How to Install and Use NordVPN on a Netgear Wireless Router

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NordVPN is one of the most popular VPN providers in the world, and it offers a wide range of features to its users. In this guide, we will show you how to install NordVPN on your Netgear wireless router so that you can keep your privacy safe online.

The “nordvpn compatible routers” is a list of routers that are compatible with NordVPN. After installing the software on your device, you can connect to any one of these routers and start using the service.

While your desktops and mobile devices may have a VPN program installed, you’re leaving the rest of your gadgets unsecured. This includes streaming boxes, gaming consoles, and other IoT devices (such as your Ring cameras, internet-connected appliances, security cameras, and more).

Additionally, it indicates that you aren’t fully enjoying your Apple TV, Roku, Xbox, PlayStation, smart TV, or other connected gadgets.

Not all of your linked devices can have applications created by VPN providers. This is either due to the fact that it is not profitable or the fact that device manufacturers forbid VPN applications on their products (such as Apple TV and Roku). Additionally, some less expensive and power-efficient gadgets, such as internet-connected clocks or security cameras, lack the processing power necessary to operate a VPN program.

This is why it makes sense to use a VPN on your home or workplace WiFi connection. Any device that connects to your network is instantly protected by a VPN-enabled WiFi router. Thus, the VPN is advantageous for smart TVs, streaming boxes, gaming consoles, and other gadgets.

A VPN-enabled router also provides always-on security, eliminating the need for you to remember to manually activate VPN protection on your devices. Additionally, the majority of VPNs have a kill switch that instantly cuts off internet access if the VPN connection is lost. This prevents the accidental disclosure of your internet activity.

Additionally, a VPN-enabled router gives you constant access to geo-restricted material that would otherwise be inaccessible in your area of the globe, such as what Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and other streaming services have to offer.

The majority of VPN companies also place a limit on the variety of devices that may connect to their servers at once. No matter how many devices are connected to a VPN-enabled router, it only appears as one device while in use. Families and small enterprises that may need many simultaneous connections will find this to be extremely useful.

Do Stock Netgear Wireless Routers Work With NordVPN?

According to NordVPN customer care, if the router is using the original firmware it had when it was first shipped, you cannot utilize Netgear routers with the service.

However, DD-WRT software is supported by a large number of Netgear routers. Here you can check whether the DD-WRT firmware is compatible with your Netgear router. You can flash your router with DD-WRT if it does support it. Here are the steps for installing the DD-WRT firmware on your Netgear router.

After installing the DD-WRT firmware on your Netgear router, you can set up the NordVPN service by following the instructions in the section under “How to Configure NordVPN on a Netgear Router with DD-WRT.”

FlashRouters provides pre-configured routers that are set up for NordVPN (and other providers) and are ready to use right out of the box if you’d prefer a ready-to-use option.


I wholeheartedly suggest NordVPN to Netgear router owners looking for all-encompassing VPN security and optimization.

Top-notch compatibility with Netgear routers running DD-WRT firmware is provided by NordVPN. For all of the devices connected to your router, the supplier provides dependable and thorough online security and privacy precautions, as well as access to geo-blocked material.

With over 5,300 servers spread over 60 countries, NordVPN’s worldwide server network is extremely astounding. In the majority of the world’s locations, that network offers dependable access to geo-restricted material.

To prevent anybody from watching your online activity, the service employs military-grade 256-bit AES encryption, an automated kill switch, and DNS/IP leak protection. Based on the WireGuard protocol, the supplier provides the new, quicker NordLynx connection protocol.

To ensure your privacy, the supplier adheres to a stringent no-server-logs policy and takes cryptocurrencies. Additionally, it owns and manages its server network (in a few places), protecting your sensitive information from outside contractors.

With some of the industry’s best connection speeds offered by NordVPN, having many devices plugged into your network won’t cause your connection to bog down.

You’ll have enough of bandwidth and won’t ever need to worry about data limitations whether you’re streaming videos, playing games, exchanging files, or simply keeping an eye on your front doorbell camera. (If your ISP imposes data limitations on your monthly use, they remain in effect.)

Due to NordVPN’s outstanding app support, which includes choices for the Amazon Fire, Android, Android TV, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows device platforms, your devices are even secured while you’re out and about. There are also browser add-ons for Firefox and Chrome.

