Liberty Shield VPN Review & Test Results – Best Choice in 2022?

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Liberty Shield is a top VPN service that provides users with the best security and privacy. In this Liberty Shield VPN review, we will explore its features and test it to see if it is the right choice for you in 2022.

The “liberty shield vpn login” is a VPN service that offers high speed, privacy, and security. It has been rated the best choice in 2022 by many review websites.

Does Liberty Shield VPN sound like a superhero from a 1940s comic book to anybody else? is a VPN service situated in the UK that touts itself as quick, safe, and secure. Two out of three ain’t terrible, to paraphrase the late singer Meatloaf.

I’ll examine the provider’s extensive server network in my evaluation, as well as its capacity to unblock geographically restricted material.

Additionally, I’ll look into how effectively it shields your online activity from prying eyes and let you know what type of connection speed hit you could encounter.

I’ll also let you know which of your gadgets are eligible for Liberty’s Shield and if the provider provides any additional security.

I’ll give you my opinion on Liberty Shield and let you know whether I believe there are any better VPN options available, such as NordVPN, which is my top pick for a VPN.

Do You Need Liberty Shield VPN?

Liberty Shield offers minimal additional capabilities to further increase online Privacy and security while still providing basic VPN protection. Despite providing dependable access to geo-restricted material, the provider’s constrained worldwide server network prevents consumers from maximizing the potential of their video streaming subscriptions.

The provider’s native app support is only available for the most popular mobile and desktop device platforms, and Relationship Speeds are often poor. There are no alternatives for other router brands, and VPN router assistance is only available for the type the provider offers.

The supplier provides both a 48-hour free trial before your credit card is debited and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

There are more better solutions available, even if Liberty Shield is a respectable VPN service. The finest VPN overall, NordVPN is also one of the least expensive options available.

With its remarkable worldwide server network, NordVPN provides the best access to geo-restricted material as well as the best online security for users of a wide range of devices, including different routers and web browsers. A 30-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee is provided.

My Opinion

Although Liberty Shield provides superb internet security, that is about where its benefits end. I’ll start by saying that the service does provide customers a reliable router-based alternative, complete with an out-of-the-box VPN router. However, if you’re seeking more than the bare necessities, go on; there is nothing to see here.

The provider’s worldwide server network fails to qualify as “global,” as it only offers servers located in 8 different nations and is undoubtedly Euro-centric apart from choices for the United States and Canada.

Although the company proved to have the ability to reliably unblock geographically restricted streaming services, its meager server infrastructure inhibits users from maximizing the benefits of their streaming subscriptions.

All of the main device platforms are supported by the supplier, but after that, support ends. The service does provide router assistance, but it is only available for the VPN routers that it sells. For other routers, no manual setup instructions are provided.

Military-grade encryption is used to safeguard Liberty Shield connections, but the security seems to end there. There are no options to enable a kill switch, prevent DNS leaks, block ads and trackers, or guard against malware and phishing in the provider’s applications. Liberty Shield is not the right service for you if you’re seeking for additional protection.

This all adds up to basic internet security, and higher security may be had for less money. With a service like NordVPN, you may achieve the highest level of online security and anonymity.

Speed: 2.5/5
measured speed Average download speed is 24.18 Mbps (independently tested)
Streaming Assistance: HD or lower
Streaming Rating: 3.5/5
Does Netflix unblock? Yes
Supported U.S. Streaming Services Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon
Supported U.K. Streaming Services Amazon, Netflix, and BBC iPlayer
Security Rating: 3/5
Privacy Score: 4/5
enables torrenting On every server, yes
Money Well Spent: 3/5
Money-Back Promise free trial of 48 hours. Money-back guarantee of 30 days.


  • provides preconfigured routers.
  • opens up Netflix and other streaming services
  • good support for native apps


  • servers in only 8 nations
  • The connection speed is really slow.
  • No “extras” for internet protection

Liberty Shield characteristics

There are six subscription durations available from Liberty Shield: one month, three months, six months, and one year.

