NordVPN Honest Review – Does this VPN Perform in 2022?

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NordVPN is a popular VPN service that has been around since 2012. However, does it still hold up in 2022? In this review, we take a look at the company’s history, customer service ratings, and how well NordVPN performs in various countries.

The “nordvpn review reddit” is a VPN service that has been around for quite some time. This company has many users, but does this VPN perform in 2022?

NordVPN, a provider of virtual private networks (VPNs), was established in Panama in 2012.

The company may adhere to a stringent no-server-logs policy because of its location in the privacy-friendly nation of Panama. The service provider has a sizable worldwide server network, making it a dependable choice for unblocking geo-restricted material in most parts of the world.

I’ll go into depth about the excellent VPN services that NordVPN provides in this review.

I put the service through a battery of rigorous testing, examining its connection speeds, worldwide server coverage, connection protection, and other factors.

I will provide the following information about the supplier:

  • What is the speed of NordVPN’s connections?
  • Are popular streaming services that are geoblocked accessible using NordVPN’s connections?
  • What kind of privacy and online security precautions does NordVPN provide?
  • What further security measures does NordVPN provide?

We’ll also examine into the service’s general capabilities and effectiveness, including its customer service.

See If NordVPN Is Right for You

According to my most current tests, NordVPN delivers some of the fastest download speeds available, complete VPN security, and lots of global flexibility when unblocking streaming, gaming, and other material.

There are 1-month, 1-year, and 2-year options available, with the latter offering the best value.

The reasons listed above and more make NordVPN my top VPN service for all online activities.

For all of its subscription options, NordVPN provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.

My Opinion

Users seeking for a robust, reasonably priced VPN that offers outstanding online safety while protecting your online activity history should strongly consider NordVPN. The high connection speeds offered by the supplier are ideal for streaming HD and 4K video.

FINAL RANK:  4.5/5
Speed: 5/5
measured speed Average download speed is 369.3 Mbps (independently tested)
Streaming Assistance: HD & 4K
Streaming Rating: 4/5
Does Netflix unblock? Yes, consistently throughout several geographic locations.
Supported U.S. Streaming Services In addition to Netflix and Hulu
Supported U.K. Streaming Services Amazon Prime, Netflix, and more
Security Rating: 5/5
Privacy Score: 5/5
enables torrenting On P2P-optimized servers, yes.
Money Well Spent: 4.5/5
Money-Back Promise 30 days


  • connections that can support HD and 4K
  • unblocks a variety of streaming services
  • superior connection security
  • In current testing, the second-fastest server connections
  • Top-notch privacy policies & protection


  • Rather clumsy desktop app user interface
  • Apps don’t indicate streaming-optimized servers


Most customers’ demands are met by the native app support provided by NordVPN. The company offers applications for a variety of platforms, including macOS (with native support for M1 Mac), iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Amazon Fire, and Android TV.

Users of Chrome and Firefox may secure their online sessions by utilizing the browser extensions provided by NordVPN. The comprehensive router compatibility of the service allows you to also secure all of your other devices.

Both DNS leak prevention and kill switch protection are offered by the NordVPN app lineup, but you must turn each app’s protection on or off individually.


You have a variety of server choices to select from when connecting to NordVPN servers, each of which offers a variety of features.

Dedicated IP servers provide you a unique IP address that you may utilize (costs extra).

Your connection is routed via two VPN servers while using double VPN servers, double the encryption.

Your VPN use may be concealed using obfuscated servers.

Onion Over VPN servers are also available, which combine a VPN with the anonymizing capabilities of the Tor browser.

P2P servers also provide the finest security for your BitTorrenting activities. (While the service will link you to a P2P-optimized server if you start file sharing on a non-P2P server, the provider only permits P2P activity on certain servers.)

Finding a server to consistently unblock streaming material is rather hit-or-miss since there are no streaming-specific specialist servers accessible. To make it simpler to choose the same server – such as one that works well for streaming – the following time, you may designate a server as a “favorite.”

The applications from the supplier are simple to use and don’t use a lot of your device’s limited resources. However, they may not have key features that seasoned users would want for, such system-wide kill switch security and the flexibility to choose the protocol to utilize.

Customers of NordVPN are able to connect up to 6 devices at once with a single account.


As of the time this article was written, NordVPN had a global server network that included more than 5,100 servers spread over 60 nations. Although not the finest in the business, that number of servers nevertheless provides outstanding worldwide coverage.

Not only does NordVPN provide excellent coverage of the world, but they also check off every box in the customer service section. A searchable support library, email help, a problem ticket tracking system, and live chat support are all available around-the-clock.


It’s difficult to say whether protecting your online privacy or unblocking streaming video is the most common motivation for utilizing a VPN. In any case, unblocking streaming is unquestionably in the top 2.

When the VPN and video streaming industries were just getting started, it was simple for a VPN to unblock streaming material that would not typically be accessible in your location.

However, as technology advanced, it became simpler for streaming providers to identify users who were accessing their services over VPNs. At that point, streaming services started to restrict VPN servers’ IP addresses.

It is the responsibility of the VPN provider to create new genuine IP addresses when a VPN server’s IP address is banned in order to reestablish access to the streaming service. A VPN service must always be vigilant to ensure that its clients have dependable streaming access.

Many VPNs struggle to accomplish this well. NordVPN however does.

Unblocking streaming services in several nations across the globe is a dependable service provided by NordVPN. This implies that NordVPN is worthwhile checking out if your favorite Netflix films or television shows are only available in Spain or France.

The VPN’s servers successfully unblocked Netflix in the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, and Australia during testing. Hulu, a US-only streaming service, is also accessible via NordVPN servers. HBO and BBC iPlayer both performed well.

