How to Watch Canadian TV Online in the US and Abroad

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The “how to watch Canadian tv in the us” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer is simple: you need an unblocker like UnoTelly of Hola.

It might be difficult to figure out how to watch Canadian TV from overseas if you’ve never done it before or if your typical streaming options are no longer accessible.

This post will explain how to use a VPN to access and watch Canadian TV from abroad whether you’re a Canadian ex-pat, a Canadian citizen who often goes abroad for business or pleasure, or even a citizen of another nation who appreciates Canadian TV and sports.

The Simple Method for Accessing Canadian TV Anywhere

canadian TV

The majority of Canadian television programs are geo-restricted to viewers with Canadian IP addresses who reside in Canada.

Despite this, you may use a VPN to view internet broadcasts of Canadian TV, including Crave TV (VPN).

Even if you are in Guatemala, a VPN may unblock TV streaming by changing your current IP address to a Canadian one.

I discover that NordVPN performs an excellent job of unblocking geo-blocked Canadian TV, enables me to watch HD video at breakneck rates without any bandwidth limitations, and has excellent security and privacy features.

With NordVPN’s 30-day money-back guarantee, you can test it out without risk.

The main Canadian TV networks and internet content providers only allow residents of Canada to view their programming.

This might make it difficult for folks who often travel internationally for work or for holidays to keep up with the most recent must-watch programs.

You’ll be relieved to learn that there is a simple and affordable solution to get past the restrictions put on overseas viewers if you’ve previously struggled to watch Canadian TV online outside of Canada: a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Why Are Foreign Users Refused Access to Canadian TV Streams?

Even if you pay for a Canadian TV network like Crave TV or are a resident of Canada traveling abroad, TV streaming services are not made to account for this and will restrict you if you are presently outside of the country’s boundaries.

Since this permits TV series to be licensed separately to other nations around the globe and increases earnings for program producers, Canadian TV distribution contracts are often set up such that material may only be shown to audiences inside Canada.

This kind of distribution model disregards the global reach of the internet and the real subscribers or people who want to access material while traveling abroad.

How Do Geographic Restrictions Operate?

Each device that connects to the internet is given an IP address by internet service providers.

An IP address serves as a tool for locating and transferring data and content from an internet server to your computer or other internet-capable devices. You wouldn’t be able to access the stuff you desire without an IP address that indicates where to transport data to and from.

When you seek to access material from another region of the globe, outside of Canada, Canadian TV content providers may know since IP addresses provide information about your location.

Canadian streaming services may therefore deny access to any user seeking material from outside Canada by checking the IP address for each request for content.

How Can I Access Canadian Television Content That Is Blocked?

You must modify your IP address to make it look as if your device is inside Canadian territory in order to access geo-restricted material from outside of Canada.

The most dependable and efficient approach to changing your IP address is to connect to a Canadian server using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). You may connect to any server on the network of the selected VPN after logging into their VPN account.

The best VPN services have the most geographic coverage, enabling you to connect to a server in the majority of nations and modify your IP address to seem to be in that place for websites and streaming services.

Because the streaming service detects a content request from a device situated within Canada and has no reason to prohibit access to the stream, this then allows access to the banned material.

One advantage of a VPN is that it may hide your actual IP address and give you a new one in the nation of your choosing.

VPNs may also protect your data from hackers and other online criminals. An encrypted connection is one of the safety measures that protect the confidentiality of your personal data.

A VPN’s evaluation process for unblocking Canadian TV abroad

There are a few important things to take into account while looking for a VPN service provider to employ in order to view Canadian TV from overseas. You don’t want to choose a VPN only to learn later that it can’t unblock Canadian TV or can’t provide a good experience while doing so.

