPN, which I suggest based on my most recent testing of VPNs. The quickest VPN I’ve ever tried is this one as well.

The 30-day money-back guarantee gives you plenty of time to test NordVPN.

In this post, I explain why Australian TV networks prevent foreign viewers from seeing their material and what you can do to change this.

Australian Television: General

The first public Australian television broadcasts didn’t start until 1956, and the early programming for the nascent Australian networks was made up of US and UK programs.

Although compared to other countries, the Australian television industry had a slower start, the sector is now in grouse (Australian for “great”) health.

Although there aren’t many networks in the nation, the quality of the series and films they provide is on par with that of the programming seen in the US and the UK.

The majority of Australian television networks, including SBS, ABC, Seven West, Nine (available through 9Now), and the Optus Sport channels, also make their series episodes and movies available for streaming, making it convenient for viewers to take advantage of their favorite shows wherever they may be—well, as long as they stay within the boundaries of Oz.

However, as we will see in a moment, there is a method to watch Australian television outside of Australia.

Why Are Foreign Users Refused Access To UK TV Streams?

Australian nationals and expats who go overseas may be perplexed as to why they are unable to watch their preferred Australian TV shows.

Australian television networks have agreements for the material they supply to viewers, much as other internet streaming services. These agreements sometimes include a provision prohibiting the streaming of licensed television shows or films to users outside of a specified viewing region.

These barriers are built to safeguard the producers’ sources of income. There wouldn’t be much of a reason for non-Aussie networks and streaming services to pay for the rights to the material if people could watch Australian content online for free.

Even though these limitations are typical, some who watch television outside of Australia nevertheless find them to be infuriating. While some Australian television programming is available online or via subscription services like Hulu and Netflix, a significant portion of it is only accessible inside Australia.

How Is Content Regionally Restricted?

An IP address is given to a user’s computer or another connected device when it establishes a network connection.

By serving as identification, this address enables web servers to understand who is requesting their material and where to provide it. The address functions similarly to a postal address for letters and shipments.

An IP address may pinpoint your location in addition to allowing other computers to know where to transmit stuff. Australian streaming services may determine from your IP address whether you are in their nation (you can see your location by visiting this website).

Australian television providers may prevent you from viewing their material if you seem to reside in another nation.

How Can I Watch Australian TV Blocked Abroad?

Using an IP address situated down under is the simplest method to access streaming material that is only available in Australia. The simplest approach to get an Australian IP address, short of traveling home, is to make use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) using Australian-based servers.

A user’s internet connection receives a new IP address when they connect to a VPN server, giving the impression that they are situated someplace else—whether it’s in the next state over or on the other side of the globe.

If a VPN user wants to watch Australian television programs, they may connect to an Australian VPN server, which will give them a new IP address that shows they are in Australia.

By “spoofing” the user’s IP address, Australian streaming services will be tricked into thinking the user is in-country, at which point they will gladly offer them stuff to watch.

A Virtual Private Network is an excellent method to access restricted streaming material, but it also has many additional benefits for internet users.

Your internet connection is automatically encrypted when you connect to a VPN provider, offering an extra degree of security to prevent unauthorized access to your online activity and any connected personal or commercial data.

Techniques for Evaluating a VPN for Australian TV

Australia is where most VPN service providers have servers. The VPN may not be the best option for unblocking Australian TV just because it has servers in Australia. It’s important to take into account more factors than only the availability of Australian servers.

Here are the key considerations when selecting a VPN for unblocking Australian TV, along with explanations of their significance: 

  • Speed: Fast speeds will guarantee a positive streaming experience as you won’t have to cope with poor quality or protracted buffering. I suggest NordVPN since it provides some of the best speeds of any VPN on the market right now for viewing Australian TV overseas. 
  • Server network: It’s crucial for a VPN to have Australian servers in order to unblock Australian TV, of course. However, keep an eye out for a large server count, which NordVPN provides. Your speeds will be better if there are several servers since there won’t be many people on each server. 
  • Value: No VPN should impose fees that are excessive for the capabilities and functionalities it provides. Given what it offers, NordVPN delivers excellent service at a fair price.
  • Ease of Use: Ensure that a VPN has applications for your favorite streaming devices before purchasing. However, you should also take into account how simple it is to use the provider’s app since this will make it simpler to connect immediately and begin binge-watching your favorite Australian episodes. The applications from NordVPN are quite simple to use. 
  • Consider the privacy and security features that a VPN gives when it comes to your online activities as you want to be secured when streaming. If not more, a VPN needs to provide at the very least banking-level encryption, an automated kill switch, and DNS/IP leak prevention. Nobody can access a record of your internet actions thanks to a stringent no-logs policy. Offering all of this is NordVPN.
  • Streaming: If you want to watch Australian TV online, you presumably want to do it through a variety of video streaming sites as well. That’s why I suggest NordVPN, which not only has the ability to provide a fantastic streaming experience when using services headquartered in Australia but also Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and more.