A “light” router that only supports 2.4 GHz – 802.11b/g/n wireless is available, while a “pro” router that supports both 2.4 GHz – 802.11b/g/n and 5 GHz – 802.11a/n/ac wireless is available, according to the service provider’s two VPN + router package offerings. Both routers are offered individually with a two-week trial VPN subscription in addition to a 1-year VPN + router bundle.

The service provider provides solutions for the macOS, Windows, Android, Android TV, Amazon Fire, and iOS device platforms, providing dependable albeit unspectacular device support. Although the provider does provide router assistance, it is only available for the routers that it sells. There are no extensions for any browsers.

A single account may connect up to three devices at once, according to the supplier.

Despite using government-grade encryption, the service does not, unlike CyberGhost, give options in its applications to activate kill switch protection, auo-reconnect, or any other “extras” like ad and tracker blocking or malware and phishing protection.

44 VPN and proxy server farms offered by Liberty Shield are located in 8 different countries. You won’t be able to access as much geo-restricted material as you might with a VPN that has extensive worldwide server coverage, like NordVPN, which substantially limits the value of your streaming subscriptions.

Since the service claims to not censor any online activity, P2P BitTorrenting is permitted on their network.

The service provider provides a searchable FAQ/knowledge base and a support ticket tracking system. Although live chat is accessible, if you click on it, you will be told that it is exclusively for sales-related inquiries.


Accessing geo-restricted material from all around the world is perhaps one of the most well-liked applications for VPN services. If this is one of your motivations for using a VPN, it’s crucial to sign up with a reputable company that provides access to as many streaming services as is practical.

It is true that utilizing almost any VPN service at the beginning of both the streaming and VPN businesses made it easy to unblock streaming video from wherever. Netflix and other providers discovered this little trick, too, and started restricting the IP addresses that VPN services offer.

While this indicates that many VPN service providers have given up trying to enable access to geo-restricted material. While most providers focus on providing internet Privacy and security, some are nonetheless prepared to take whatever measures are necessary to maintain access to geo-blocked material.

In its advertising, Liberty Shield positions itself as a method to access geo-restricted streaming services including Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and several more.

Despite providing dependable access to these services, the VPN provider’s poor internet Relationship Speeds and sparse worldwide server network prevent you from taking full use of what your streaming subscriptions have to offer.

There was occasional buffering and the U.S. and U.K. playback was only available in 480 playback, but the provider’s servers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Spain all provided dependable access to Netflix. (Spain offered streaming in 720 HD.)

The American servers also provided consistent access to Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. Additionally, the Spanish servers had a dependable connection to Amazon Prime Video material. The BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime Video material were both easily accessible from the UK servers.

Privacy and security

Liberty Shield provides good online security, but offers next to nothing in the way of additional Privacy and security “bells and whistles” like what CyberGhost and many other VPN services offer.

Government-grade encryption is used by the provider to secure your connection, but the in-app security is limited. There are just three choices in the VPN programs for macOS and Windows: sign in when you launch the app, connect to the VPN when you sign in, and conceal the app when you establish a connection. I’m done now.

As for privacy policies & protections, Liberty Shield says it does not collect or log traffic data or browsing activity from individual users connected to their VPN. Unfortunately for cryptocurrency fans, only credit cards and PayPal are accepted for subscription payments.

The service provider is headquartered in the United Kingdom, a nation that belongs to the “5 eyes” alliance. This implies that the nation collaborates with the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand to gather and examine both offline and online activity from its inhabitants.

Relationship Speeds

Although the secured connections offered by Liberty Shield do provide sufficient VPN speed for the majority of online activity, their speeds are not very spectacular.

My unsecured gigabit fiber connection gave my Mac an average download speed of 376.66 Mbps during my testing sessions.

I established connections to three distinct VPN servers (in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Spain) at three different times of day and discovered an average protected connection speed of 24.18 Mbps. I never saw speeds more than 37 Mbps. More damage was done to upload speeds than that.

