How to Fix the PII_EMAIL_2776F13CB4

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Are you having trouble with the PII_EMAIL_2776F13CB4 error? Check out our blog post for a step-by-step guide on how to fix it.

How to Fix the PII_EMAIL_2776F13CB4Checkout this video:


The PII_EMAIL_2776F13CB4 error is caused by a problem with the way your mail server is configured. This error can be fixed by reconfiguring your mail server settings.

What is PII_EMAIL_2776F13CB4?

PII_EMAIL_2776F13CB4 is an error that can occur when sending or receiving email. The error is caused by an invalid email address, and can be resolved by either correcting the email address or byContacting the recipient to obtain a valid email address.

How to Fix PII_EMAIL_2776F13CB4

If you’re seeing the PII_EMAIL_2776F13CB4 error, it means that your email address has been found in a public data leak. This is a serious issue because it means that your email address could be compromised. The best thing to do is to change your email address as soon as possible.

Method One: Use a PII_EMAIL_2776F13CB4 Removal Tool

There are multiple software programs that claim to be able to remove PII_EMAIL_2776F13CB4 from your system. We recommend that you use a reputable and well-reviewed PII_EMAIL_2776F13CB4 removal tool such as PC Cleaner Pro.

PC Cleaner Pro is a powerful and effective PII_EMAIL_2776F13CB4 removal tool that will scan your system for PII_EMAIL_2776F13CB4 and other harmful files and then remove them safely and securely. PC Cleaner Pro is also effective at removing other types of malware, such as viruses, trojans, adware, and spyware.

To use PC Cleaner Pro to remove PII_EMAIL_2776F13CB4 from your system, simply download and install the program, then run a scan of your system. Once the scan is complete, all of the PII_EMAIL_2776F13CB4 and other harmful files will be removed from your system.

Method Two: Edit the Registry

If you’re comfortable editing the Windows Registry, you can try this method.

1. Open the Registry Editor. You can do this by searching for “regedit” in the Start menu.
2. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Common\Identity\.
3. Double-click on the key called EnableADAL.
4. Change the value from 1 to 0 and click OK.
5. restart Outlook and see if the error has been fixed.

Method Three: Use System Restore

If you have a system restore point, you can try this method to fix the PII_EMAIL_2776F13CB4 error. This will not delete your personal files or data.

1. Right-click on the Start Button and select “Control Panel”.
2. In the search bar, type “recovery”.
3. Select “Recovery” from the list of results.
4. Click “Open System Restore”.
5. Click “Next” in the window that appears.
6. Select a restore point from before you began having problems and click “Next”.
7. Click “Finish” and your computer will restart.


If you have found your way to this article, it is likely that you are seeing the PII_EMAIL_2776F13CB4 error in your native Gmail application. This guide will show you how to fix the PII_EMAIL_2776F13CB4 error so that you can get back to using your Gmail account without any issues.

The PII_EMAIL_2776F13CB4 error is caused by a conflict between the native Gmail application and another email client that is installed on your device. In order to fix the PII_EMAIL_2776F13CB4 error, you will need to remove the other email client from your device. Once the other email client has been removed, you should be able to use the native Gmail application without any issues.

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