I took care to evaluate the following factors before selecting NordVPN as the best VPN for unblocking Canadian TV from abroad:

  • Speed: If you’ve ever experienced prolonged buffering periods or a low-resolution image, you are aware of the importance of connection speed while streaming. Because of this, I decided to suggest NordVPN, which provides among of the fastest speeds I’ve ever seen (and I’ve tried a lot of services).
  • Server Network: To watch Canadian TV, you must have access to Canadian servers. You may, however, access video streaming services in other nations thanks to wide server coverage. Consider the number of servers a VPN company provides as well. Since none of the servers will be overloaded by too many people, the more servers there are, the quicker the speeds.
  • Value: The VPN you choose should provide a lot for the amount it is asking. No VPN should demand more of you than is reasonable for the services it provides. Given what it provides, NordVPN is a great VPN service provider that doesn’t have a large price tag.
  • Simple to Use: Simple to utilize tools allow even novice VPN users to set up and use the VPN. Any VPN you use should also include applications for a wide range of devices so you may watch on whatever platform you like. For a wide range of device platforms, NordVPN provides straightforward applications.
  • Security and Privacy: Keep in mind that a VPN should provide extensive security and privacy measures in addition to access to Canadian video streaming material. The bare minimum in internet security that you should seek out is DNS/IP leak prevention, automated kill switch, and banking-level encryption. A stringent no-logs policy guarantees your right to privacy online, which is very crucial. Offering all of this and more is NordVPN.
  • Streaming: Search for a VPN that gives you access to not just Canadian TV but also to other foreign streaming providers. In several nations, NordVPN provides dependable access to major streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and others.

The evaluation of the variables I’ve provided above is just a portion of my thorough technique for assessing VPNs. I employ a data-driven strategy since it allows me to comprehend services more fully and determine if they would be a suitable match for your requirements. 

Which VPN Provides the Best Canadian TV Streaming Abroad Experience?

Over time, as worries about internet security have increased, so too has the number of VPN providers. The good news is that a variety of VPN services are now available, and they can unblock geo-restricted material and provide additional protection while browsing the internet.

But I have discovered one VPN in particular that works very well.


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From almost anywhere in the globe, NordVPN offers dependable access to Canadian TV broadcasts, including Crave TV. This VPN service provider can unblock TV streams from many different nations, such as the United States and the United Kingdom, thanks to its extensive server network.

Additionally, the service provides lightning-quick VPN server speeds, ensuring that you never suffer latency when watching your favorite programs, even in HD.

The excellent security standards of NordVPN are widely recognized, and your data is protected with military-grade encryption. Excellent cross-platform compatibility is also offered for Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, Amazon Fire, Android TV, and iOS.

Read my in-depth NordVPN review.

Relationship Speeds

One of a VPN’s most crucial features is speed, which is particularly significant while watching TV shows in regular quality or even in HD or 4K.

This is an area where NordVPN excels, and I’ve seen lightning-fast connections even while connecting to servers in remote regions of the globe. In fact, some of the fastest VPN service speeds I’ve ever tested belong to NordVPN.

Multi-Platform Assistance

Finding an easy-to-use VPN is crucial while searching for Canadian TV streaming services.

By providing applications that are simple to download and set up and accessible for all the main platforms, NordVPN fits into that category.

Apps for Windows, macOS (with native M1 Mac compatibility), iOS, Android, Linux, Android TV, and Amazon Fire are among the desktop and mobile platforms that fall under this category.

For the Edge, Firefox, and Chrome platforms, there are also straightforward browser extensions that are simple to set up and use.

If you play video games on a Playstation or Xbox, you may use NordVPN’s “SmartDNS” service to watch Canadian TV streams on your console. There is also coverage of more platforms like Apple TV and Roku. By altering your DNS settings, this will enable quick access to Canadian TV streams without encrypting your data like a VPN.

With only one subscription, NordVPN permits six concurrent connections to the VPN servers on several devices. You may set up a variety of wireless routers to connect to NordVPN if you’d want to apply the VPN subscription to your router so that every device in your house is protected.

In conclusion, you can access most streaming services using NordVPN via web browsers, gaming consoles, and streaming set-top boxes like Roku devices.

