How to Watch Romanian TV Abroad in 2022 – Fast Streaming Awaits

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Do you want to watch Romanian TV abroad but don’t know how? Here’s how to fast-stream Romanian TV online in 2022. Get started today and enjoy live streaming Romanian television without any trouble!

“Romanian TV streaming” is a service that allows users to watch Romanian TV abroad. The service will be available in the United States, Canada, and Romania.

Numerous TV streaming services are available to Romanian internet users, including TVR 1, TVR 2, TVR 3, Pro TV, Kanal D, and others. Sadly, Romanian TV networks are not accessible to viewers outside of Romanian boundaries, much as the majority of streaming providers. Anyone attempting to access a streaming service outside of the specified viewing region is often blocked. If your device doesn’t have a Romanian IP address, you won’t be able to watch Romanian TV broadcasts in this instance.

So what should you do when you’re homesick and want a flavor of home? Besides making some cabbage rolls, of course. A virtual private network is used (VPN). A VPN may temporarily give your connected device a Romanian IP address so that it seems as if you (and your device) are connecting from that other nation while it routes your internet connection via that other country (let’s say, Romania).

The Most Effective Way to Watch Romanian TV Abroad

The most dependable approach to keep up on your favorite Romanian TV episodes when you’re living abroad or touring the globe is to utilize a virtual private network (VPN).

You may temporarily use an IP address from within Romania by downloading a VPN program on your device and connecting to a VPN server located there in order to disguise your real IP address. By doing this, Romanian streaming providers will see your device as coming from inside Romania, enabling you to access their streaming material.

Remember nevertheless, not all VPN service providers can provide you dependable access to Romanian TV programming. Heck, not all VPN services even offer Romanian-based servers.

Because of this, NordVPN is the best option for streaming Romanian TV.

A reputable VPN service with a good track record for unblocking geographically restricted streaming services is NordVPN. The company provides lightning-quick download speeds, extensive server coverage around the world, app compatibility for the majority of popular streaming devices, and top-notch online security and privacy.

A 30-day, risk-free money-back guarantee is provided by NordVPN.

There are several variables to consider when deciding which VPN to use to unblock geo-restricted material (like Romanian TV broadcasts). In addition to connection speeds, device compatibility, the world server network, and many other things, these variables might also include.

Fortunately for you, I’ve already completed all of the research. Therefore, all you have to do to find out how to use a VPN to access Romanian TV streaming material and which VPN is the best for the task is read this post. The Short Version: NordVPN.

Why Do Romanian Streaming Services Disallow Viewers From Other Countries?

No matter how many subscriptions you have to Romanian streaming services, there is a significant probability that if you try to access any of their material from a location outside of Romania, you will be denied access.

While you would believe that TV streaming providers are acting in this way solely to be obnoxious, that is not the case. Because of the agreements they make with television and film studios, they are legally obligated to restrict access to their material. As a result, they ban viewers from outside of their own nation.

Agreements for streaming material limit the viewing of content to a certain geographic region. This implies that you won’t be able to access whatever the streamer has to offer if your device doesn’t have a Romanian IP address.

The rights to TV and film productions are sold by TV and film companies on a country-by-country basis. If something sells once, sell it again, any reputable studio head would advise you. (Which explains why there are films about the Police Academy. I’m not joking, however. The films in the Police Academy series are not explained.)

Some too repressive countries may filter and prohibit internet material in addition to the controls that video streaming firms themselves impose on their content. You may also get around these kinds of internet barriers by using a VPN.

Procedure for Geo-Restrictions

Any TV streaming service, whether it’s based in Romania or elsewhere in the world, can quickly determine if you should be permitted to see their material by looking at one crucial factor. its IP address.

An IP address is given to each computer or other device that connects to the internet. This does two things.

An IP address identifies your equipment on the internet in the first place, much as your home’s postal address does.

Second, much like your postal address, streaming services may use it to determine where your device is physically located.

Each nation is given a set of IP addresses that can only be used there. A streaming provider may determine where you are by looking into your device’s IP address. Romanian streaming providers will prevent you from accessing their material if you don’t seem to be in Romania.

What Should I Do If Romanian TV Is Blocked?

By temporarily giving your device a new IP address that is based in Romania, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) may enable access to Romanian TV stations.

The Romanian TV streaming sites will happily let you binge once they see that you now have an IP address that indicates you are in their nation.

All you have to do is adhere to these easy instructions:

  1. Join a solid VPN service—NordVPN is my top recommendation.
  2. Install the app(s) from the vendor on your preferred device (s).
  3. Open the program, then connect to a Romanian server.
  4. Visit the website of your preferred Romanian TV streaming provider.
  5. Begin overeating!

(Note: If you have issues, delete the cookies and cache on your browser.)

Romanian streaming providers will see you and your device as being in Romania regardless of where you really are, allowing you to access their material, regardless of where you are (although you will also need to be subscribed to most of the services). In addition to game servers and content, this method also works with banking services and other internet businesses.

Your internet traffic is also encrypted via a VPN. A protected tunnel created by encryption prohibits any outside observers from seeing your online activities. This applies to government officials, hackers, and even your own Internet service provider.

People won’t be able to know what you’re looking at even though they may be able to detect you’re connected to the internet.

Having an encrypted connection is beneficial both at home and when traveling.

When you use a VPN at home, your ISP can’t track your online behavior or throttle or stop your connection if you do “unapproved” things like share files or watch videos from certain streaming sites.

With a VPN, you can utilize open WiFi hotspots while you’re out and about without fearing that hackers will be watching your online activity and stealing your personal information, like those found in coffee shops.

The best VPN for unblocking Romanian TV is, which one?

It was easy to unblock streaming services from all around the world when VPNs and streaming platforms were still in their infancy.