I have to admit that during the last several years, I have used NordVPN rather often, and I have seldom had any problems. However, even if it’s only a billing inquiry, the majority of customers will probably have a few queries for their VPN’s customer care team.

Since NordVPN offers 24/7 support chat, a problem ticket tracking system, email help, and a searchable support library, customers may rejoice that their needs are met at all times.

When you choose an extended membership option, all of this is accessible for a very affordable price, making NordVPN a good return on investment. The supplier provides a 30-day, risk-free money-back guarantee.

The company charges extra costs for NordLocker Premium cloud storage and NordPass Premium password manager.

See my whole NordVPN review.

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How to Configure NordVPN on a Netgear Router with DD-WRT

The detailed steps below can seem difficult at first. But if you carefully follow each step, you’ll quickly have your DD-WRT router configured to utilize NordVPN.

Note: The default settings for any parameters not specified in this tutorial should be used. (We’re configuring the router to use the OpenVPN protocol to connect.)

1. Use your browser to access the Administrative Interface of your DD-WRT router.

2. Navigate to Setup -> Basic Setup.

3. Fill up the following information under Network Address Server Settings (DHCP): Static DNS 1 DNS2 Static: Static DNS 3 (default) To use DHCP, use DNSMasq: Checked DNSMasq is used for DNS: Checked DHCP-Authoritative: Checked


4. Save and implement changes.

5. Navigate to Setup -> IPV6. Set IPv6 to Disable. This is a recommended step to make sure your IP address doesn’t leak.


6. After selecting Save, click Apply Settings.

7. Navigate to Services -> VPN.

8. To view the settings required for this setup, under OpenVPN Client, set Start OpenVPN Client to Enable.

Set the subsequent:

For the sake of this tutorial, the server IP and name are “,” but you should connect to one of the servers listed below. The server hostname is located just under the server title.

10. Download the OpenVPN UDP or TCP configuration file from the website I referred to in step 9 by clicking the “Show available protocols” option on that page. (UDP is quicker since it doesn’t check for errors. Although a little slower than UDP, TCP inspects packets for faults. Most individuals will discover that UDP functions flawlessly. However, switch to TCP if you have reliability problems with UDP.)


11. Fill up the DD-WRT dashboard with the information below: Port: 1194 (or 443 for the TCP protocol) TUN, a tunneling device UDP Tunnel Protocol (or TCP) Encryption the AES-256-CBC cipher SHA-512 is the hash algorithm. User ID Authentication: Activate Username and Password: Your NordVPN login information Initial Data Cipher: Unset Unset second data cipher Unset third data cipher


12. To get your NordVPN service credentials, go to the NordVPN website, log in, and copy the credentials from the Service credentials section of the Nord Account dashboard by clicking the Copy icons to the right of that section.


13. Enable Advanced Options (this will enable the additional options in the next step).

14. No TLS Cipher LZO Condensation: Off NAT: Allow


15. If the Username and Password fields are missing, go to Administration -> Commands and enter this code:

echo “YOURUSERNAME YOURPASSWORD” > /tmp/openvpncl/user.conf /usr/bin/killall openvpn /usr/sbin/openvpn –config /tmp/openvpncl/openvpn.conf –route-up /tmp/openvpncl/ –down-pre /tmp/openvpncl/ –daemon

(Insert the appropriate NordVPN service login credentials for YOURUSERNAME and YOURPASSWORD. After selecting “Save Startup,” go back to the previous VPN tab.)

16. Type the following instructions in the Additional Config box, or copy and paste them: Remote-random remote-cert-tls server Persist-key 1450 Nobind tun-mtu 1500 Persist-key Persist-tun 32 (#Delete “#” in the line below if your router does not have credentials fields.) Ping-timer-rem reneg-sec 0 #log /tmp/vpn.log #auth-user-pass /tmp/openvpncl/user.conf

17. Open the OpenVPN UDP or TCP configuration file in any text editor that you downloaded in step 10.

18. When you open the .ovpn file of the server you chose (in this case, “”) in a text editor, you should see the <ca> part of the file. Do NOT copy the <ca> and </ca> tags.

19. Incorporate its material in the CA Cert Make careful you paste the complete content, including the lines that begin and end the certificate.

20. Return to the configuration file and scroll down to the <tls-auth> part. Copy the contents of the TLS Key.

21. Input the TLS Auth Key with the contents. Make sure the —-BEGIN OpenVPN Static key V1—- and —-END OpenVPN Static key V1—- lines are copied in with the rest of the content.

