How to Block Ads on Spotify Safely & Efficiently in 2022

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In the past year, ad blocking has become increasingly popular. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to do it safely and efficiently. In this article, we will show you how to block ads on Spotify in 2022 without any problems.

The “how to block ads on spotify without premium 2022” is a question that has been asked many times. In this article, I will show you how to do it efficiently and safely in the year 2022.

With 155 million paying customers as of February 2021, Spotify is the biggest music streaming service in the world. There were 345 million active monthly Spotify users, including users of the free, ad-supported tier of the service.

Despite having a free tier of service, Spotify still needs to pay record companies for playing the music of other people’s artists. Therefore, they must find a way to generate income in order to cover the royalties on those free plays. Both audio and visual advertisements are used in this.

The graphic commercials, which appear while music is playing, are not too bothersome, but those 30 second audio adverts may really disrupt the flow of your playlist, am I right?

As you can expect, some listeners (perhaps including you) want to use Spotify without being interrupted by advertisements. There are several workarounds that can disable adverts, but they all have at least one drawback (perhaps resulting in account suspension), thus there is no completely straightforward fix.

Let’s examine the numerous “gotchas” related with avoiding advertisements when listening to Spotify content.

How to Stop Spotify Ads

Sign up for Spotify Premium.

You most likely responded with the term “DUH!” when you initially read the section’s title.

However, this is the most secure and most effective method of getting rid of advertisements. The “gotcha” in this situation is that the premium membership costs a lot of money, as you would expect.

You may remove advertisements from your listening sessions, fully control music playing, and get access to new releases that are exclusively accessible to premium members for the first two weeks a song is in release by paying $9.99 each month ($4.99 for students).

Songs may be downloaded by premium customers for offline listening. You’ll need a third-party tool to download and convert Spotify-streamed songs into MP3 files for later listening if you’re a free user. (More on it in a moment.)

Additionally, you have the option to skip tracks as much as you desire. Only six songs may be skipped each hour by free users.

True audiophiles (you know who you are) will like Spotify Premium since it provides playback at a better quality than Spotify’s free tier. The 320 kbps rate limit for Premium listening represents a considerable increase over the 160 kbps rate cap for Free playback.

Make use of a Spotify Music Converter.

For the Mac and Windows operating systems, there are a lot of audio and music converters available. You may choose the songs you want to have downloaded and converted from Spotify using these tools, and the software will convert those songs from Spotify’s native format to MP3, M4A, FLAC, or WAV.

This method has limitations in that it prevents you from using Spotify ad-free, requires you to choose which songs will be converted, and requires you to wait while the program downloads and converts the music.

Another disadvantage is that the majority of these solutions are pay-for-play options, necessitating the purchase of an app license or the acceptance of restrictions like shorter song conversions. Money can be an important consideration, particularly if you’re using Spotify’s free service tier.

Use an ad-blocking browser or program.

There are a lot of ad blockers available for various prominent device platforms, however before you test any of them, have this in mind: Depending on the blocking strategy the ad blocker software employs, your Spotify account can be suspended.

It is stated clearly on the Spotify Terms and Conditions website that “circumventing or blocking adverts in the Spotify Service, or developing or distributing technologies intended to prevent advertisements in the Spotify Service” may result in service termination.

As a result, you could one day be dropped from the service in the middle of a song or be unable to log in.

Since it’s a free service and you may get back in by using a new email address, this might just be a slight hassle, but if you do it often, it could grow fairly tiresome.

Having said that, I can report that using the Brave Browser to listen to Spotify on both my macOS and Windows computers has worked well. I can confirm that I didn’t hear or see any advertisements when listening to the “70s Smash Hits” playlist for nearly an hour on each device using a free Spotify account.

I did see a few little advertisements pop up in the bottom left corner of my browser window, but they vanished right away. I had to manually start the next song on the playlist when the playlist’s streaming paused as a result, but I was spared from being interrupted by advertising.

But keep in mind that I may be kicked off before the next song ends, or I might lose access to the service a week from now because Spotify caught me skipping ads.

Avoid Using These Techniques to Block Spotify Ads

Don’t Change Your Country Using a VPN

Some websites, according to what I’ve read, advise utilizing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or a proxy server to change your device’s IP address to one that is situated in a nation where Spotify is unavailable or in a nation where Spotify is accessible but displays less adverts.

While I often advise using a VPN to bypass regional content restrictions, I don’t see how it will be of any use in the case of Spotify.

First off, you probably won’t have access to any Spotify material if you’re using a VPN server in a nation where Spotify isn’t offered (and there are still a lot of nations where this is still the case).

This is due to the IP address of your device being examined by Spotify and other online music and movie streaming services. Spotify will not provide any entertainment if it detects that your device is connected from a non-served nation. (Except if error messages are amusing to you.)

How the heck can you know whether you’ve connected to a location where Spotify doesn’t show as many commercials without testing every location, spending a significant amount of time streaming that location’s content, and tally the number of advertisements played every hour? I think that’s a waste of time.

Additionally, some of the material you typically enjoy from your nation’s Spotify streams won’t be available if you connect to streams from another country. This is because Spotify is required under the agreements it makes with record companies to restrict access to certain songs to users in particular regions. This implies that the music you like listening to in the US could not be accessible in the UK.

While a trustworthy VPN offers a number of security, privacy, and geo-blocked content access advantages, it is not a fix for Spotify ad banning.

I highly advise investing in a trustworthy VPN to access Spotify in other countries if you’re seeking for a solution to listen to music that may not be accessible in your region of the globe. A VPN, however, focuses on unblocking content rather than censoring it. Well, unless you want to prevent snoopers from keeping an eye on your internet activity.

Do Not Change Your Country Using a Proxy Server

Additionally, I’ve noticed several websites advise utilizing a proxy server to obtain a Spotify stream from a nation with less advertisements. While a proxy server service offers capabilities that are comparable to those of a VPN, it does not provide the same level of encrypted connection security.

When attempting to access geo-restricted material in another country, a proxy server might be helpful, but it is useless if you want Spotify to have fewer or no adverts.

In conclusion

As we’ve seen, the simplest option to get rid of adverts on the music streaming service is to get a Spotify Premium membership. However, adopting the Brave Browser is at least one approach that has some potential.

As far as streaming firms go, Spotify is an excellent company. Although I disagree with the fact that Spotify’s revenue streams go to the record companies instead of the worthy artists’ bank accounts (and that’s a topic for another day), the firm does provide a dependable method to listen to your favorite music.

Although I strongly advise signing up for Spotify’s premium level of service (and you often receive a month or two of free service when you register), you should do what you want. Wishing you success and attentiveness!

The “how to block spotify ads reddit” is a question that has been asked before. It’s not easy to answer the question, but it is possible.

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