The connection speeds offered by this provider are lightning fast and effortlessly handle HD and 4K streaming from the majority of well-known streaming providers. (Subject to, of course, the typical ISP-provided internet connection speeds.)

Privacy and security

Intruders are prevented from obtaining any records of your prior online exploits thanks to NordVPN’s top-notch safety for your online actions.

Your internet connection is covered in extremely secure, military-grade 256-bit AES encryption by the provider, preventing third parties—such as your ISP, the government, or the person sitting at the table next to you at Starbucks—from monitoring your online activities.

Depending on the device you’re using, the service employs IKEv2, OpenVPN, and NordLynx, a VPN protocol that is based on the WireGuard protocol. All three techniques are fantastic at keeping you safe, however IKEv2 often works a little bit quicker. NordLynx is designed to provide increased security and performance.

Numerous security measures are available in the NordVPN applications to safeguard your online activities. A “CyberSec” feature that stops advertisements and viruses is one of the protections, and there are other measures as well, such as an app kill switch function that safeguards your online behavior app by app.

There are no records of your internet activity kept by the Panamanian VPN service provider that may be shared in the event that law enforcement or other interested parties request them.

The server network of NordVPN is being converted to an owned-and-operated model, preventing access to user data by outside contractors.

All NordVPN servers work only from RAM, writing absolutely no data to a real hard disk. This guarantees that anytime NordVPN servers reboot, all data is safely erased from those servers.

Using a throwaway email address and paying with Bitcoin will allow you to remain entirely anonymous as they accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.


In order to better understand NordVPN’s connection speeds, let me first briefly describe how Pixel Privacy calculates a VPN’s connection speeds.

Three of us work together to evaluate the speed of every internet connection using a gigabit Ethernet connection that is situated in the US. When possible, we connect to the provider’s Windows app for testing and use OpenVPN via UDP.

We connect to three VPN server locations in Hong Kong, the UK, and the US to gauge a provider’s typical download speeds. Three days and three testing sessions are conducted, with at least four hours passing between each session.


The average connection speed for NordVPN was 369.3 Mbps. In my most recent round of testing, this VPN service ranked third in terms of speed.

Both HD and 4K video streaming and online gaming may be done with ease on these connection rates. Users of P2P file-sharing will also like the provider’s quick VPN connections.


When paying month to month, NordVPN is quite pricey, as is the case with many VPN service providers. However, people who are ready to settle down for a long-term partnership will discover there are some attractive discounts available.

The provider’s 1-month subscription plan will charge your credit card a fee equivalent to the typical big fast-food combination each month.

Your monthly charge will instead decrease to a medium combination if you agree to commit to us for a full year. Your monthly fee will be reduced to the cost of a kid’s lunch if they keep their word for two years (no toy included).

All subscription options come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

NordVPN Discount

SAVE 60% on a two-year package.

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automatic application of a coupon


Excellent VPN safety is provided by NordVPN, which also offers superior access to geographically restricted material. The supplier charges a fair price for its services.

You could discover, however, that you’d like to save a few more dollars each month or that you have a little extra money to invest and are prepared to pay more for a premium VPN service.



With extended memberships, Surfshark provides a rapidly expanding worldwide server network, quick, secure internet connections, and much more.

When Surfshark first launched, its limited worldwide server network was by far its largest flaw. That is no longer the case, however, due to the provider’s fast expanding server network, which at present counts more than 3,200 servers spread throughout 65+ nations worldwide.

The majority of the world’s geographic regions have dependable access to geo-blocked material because of the provider’s wide server network.

With average connection speeds of 323.6 Mbps, the service performs well, which means the provider can comfortably handle gaming, streaming HD and 4K video, and more.

Fast and secure connections are provided by Surfshark VPN. The service provider employs IP/DNS leak prevention, internet kill switches, and encryption that meets banking standards. To boost encryption and anonymity, a “Multi-Hop” server option passes your connection across two servers.

There is a stringent no-logs policy in place for such systems. In terms of user privacy, that plus a bitcoin payment option are sufficient.

When you need them, a searchable troubleshooting library, a 24/7 help chat, and a support contact form are available.

Some of the greatest rates in the industry are offered by the service. A month of Surfshark protection will cost you less than a medium cup of coffee if you choose a two-year membership.



The VPN industry’s recognized leader is ExpressVPN. Despite having a high fee, the company provides a solid all-around VPN service.

ExpressVPN’s 3,000+ servers spread across 94 countries provide more worldwide server coverage than NordVPN. This enables the provider to supply dependable unblocking capability for the majority of the important streaming providers globally.

In the most recent round of connection speed testing, the service achieved exceptional download speed results (135.2 Mbps), and all of its servers support P2P file sharing.

Military-grade encryption is used by the provider to protect user connections, and a complete no-logs policy ensures the privacy of your private online activities.

No matter what time of day you have a problem, you are covered by 24/7 customer service.

The only true drawback is that ExpressVPN is a little more expensive than most other VPNs, but you receive a lot of value for your money.

FAQs for NordVPN

Are There Any Discounts or Coupon Codes for NordVPN?

Like the majority of other VPN service providers, NordVPN often provides discounts and promotional coupons. For the most recent discounts, be sure to visit the NordVPN website.

How Good Is the Windows Client for NordVPN?

The Windows client for NordVPN offers the best VPN security for the Windows operating system. For server locations throughout the majority of the world, the software provides a wide range of security settings.

Can I Use NordVPN in China?

According to the most recent information, NordVPN may be used inside of China due to its obfuscated servers option. The provider’s website, along with that of many other VPN providers, is prohibited from inside China, so be sure you sign up for the VPN and download its applications before leaving the country. 

NordVPN is a VPN service that has been around for a while. This review will tell you if it’s legit or not. Reference: is nordvpn legit.

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