The 6 Best VPNs for Torrenting, P2P & File Sharing in 2022

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Torrenting, P2P and file sharing are all popular activities that can be dangerous if done incorrectly. That’s why it’s important to use the right VPN for each activity. Here are the 6 best VPNs for torrenting, P2P and file sharing in 2022.

The “best free vpn for torrenting” is a question that has been asked multiple times. The 6 best VPNs for Torrenting, P2P & File Sharing in 2022 are: Private Internet Access, NordVPN, ExpressVPN, CyberGhost VPN, PureVPN, and VyprVPN.

To transport huge files over the internet, such as video and music files, software, and more, torrenting (P2P; file sharing) is employed. This is made feasible by the peer-to-peer BitTorrent protocol, which enables a collection of computers, or “swarm,” to exchange data without the need of a centralized server.

Users now often transfer files through torrenting. Since P2P file sharing is how game developers like Blizzard distribute their material, torrenting is entirely legal.

However, some individuals pirate copyrighted content including movies, music, and games that may not otherwise be available for free download. Because of this, even though there are many legitimate reasons for torrenting, it is often mistaken for pirating.

Although torrenting has many legitimate justifications, many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) disapprove of the activity and may place bandwidth restrictions on it. They could even just outright block it.

Fortunately, there is a solution to avoid such obstacles: a virtual private network (VPN).

Your internet connection is enclosed in an encrypted tunnel by a virtual private network (VPN), shielding your online activity from prying eyes. While a curious onlooker may be able to determine that you are online, they won’t be able to determine that you are downloading torrents.

An ISP cannot slow down or stop your torrenting activities since it won’t be aware of what you are doing.

I cover the top 5 VPNs for torrenting in this post.

How to Share P2P Files Using Your VPN

Use a VPN to secure your torrenting activity and do the following actions:

  1. Join the VPN service of your choosing. I suggest NordVPN.
  2. the app on your smartphone, install it.
  3. Connect to your VPN service.
  4. Link up with a VPN server.
  5. Open your preferred torrenting application.
  6. Share files as much as you want.

Exceptional VPNs for Torrenting

The six companies mentioned below outperformed the other major VPN services when sharing files through P2P file sharing after I put a large number of them through a series of testing hurdles.

  1. NordVPN: This service provider offers fast download speeds, making it a great choice for P2P file sharing. While NordVPN does restrict torrenting to a small number of servers, they provide the best security and privacy features at a reasonable cost.
  2. Surfshark: You may torrent on all of your P2P-capable devices simultaneously with this reasonably priced service thanks to its several connections at once. P2P-friendly VPN servers and quick speeds are advantages.
  3. ExpressVPN: Due to its acceptance of P2P activity on all of its servers, quick connections, and good security and privacy options, this rather pricey service is a solid option for securing P2P sessions.
  4. CyberGhost a fantastic choice for torrenters of huge files. Fast download speeds, top-notch anonymity and security, and the ability to torrent on many of their servers are all features offered by CyberGhost.
  5. P2P file sharing is permitted on all of IPVanish’s servers, and the company’s top-notch encryption and kill switch security prevent others from seeing your online activities. maintains absolutely no records of your internet activity.
  6. PrivateVPN: This emerging supplier is an excellent option for file-sharing types because to its well-encrypted, quick downstream connections and readiness to permit torrenting on all of its servers.

The following criteria were used to analyze and rank the best VPNs for file sharing:

  • permits torrenting
  • offers superb privacy and security
  • provides blazing-fast connections, limitless bandwidth, and no data limits
  • provides excellent client assistance
  • use public IP addresses

Shared IP addresses: What are they?

Your device is identified by its IP address when it is linked to a network, such as the internet or your home Wi-Fi network. Your real location is concealed when you are connected to a VPN server, which assigns you a new IP address.

The servers of many providers employ shared IPs, which allows several devices to use the same IP address. Since numerous users are sharing the same IP address, their online activity is even more anonymous since the address cannot be linked to a specific user.

Here are my top 6 recommendations for the finest VPN services to utilize during P2P file sharing.

How-to-Unblock-Instagram-at-School-in-2022 Jul 2022

P2P users should use NordVPN since it is a cost-effective VPN service that provides high-quality service and security.

The service provider has more than 5,500 servers spread across over 60 nations. P2P communication is permitted by NordVPN, but only on a few specific servers. (Regardless of whatever server you choose to connect to, the provider will direct your connection to VPN servers in Canada or the Netherlands if it detects P2P activity.)

