The 5 Best Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) For Kuwait in 2022

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Kuwait is a country in the Gulf region with a population of over 30 million people. It’s one of the most internet-connected countries in the world and accordingly, there are many cyber security threats faced by residents, including hacking and data theft. To keep your personal information private and secure while online, you can use a VPN to encrypt your traffic and protect yourself from hackers. Here are five best VPNs for Kuwait in 2022:

The “free vpn with kuwait server” is a virtual private network that allows users to browse the internet anonymously. The 5 best VPNs for Kuwait in 2022 are ExpressVPN, NordVPN, VyprVPN, CyberGhost, and PureVPN.

Kuwait is a West Asian nation that borders Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Parts of the internet are reportedly filtered and censored for users inside the nation.

Internet service providers (ISPs) have been ordered by the government to prohibit access to certain websites, often for ethical or political grounds.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a useful tool to have in your online toolbox because of this. (Note: Although Kuwait may block the internet, using a VPN is permitted.)

Your internet connection is protected by encryption via the use of a VPN, making it impossible for Kuwaiti government agents and ISPs to track, monitor, or obstruct your online activities.

Additionally, a VPN can temporarily give your connected device a new IP address, giving the impression to the rest of the internet that you are physically located somewhere else in the world. This enables you to access online resources and services that might otherwise be inaccessible to users in your area.

I’ll notify you of the six finest VPNs for preserving your online privacy and unblocking websites when within Kuwaiti territory in this post. I’ll also discuss the best ways to use a VPN in a repressive nation like Kuwait.

Kuwait’s top VPN services

The results of my extensive testing showed that these six VPNs are the best in enhancing and safeguarding your online activity when you are inside Kuwait. In Reader’s Digest shortened form:

  1. Users searching for trustworthy internet security while in Kuwait yet seeking a supplier that won’t demand a lot of Dinars from their money clip may find NordVPN to be an appealing low-cost choice. Our service took the top rank in this comparison because to its dependable, well-secured, and quick connections. A “Double VPN” option provides further privacy by encrypting your connection twice.
  2. Surfshark: Users searching for trustworthy internet security while visiting Kuwait will find this affordable choice appealing since it won’t cost them a lot of dinars. The service has above-average security and privacy safeguards.
  3. ExpressVPN: Our company took first place in this comparison because to its dependable, well-secured, and quick connections. Your online actions are protected by this service from surveillance and harassment while you are within Kuwaiti boundaries. You can access material practically anywhere in the globe thanks to a vast server network.
  4. CyberGhost: For consumers with minimal prior VPN expertise, this service ought to be a viable VPN choice. The simple-to-use applications from CyberGhost provide one-click ease while giving the best security.
  5. Thanks to their independently owned and managed VPN server farms, IPVanish is a trustworthy source of security for internet users with connections to Kuwait.
  6. PrivateVPN: This newcomer to the VPN market is swiftly developing a reputation for secure connections and top-notch customer support. Your connection is protected by a kill switch, IPv6 leak, and DNS leak prevention.

Using the following criteria, I assessed and rated the best Kuwaiti VPN services:

  • total protection of privacy
  • complete protection against crime
  • rapid connection rates
  • extensive worldwide server coverage
  • comprehensive support for several platforms
  • Excellent client service

The best 6 VPNs for usage in Kuwait are listed below.

How-to-Unblock-Instagram-at-School-in-2022 Jul 2022

My #1 recommendation for safeguarding and improving your internet activity when visiting or residing in Kuwait is NordVPN.

From Kuwait, NordVPN offers trustworthy safety for your online activities. By employing two VPN servers to double-encrypt your connection, the provider’s Double VPN protection is available.

Thanks to its military-grade encryption, kill switch protection, IPv6 and DNS leak prevention, this service offers the best online protection available. The NordLynx protocol from the supplier is based on WireGuard and has been speed-optimized.

Additionally, the service provider provides servers built to obscure your VPN activity and make it seem like regular browser traffic. Additionally, their Double VPN option double-encrypts your connection by routing it across two VPN servers.

