Private Internet Access vs. TorGuard – Comparison & Test Results 2022

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Private Internet Access (PIA) is a popular VPN service with a strong track record for privacy and security. TorGuard, on the other hand, offers more features but may not be as reliable or secure. In this article, we compare & test PIA vs. TorGuard to help you make the best decision for your needs.

Private Internet Access is a VPN service that is based in the United States. It uses OpenVPN encryption and has servers all over the world. TorGuard, on the other hand, is a VPN service that is based in Panama. It also uses OpenVPN encryption but does not have any servers outside of Panama.

access to a private internet (PIA) is a desirable choice if you’re searching for a cost-effective Virtual Private Network (VPN) service that provides quick Relationship Speeds, excellent privacy safeguards, and support for P2P file sharing.

All of the main computer platforms are supported by the provider’s apps, however, there is insufficient worldwide server coverage.

Please go to access a private internet.

TorGuard is a desirable choice among VPN services if you’re looking for one that provides above-average worldwide server coverage, streaming service access, and customer assistance.


Additionally, the service provider offers superb encryption, a sizable number of connections open at once, and BitTorrent compatibility.

Go to TorGuard

Selection of a VPN

It’s time for another VPN service showdown, as access to a private internet (PIA) and TorGuard will square off in this conflict.

I’ll go through the top ten factors to take into account when choosing a VPN in this post. After that, I’ll discuss how crucial each area is, how well both providers did in each one, name a winner in each category, and at the conclusion of the piece, choose an overall winner.

In the end, you ought to have enough knowledge to choose the VPN company that most closely matches your particular requirements.

Relationship Speed

Have you seen the oven with an internet connection? It is only the most recent in what appears to be an endless procession of brand-new internet-connected gadgets.

A quick connection is necessary regardless of the linked devices you use.

We here at Pixel Privacy use the app to test each provider’s Relationship Speeds.

We conduct all VPN Relationship Speed tests by following these steps:

  1. We use a gigabit Ethernet connection to connect to a server located in North America.
  2. Three users test the VPNs by connecting to three distinct servers over the period of three days: one in the United Kingdom, one in the United States, and one in Hong Kong.
  3. We set up the service provider’s app for Windows to connect using the OpenVPN protocol via UDP.
  4. The results of each speed test are recorded, and the average speed for each provider is then determined.

Average Relationship Speed

Both services had good download speeds, with access to a private internet surpassing TorGuard by a little more than 8 Mbps.

While TorGuard offers a reasonable speed of just over 76 Mbps, access to a private internet offers download rates of just over 84 Mbps.

For almost any internet activity, including watching videos, downloading, and sharing big files, both providers provide more than adequate processing capacity.

Average Relationship Speed Winner: access to a private internet


Users looking for a cheap VPN provider that nevertheless delivers above-average service should find both of our rivals to be appealing. However, of the two, access to private internet is unquestionably the more affordable choice.

Both for yearly and month-to-month subscriptions, access to a private internet’ average monthly cost is in the single digits.

While the cost of TorGuard’s monthly plan is barely in the double digits, it drops to the mid-level single digits if you choose the annual plan.

access to private internet wins on price


There aren’t many locations on the internet that can be considered “safe.”

Wherever you go, your ISP is keeping an eye on you and documenting your movements in order to sell them to advertising. And let’s not even start talking about what hackers could want to do with your personal data.

Consider the following privacy-related aspects carefully when evaluating any VPN provider:

  • Is internet privacy respected in the provider’s nation of origin?
  • Does the service provider retain records of the customers’ internet activities?
  • Does the service accept cryptocurrency or other private payment methods, including the remaining value of merchant gift cards?

Although access to a private internet is based in the United States, where it is technically allowed to do so, they have made the decision not to store records of their customers’ online activity. For their excellent services, the supplier takes merchant gift card balances, Bitcoin, and other forms of cryptocurrency.

Despite having a U.S. base of operations, TorGuard also declines to keep records on the activity of its clients. As a privacy-enhancing payment method, TorGuard also gladly takes Bitcoin and merchant gift card balances.

The winner for privacy is a tie!


I suppose the biggest piece of advice I could provide to anybody looking for the best VPN for their need is to focus on more than one or two features.

Instead, think about all of the services a VPN offers to obtain a solid picture of the benefits and drawbacks of each provider.

I’ll examine the features that each VPN companies have to offer in this area of the head-to-head comparison, discuss how well they do in each service category, and then declare a winner in each category.


Users should pay particular attention to the encryption any possible VPN company provides if their primary goal is to shield their online activities from prying eyes. Examine the various connection safeguards offered by the supplier in great detail as well.

