NordVPN vs. VPN Unlimited – Comparison & Test Results 2022

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NordVPN is a popular VPN provider with a strong focus on security. In this article, we will compare and test the two providers NordVPN vs. VPN Unlimited to help you decide which one is best for you.

NordVPN vs. VPN Unlimited – Comparison & Test Results 2022 is a guide that compares NordVPN and Mullvad. The review includes both the comparison of features, as well as an in-depth analysis of the results from speed tests conducted by the author.

A good option for movie buffs is NordVPN, which provides access to streaming services in many different parts of the world. Additionally, it offers complete worldwide server coverage to unblock all forms of internet material.


When compared to what other providers provide, the provider’s Relationship Speeds are fairly competitive; they more than meet the demands of the main streaming services.

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Due to their affordable membership prices, VPN Unlimited is a VPN company that appeals to internet customers with a sense of financial responsibility. The company offers quick connections, great app support, and helpful customer service.


Netflix may disappoint users searching for access outside of the United States, but it still has a lot of unblocking ability for other kinds of streaming material.

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Selection of a VPN

We’ll be watching a one-on-one playoff between NordVPN and VPN Unlimited in this episode of “vs.”

We’ll examine 10 of the most important factors to take into account when choosing a VPN service in order to choose a winner. I’ll explain why each feature is important to take into account before revealing how both suppliers do in the category. The winners of each category will then be announced by me.

I’ll tally up the results once we’ve looked at all 10 categories to determine the overall winner. By then, you ought to be well-equipped with the information necessary to choose the ideal VPN company for you.

Relationship Speed

If you own an electronic device, there’s an excellent chance that the device is connected to the internet. Computers, tablets, smartphones, even safety shoes are all connected to the web. The more devices you have connected to the internet, the faster your internet Relationship Speeds need to be.

In this part of the article, we’ll be taking a look at the Relationship Speeds that our two competitors offer. For our testing, we use the app. The speed tests are conducted as follows:

  1. We do tests on a Windows virtual server with a gigabit Ethernet connection that is headquartered in North America.
  2. Over the course of three days, a group of three users from various parts of the world connect to three VPN servers in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Hong Kong.
  3. For testing, we utilize the Windows programs from both providers set up to establish connections using the OpenVPN protocol via UDP.
  4. We average the results for each provider once all speed tests have been performed. That figure serves as the baseline for our comparison.

Average Relationship Speed

Gaming, downloading huge files, and streaming HD and 4K video may all be done at download rates that are fast enough with VPN Unlimited. You know, the typical internet activities you engage in daily.

With more than adequate download speed to handle HD and 4K streaming material, gaming, and more, NordVPN stands out in this area.

Keep in mind that your download speeds will differ from what you see here due to variables such as your ISP-provided Relationship Speeds, the VPN provider you select, and the location of the VPN server you use.

Average Relationship Speed Winner: NordVPN


The yearly subscription plans offered by both providers should appeal to consumers who are searching for a VPN subscription at a price that is less than usual.

The cost of a VPN Unlimited membership for one month is comparable to the price of an older movie on iTunes. In contrast, if you merely decide to rent the movie, the cost of your monthly membership is equivalent to the cost of that same movie.

Regarding NordVPN, their annual plan would drain 2 more dollars per month from your bank account than our opponent’s would, while their month-to-month subscription choice will take a few more dollars out of your wallet than their head-to-head competition.

As you can see, I don’t provide specific price for my VPN rivals. That’s because VPN service companies often alter their price and make promotional offers. For current pricing and promotions, visit the websites of both VPNs.

VPN Unlimited wins on price.


Ever felt like someone is keeping an eye on you? You are being watched if you have an internet connection. The unfortunate reality is that.

Someone is watching everything you do online, whether it’s your Internet Service Provider keeping a record of your surfing activities to sell to marketers or hackers searching for your login credentials or credit card details.

Consider the following factors when evaluating a provider’s degree of privacy protections: 

  • Is the provider’s home nation one that values privacy?
  • Does the supplier keep records on the internet activity of its customers?
  • Does the supplier accept cryptocurrencies or other unsecured payment methods?

Despite having its headquarters in the less-than-privacy-respecting United States, VPN Unlimited does not store any records of its customers’ online activities. You may use their Bitcoin payment option to be totally hidden if you have an anonymous email address.

The nation of Panama, where NordVPN is based, does not require ISPs or VPNs to preserve records of their users’ internet activity. NordVPN therefore keeps none. (Seems simple enough.) Bitcoin is also accepted here. Owning and managing its own network of worldwide servers is NordVPN. Additionally, because no data is ever written to a physical hard drive when a server is running entirely from RAM, all data is completely erased when a server restarts.

NordVPN wins for privacy


The greatest advise I can provide to anybody looking into VPN companies is to not focus just on one or a small number of functions. Before choosing a supplier, carefully evaluate all of their offerings.

I’ll provide an outline of the criteria to take into account in this portion of the post and show how both VPN candidates do in those areas.


Perhaps the most crucial internet security feature a VPN company can give is encryption. But if a service additionally provides extra security protections, that’s definitely a bonus.