The company provides an additional degree of anonymity by using shared IPs on their servers.

High-level 256-bit encryption is used by NordVPN to secure your torrenting activities, and the service also offers a kill switch option. Thanks to the provider’s no-logs policy and Bitcoin payment option, privacy infractions are not a concern.

Your torrenting requirements may be readily met by NordVPN’s fast connections, which in recent tests were the best. Your consumption is not restricted by data limitations from the provider, and your connection is never slowed down.

The majority of the time, NordVPN has run well for me, but it’s comforting to know that if something does go wrong, the provider’s 24/7 support chat, email assistance, and searchable knowledge base are available to me.

All main platforms have apps available, and a single account may connect up to 6 devices at once. Utilize the good router compatibility of the service if you want extra connections.


  • P2P traffic is permitted on a small number of servers.
  • fantastic privacy and security safeguards
  • Affordable prices
  • Shared IPs for more privacy
  • ultra-rapid downloads


  • Kill switch security is turned on app per app.

BEST VPN FOR P2P:NordVPN is the top choice for P2P file sharing. It’s reasonable price means it’s easy to get an excellent return on investment when you consider their high level of service, which includes fast connections and fantastic privacy and security safeguards. 30-day money-back guarantee.

Read our in-depth NordVPN review.


Surfshark provides quick, secure access to torrents using P2P-optimized servers located all over the world. You may save money thanks to its low price to get that bigger hard disk you’ve been coveting.

The service provider has more than 3,200 servers spread across 64 different nations. Many of such servers are designed for file sharing. P2P optimization is as easy as starting your P2P file sharing application and establishing a connection with a Surfshark server. The service provider will detect your P2P activity and change your connection to a server that is optimized for P2P.

Surfshark performs a fantastic job at protecting your P2P activities from snoopers. To keep things secret, Surfshark utilizes military-grade encryption, a kill switch, and DNS leak protection. Malware and phishing prevention, as well as ad and tracker blocking, are furthermore included.

If you want, MultiHop protection will transit your connection across two VPN servers. Shared IPs give an additional level of anonymity.

Due to its stringent no-logs-ever policy and possibility for bitcoin subscription payments, your privacy is safeguarded.

Online gaming and HD video streaming are also supported, and Surfshark’s fast connections are never restricted by data limitations or bandwidth throttling.

Customer service is available around-the-clock and offers live chat, email, and a searchable help library.

The majority of widely used devices that allow torrenting have native software compatibility, and the provider’s policy of unlimited concurrent connections ensures that you’ll never run out of VPN connections.


  • gives trustworthy access to P2P torrents
  • several connections at once
  • Quick, secure connections
  • The MultiHop function increases anonymity.
  • extending international network


  • The cost of a single month’s membership is high.

VPN OPTION FOR UNLIMITED FILE SHARING AT A DISCOUNT: Surfshark can be the VPN for you if you wish to file share across several devices or if you’re a part of a file sharing organization searching for safety for all of your members. Additionally, organizations sharing a login will find it appealing due to its much lower multi-year membership rate. Additionally, you’ll like its quick connections and above-average device compatibility. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered.

Read my whole Surfshark review.

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For preventing strangers from monitoring your peer-to-peer file-sharing activity, ExpressVPN is a desirable VPN option. Although it costs a little more than some of its rivals, the company provides trustworthy connection protection to keep your P2P activity hidden.

ExpressVPN permits torrenting on all of its 3,000+ servers, which are located in 94 countries. (Many VPN providers either don’t allow torrenting at all, or only allow it on some of their servers.) The provider uses shared IPs, which add an additional layer of anonymity to your connection.

The military-grade 256-bit encryption and kill switch protection of this provider’s connections make them ideal for torrenting. The British Virgin Islands-based VPN’s stringent no-logs policy and Bitcoin subscription payment option ensure your anonymity is equally safeguarded.

The company will never throttle your internet speeds, limit your bandwidth, or impose data limitations on your use, and ExpressVPN has quick connection speeds.

ExpressVPN does a good job of providing customer assistance, providing timely email help, a problem ticket submission mechanism, and a searchable troubleshooting and support library.

In addition to supporting macOS, Windows, and Linux, ExpressVPN also offers support for iOS, Android, Android TV, Amazon Fire, and other major operating systems.

