How to Watch American Netflix in Russia? 2022 Guide

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Netflix has been expanding its reach to other countries, but not all of them have access to the US version of Netflix. If you’re living in Russia and want to watch American Netflix, this guide will show you how!

If you’re traveling to Russia and want to watch American Netflix, then this guide will show you how.

Vladimir Putin, Beef Stroganoff, and strong vodka are all natives of Russia. (Pro tip: don’t make your drinking game revolve around having a drink whenever a Russian dancer screams “HEY!”) It does not, however, brag about having access to American Netflix material.

Russian nationals may access Netflix in their own language, but not the American version. The streaming service’s Russian version has mostly Russian programming and very little American-only material. What should an American ex-pat or tourist to Russia do when they are itching for a Trailer Park Boys marathon, even though I’m sure Russian Netflix programming has its own unique charm?



The simple method to use US Netflix in Russia

You may access the US Netflix catalog without moving. A VPN is all you need, however, not all VPNs will function.

After evaluating a large number of VPNs, I believe NordVPN to be the best dependable for accessing Netflix in the USA and many other countries.

Additionally, it is quite quick, so there won’t be any buffering as you binge in HD.

Because NordVPN provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can test it out without risk.

Why Russians Can’t Access American Netflix

With a Netflix membership, a user has access to the service’s material in any nation. To access such information, however, users must be within a nation’s boundaries. This implies that American Netflix material won’t be available to Russian Netflix subscribers.

Users will notice that when they launch the Netflix app or type “” into their browser, they are immediately sent to the material that is authorized for their current location, not necessarily the nation where they signed up.

This restriction doesn’t exist since Netflix is authoritarian. The reason is really that the streaming service’s content creators are total control freaks.

Why Can’t I Access American Netflix Content in Russia?

Netflix only offers movies and TV shows that have been granted a license by production companies and broadcasters. All of the contracts that Netflix enters into with these content owners have clauses stating that viewing of the material must be restricted to a certain area.

Because of these restricted content licensing arrangements, the streamer does not provide Russian viewers access to American material (and vice versa). They would soon have to deal with the studio and network attorneys if they didn’t keep a careful check on things (and nobody likes those guys).

How Does Netflix Prevent Foreign Viewers From Accessing American Content?

Each of your devices that connect to the internet is given a unique IP address that serves as its online identification. All of the data it transmits and receives uses the address as a point of reference. If it helps you visualize it, think about your postal address.


For usage by linked devices within national borders, every country is given a set of IP addresses. By examining the IP address being utilized, Netflix is able to determine the nation from which a connection is coming. The viewer’s connection may then be pointed in the direction of the appropriate content library for their location.

How a VPN Avoids Netflix’s Obstacles

A VPN is what?

One of the many useful features provided by a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to its users is the ability to “spoof” the user’s IP address.

By “spoof,” I mean that the VPN may make it seem as if the user’s connection is coming from a different place. When trying to safely access Netflix in another country, this is helpful.


By encrypting your connection, a VPN is a fantastic tool for keeping your online activity hidden. This makes it almost hard for an outsider to keep track of your actions and the associated business and personal information, such as a curious government, ISP, or the man across from you at the coffee shop.

How a VPN Makes American Netflix Content Accessible

A VPN’s capacity to fake a user’s IP address enables access to Netflix material that may otherwise be blocked.

The user launches his VPN client and decides to connect to an American VPN server. Thus, despite really being in Russia, the user’s connection now seems to be originating from the United States.

Netflix leads the user to U.S.-only material when it detects that the connection seems to be originating from the U.S.

This was a virtually risk-free method of getting access to Netflix content from other countries for a very long time. But everything wonderful must come to an end, and Netflix ultimately realized what was going on.

The streaming service improved its ability to identify VPN use among its users and started blocking material access from the IP addresses the VPNs were utilizing. Some of the smaller, more resource-constrained VPN providers were irritated by this, and the majority ultimately opted to stop offering Netflix access.

Some VPN providers are still active and striving to offer dependable Netflix access, nevertheless. NordVPN is the finest of this bunch.

Methodology for Evaluating a VPN for Russian Netflix Access

Although a VPN service may have a large number of US-based servers, this does not always mean that such servers can reliably provide access to Netflix.

