How to Watch American Netflix in Canada? 2022 Guide

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If you’re a Canadian living in the United States, chances are you’ve been wanting to watch your favourite shows and movies on Netflix but haven’t been able to because of geographic restrictions. Well, worry no more! In this guide, we’ll show you how to access American Netflix in Canada so that you can binge-watch your heart out.

The “does netflix work in canada” is a question that many Americans have asked. The answer is yes, but it requires some extra steps to get American Netflix. This guide will help you watch American Netflix in Canada.

In 2021, Netflix Canada provided more than 3,100 titles (movies and TV shows). In the meanwhile, Netflix in the US provided more than 5,700 titles. This implies that a large number of titles in the Netflix U.S. library are not present in its Canadian library. Geez, all that enticing American Netflix stuff is just a few miles south. How come you can’t see it?

You may. In this post, I’ll explain how to use a VPN to get all of that delicious American Netflix stuff as well as recommend the top VPN for the task.

The simple method to use American Netflix in Canada…

You may enjoy the Netflix selection in the United States without moving. A VPN is all you need, however not all VPNs will function.

After evaluating a large number of VPNs, I believe NordVPN to be the best dependable for accessing Netflix in the USA and many other countries.

Additionally, it is quite quick, so there won’t be any buffering as you binge in HD.

Because NordVPN provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can test it out without risk.

Why Canadians Can’t Access American Netflix

Your Netflix login will provide you access to the regional version of Netflix wherever you go. But if you’re seeking to watch your favorite movies and television series from the United States, you’ll be bitterly let down.

You will be sent to the regional Netflix service if you launch the Netflix app or enter “” into your browser. You’ll probably realize that the selection of material doesn’t exactly match what is offered at home.

When it does this, Netflix isn’t being a jerk; rather, it is adhering to the promises it made when it signed its content licensing deals.

Why Can’t Canadians Access American Netflix Content?

Movie studios, television networks, and other suppliers all contribute to the movies and TV shows you watch on Netflix (and the ones you don’t).

Each supplier establishes agreements with Netflix, allowing the service to broadcast the material to its users. These agreements specify precisely which geographical areas users are permitted to see the material.

Because of such agreements, Canadian television and film productions aren’t readily accessible in the United States, despite being just a short distance away. Netflix will get unwanted letters from attorneys for the entertainment business if they don’t block access. That’s never a good thing.

How Does Netflix Prevent Foreign Viewers From Accessing American Content?

Your computer or other connected device receives an IP address when it connects to the internet. The address serves as a point of reference for the data that the device sends and receives. (Similar to how the postal service uses your home’s mailing address to determine where to deliver mail.)

To identify connected devices within national borders, every nation receives a set of IP addresses.

Each nation’s IP addresses are known to Netflix. It makes use of such data to determine the viewer’s connection’s starting place and to direct that connection to the appropriately licensed material for that nation.

How a VPN Avoids Netflix’s Obstacles

A VPN is what?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a great tool for preserving a user’s privacy, keeping their online activities and the accompanying personal and professional information hidden from others who would love to get their hands on such material.

Additionally, a VPN may “spoof” a user’s location so that it seems that the user is connecting from a place other than where they really are. A VPN is the ideal tool for enabling access to Netflix material, regardless of where it is kept, because of this functionality.

How a VPN Makes American Netflix Content Accessible

A VPN’s capacity to “spoof” a user’s IP address may be utilized to get access to Netflix in different countries, as I described in the part above.

The following is what a user does in order to access the American Netflix catalog.

They download a VPN app on their device, connect to an American VPN server, and then either access Netflix’s website or download its app.

Netflix sends the user’s connection to its U.S.-based servers when it detects that the viewer’s connection seems to be originating from the United States.

This was a virtually failsafe way to watch Netflix from outside the United States for a much too short time. But eventually Netflix realized what was going on. The streaming service then swiftly improved its ability to identify instances in which a VPN was being used to access its servers.

When many users from the same IP address contact Netflix’s servers, Netflix recognizes this as VPN activity and blocks that IP address from using the service.

Netflix has become so adept at doing this that small VPN companies have given up on providing access to the service. Fortunately, some people keep up the good fight. NordVPN is the top VPN service in this category.

If you want to use a VPN service to access American Netflix from a country other than the United States, NordVPN is the finest option available. The service provider uses its remarkable resources to maintain Netflix’s accessibility for its customers.


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The service provider provides quick connections, excellent privacy safeguards, and extensive customer assistance. Customers may access Netflix content wherever they are because to its above-average worldwide server coverage.