The provider’s no-server-logs policy ensures that there are no records of your online activities, therefore privacy is not a concern. To provide an additional layer of secrecy, you may also use Bitcoin to make payments. All of the servers used by the provider operate entirely off of RAM, with no data ever being stored on a real hard drive. Every time a server is rebooted, all data is safely erased.

The connection speeds of NordVPN are the quickest in our top 6 list and, for that matter, the fastest of any VPN available. Whatever online activity you throw at it, it can handle it.

Excellent connection to the outside world is provided through 5,200+ servers located in 60 locations.

The list of NordVPN’s applications covers Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, Linux, and Android TV. (M1 Macs are now natively supported by the macOS software.) Users of Chrome and Firefox may benefit from NordVPN’s browser extensions.

The provider’s router support can accommodate requests for more than six simultaneous connections or protection for various device platforms.

24/7 live support chat, email, a “contact us” form, and a searchable support knowledge base are all accessible for round-the-clock client service.


  • excellent privacy and internet security measures
  • Affordable prices
  • lightning-fast rates
  • a dual-layer VPN security feature
  • aspect of connection obfuscation


  • Applications aren’t very user-friendly.

BEST VPN FOR KUWAIT:NordVPN is the top choice for protecting and enhancing your online activities while in Kuwait. The provider’s fast connections are protected thoroughly by its Double VPN and aspect of connection obfuscations. A 30-day money-back guarantee is available.

Read my in-depth NordVPN review.

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Your security and privacy are well-protected by Surfshark in Kuwait, and the service provider doesn’t charge much.

As a result, the service uses military-grade encryption, a kill switch, and DNS/IPv6 leak prevention to safeguard your connection.

In order to maximize your privacy, Surfshark also provides a “MultiHop” option that sends your connection over two distinct VPN servers. Furthermore, a “Camouflage Mode” disguises your VPN activities as regular internet data.

The supplier shines in terms of privacy, adhering to a rigorous no-logs policy and embracing Bitcoin as a method of membership payment.

Despite the fact that the company provides 3,200+ servers in more than 65 countries but none are located in Kuwait, you may still encrypt your connections and have a ton of access to the outside world. The supplier claims that it offers access to more than 30 Netflix libraries worldwide.

For the platforms of iOS, Windows, Android, macOS (with native M1 Mac compatibility), Linux, and Amazon Fire TV, native applications are accessible. There are extensions for the Chrome and Firefox browsers, and they work with the majority of router brands and models.

You may connect an infinite number of devices to Surfshark’s servers concurrently because of the company’s stance on simultaneous connections.

Surfshark provides email support, a “contact us” form, and a searchable knowledge base in addition to live chat help that is available around-the-clock.


  • access to the outer world with certainty
  • affordable prices
  • many connections at once
  • Strong privacy and security precautions


  • Advanced users have few advanced choices.

BEST BUDGET VPN OPTION: Surfshark is going to be a popular VPN choice for Kuwaiti consumers seeking all-encompassing internet security at a reasonable cost. An extra benefit is the provider’s policy of unlimited simultaneous connections. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered.

Read my whole Surfshark review.

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With above-average security and privacy measures, ExpressVPN excels in unblocking restricted foreign material while maintaining the security of your connection.

The provider’s banking-class encryption, kill switch security, DNS leak and IPv6 leak prevention, as well as other features, provide great safety for your internet connection.

Because it stores no records of your online actions, the company also gets high marks for maintaining your privacy afterwards. Additionally, you may entirely conceal your VPN payment information by using a temporary email address in combination with the provider’s Bitcoin payment option.

Thanks to its lightning-fast connections, utilizing this VPN won’t cause you to experience much lag.

There are more than 3,000 servers in the ExpressVPN worldwide server network, located in 94 different countries. This allows you the best access to restricted information almost anywhere in the globe. All of the servers used by the service operate entirely from RAM; no data is written to actual hard drives. Every time the server reboots, all data is removed.

