How to Get Unbanned From Discord using a VPN in 2022

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Discord is a voice and text chat app with over 150 million active users. It’s used for gaming, VoIP, chatting, and more. However, some people use Discord to share banned content. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to get unbanned from Discord using a VPN in 2022.

The “discord unban hack” is a method that will help you get unbanned from Discord in 2022. This method requires a VPN and the use of it to get back into your account.

Discord server bans may occur for a variety of reasons. But what can you do if you are prohibited? Is it possible to re-enter?

Yes, there is a simple method to return to a Discord server, and it involves utilizing a VPN (VPN).

How to Reverse a Discord Ban

You may restore access by getting a new IP address and creating a new username, regardless of whether you were barred from a specific chat room or the whole Discord system.

Utilizing a Virtual Private Network is the best approach to changing your IP address (VPN).

Numerous VPN services have been evaluated by me, and in my opinion, NordVPN is the greatest option. It offers a dependable method for changing your IP address and regaining access to Discord.

A 30-day, risk-free money-back guarantee is provided by NordVPN.

Why Do Discord Users Get Banned?

Users may be banned for a variety of reasons by server admins or even by the Discord service itself. These may consist of, but are not limited to:

  • organizing and taking part in server raids
  • targeting a person with unsolicited friend requests or communications on a regular basis
  • creating fake accounts
  • distributing pornography
  • sharing information that is illegal under terms of copyright
  • encouraging suicide or self-harm
  • improper NSFW channel labeling
  • committing a crime

I am aware that none of my readers would participate in any of the aforementioned misbehaviors and that an administrator may sometimes ban a user at their discretion. Once you are unbanned, though, keep in mind to play well with others and abide by the rules.

User Bans on Discord

Discord bans come in 2 different flavors.

The first kind is a server ban, which signifies that the chat server’s administrator has barred you from using it. When this occurs, you are unable to log into that specific server but are still able to connect to other servers.

The second is a Discord staff-issued system-wide ban. This implies that none of the Discord servers are accessible.

Let’s now examine the procedure used by Discord to ban a user.

Discord records users using their usernames and IP addresses, respectively.

An IP address is used by a network, including the internet, to identify a connected device. This enables the network to determine the source of information and the destination(ies) for which it should be conveyed.

Because the Discord system identifies your IP address, you will still be unable to enter the server even if you change your username and attempt to get in.

As a result, the server will continue to flag your IP address and prohibit you from connecting to the server, preventing you from just registering a new account from the same computer.

How to Reverse a Discord Ban

Using a Virtual Private Network, which you may already have in your online toolbox, is the easiest approach to be unbanned from Discord (VPN). Nearly all online services can be unblocked with the use of a VPN, and Discord is no exception.

When a user connects to a VPN server, the VPN momentarily gives the user’s device a new IP address. It seems as if the user is connected from a different place as a result. The place might be on the other side of the city or even the planet.

You may register for Discord with a new username and access the server(s) you might have been barred from using the new IP address.

PRO TIP: Be careful to make a completely unique username. Server bans are handled by human administrators who keep an eye on new users. If your previous username was “Big Poppa,” changing it to “Big Poppa 1” may give them away.

How to Unblock Discord on Mac OS Using a VPN

The procedures listed below may be used to unblock Discord on macOS.

  1. Close the desktop client for Discord.
  2. Remove the following folder: Libraries/Application Support/Discord How-to-Get-Unbanned-From-Discord-using-a-VPN-in
  3. Open the Applications directory. Drag Discord to your Trash after finding it. 1656692618_896_How-to-Get-Unbanned-From-Discord-using-a-VPN-in
  4. Clean out your trash. 1656692619_837_How-to-Get-Unbanned-From-Discord-using-a-VPN-in
  5. Start your Mac again.
  6. Install Discord again.
  7. To get a new IP address, launch your VPN application and connect to a VPN server. 1656692620_541_How-to-Get-Unbanned-From-Discord-using-a-VPN-in
  8. Get the Discord app going.
  9. Use a new email address to register for a new account. (If you’d like, you may use an email account from Outlook, Gmail, or another free service.) 1656692621_254_How-to-Get-Unbanned-From-Discord-using-a-VPN-in
  10. Use the new account to sign in to Discord.
  11. Join the server from which you were expelled.
  12. After the new account has been established, you have the option to sever your connection to the VPN. Only the new Discord account has to be created.