Online gamers will want to take advantage of the service’s 48-hour free trial to determine whether the company’s inflated ping statistics can enable lag-free gaming, even while the provider provides ample power for streaming video and exchanging files.

The service provider does not subject its customers to data limitations or bandwidth throttling.


There are four different subscription durations offered by Liberty Shield, including savings for longer commitments. They also provide two alternatives for VPN subscriptions plus routers.

The 1-month plan from the supplier will be the same price as a large frappuccino or other upscale caffeinated beverage at your preferred coffee shop. Your monthly expenses are reduced by around 50 cents with the 3-month option and additional 50 cents with the 6-month option. The cost of the 1-year option is around $1 less each month.

You thus don’t save much to make the lengthy commitment.

The company provides a 48-hour, fully functional free trial in addition to a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The service also provides two bundles that include a VPN and a router. While the second choice gives a “pro” router with both 2.4 GHz – 802.11b/g/n and 5 GHz – 802.11a/n/ac wireless connections, the first option offers a “light” 2.4 GHz – 802.11b/g/n wireless router.

Both routers are offered individually for an affordable price, with a 2-week trial VPN subscription, in addition to a 1-year VPN + router bundle.

For only a few cents more than the standard 12-month membership price, you can get both routers along with a complete 12-month Liberty Shield VPN subscription.

There are cheaper options available even when the supplier isn’t ridiculously pricey.

If you’re looking for top-notch online Privacy and security that won’t break the bank, as well as the best access to geo-blocked content, you should consider NordVPN.

An Alternative to VPN

There are better VPN protection options than Liberty Shield, as I have said. My top provider, NordVPN, is the greatest VPN service I can suggest.

In addition to advising NordVPN to my readers, I have been using it for many years to hide my internet activity from inquisitive eyes.

The company uses banking-grade encryption, a kill switch, DNS leak and IP leak protection, among other things, to a great extent to keep your online activity hidden. The open-source WireGuard protocol serves as the foundation for the proprietary “NordLynx” connection protocol.

A strong no-server-logs-ever policy and a bitcoin subscription payment option are included in the privacy protection. Additionally, none of the NordVPN servers ever write any kind of data to a real hard disk; they are all entirely operated from RAM.

As for Relationship Speeds, NordVPN delivers some of the fastest connections in the VPN industry. I use NordVPN to watch 4K and HD video streams, play fast-moving online games, and share large files on a regular basis. (It should be noted that NordVPN does restrict P2P file-sharing activity to several of its select servers.)

No matter how fast your Relationship Speeds are, if they don’t connect to a world of content, they’re worthless. Luckily, NordVPN boasts a global server network made up of over 5,200 servers based in 60 countries around the globe. That huge network provides reliable access to geo-blocked content around the world. The provider is currently moving its entire network to an owned-and-operated model, which will block third-party contractors from accessing customers’ personal information.

NordVPN probably has coverage for any internet-connected gadget you own. For Android, Amazon Fire, iOS, Android TV, macOS, Linux, and Windows platforms, the company provides native app support. On the same account, six devices may connect simultaneously.

There are additional browser extensions for the Firefox and Chrome operating systems. All of your linked devices are protected by a wide range of router compatibility.

Read my review of NordVPN for more details.

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FAQ about Liberty Shield VPN

Does Liberty Shield VPN Work Well For Chinese Users?

While Liberty Shield does not specifically state if it is effective from inside China, several reviewers have claimed using it successfully there. In China, NordVPN performs much more consistently.

How Can Liberty Shield Be Cancelled?

Log into your account on the Liberty Shield website, click the “Cancel” option, and then confirm that you want to cancel your account.

How can I determine if Liberty Shield VPN is unavailable?

Unfortunately, Liberty Shield’s website does not provide a list of the websites that are now unavailable. Until you attempt to connect to a server, you won’t know whether it is active at the moment.

The “liberty shield phone number” is a VPN service that offers many benefits. Liberty Shield VPN has been reviewed and tested by the experts to find out what it offers and whether or not it’s worth your time.

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