Through the OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP/IPSec protocols, NordVPN provides AES-256 encryption security at the level of the government. Kill switch security, malicious website filtering, DNS leak security, and Onion Over VPN are further offered.

The OpenVPN and IKEv2 (IPSec) protocols used by VPN Unlimited provide AES-256 security for user connections. Additionally, they provide a “KeepSolid Wise” protocol, a modified version of OpenVPN that disguises VPN use as regular surfing.

Additional features include the option to trust certain networks and programs, kill switch protection, and the ability to automatically launch the VPN on your computer.

Winner for encryption is a tie!

Parallel Connections

There are several devices connected to the internet by you. Additionally, your family members and staff all own gadgets. I guess you get the picture. A crucial aspect to think about is the ability to connect several devices to a VPN using the same login.

NordVPN allows 6 Parallel Connections on a single set of login credentials.

One less is permitted by VPN Unlimited, for a total of 5. (For an additional monthly cost, you may utilize up to 10 devices at once.)

Parallel Connections Winner: NordVPN

Streaming Assistance

Streaming services are increasing in number. While NBCUniversal’s “Peacock” service is preparing for an April 2020 launch, the Apple TV+ and Disney+ streaming services had only just made their debuts at the time this piece was written.

Many of the well-known streaming services only allow users in the nation where they were created to access them. (Hulu and BBC iPlayer are two examples.) Many of the contents of services like Netflix, which is accessible almost everywhere in the world, are restricted to certain nations. A VPN is helpful in this situation.

For a huge variety of streaming services, including BBC iPlayer, Netflix, HBO, Showtime, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, and many more, NordVPN offers dependable unblocking capabilities.

ESPN+, HBO, Hulu, U.S. Netflix, Popcornflix, BBC iPlayer, Hotstar,, and Sony’s Crackle are all accessible over VPN Unlimited’s servers.

Streaming Assistance Winner: It’s a Tie! (It all depends on which streaming service you’d like to access.)

Support for BitTorrent

One of the most common methods to download and distribute files on the internet nowadays is peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing. However, P2P is discouraged or even restricted by many ISPs worldwide because it is used to transfer copyrighted items, such as music and movies.

You better be utilizing a VPN to hide your file sharing activities from prying eyes if you exchange files via a P2P or BitTorrent connection. Such behaviors are often frowned upon by ISP providers, movie studio attorneys, and even law enforcement officials.

On its servers in 46 countries, NordVPN permits BitTorrenting.

On their servers in the US-California 1, Canada-Ontario, Romania, Luxembourg, and France, VPN Unlimited permits P2P activity. I’m done now.

Support for BitTorrent Winner: NordVPN

Server Coverage Worldwide

Server Coverage Worldwide is an important aspect of any VPN provider’s content-unblocking ability. The more countries a provider has servers located in, the more flexibility you’ll have for accessing content that might usually be blocked from your location.

NordVPN boasts more than 5,200 servers spread across 60 different countries.

Over 500+ servers are hidden away in over 56+ countries by VPN Unlimited.

Server Coverage Worldwide Winner: NordVPN

Multi-Platform Assistance

You watch entertainment on your Android TV every night, read an ebook on your iPad while you’re in bed, and each morning, your smartphone is waiting for you on your nightstand, ready to show you your schedule for the day.

This is why your VPN of choice needs to offer optimal Multi-Platform Assistance.

The following native apps are supported by NordVPN: There are apps available for devices running iOS, Windows, Android, Android TV, Linux, and macOS. Additionally, NAS and routers are compatible with the service. There are browser add-ons for Chrome and Firefox.

As with its one-on-one rival, VPN Unlimited offers programs for devices running macOS, iOS, Windows, Android, Linux, and Windows Phone, providing compatibility for a similar range of operating systems. The service may be configured on compatible routers, and plugins for the Chrome and Firefox browsers are available.

Multi-Platform Assistance Winner: Tied!

Customer Service

Customer Service is like the Tylenol you keep in your medicine cabinet. You hope like heck you never have a reason to use it, but thank goodness it’s there when you need it.

The company advertising a one-hour response time, VPN Unlimited offers a difficulty ticket form. Along with a 24/7 live help chat feature, it offers a contact email address, a searchable assistance section, and more.

NordVPN Customer Service consists of email contact (which lacks a 1-hour response time, unlike VPN Unlimited) and a searchable support library. 24-hour live support chat is also available.

Customer Service Winner: Tied!

Favorite: NordVPN!

The fight between NordVPN and VPN Unlimited was tight, with NordVPN just edging out the victor.


NordVPN was victorious in the privacy, Relationship Speed, Parallel Connections, Support for BitTorrent, and Server Coverage Worldwide arenas.

The price contest was won by VPN Unlimited.

The providers tied in most of the categories, including the security, streaming, Multi-Platform Assistance, and Customer Service categories.

Both providers fared well in the majority of the competition’s categories, making it a tight contest. NordVPN, however, turned out to be the eventual winner.

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NordVPN vs. VPN Unlimited – Comparison & Test Results 2022 is a comparison of NordVPN and VPN Unlimited, with the results of speed tests. Reference: nordvpn vs nordvpn.

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