The following characteristics are the most crucial ones to think about while using a VPN to access American Netflix:

  • Speed: When watching the video, the Relationship Speeds of a VPN are crucial. Lower resolution streams or longer buffering periods are the effects of slow connections. The best VPN for viewing American Netflix from Singapore is NordVPN, which has lightning-fast internet speeds.
  • Researching a VPN’s server presence in the US and other nations across the world is equally crucial. You may use this to access Netflix and other streaming services from anywhere. A large number of servers is also beneficial since it keeps them from being overburdened by users and maintains performance at a high level.
  • Value: Never accept a VPN service that doesn’t provide you with above-average value for your money. The service NordVPN is competitively priced and provides a high return on your money.
  • Easy to Use: VPN applications shouldn’t be difficult to use. For a variety of device platforms, NordVPN provides user-friendly applications.
  • If you have an online connection, you are subject to the risks the internet presents. At the absolute least, a VPN should safeguard your connection using banking-grade encryption, a kill switch, and DNS and IP leak prevention. Server records pertaining to your online actions should never be saved by any VPN worth considering. The features listed above are all provided by NordVPN.
  • Netflix is only one of the numerous streaming services that are offered nowadays. As a result, you should search for a VPN that consistently grants access to as many streaming providers as is practical. Access to trustworthy streaming services like Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and others is available with NordVPN.

My investigation is not over yet. The aforementioned elements are only a portion of my thorough VPN testing technique. I am able to comprehend VPN providers and the services they give thanks to this data-driven methodology, enabling me to only suggest those that are a suitable match for your requirements.


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No matter what nation you’re in, NordVPN is the most dependable method to safely access Netflix content. The VPN service performs a fantastic job of keeping its users’ access to Netflix accessible.

My experience with the company has shown that it constantly provides quick connections, great device support, outstanding customer service, privacy safeguards, and worldwide server coverage.

Through a useful support article created to enhance your watching experience, the service provider provides its customers with interesting tidbits of Netflix-related information.

Relationship Speed

NordVPN’s average Relationship Speeds don’t usually slow me down much. This is particularly helpful when you’re working with the slower speeds found in Russia.

Overall, Russian customers should still be able to get rates that meet the bandwidth needs of the streaming service.

Whatever your online activity, finding the quickest VPN server will always be helpful, but it’s especially important for streaming videos.

Multi-Platform Assistance

Both Netflix and NordVPN provide compatibility for the majority of contemporary connected devices. For Windows, macOS (including M1 Mac compatibility), iOS, Android, Amazon Fire, Linux, and Android TV, the service provides native app support. To secure your surfing sessions in Chrome, Edge, and Firefox, there are browser plugins available. In the event that you need more connections than the provider’s 6 concurrent connections, it provides router compatibility (including pre-configured routers).


A month-to-month package from NordVPN costs about the same as a midrange Netflix subscription. The price decreases to the level of a matinee offer if you choose the one-year or two-year options. You are protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Customer Service

NordVPN customers who have any problems with the service, Netflix-related or otherwise, can contact Customer Service via their handy 24/7 support chat option. Users can also take advantage of their trouble ticket system and searchable support library.


Server Coverage Worldwide

Russian Netflix users may access Netflix material almost everywhere it is produced by using any of the provider’s 5,300+ servers, which are spread across 60 different nations.


The online privacy of users is respected by NordVPN. This indicates that there are no server logs available. Users may keep their payment information private by using Bitcoin as a subscription payment option.

Additionally, the provider controls and manages the whole world’s server infrastructure, protecting the private information of consumers from outside parties. Additionally, none of the NordVPN servers write any data to a real hard disk; they are all entirely operated from RAM. This guarantees that every time the servers reboot, all data is safely destroyed.


If vodka stops working and you need a “Suits” fix (yes, things have really come to that), NordVPN has you covered.

NordVPN is your best bet for reliable access to Netflix content in the U.S. or any other country. Swift connections, above-average Server Coverage Worldwide, great privacy protection, top-notch Customer Service, and comprehensive Multi-Platform Assistance all make NordVPN the only way to go.

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