Our investigation is not over yet. In actuality, the aforementioned elements make just a minor portion of our thorough VPN testing technique. By using a data-driven approach, we can better understand the services and only suggest service providers that are a suitable match for your requirements.

Which VPN Provides the Best Australian TV Streaming Abroad Experience?

You can view prohibited Australian television programs thanks to a number of VPN companies.

However, I’ve discovered that a certain service excels at unlocking such stuff.


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The best VPN for unblocking access to your favorite Australian television shows, movies, and sports events is NordVPN. The service now offers dependable access to material available solely in Australia with 190+ VPN servers spread across five Australian locations.

The 1080p and 4K formats that are available on today’s streaming platforms need for strong, dependable connections. Modern high-definition multimedia streaming may be readily handled with NordVPN’s quick connection speeds.

Due to the provider’s government-grade encryption and rigorous no-logs policy, customers of NordVPN need not fear that their online activity will be exposed to third-party monitoring.

Here is my assessment of the service provider’s performance in terms of streaming international material. Visit a thorough evaluation of the service for additional details.

1. Speed of Connection

Faster connections to the internet are always preferable. Always choose a VPN company that has excellent connection speeds capable of handling high-definition video streaming.

The majority of significant streaming providers offer video in 1080p HD. Additionally, several of them now provide or are getting ready to offer their programs and movies in 4K HDR.

Both video formats need strong, quick connections. Long delays for material to buffer or session breaks as you wait for your connection to catch up with the stream might result from slow connections.

The fast connections offered by NordVPN’s servers in recent testing were among the quickest download speeds of any service evaluated. They can easily keep up with even the most resource-intensive multimedia streams, depending on your typical connection rates.

Remember that the overall performance of your connection is greatly influenced by the connection speeds provided by your ISP. NordVPN, however, maintains fast connections.

Support for Multiple Platforms

You can probably watch videos from the internet using any connected gadget you possess. Because of this, native app compatibility is a crucial consideration when comparing VPN services to unblock Australian TV streams.

For the platforms of macOS (with native M1 Mac compatibility), Windows, Linux, Android, Android TV, Amazon Fire, and iOS, NordVPN offers native app support. Additionally, there are browser extensions for Firefox, Edge, and Chrome. There is also extensive router support provided.

3. Consumer Assistance

Even if NordVPN is one of the most dependable VPN services available right now, a query concerning the service can come up at some point. When that happens, the 24/7 customer care offered by the company will be helpful.

Through its live help chat function, issue ticket tracking system, and intuitive support library, NordVPN offers round-the-clock assistance.

4. Worldwide Server Support

At first glance, you may only be interested in a VPN provider’s Australian server availability.

You’ll want to utilize the provider’s servers in other nations however once you realize everything that a VPN can do for you in terms of unblocking material.

With over 190 servers spread throughout Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney, NordVPN has enough of ability to break down content barriers.

However, those servers represent just a portion of the provider’s total of 5,200+ servers, which are now spread over 60 different nations.

5. Costing

Although NordVPN has all the capabilities of its more expensive rivals, its cost is comparable to that of a bargain-basement, feature-limited service. I urge you to carefully review NordVPN’s extended subscription options.

FAQs about Australian TV VPN

What Are Australia’s Top TV Streaming Services?

Netflix, Stan, BINGE (which has the exclusive rights to HBO Max content), Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Kayo Sports, 10 All Access (which includes material from American TV network CBS), Foxtel Now, and many more are among the top Australian TV streaming services.

Is Streaming Australian TV Through a VPN Legal?

Yes, using a VPN to view Australian TV is entirely legal. However, an Australian TV streaming provider may ban your IP address if they find out that you are using a VPN to access their content catalog. Use a trustworthy VPN service like NordVPN because of this.

How Can I Watch MAFS: Australia in the United States?

It is possible to watch Married at First Sight (MAFS): Australia on the Lifetime cable network. If you don’t have a Lifetime subscription, you may still use a VPN to watch the shows on the Australian 9NOW streaming service.

What Australian Cities Do NordVPN’s Servers Reside In?

Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney are just a few of the places in Australia where NordVPN has over 190 servers. Users may choose a server that is close to the location of the requested content thanks to this.


There’s no reason to miss your favorite programs and athletic events when you can’t go to Australia. No matter where you are, NordVPN can provide dependable access to Australian television services.

Excellent connection speeds, global content access, extensive security, and privacy safeguards, and first-rate native app support are all provided by the service. In the odd event that anything goes wrong, the customer support team of the supplier is prepared.

Visit the NordVPN website for additional details or to give the service a try.

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