22. Click Save and then Apply Settings after inputting the data.

23. To verify that the VPN is working, navigate to Status > Under “State,” you should see the message “Client: CONNECTED SUCCESS”.


Optional kill switch setup (for advanced users): To create a kill switch, go to Administration > Commands and enter this script: WAN_IF=`nvram get wan_iface` iptables -I FORWARD -i br0 -o $WAN_IF -j REJECT –reject-with icmp-host-prohibited

the following command: iptables -I FORWARD -i br0 -p tcp -o $WAN IF -j REJECT -reject-with tcp-reset

iptables -I FORWARD -i br0 -p udp -o $WAN IF -j REJECT

24. Select Save Firewall, then go to Administration -> Management -> Reboot router.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Connecting Your Netgear Router to a VPN


Constant Defense

Your online activities are secure and private with an always-on connection when you install and use a VPN on your Netgear router.

The inconvenience of needing to turn on your VPN security on each device you use is eliminated with always-on VPN protection. Everything you do online is vulnerable to monitoring if you don’t use VPN protection.

Your DD-WRT router will be fully protected from internet connection monitoring if a VPN is operating continuously on it.

All of Your Connected Devices Are Safe

Any device connected to your router will immediately be utilizing a secure internet connection if you are running a VPN on it. Any networked gadget, such as a gaming console, a streaming device, or even a toaster with an internet connection, falls under this category.

Administrators may be able to manage which devices use the secure VPN connection on certain routers. (However, keep in mind that the administrator may not always be accessible to turn on a device’s connection.)


Potentially: Additional Upfront Cost

You will need to buy a DD-WRT-compatible router from Netgear if your present router is incompatible with DD-WRT or if your Internet Service Provider forbade you from flashing the router. Some models might have quite high prices.

However, unlike other VPN providers, NordVPN does not demand an additional price if you wish to utilize their services with a router.

The Speed Of Your Connection Will Reduce

You may have seen that the speeds of your protected connections are a little bit slower than your unsecured connections while a VPN is active on your computer, mobile device, or other connected devices.

This is brought on by the overhead associated with encrypting your connection as well as the fact that your connection is routed via a VPN server located in a foreign country.

Using a VPN on your router will cause a similar lag. Because most routers employ low-powered CPUs, this is accentuated.

Additionally, the secured connection will be shared by many devices that are connected to the router. The more linked devices you have, the slower your connection speeds will be since these devices share the connection bandwidth.

Is a Free VPN Compatible with My Netgear Router?

I will answer that question with an emphatic “NO!” As far as that is concerned, you shouldn’t ever use a “free” VPN with your Netgear router or any of your other devices.

The top 4 device platforms are the only ones that the majority of free VPNs support in terms of device compatibility (Android, iOS, Mac and Windows). I haven’t come across a free VPN that gives router functions.

After that, let’s briefly go through the additional factors that make “free” VPNs more expensive than they seem to be.

Free VPNs severely limit its customers’ connection speeds and subject them to daily or monthly data use limitations. Your online experience will suffer as a result, and you’ll discover that using up your data plan quickly.

Using a free VPN compromises your privacy as well. This is due to the fact that even a free VPN company has to make a profit, and many do this by watching their customers’ online activity before selling that priceless data to the highest bidder.

Unwanted advertisements and tracking cookies have been found to be injected into certain “free” VPN customers’ browser sessions. What’s this? Even if you disconnect from the service, the cookies continue to monitor you.

In conclusion

When you install a VPN on your DD-WRT-enabled Netgear router, you’re gaining always-on VPN All of Your Connected Devices Are Safe.

Through a single access point, router-based VPN security offers continuous, all-encompassing VPN protection and augmentation for all of your linked devices’ online activity. The services of your VPN provider immediately safeguard every device that connects to your wireless network.

For usage with your Netgear router, NordVPN is a great choice. The company provides top-notch app and customer assistance, top-notch online security and privacy, quick connections, a remarkable worldwide server network that reliably unblocks geo-restricted material, and fast connections.

Check out the NordVPN website.

NordVPN is a VPN service that allows users to protect their online privacy and security. It can be installed on a variety of devices, including routers. The “nordvpn tp-link router setup” will show how to install NordVPN on a Netgear Wireless Router.

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