How to Watch Greek TV Online From Abroad in 2022

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Starting in 2022, Greek television will be available online to viewers all over the world. This is thanks to a new agreement between ANT1 and Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT). The service will be accessible through ANT1’s app as well as ERT’s website and mobile apps. This makes Greek TV more accessible than ever before, making it easier for people living abroad to catch up on their favorite shows.

The “watch greek tv channels online free” is a question that has been asked before. The answer to the question is: “How to Watch Greek TV Online From Abroad in 2022.”

You may wish to watch Greek TV when you’re away from home if you’re a Greek citizen who often travels overseas for business or pleasure or if you’re an ex-pat who was born in Greece.

If you’ve never tried to get Greek TV shows from a foreign location through the internet, figuring out how to do so may be fairly difficult.

Therefore, I will provide a thorough explanation of how to watch Greek television while you are in a different country in this post.

How to Watch Greek TV Online Most Effectively Abroad

The majority of Greek television programs are inherently only available to those who reside in Greece, and you may only watch them online if your IP address is from Greece.

While traveling, it is still possible to watch Greek TV online by utilizing a VPN, or virtual private network (VPN).

Your IP address may be changed to a Greek IP address using a VPN. You may watch Greek TV broadcasts from anywhere with a reliable VPN service, whether you’re in Azerbaijan or Zimbabwe.

My own experience has shown me how effective NordVPN is at removing the limitations imposed by Greek internet TV providers. This VPN can watch information quickly and easily, including HD TV feeds.

A 30-day money-back guarantee allows you to test the service risk-free to determine whether it meets your needs.

All of the main Greek TV networks and other online content providers, such as Hellenic Cable Networks (HCN), only allow Greek residents to watch their television programs.

It might be challenging to see your favorite programs when you vacation overseas.

If you’ve been unable to watch Greek TV while traveling, you’ll probably be relieved to learn that there’s a cheap and simple method to get past all of the restrictions imposed on those who don’t reside in Greece.

Why Is Access To Greek TV Streams Banned For Foreign Users?

Even if you have a paid Greek TV subscription to Netflix or HCN, these services are not intended to function when you are traveling.

As a result of your location outside of Greek territory, Greek TV providers will prevent you from viewing the programmes you wish to watch.

The reasons why TV companies prohibit foreign viewers are many and complicated.

For instance, if people could watch television programs for free in any nation on earth, the amount of money that show producers might earn by licensing their productions to other markets would be reduced.

International viewers’ access is additionally restricted by the fact that every nation in the globe has its own censorship policies, laws governing television content, and program age ratings.

The limitations listed above apply as a blanket ban to anybody without a Greek IP address, therefore they do not account for the way the internet is set up and how it is accessible to Greek nationals who are traveling or residing abroad anywhere in the globe.

The Function of Geo-Restriction Blocks

Every device that connects to the internet will get an IP address from an Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Any information and material from a server may be located and transferred to your device with the aid of an IP address. You may now visit the website or stream you wish to watch thanks to this.

You wouldn’t be able to access any material if you didn’t have an IP address to let the server know where you were and where you wanted to transmit data.

Additionally, IP addresses have the ability to track and record every website you visit, as well as reveal your geographic location.

Your IP address allows Greek television content providers to pinpoint precisely where you are attempting to access their services from. The services will block you if your IP address is from outside the country.

How Can I View Greek TV Blocked Abroad?

You must modify your IP address in order to get access to geo-restricted content. This is done to make your address seem to be from inside Greek territory.

Using a Virtual Private Network is one of the most efficient and dependable methods for you to change your IP address (VPN).

You will be connected through the VPN to a Greek server. The required material will subsequently be made available to you by the server. To do this, it masks your actual IP address and assigns you a new one that is situated in Greece.

Thanks to the secured connection that comes with the new IP address, your data will always be secure.

A VPN’s Evaluation Process for Greek TV

To unblock Greek TV from overseas, you shouldn’t simply select any VPN service provider since not all of them can really accomplish it. A few specific qualities must be included in your selected VPN in order to provide a pleasurable experience.

Here are the factors I took into account while determining which VPN to suggest for viewing Greek TV from abroad:

  • Speed: If your internet connection isn’t fast enough, you’ll have to endure extended periods of time while your favorite Greek TV episodes and movies are buffering and will have terrible quality. For viewing Greek TV, NordVPN is the best VPN to use because of its lightning-fast connection times.
  • Network of servers: Since not all VPNs have fast servers in Greece, it’s critical that you choose one that does. Additionally, you want a VPN that offers a large number of servers since the more servers you have, the quicker your speeds will be because there won’t be a single server that is overloaded with people.
  • Value: For the majority of consumers, cost is the most important factor. Nobody wants to pay for a VPN only to discover that it lacks the features and functionality they want. Always check to see whether the VPN service company you choose provides adequate value for your money. NordVPN undoubtedly provides value for the money.
  • Ease of Use: You don’t want to choose a certain VPN just to discover that it doesn’t have an app for your favorite video streaming device. Additionally, you don’t want to discover that the software is too complicated. Because of this, I suggest NordVPN, which provides user-friendly applications for a variety of devices.
  • Security and privacy: Since the goal of VPNs is to safeguard your privacy and security online, I make sure that each VPN I suggest for any application provides at least government-grade encryption, an automated kill switch, and IP/DNS leak prevention. The VPN should also not keep any records of your internet activity. This applies to NordVPN and then some.
  • Streaming: It’s clear that you like watching Greek TV. But you probably also take use of other video streaming services. It’s crucial to take into account whether or not your VPN can unblock several streaming sources, in addition, to simply one. Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and more services are readily accessible using NordVPN.