How to Unblock Discord on Windows Using a VPN

Follow the instructions below to unblock Discord on Windows.

  1. Close the desktop client for Discord.
  2. Navigate to the “% appdata% ” folder on Windows’ C: disk. It may be found under the “[username]” folder. To see the folder, you may need to activate hidden items. (Open the “View” tab and choose the “Hidden items” checkbox to enable hidden things.
  3. The AppData folder ought to be visible and accessible at this point. Open the “Local” folder inside of this folder.
  4. Find and remove the “Discord” folder from the Local folder. 1656692623_253_How-to-Get-Unbanned-From-Discord-using-a-VPN-in
  5. To get a new IP address, launch your VPN application and connect to a VPN server. 1656692624_122_How-to-Get-Unbanned-From-Discord-using-a-VPN-in
  6. Reinstall and Get the Discord app going.
  7. Use a new email address to register for a new account. (If you’d like, you may use an email account from Outlook, Gmail, or another free service.) 1656692625_245_How-to-Get-Unbanned-From-Discord-using-a-VPN-in
  8. Use the new account to sign in to Discord.
  9. Join the server where you were previously barred.
  10. After the new account has been established, you have the option to sever your connection to the VPN. Only the new Discord account has to be created.

What a VPN Does

A VPN provides a new IP address, among many other fantastic features and services. It is a useful tool to safeguard and improve your online activities because of these qualities.

In the modern world, a lot of people—including your Internet service provider, the government, and hackers—would want to see what you do online and the data that goes along with it.

Your internet activities are superbly shielded from those nosy eyes with a VPN. It does this by enclosing your connection in an encrypted tunnel.

Your online actions are shielded from being tracked by anybody using this encrypted channel. Although a third party cannot see what websites or services you are connecting to, they may be able to know that you are connected to the internet.

Other messaging services like WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, and Snapchat may be protected and unblocked using a VPN.

When utilizing an unsecured Wi-Fi hotspot, such as those available in hotels, coffee shops, and apparently everywhere else around town, I always switch on my device’s VPN connection. At these places, information is often stolen and spied upon by hackers.

Additionally, a VPN might provide you access to regionally restricted material that you would not otherwise have. This covers gaming servers, streaming video services like Netflix and Hulu, and other websites and services.

Techniques for Evaluating a VPN to Unblock Discord

Unblocking Discord should, of course, be possible with the VPN service provider you choose. However, not all VPNs have this capability. Because of this, I had to think about a lot of things before recommending a VPN to unblock Discord (NordVPN).

Here are the criteria I looked at before selecting NordVPN for Discord:

  • Speed is crucial for gaming, which is presumably what you’re doing if you use Discord, in addition to texting people on the platform (you don’t want your message to come late). You won’t need to worry since NordVPN has lightning-fast speeds. 
  • Although it isn’t really relevant for Discord, the server network may be used to access services and servers that aren’t accessible locally if you like playing games. The VPN I suggest has a large server network and gives you access to a variety of gaming-related websites and services throughout the world.
  • Value: Even if money isn’t an issue for you, you shouldn’t spend a lot for a VPN that offers nothing in the way of benefits. Make sure the VPN you choose has features and capabilities that match the money it is asking for. Excellent value is provided by NordVPN.
  • Ease of Use: Even if you have experience with VPNs, user-friendly service is important since you don’t want to waste time configuring your VPN when all you want to do is fast communicate with your Discord pals. Make sure the service provider you choose has user-friendly applications for your preferred device platforms. For many different platforms, NordVPN has straightforward applications.
  • Make sure the VPN you use protects your online security and privacy in terms of both security and privacy. Always seek IP/DNS leak prevention, automated kill switch protection, and government-grade encryption. Additionally, search for a rigorous no-logs policy, which states that the VPN will never keep a record of your online actions. Offering all of this and more is NordVPN.
  • Gaming: If you like using Discord, you probably also enjoy playing video games. Make sure your VPN can access Steam, Minecraft, and other websites as well as unblock Fortnite. It’s also crucial to confirm if it can broadcast and unblock Twitch. Virtually all games and streaming services are compatible with NordVPN.