ExpressVPN certainly includes applications for your preferred platform, including iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, macOS, Amazon Fire, Nook, and Chromebooks. There are also browser add-ons for Firefox and Chrome.

Your login information may be used to connect up to 5 devices simultaneously. You may benefit from the provider’s first-rate router assistance if you need more or if your preferred device isn’t listed above. (Which has just been enhanced.)

Speaking of support, ExpressVPN offers round-the-clock customer service with a live chat feature that is available 24/7, a ticketing system, email assistance, and a searchable help library.


  • high-quality online security
  • Excellent privacy safeguards
  • excellent support for cross-platform apps
  • extensive world server network


  • more costly than many of its rivals
  • only permits five connections at once

COVERAGE ACROSS THE GLOBE: If unblocking foreign material is important to you, you’ll value ExpressVPN’s extensive worldwide server network and superior content-unblocking capabilities. Your security and privacy are also top priorities for the supplier. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered.

Read the whole of my ExpressVPN review.

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The programs from CyberGhost provide dependable, simple-to-use access to the outside world while providing the best connection security, making it a desirable choice for new VPN customers.

Government-grade encryption and IP/DNS leak protection are both provided by CyberGhost. Additionally, it provides the choice to ban unwanted adverts, trackers, and websites. Additionally, if accessible, the provider’s app may compel websites to deliver HTTPS versions of their pages.

Your internet actions are completely anonymous according to the provider’s no-logs policy. Additionally, CyberGhost takes Bitcoin while keeping your payment information private.

For consumers who like streaming from the well-known streaming providers throughout the world, CyberGhost offers great download speeds.

Due to the provider’s 6,700+ servers located across 90 different nations, access to those streaming services will be quite easy.

For the following operating systems: iOS, macOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Android TV, and Amazon Fire. There are browser add-ons for Firefox and Chrome.

Use the provider’s comprehensive router compatibility if you want more than 7 concurrent connections or want to secure devices not listed above.

Additionally, the service provider provides a password manager and an ID Guard function that alerts you if your email address is disclosed as a result of a data breach. The Security Suite for Windows from CyberGhost provides defense against malware, viruses, and other online dangers. Additionally, you may decide how much access Microsoft has to your data thanks to the Privacy Guard function. Your machine is scanned for insecure and out-of-date applications by a security updater function.

Live help chat, a searchable support library, and a support ticket system are all available for customer service.


  • extensive world server network
  • Simple applications for the most often used platforms
  • fantastic download rates
  • comprehensive security and privacy measures


  • Apps lack sophisticated features that other suppliers provide.
  • Unblocking certain streaming services is difficult

BEST FOR VPN NOVICES: CyberGhost is a top pick for first-time VPN users searching for simple-to-use, all-encompassing security for their online activities. The provider’s applications offer thorough security without the need for time-consuming setup. 45-day, risk-free money-back promise.

Read the whole of my CyberGhost review.

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Due to its strong privacy protection, which provides an extra layer of security that the majority of other VPN providers don’t offer, IPVanish was chosen for this lineup.

The provider’s connection security measures are on par with those of almost all of its rivals since it provides military-grade encryption, IPv6/DNS leak prevention, kill switch protection, and a patented “scramble” obfuscation tool that masks your VPN activities. The service provider is introducing its subscribers to the WireGuard connection protocol.

A thorough no-logs policy ensures that your use is completely anonymous. The additional layer of privacy that I discussed before is provided by the company’s self-owned and -operated servers, which prevent third-party contractors from having access to your personal information.

With IPVanish, download speeds are also excellent since the company offers some of the fastest connection speeds I’ve ever experienced.

Despite having fewer worldwide servers than many other providers, IPVanish’s server network, which consists of over 1,900 servers spread over more than 50 nations, will nevertheless provide good access to the vast majority of the free world. The service provider is actively building up its network.

This company offers applications for the most widely used device platforms, including Android, Linux, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Amazon Fire devices. There are no extensions for any browsers.