If you need to secure more devices, the company provides good router compatibility and supports up to 5 concurrent connections.


  • P2P file sharing is permitted across all servers.
  • superior privacy and security safeguards
  • among the greatest customer service
  • A quick bond


  • On this list, the most costly provider

ExpressVPN allows P2P activity on all of its servers, making it a trustworthy and adaptable VPN choice for hiding your file-sharing activities. The service’s well-encrypted connections and its kill switch protection guarantee that your P2P activity will remain hidden. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered.

Read the whole of our ExpressVPN review.

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The best VPN for P2P file-sharing elites who feel the need for speed but lack significant VPN software knowledge is CyberGhost.

Over 6,200 servers for CyberGhost are located in more than 89 countries worldwide. P2P traffic is constrained by the provider to a limited number of servers (in about 73 countries). On CyberGhost servers, shared IPs are the norm, enhancing anonymity.

The service provider uses kill switch protection in addition to military-grade encryption to secure communications. With CyberGhost, privacy is never a problem because of its no-logs policy and support for Bitcoin.

For those enormous files you want to download, CyberGhost offers lots of download speed. The service provider will never place a speed constraint on you or a data consumption cap on you to stop you from going on a binge-downloading spree.

CyberGhost provides a live help chat feature, a trouble ticket tracking system, and an easily searchable support library in the uncommon event that you have a problem with the service.

For the majority of widely used device platforms, CyberGhost offers applications and permits a generous 7 concurrent connections. If that doesn’t work, you can secure more devices thanks to the VPN’s wide range of router compatibility.


  • outstanding connection encryption
  • accelerated connections
  • superior privacy safeguards
  • Using 73 different servers, permits P2P traffic


  • Manual choices are absent from the applications from other providers.

BEST VPN FOR NEW USERS: CyberGhost offers quick connection speeds, which makes it ideal for quick file sharing. The ISP restricts P2P activity to certain servers, but its speed more than makes up for it. Additionally, its user-friendly applications provide simple access to P2P-optimized servers. Guaranteed money-back for 45 days.

Read the whole of our CyberGhost review.

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Users of peer-to-peer file sharing who are concerned about too many people having access to their information can consider IPVanish. Third-party operators are no longer a factor in terms of security because to the provider’s self-owned and -operated server farms.

P2P file sharing is permitted by IPVanish on all 1,600+ servers spread across more than 54 countries. Because the provider’s servers employ shared IP addresses, your file sharing is further protected from identity theft.

With military-grade encryption and a kill switch, IPVanish offers some of the greatest security measures in the VPN business.

Although the company does give a layer of security that is not offered by other VPN providers, privacy is a little less ideal.

Despite not keeping any user records, IPVanish does not support bitcoin payments. However, it owns and manages its server farms, so no user data is accessible to servers operated by other parties.

Although IPVanish doesn’t provide the fastest connections available, they are sufficient for the majority of customers’ requirements when it comes to file sharing, streaming, and other activities. The service provider never places data or bandwidth restrictions.

The service provider offers excellent user protection in the area of customer care, including email help, round-the-clock live chat, and a searchable knowledge base.

IPVanish offers native app support for the iOS, Android, macOS, Linux, Windows and Amazon Fire TV platforms. Native router support is also available. several connections at once are available.


  • manages and owns its server farms
  • several connections at once
  • On all servers, P2P file sharing is permitted.


  • no browser add-ons
  • No possibilities for cryptocurrency payments

HIGHLY SECURE: Through their privately owned and controlled servers, IPVanish provides P2P users with added security. The provider’s well-encrypted connections provide adequate power to speed up file sharing and downloading. With the addition of a 30-day money-back guarantee, IPVanish now complies with industry standards.

Read the whole of our IPVanish review.

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Due to its dependable and quick connections, as well as its robust privacy and security precautions, PrivateVPN completes the top 6 ranking.

Although 150+ servers is clearly not a lot, PrivateVPN has them evenly distributed over 60 countries, providing surprisingly good worldwide server coverage. On every server owned by the provider, P2P activity is permitted.

Although PrivateVPN’s macOS program lacks a kill switch option, it does provide connections with military-grade encryption and a Stealth VPN option.

Your exposure should, at least, be restricted to a few seconds since that program does provide a choice to instantly rejoin to the provider’s servers in the event of a connection failure.