The analysis of the aforementioned criteria is just the beginning of my investigation. They make up a very minor portion of my overall VPN testing process. My research is able to assist me in better comprehending the services since it is data-driven. This implies that I can only suggest VPNs that turn out to be a suitable match for the requirements of my users.

What VPN Provider Is the Best for Unblocking Discord?

Almost any virtual private network provider will allow you to access Discord again. But if you’re going to use a VPN service anyhow, why not choose one with the finest features and security overall?

The supplier to whom I’m referring is NordVPN.


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A secure and reputable VPN service, NordVPN offers quick and securely secured connections. At a fair price, it also provides superb support for several platforms, first-rate customer service, and ideal worldwide server coverage. (Read the whole review here.)

Relationship Speeds

The Discord service allows both audio and video chat, which means the faster your Relationship Speeds are, the better performance you’ll see while using the service.

Fast connections are also beneficial while streaming videos or playing online games. (It is especially helpful if you use Discord to communicate with your teammates while playing an online game.)

NordVPN delivered some of the fastest Relationship Speeds in my most recent testing, providing speeds that can easily handle any online activity you enjoy (even if you’re playing a game on one monitor and bingeing Netflix on another. You know who you are.)

Multi-Platform Assistance

Discord offers apps for the Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux platforms. They also allow using it via your web browser. This makes Multi-Platform Assistance an important consideration when deciding on a VPN provider.

All of the aforementioned platforms are fully supported by NordVPN. Additionally, it provides Firefox and Chrome browser add-ons.

Through its router support and Windows connection sharing capabilities, NordVPN provides PlayStation (3 and 4) and Xbox (360 and One) game console users with support.

Six connections may be active at once with NordVPN using the same login. If you want more, you may configure a variety of router types and manufacturers to connect to NordVPN, securing every connected device.

If you’re not into DIY projects, you may get a ready-to-use router from FlashRouters.

Customer Service

I would never wish connection issues on any of my readers. But, in the real world, stuff happens. When it does, rest assured that NordVPN’s Customer Service department is there for you.

The company offers email assistance, a searchable help library, and a live chat option that is available around the clock.

Server Coverage Worldwide

While Server Coverage Worldwide doesn’t rank high in importance with Discord, as any VPN server in your area should unblock Discord, optimal Server Coverage Worldwide comes in handy for other VPN-related activities, such as gaming.

Nearly 5,200 servers operated by NordVPN are spread across more than 59 countries. You will thus have plenty of unblocking capability to access geographically restricted material all around the world.


The value of NordVPN is fantastic, particularly if you choose longer membership terms. Although some people may think the provider’s 1-month plan is a little pricey, the 1-year and 2-year plan prices are both fairly appealing.

Overcoming the Blockade of Discord

Yes, it’s simple to be banned by Discord, but utilizing a VPN to get unblocked is nearly as simple. You may have a high degree of privacy using NordVPN since it can alter your IP address and encrypt your internet connection.

Go to NordVPN.

What Discord is

Discord is a Voice over IP platform and freeware program created with video gamers in mind. Discord claims to have more than 250 million members as of May 2019. They exchange 315 million texts daily.