The provider’s unlimited simultaneous connections capacity is advantageous to users. Through a single point of access, the router features of the provider enable it to secure all of your devices, even those not included in the list of supported devices above.


  • Private servers for more privacy
  • unlimited connections under a single account at once
  • Outstanding connectivity and privacy safeguards


  • no browser add-ons
  • No option for cryptocurrency payments

FOR USERS WITH MULTIPLE DEVICES: EXCELLENT With its additional layer of secrecy and limitless simultaneous connections, IPVanish is a fantastic choice for privacy-conscious consumers with big families or small businesses. Money-back guarantee of 30 days.

Read my whole IPVanish review.

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Given how young PrivateVPN is to the VPN world, it’s still getting used to things. But the supplier is rapidly building a strong name in the VPN sector.

Online security features offered by the company include DNS leak and IPv6 leak prevention, banking-grade encryption, and a “Stealth VPN” option that masks your VPN activities.

The service provider takes Bitcoin for complete payment privacy and doesn’t retain any records on its servers.

PrivateVPN provides fantastic download rates, easily up to any of your favorite online activities.

Although the company doesn’t exactly offer full worldwide server coverage with 200+ servers scattered over 60 countries, it performs an excellent job with what it has.

Inadequate app support is another issue. The fact that there are applications accessible for iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows will, nevertheless, satisfy the majority of people. A range of router models are also compatible with PrivateVPN. There may be up to 6 connections active at once.

Live chat help is offered continuously. However, customers must “scan” the FAQ content for assistance since PrivateVPN’s FAQ part isn’t searchable. There is also a contact form accessible.


  • fantastic download rates
  • superior privacy safeguards
  • Added online security is provided by the stealth VPN capability.


  • The server network is a little overloaded.
  • no searchable knowledge base for support

BEST FOR EXPERIENCED VPN USERS: For seasoned VPN users who like cutting-edge features, PrivateVPN is a great choice. The company offers outstanding privacy and security while offering quick download speeds. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered.

Read the whole of my PrivateVPN review.

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Utilizing a VPN in Kuwait

All of the VPN services on our list have shown that they operate from Kuwait and provide superior online security and privacy safeguards.

It’s a good idea to have a VPN installed on your devices before entering Kuwait or any other restricted nation, even if using a VPN is legal there and the government isn’t known to ban the websites of any VPN providers.

Users should adhere to these easy precautions to prevent Kuwaiti authorities from monitoring or blocking their online activity:

  1. Sign up using a VPN service. I suggest NordVPN.
  2. Install the app(s) from the supplier on your device(s) (ideally before entering Kuwait).
  3. Open the app for the VPN provider.
  4. Access a VPN server anywhere outside of Kuwaiti territory.
  5. Internet access is unrestricted.

Is Using a Free VPN a Smart Move in Kuwait?

Free VPNs are not my preference. Simply said, they don’t provide the best performance or protection. This is particularly true when taking into account using one in a nation with restrictions like Kuwait.

A free VPN cannot provide sufficient privacy safeguards. Many “free” VPN providers generate money by keeping track of their customers’ internet activities, collecting that data, and then selling it to whomever will pay the most.

Although this often entails selling it to ads, who’s to say Kuwaiti authorities wouldn’t be the highest bidder?

Sans-payment Additionally, VPNs have a reputation for injecting tracking cookies and intrusive adverts into its customers’ browser sessions. These tracking cookies remain on your computer’s hard drive for a very long time after you log out of the VPN’s network.

There are convenience and performance issues, in addition to security and privacy issues.

You may have to wait in line to connect to one of the VPN provider’s servers after connecting to one of their networks.

When you are eventually permitted to connect, you will either have a small number of server options or will be immediately linked to a server of the provider’s choosing.

Free VPNs often have poor performance since they frequently restrict their users’ connection speeds and place daily or monthly data limits on how much they may use the VPN.

Due to everything mentioned above, utilizing a free VPN from within Kuwait is dangerous and unsatisfactory.