Your privacy is completely safeguarded since PrivateVPN does not keep any kind of records of its users’ online activities. Additionally, a Bitcoin payment option ensures the privacy of your payment information.

With among of the fastest connections in the business, PrivateVPN’s connection speeds are more than enough for the demands of the majority of P2P users.

Customer service from this supplier is mediocre. Although live chat help is offered, it is not always accessible. Although there is no search function in its FAQ, there is a “Contact Us” form where queries may be sent.

With just applications available for the iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS platforms, PrivateVPN’s app support is a little lacking. All of your other devices may be protected thanks to the service’s router support. The service may be accessed simultaneously by up to 6 devices using the same login.


  • P2P-compatible connection rates
  • allows up to 6 connections to be active at once
  • File-sharing through P2P on all servers


  • The smallest amount of servers I’ve ever seen
  • Customer service might need some work.

ADVICE FOR EXPERT VPN AND P2P USERS: For seasoned VPN users, PrivateVPN is a desirable alternative since it provides a wealth of cutting-edge solutions for P2P use concealment. Here, quick speeds are the norm, albeit customer service might be a little better. Money-back guarantee of 30 days.

Read the whole of our PrivateVPN review.

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Is torrenting prohibited?

Torrenting files is not prohibited per se. Peer-to-peer file sharing technology is widely used by enterprises to allow their staff members to exchange files.

However, when users utilize the technology to distribute copyrighted materials like music, films, and software, torrenting turns into a criminal offense.

Even if a user is sharing files legitimately, several Internet Service Providers completely restrict P2P activity from their networks out of concern about the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted information.

That’s why it’s so highly advised to use a VPN to hide your activity with uTorrent and other torrenting software.

Can I Protect My P2P Torrenting with a Free VPN?

A “free” VPN is a bad choice for any online activity protection, but it’s especially bad for file torrenting.

Free VPNs are terrible at securing your online anonymity and often provide slower connection speeds than their paid-for counterparts. A free VPN is a poor option for P2P operations due to both of these issues.

Many VPN service providers that omit the section about charging you do so because doing so allows them to monitor your internet habits and sell that information to advertising and other parties.

Some “free” VPN service providers may sabotage your browser experiences with intrusive ads and tracking cookies. Nothing about this is “private.”

Many VPNs in the “free” category don’t provide what are referred to as “P2P-friendly connections.”

First of all, some VPNs of this ilk will herd their users into a waiting pen, where they are forced to wait to Link up with a VPN server. Then, once they’re allowed to connect, their server selections are quite limited – if they’re allowed any choice in server at all.

Once connected, customers of “free” VPNs could discover that their internet speeds are much slower than those of premium options, or that their access is limited because of capacity limits or a monthly data cap.

While a free VPN may initially save you some money, you’ll ultimately spend more in terms of wasted time and privacy. Keep using premium services.

FAQs for torrenting VPN

Which Free VPN for Torrenting Is the Best?

Using a free VPN is not recommended for torrenting. Even when they do, free VPNs have a reputation for tracking its users’ actions and selling their data to interested parties. Very few free VPNs even permit torrenting on their servers. You have a formula for disaster when you consider that free VPNs often impose data restrictions and throttle connection speeds. Paid VPNs are the ideal choice for P2P since they don’t present these issues.

What VPN Has the Strictest No Logs Policy and Does Not Expose Any Files?

Both accessible files and user activity records are absent from NordVPN. Additionally, it provides kill switch, DNS, and IPv6 leak safeguards, ensuring the safety and security of your operations. The fact that it also takes Bitcoin as an anonymous payment option makes it a very safe VPN.

How Do P2P VPNs Work?

A P2P VPN is a VPN that permits torrenting on their servers. Not all VPNs allow users to share files, making it important to double-check with a VPN about their torrenting policy before subscribing. 


A Virtual Private Network is a great addition to the online toolkit for users who want to conceal their P2P file sharing activities from inquisitive eyes.

A VPN gives you access to a wide variety of different forms of material while keeping your file transfers secret and guarding against monitoring of your other online activity.

Fans of BitTorrent will discover that NordVPN is the finest VPN service for safeguarding their online file-sharing activities. For all of your online activities, the provider’s P2P-friendly connections provide the highest level of protection.

Visit the NordVPN website for further details or to buy a membership.


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The “best cheap vpn for torrenting” is a list of the 6 best VPNs for P2P and file sharing in 2022.

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