Discord’s creator, Jason Criton, believed that Skype and TeamSpeak were too resource-intensive and had too many well-known security problems, so he created the program as a replacement.

Users of Discord may exchange text messages and photographs as well as audio and video chats. In addition to web browsers, the service is accessible on the Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, and Linux operating systems.

Particularly gamers are the target audience for Discord. The most well-liked Discord gaming servers are those run by well-known game creators. For gamers of Clash Royale, Fortnite, Minecraft, PUBG Mobile, Rainbow 6 Siege, SpellBreak, and ZombsRoyale, the top 7 Discord servers are listed here.

It is necessary to register before verified users may create their own chat servers and invite their friends to join them. Users may converse about topics they are interested in thanks to this.

Discord FAQs VPN

What Is a Ban on Discord?

An administrator of a Discord server (or Discord itself) may elect to ban you from using their Discord server if they believe you are a terrible user who has repeatedly broken the terms of service. (A prohibition may apply to the whole system.) Both the username and IP address are subject to a ban. Therefore, you can still be prohibited even if you use a new account.

Why not connect to Discord using a free VPN?

Free VPNs do not provide sufficient speed, adaptability, or privacy for usage with Discord or any other online activity. Free VPNs have a reputation for monitoring their customers’ internet behavior and selling such information to snoopy third parties like advertising. Some even insert intrusive advertisements and tracking cookies into the browser sessions of their users.

Plus, many free VPNs will throttle their users’ bandwidth and Relationship Speeds, which can cause havoc with online voice chat. Plus, freebie VPN providers will also impose daily or monthly data caps on customers’ usage. This is not optimal for any online activity.

On Discord, how do I ban it?

Even though I advise expelling an obnoxious visitor or member from your Discord server for a short period of time to see if it sends the right message, some individuals need to be permanently banned. Follow these steps to ban someone from your Discord channel:

  1. Open Discord on your browser or via the app, then log in.
  2. Choose a server.
  3. By clicking on the channel they are presently in, you may find the member you wish to block. You will be able to see every member of the channel, whether online or offline, using this.
  4. To open a menu, right-click the offender’s username.
  5. “Ban [username]” should be found. Clicking it will open a new dialog box.
  6. A confirmation of your choice to ban the user will be requested.
  7. To formally prevent that user’s IP address from accessing your Discord server, click “Ban.”

Why Does My VPN Not Properly Function With Discord?

The app could be configured to connect over TCP if you use OpenVPN to connect to your VPN. UDP is required by Discord. Or maybe you’re utilizing a VPN server that has had its IP blocked. Retry by connecting to a different VPN server.

What is the duration of a Discord ban?

The two sorts of bans in Discord are kick and ban. If you’ve been “kicked” from a server, you may rejoin (or the server administrator can lift the ban if they so want). Your IP address and phone number are also prohibited from connecting to the server if you are blacklisted. Additionally, anybody with the same IP address will be barred.

Discord prohibits IP addresses, right?

Yes, Discord does blacklist IP addresses, making it impossible for anybody to connect to the server using that IP address. You may use a VPN, but only if it is reputable and well-established; otherwise, you risk being blacklisted once again.

Does Discord’s TOS prohibit circumventing bans?

While attempting to get around a ban is not a violation of the Discord Terms of Service in and of itself, doing so while still harassing other users is.

Gage Skidmore’s “Discord Booth” is available under CC BY-SA 2.0.

The “how to get unbanned from a discord server on mobile” is a process that can be done in 2022. A VPN will provide you with the ability to bypass the ban placed on your account. The following steps are needed for this process: 1) Download and install a VPN 2) Connect to the VPN 3) Open Discord 4) Go to settings 5) Click on “Account”. 6) Scroll down and click on “Banned Users”. 7) Click on “Unban Me”, then enter your username and password 8) Once you’re unbanned, log out of Discord

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