Why Would Someone in Kuwait Need a VPN?

The censorship of internet activity by Kuwaiti residents has a long history. The government’s introduction of a cybercrimes legislation in 2015 drew fierce criticism for using fines and jail time to curtail individuals’ freedom of speech.

Users have received fines or jail sentences for a variety of offenses, such as defaming religion or religious leaders or the Kuwaiti court system.

The nation’s government has the authority to restrict users’ access to certain material or to the internet in general under a 2014 telecoms legislation.

A VPN makes it possible for consumers in repressive nations like Kuwait to continue using services and websites that have been restricted or filtered.

How to Be as Private as Possible in Kuwait

Once you are in Kuwait, do the following steps before connecting to the servers of your VPN service.

Start by activating every security feature your VPN software offers. If OpenVPN is available, use it as the protocol. To assist conceal your online activity, turn on kill switch protection, auto-reconnect, obfuscation features, “scrambling” capabilities, and any other tools that may be accessible.

There are various more ways to increase your anonymity, such as avoiding public Wi-Fi hotspots, choosing an email service that offers encryption, and downloading and using a secure browser like Tor.

VPN use is permitted in Kuwait?

Although Kuwait censors the internet, using a virtual private network is accepted as lawful. However, utilizing a VPN while committing a crime might result in further punishments.

What Else Can a VPN Be Useful For?

While the emphasis of this essay is on using a VPN to shield your online activity from Kuwaiti government surveillance or internet censorship, a VPN also has other advantages.

A VPN is a great tool for gaining access to material that would otherwise be restricted in your area. This may include government-blocked material, but it can also refer to other kinds of content.

Netflix and other streaming providers manage regionally specific access to their content. You may believe me when I say that the Netflix collection in Kuwait has far less material than is found inside the boundaries of the United States.

Using a VPN, you may give the impression that you are somewhere else in the globe. This enables you to access Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, and other services’ content libraries tailored for that country while seeming to be in the United States (or any other country, for that matter).

If its users are discovered to be viewing prohibited material or participating in certain online behaviors, several ISPs are known to limit their users’ connection speeds. P2P file-sharing activity has been seen to be throttled or blocked by ISPs as a result of pressure from the film and music industries. An ISP can’t tamper with your connection if you use a VPN.

When utilizing an unsecured public Wi-Fi connection, a VPN is a must for concealing your online activity from prying eyes. Your banking, shopping, and bill-paying information is exposed to the prying eyes of hackers and other malicious individuals since the majority of hotspot connections are not secured.

Kuwait FAQs VPN

Which Free VPN Is the Best in Kuwait?

Avoid using free VPNs. Free VPNs are known for compromising privacy and providing unsatisfactory service overall. They often slow down connections, set data limits, put users in a line, and sell your data to marketers. Instead, you should make use of a commercial VPN service.

VPN use is permitted in Kuwait?

Although there is some severe restriction in Kuwait, VPNs are still permitted there.

In Kuwait, how can I access Hotstar?

By utilizing NordVPN, Surfshark, ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, or IPVanish, you may unblock Hotstar from any location. Simply download the apps from your desired provider on your device(s), choose an Indian server to connect to, load the Hotstar website over that connection. Your preferred Hotstar material ought to be available right now. 


There is a means to reestablish unfettered access to the internet even if Kuwait’s government continues to impose restrictions on internet use inside its boundaries. A VPN gives you free access to stuff from all around the world while shielding your online activity from snoopers.

My best recommendation for securing and increasing internet use while in Kuwaiti airspace is NordVPN.


NordVPN provides fast download speeds, top-notch security and privacy protections, excellent support for cross-platform apps, and a extensive world server network that offers excellent access to the free world.

Visit the NordVPN website for further details or to buy a membership.

The “kuwait vpn download” is a virtual private network that allows users to connect to the internet from anywhere. VPNs are often used for privacy and security reasons, but they can also be used for streaming media content or accessing blocked websites.

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