Military-grade encryption is used by TorGuard, which also employs the OpenVPN with TCP or UDP, PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, SSTP, and IKEv2 protocols. Adware and malware blockers, as well as DNS leak and IPv6 leak prevention, are additional safeguards.

High-level encryption is used access to a private internet using OpenVPN with the L2TP+PSK and PPTP protocols. Kill switches, DNS leaks, IPv6 leaks, trackers, adware, and malware blockers are additional security measures.

Visit my post on VPN Security Aspects for more information on these features.

TorGuard triumphs because it offers more connection possibilities in highly restricted nations because to its greater variety of protocols.

Winner in Security: TorGuard

Parallel Connections

You’ll value a VPN company that permits a sizable number of devices to join concurrently on one login whether you’re a business owner or the head of a big family.

PIA allows up to 10 Parallel Connections on the same set of login credentials.

Five simultaneous logins with the same account are permitted by TorGuard.

Parallel Connections Winner: access to a private internet

Streaming Assistance

The world is a wonderful place to explore in your leisure time. But wherever you go, you’ll always want for a little piece of home. After a long day of traveling, how about a good streaming binge as you bathe your tired feet?

Streaming services are accessible using TorGuard. However, access is sporadic if you don’t pay for a $7.99 monthly “dedicated streaming IP” add-on.

Although you may sometimes be able to choose at random a server and access Netflix in the United States, access to a private internet does not provide dependable access to any streaming service. However, since it is unreliable, it has little value.

Winner for Netflix Access: TorGuard (but only if you buy their streaming IP add-on)


Number of US Streaming Services Unblocked by VPNNumber of International Services Unblocked by VPN


5+ (with add-on)5+ (with add-on)

access to a private internet


Support for BitTorrent

Possibly the most well-liked method of file sharing on the internet right now is P2P/BitTorrent. P2P is commonly used by organizations and people to exchange data lawfully.

Some users use it to exchange copyrighted media, such music and movies, however. Many ISPs have so decided to restrict file sharing on their networks. As a result, it is definitely advantageous for a VPN to permit P2P activity on its networks.

On each of its 50+ country-based servers, TorGuard permits P2P activity.

access to a private internet allows P2P activity on every one of their servers, in all 32 countries.

Support for BitTorrent Winner: TorGuard


Number of countries where VPNs provide access to BitTorrent


50+ (all of them)

access to a private internet

32 (all of them)

Server Coverage Worldwide

Comprehensive Server Coverage Worldwide is the key VPN feature that will unblock content from around the world, which might normally be blocked in your area.

Over 3,000 servers for TorGuard are located in more than 50 countries.

access to a private internet has 3,500+ servers located in 32 countries.

Server Coverage Worldwide Winner: TorGuard

Multi-Platform Assistance

The bulk of my readers probably possesses many linked devices since we live in a connected society.

The more platforms your VPN service supports, including those used by laptops, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, and other devices, the better your overall security will be.

access to a private internet offers apps for the Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux platforms. The provider also offers support for a variety of routers. Extensions are available for the Opera, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

The TorGuard software supports a wide range of router manufacturers in addition to computers running Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux. There are additional extensions for the Firefox and Safari browsers.

Multi-Platform Assistance Winner: access to a private internet


Platforms Supported: NumberBrowser Add-Ons?

access to a private internet

5Yes (Chrome, Firefox, Opera)


5Yes (Firefox, Safari)

Customer Service

Think of Customer Service as being like your AAA Roadside Assistance membership. Sure, you never want to use it, but you’re darned glad it’s there when you do need it.

TorGuard offers a problem ticket tracking system, an accessible knowledge base, and live chat help that is available round-the-clock.

access to a private internet lacks live support chat. However, the provider does offer a searchable knowledge base, a trouble ticket tracking system and a “Guides” section to, well, guide PIA customers through installing and using their VPN connection.

Customer Service Winner: TorGuard

TorGuard edged out access to a private internet this time around. The two providers fought tooth and nail, and the lead changed a few times, but TorGuard pulled ahead late in the race.


TorGuard was tops when it came to security, Streaming Assistance, Support for BitTorrent, Server Coverage Worldwide, and Customer Service.

access to a private internet fared best in the Relationship Speed, pricing, Parallel Connections, and Multi-Platform Assistance competitions.

When it comes to privacy, the providers were tied.

TorGuard scored a victory this time around, thanks in part to its above-average Server Coverage Worldwide and comprehensive Customer Service. Users should appreciate its high levels of security and BitTorrent access.

Visit the TorGuard website for more information or to subscribe.

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