The above-mentioned parameters are just a minor portion of my thorough VPN testing technique. I have a better understanding of each VPN and its service offers thanks to my data-driven methodology. I can confidently say that I will only suggest people who are a suitable match for your requirements.

Which VPN Provides the Best Greek TV Streaming Abroad Experience?

There are many VPN services available that can unblock geographically restricted material and increase online security.

One VPN in particular, however, stands out from the others.


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The best VPN for watching Greek TV online while traveling is NordVPN. (Read my whole NordVPN review.)

With the help of this VPN service provider, you can watch your favorite Greek TV programs from nearly anywhere in the globe due to its extensive network of more than 5,100 servers in more than 59 countries, including Greece.

You won’t have any lengthy buffering difficulties while trying to view your favorite Greek video since this service has the quickest connections I recently tested. There are no bandwidth limitations, and any VPN service nowadays offers the finest privacy features.

Users will get military-grade encryption for their data via NordVPN, which eliminates worries about surveillance, ID theft, or the prospect of hackers gaining access to their personal information.

Relationship Speed

Relationship Speed is always important to any kind of VPN user, no matter what they are doing online, even if it’s just browsing websites or social media.

However, speed becomes much more important when streaming material. Speeds must be quick to provide the optimal viewing experience given that video material may now be streamed online in HD or 4K quality.

Fast connections are offered by NordVPN, with just a little reduction in speed from full ISP rates. Your favorite television programs and films now look and sound even better because of the constant availability of high-resolution material. Additionally, while utilizing NordVPN, you never have to be concerned about data restrictions or connection throttling.

Multi-Platform Assistance

Always choose a VPN service company whose software is straightforward to use. This is where NordVPN excels, offering applications that are quite easy to download and set up.

There are several applications available, and they are compatible with all common platforms and devices.

You can download apps for Linux, Mac, Android, Android TV, Amazon Fire, iOS, and Windows, then set them up so they’re ready to use in a matter of minutes.

Additionally, there is support for browser add-ons made for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

Under a single subscription, you may connect up to 6 devices at once to the VPN servers of the service. Users may secure all of their devices by manually configuring the VPN on their network.

Customer Service

NordVPN offers excellent Customer Service and will be there when you need them. You can get help via a ticket system or 24/7 live chat. There’s also a support library that’s full of helpful user guides.

It’s nice to know that NordVPN can assist you to utilize their services, give continuing support, and provide guidance on how to connect to and watch Greek TV in words that you will be able to understand and follow. Support may be particularly vital for novice VPN users, so it’s excellent to know that.

Server Coverage Worldwide

One of the most remarkable server networks of any VPN service provider is offered by NordVPN. There are more than 5,200 servers accessible worldwide.

The quantity of servers is crucial for offering you a selection, but the distribution of the server network is also crucial.

You have a lot of options for viewing geo-restricted material using NordVPN as its servers are spread throughout over 60 countries, including Greece.

Notably, NordVPN owns and runs each of its servers, preventing access to your personal information by other operators. Additionally, no data is stored on a physical hard drive and all NordVPN servers function entirely from RAM. This implies that each time a server is restarted, all data is safely erased from the server.


The cost of NordVPN is surprisingly affordable for a quality VPN service. You may actually save a lot of money on your VPN protection if you choose an extended membership.

Additionally, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing potential customers to test the service risk-free to determine whether it meets their needs.

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Concerning Greek Television

Greece didn’t have television until 1960.

The Power Corporation of Greece housed the relatively tiny television studios. A few years later, a smaller, more exclusive station was established; nevertheless, it only existed until 1968.

The most watched channels in the nation right now are Alpha, ANT1, Skai, Star, and Open. A few Greek stations are accessible for free viewing, and HCN also offers cable TV.

Other streaming services are also accessible in Greece, and Greek IP address holders may access a Greek version of Netflix’s website.


What Greek TV Channels Are Available Through a VPN?

You may access a number of Greek television networks by using a VPN. These include well-known Greek TV networks as ANT1, Alpha, Star, and Skai TV.

How Do I View Greek TV in the United States?

Even in the United States, you may watch all of your favorite Greek television programs by utilizing a dependable VPN service like NordVPN. Simply launch your preferred Greek TV streaming app after connecting to a VPN server in Greece.

Can I Access Free Greek TV?

Greek television streams are available for free on a variety of web platforms. Be mindful, however, that the legality of such services is still in question.

What Greek TV Programs Are Streamable?

Greek TV programs abound, including To Nisi, Oi Vasiliades, Brousko, Tamam, To Soi Sou, and a host of others.

Can I use a Roku device to watch Greek TV?

On Roku devices, Greek TV streams are accessible. To get back access to the Greek TV broadcasts, you will need to utilize a VPN with Greek-based servers if the app is only accessible to Greek users.

On My Smart TV, How Do I Get Greek Channels?

Viewers may get Greek television channels including ANT1, Alpha, Star, and Skai TV, however, availability varies depending on your Smart TV and the operating system it uses. For further information, visit the “app store” on your Smart TV. Additionally, you may require a VPN with Greek-based servers in order to access the material.

Which Greek TV shows are worth watching online?

While there are many Greek TV series that are excellent to watch, we can only highlight a few of the best ones in this space. Among the well-liked Greek TV Series that can be seen online are Greece’s Top Model, The Voice of Greece, Masterchef Greece, Agries Melisses, Gynaika Horis Onoma, and Alitheies Me Ti Zina.


I would strongly advise signing up for NordVPN if you are presently outside of Greece but would want to watch Greek TV online from wherever.

With additional possibilities to view your favorite programs, this VPN service provider simply gets over the geo-blocks on Greek TV and a number of other well-known online streaming platforms.

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