Additionally, NordVPN gives its customers some helpful Netflix-specific information, like as FAQs and links to browser add-ons, all of which are designed to make your watching experience better.

1. Speed of Connection

NordVPN’s connections should be more than capable of meeting Netflix’s suggested connection speeds because to their very high connection speeds.

Support for Multiple Platforms

It’s a safe bet that you can watch Netflix on every connected device you use. With top-notch cross-platform compatibility from NordVPN, you’re protected. There are choices for Windows, macOS (with native M1 Mac support), iOS, Android, Amazon Fire, Linux, and Android TV devices. You may use browser add-ons to secure your browsing and watching sessions in Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

You may connect up to six devices simultaneously using one set of login credentials, and router support is also available.

3. Consumer Assistance

With NordVPN’s convenient 24/7 support chat feature, you can obtain assistance whenever you have a problem with the provider’s servers. Additionally provided are a searchable help library and a problem ticket tracking system.

4. Worldwide Server Support

Almost everywhere in the world, Canadian Netflix subscribers may watch their favorite films owing to NordVPN’s 5,300+ worldwide servers spread over almost 60 nations. Of course, there are servers in the United States.

Five. Privacy

No records of any type that trace its users’ online activities are kept by NordVPN. Your financial information is secure when using a Bitcoin subscription payment option. The supplier is actively transitioning its server network to an owned-and-operated model, protecting your data from outside contractors. Additionally, no data is ever written to a traditional hard disk since all servers are run entirely from RAM. A NordVPN server reset securely erases all data.

Pricing 6.

With its multi-year memberships giving an exceptionally fantastic value, NordVPN is a service with low prices.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee from the supplier.

Using a VPN for American Netflix in Canada: A Methodology

Many of my readers have probably learned that not all VPNs enable Netflix viewing from inside Canadian borders. That’s why I had to think about a number of important considerations while deciding which VPN to suggest for viewing U.S. Netflix from Canada.

These are the crucial elements and the reasons why they matter:

  • Streaming: People who use Netflix often also use other streaming services. Numerous video streaming sites, such as Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and others are accessible with NordVPN in a dependable manner.
  • Connection Speed: When streaming, download speed is a crucial component to take into account. Without fast connections, you can have lengthy buffering periods and playing at a reduced quality. In my most recent connection speed testing, NordVPN, the VPN I suggest here, received the third-fastest connection speeds.
  • Server Network: The majority of VPN services feature a sizable number of US-based servers, which are necessary if you wish to access American Netflix content. However, if you wish to access material from services situated in other nations, you need also seek for a provider with a large server network. A high number of servers in one nation is also advantageous since it should result in improved server performance as there won’t be any overcrowded servers.
  • Value: When evaluating a VPN provider’s value, consider the functions it provides vs the cost. Offering great value for the money in exchange for its first-rate services, NordVPN charges a fair fee.
  • Usefulness: Any VPN worth its salt should have user-friendly programs for as many widely used device platforms as is practical. Easy-to-use applications are available from NordVPN for a variety of devices.
  • Security and Privacy: Your privacy is at stake if you use the internet. And what’s this? The globe is always linked. A good VPN should at the very least have DNS/IP leak prevention, automated kill switch, and banking-level encryption. Additionally, search for a firm no-logs policy that will keep your internet activities private. The precautions listed above and more are all provided by NordVPN.

The aforementioned elements make up just a minor component of my thorough VPN testing technique. I can only propose VPN service solutions that are a suitable match for your requirements because to the data-driven methodology I employ.

FAQs about American Netflix in Canada

Change Netflix to Canada: How Do I?

Simply follow these steps to view Canadian Netflix from the US or anywhere else:

  1. Join a reliable VPN service with Canadian servers. (NordVPN is my preferred choice.)
  2. Install the app(s) on your phone or tablet (s).
  3. Register with the service.
  4. Connect to a Canadian VPN server.
  5. browse Netflix’s website. You will be sent to the service’s Canadian version.
  6. Voila! Netflix will now be accessible in Canada.

What Distinguishes Canadian Netflix from American Netflix?

American Netflix has more than 5,700 titles available, compared to 3,100 titles on Canadian Netflix. That’s more than 2,600 titles in difference! Accessing American Netflix is attractive since it offers a greater variety of material than Canadian Netflix.


It’s time for a Netflix binge when the hockey season is finished and you’re down to your last cheese curd. And NordVPN can help if your preferred films and TV programs are produced outside of Canadian boundaries.

Fast connections, outstanding worldwide server coverage, top-notch privacy protection, first-rate customer service, and broad multi-platform support are all provided by the company.

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