Customer Service

If you have technical issues or billing queries, it’s important that you have responsive Customer Service on hand from your VPN provider.

Numerous alternatives for users to acquire assistance are available by NordVPN, which has always provided trustworthy and quick support.

There is email assistance, live chat support available round-the-clock, and a useful support library with how-tos and user manuals.

Server Coverage Worldwide

Server Coverage Worldwide is an important consideration when it comes to the ability to unblock online content from almost anywhere in the world.

Users of NordVPN have a lot of options for which server they want to connect to since it has more than 5,200 servers spread throughout 59 countries.

This is the best option for viewing Canadian TV since the service now has more than 480 servers in Canada spread over 3 locations.

Selecting a VPN that offers wide Server Coverage Worldwide like NordVPN will also be a benefit if you ever wish to access content that is geo-restricted to another country around the world.


With its above-average service coming at a very affordable price, NordVPN is a pretty cheap VPN. For a little cost, you may have access to its quick speeds, practical security measures, and extensive worldwide server network.

Additionally, NordVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Concerning Canadian Television

The U.S. has had a significant impact on the kinds of programs and material that are shown on TV in Canada, and the U.S. and Canadian television industries are closely related.

Although Vancouver is the location for the renowned U.S. program Suits, many notable Canadian TV shows are produced by the country’s own TV networks.

The free-to-air networks CBC, CTV, Global, and City as well as Quebec-focused French-language networks SRA and TVC make up the Canadian TV market.

Numerous Canadian cable TV stations offer their own internet streaming services in addition to free-to-air channels. Additionally, foreign internet streaming businesses like Netflix and Crave TV offer TV shows, movies, and sports on their Canadian websites.

FAQs about Canadian TV VPN

Is Canadian TV Available in the United States?

By utilizing a reputable VPN service with servers located in Canada and that provides dependable access to streaming services throughout the world, you may watch Canadian TV in the U.S. Given that NordVPN has four server farms in Canada, three of which are in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal, I suggest it.

Can You Explain How I Can Watch Canadian TV in the United States?

Using a VPN, follow these steps to view Canadian TV:

  1. Join a trustworthy VPN service (like NordVPN).
  2. Install the app(s) of the VPN provider on your preferred viewing device (s).
  3. Join the VPN provider’s website.
  4. Set up a connection to a Canadian VPN server.
  5. Open your preferred Canadian TV streaming service.
  6. Take in the spectacle!

Can I Watch Canadian TV with a Free VPN?

While you may watch Canadian TV for free with a VPN, the experience won’t be enjoyable. First off, many free VPN services either provide a small number of server locations from which to choose or connect you to a server of their choice automatically. In any case, it’s possible that you won’t connect to a Canadian server.

Your free VPN service provider may limit your connection even if you do manage to acquire a Canadian connection. Additionally, since most free VPNs have daily or monthly bandwidth limits, your viewing will be restricted.

The issue of privacy is last but by no means least. Even free VPNs need to make a profit, and many do this by tracking and selling the online activities of their customers to marketers and other parties. Additionally, it has been reported that some free VPNs send tracking cookies and intrusive adverts into their customers’ browser sessions.

Does CTV provide streaming for free?

It does. Everyone may access CTV Throwback, CTV Movies, and MTV without a sign-in or membership. CTV offers free access to many of the episodes of its shows. However, in order to access the majority of the networks’ streaming libraries, a login is necessary.

How can I use a Firestick to view Canadian TV in the US?

The Amazon Appstore offers a wide selection of Canadian TV applications. To browse the applications that are currently available, just type “Canada TV” into the Amazon Appstore or the Apps and Games section of the Amazon website.

Alexei Hulsov’s “Canadian Flag Nation” is available with a Pixabay License.

“Canadian TV Shows on Amazon Prime” is a guide that provides information on how to watch Canadian TV online in the US and abroad.

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