Streamers quickly realized the VPN technique, however, and started deliberately restricting IP addresses that VPN providers were known to provide.

It is up to the VPN to put up new servers and new IP addresses to reopen access to those prohibited movie libraries when it learns that a streaming service is arbitrarily restricting its IP addresses.

The virtual cat and mouse game then restarts when the streaming provider ultimately learns the VPN’s new IP addresses and bans them.

While not all VPNs are prepared and equipped to carry on the good fight, several companies nevertheless give dependable access to streaming TV services. My top VPN service provider, NordVPN, is one of them.

A VPN’s Evaluation Process for Romanian TV from a Distance

A VPN service may have a large number of servers in Poland, but it does not guarantee that they can provide dependable access to Romanian TV streams.

The following characteristics are the most crucial ones to think about while evaluating a VPN for viewing Romanian TV from abroad:

  • Speed: When it comes to streaming video, connection speeds rule. If your internet connection is sluggish, you’ll probably have to watch a stream at a lesser resolution and wait a long time to watch. Lightning-fast connections are available from NordVPN.
  • Server Network: It’s also crucial to confirm that your preferred VPN includes Romanian servers. Additionally, you should get acquainted with the provider’s servers in various nations. This will make sure that wherever you go, you may watch your preferred streaming services. The more servers a nation has, the less likely it is that those servers would operate poorly as a result of being overloaded with users.
  • Value: Never accept a VPN service that doesn’t provide enough features to make up for its high price. The return on investment from NordVPN is amazing.
  • Ease of Use: VPN applications need to be strong. They should, however, be simple to use. For well-known connected devices, NordVPN provides strong but user-friendly applications.
  • Security and privacy: At the absolute least, a kill switch, high-level encryption, and DNS and IP leak prevention should all be present on your VPN connection. Additionally, the VPN should never keep any kind of server record. The features listed above are all provided by NordVPN.
  • Streaming: Any VPN that is worth thinking about should dependably provide access to as many streaming services as is feasible. In addition to providing dependable access to other well-liked streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and others, NordVPN now provides access to Romanian TV services.

The aforementioned elements are only a portion of my thorough VPN testing technique. As a result, I can better understand VPN providers and their services using a data-driven approach, and I can then suggest providers that will meet the demands of my readers.


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One of the most well-known and reputable VPN service providers on the market right now is NordVPN. The service provider has a stellar reputation for providing dependable geo-blocked material unblocking, including streaming services, gaming servers, other content, and much more.

Fast connections from the supplier also give excellent online security and privacy for all of your online activities. For devices that are unable to utilize the provider’s applications, the provider provides a smart DNS solution. All of your connected devices are secured every time they connect to your WiFi network thanks to its broad router compatibility.

Check out the whole NordVPN review here.

1. Speed of Connection

A fast connection is your buddy if you love watching HD and 4K streaming video. This indicates that NordVPN is a welcoming provider.

In all of my tests, NordVPN connections had among of the quickest speeds. The supplier received a second-place finish in my most recent testing.

Large file sharing, 4K and HD streaming, and gaming are all no problem with its connections. The supplier never limits your data use or throttles your bandwidth.

2. Support for Multi-Platform Apps

I dare state that the majority of Romanian TV streaming providers have applications for the most widely used streaming-capable gadgets. The majority of widely used device platforms are supported by NordVPN.

Devices running Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, Android TV, and Amazon Fire can all use NordVPN applications. (The service provides M1 Mac native support.) There are several router compatibilities, as well as Chrome and Firefox browser addons.

Additionally, applications like Apple TV, gaming consoles, and other streaming-capable devices that do not benefit from NordVPN’s app selection may access geo-blocked material thanks to the company’s SmartDNS service. Remember that, unlike the VPN service, the SmartDNS service does not provide encrypted security for your connection.

On a single account, up to 6 devices may connect at once.

3. Consumer Assistance

It’s likely that you may sometimes have questions or problems relating to your VPN service, even though I hope you never have any problems with your VPN provider.

The service provider provides round-the-clock customer service via live chat, email, and a large, searchable help library.

4. Worldwide Server Support

More than 5,300 servers in 59+ countries, including Romania, are part of NordVPN’s server network.

In addition to enabling access to Romanian material, this extensive worldwide server coverage also enables you to browse geo-restricted content from other parts of the globe.

5. Privacy and security

With banking-level encryption, a kill switch, DNS/IP Leak prevention, and other top-notch security features, NordVPN offers outstanding protection to keep your online activities secret.

To secure your use and payment information, the service maintains no server logs related to your online activities and only takes Bitcoin as a means of subscription payment.

In order to protect the privacy of its consumers, NordVPN is switching to an owned-and-operated global server network architecture. In order to guarantee that all data is safely deleted when the server is restarted, the provider also operates all of its servers entirely from RAM, writing no data of any sort to a physical hard drive.

Pricing 6.

It would be reasonable to think that a premium VPN service would cost more money. Fortunately, NordVPN doesn’t use this reasoning when setting its prices, giving its services at a deeply discounted rate.

A risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee is provided by NordVPN.

FAQ about Romanian TV Streaming

What Online Romanian TV Dramas Are the Best?

Several excellent Romanian TV dramas are available for your watching pleasure. These include numerous more, such as Fructul oprit, Umbre/Shadows, Hackerville, and Vlad.

Is Romanian TV Streaming Permitted?

It is entirely legal to view Romanian television using a VPN. However, you incur the risk of disobeying the streaming service’s terms and conditions, which might lead to the cancellation of your streaming membership.

Where Can I Find a Romanian Online TV Guide?

You can stay up to speed on your favorite programs with the help of a variety of mobile applications and various online TV guides for Romania, such as

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