The Best Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) for Singapore in 2022

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In Singapore, internet censorship is rampant. To get around this, many people use VPNs to access blocked websites and keep their online activities private. However, not all VPNs are created equal. Here are the five best VPNs for Singapore in 2022:

The “best free vpn for singapore server” is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that allows users to connect to the internet from different locations. These VPNs are becoming increasingly popular in Singapore, as more people are turning to them for privacy and security.

Although the government of Singapore encourages the use of digital technologies, it also continues to impose restrictions on their usage when they are used to foment political unrest or conflict between different ethnic or religious groups.

In the nation, internet censorship is carried out by the Media Development Authority (MDA). It now keeps a list of websites that are forbidden. Users often get a green box with a statement from the MDA that reads, “This website is not accessible since it breaches the laws in Singapore” while trying to visit a restricted website.

In Singapore, none of the main social networks are presently prohibited. Users who publish anything that is considered to be racial, abusive, or otherwise objectionable risk penalties or even jail.

ISPs and social networks are obligated to provide the Singaporean government with information about users’ accounts upon request. Government agencies now have the option to seek content data instead than just information, if they believe it is necessary for an investigation.

Fortunately, there is a solution to shield your online activity from the Singapore government’s prying eyes: a VPN (VPN).

By enclosing your connection in an encrypted tunnel, a VPN protects your internet connection from surveillance and threats.

Additionally, a VPN might provide the impression that you are connected from a different country or region of the globe. With the use of this function, you may access material and services that you would not often be able to in your area, such as Netflix, gaming servers, and other kinds of content and services.

In this post, I review the top seven VPN services for usage in Singapore along with the qualities you should want from a service.

Using a VPN in Singapore: How to Do It

While within Singapore’s boundaries, use a VPN to secure your internet activity by doing the following:

  1. Join the VPN that best suits your requirements by subscribing. The best VPN for Singapore overall, in my opinion, is NordVPN.
  2. Install the app(s) from the supplier on your gadget (s).
  3. Connect to the VPN.
  4. Connect to a VPN server of your choice.
  5. Enjoy your newfound freedom and privacy online.

Singapore’s top VPN services

To establish which services were the best to use within the lion state, I put my favorite VPN providers through a series of tests.

I found that the seven providers listed below are the Singapore’s top VPN services. The TL;DR summary:

  1. The best VPN for Singapore is NordVPN. Fast connections, superb privacy safeguards, first-rate customer assistance, and exceptional connection security are all provided by NordVPN, and all for a reasonable price.
  2. Surfshark: The most affordable of these seven is Surfshark. For a reasonable fee, Surfshark provides unrestricted simultaneous connections, comforting security and privacy safeguards, and quick connections.
  3. ExpressVPN: High-quality VPN security for Singapore. When it comes to unblocking Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services’ content, ExpressVPN excels. High-quality security and privacy measures are what you can count on.
  4. CyberGhost: A solid choice for new VPN users. Users who are brand-new to the world of VPNs should definitely choose CyberGhost. Easy-to-use applications, reliable security, and outstanding content-unblocking capabilities are all provided by the service.
  5. Singapore-based Private Internet Access is a trustworthy VPN. This VPN offers trustworthy, secure access to geo-restricted material from Singapore and other parts of the world.
  6. Thin yet reliable server network: PrivateVPN. This supplier offers fast, secure connections. Although the provider’s global server coverage is a little inadequate, they chose key sites worldwide.
  7. Atlas VPN: Wide-ranging connection protection. This supplier offers dependable secured access to geo-fenced material all around the world while having a less than remarkable global server network.

Using the following criteria, I determined the best seven Singapore VPNs:

  • dependable privacy and security safeguards
  • No data limitations, limitless bandwidth, and quick connections
  • Countless worldwide network servers
  • local servers in Singapore
  • dependable client service
  • good support for native apps

Here are my top seven recommendations for Singapore’s finest VPN services.

How-to-Unblock-Instagram-at-School-in-2022 Jul 2022

My #1 pick for the best VPN to utilize when on Singapore’s island is NordVPN. High-speed connections, strong encryption, extensive worldwide server coverage, and a ton of content-unblocking capability are all provided by the service.

The company adheres to a strict no-logs policy and takes Bitcoin, which performs an excellent job of keeping your payment information anonymous, so privacy is not a problem.

Your security is properly taken care of by the provider, whose blazing-fast connections are secured by military-grade encryption. It may also prevent viruses and advertisements and provides obfuscated servers (which helps mask VPN usage and get around internet limitations like network firewalls). There are no data limits or bandwidth restrictions.

I’d dare to assume they’ll have your requirements covered well with about 5,600 servers in 60 countries. There are servers on Singaporean soil. The owned-and-operated server farm approach used by NordVPN recently prevents other contractors from having access to your personal information.

Additionally, none of the NordVPN servers write any data to a conventional hard disk; they are all entirely operated from RAM. As a result, each time the servers reboot, all server data is safely erased.

Although NordVPN is a very dependable VPN, a support library, email support, and a 24/7 support chat are all accessible in case Murphy’s Law does apply.

With applications for Android, Windows, macOS (with native M1/M2 compatibility), iOS, Linux, Amazon Fire, and Android TV devices, this supplier covers the most of the widely used software platforms. There are also accessible browser add-ons for Firefox, Edge, and Chrome.

In order to access foreign material on devices like game consoles and certain set-top boxes that are incompatible with VPN applications, a SmartDNS option is offered. However, be aware that unlike a VPN service, this one does not encrypt your connection.

One login may be used to connect up to six devices at once. You may benefit from the provider’s extensive router support if that isn’t enough.


  • 5,500 plus servers spread over 60 countries, including Singapore
  • lightning-fast download rates
  • excellent support for browsers and apps
  • Outstanding value for the money
  • superior privacy and security safeguards


  • Apps are not suitable for beginners.

The best VPN for Singapore is NordVPN, which I recommend for securing your online activity when visiting Singapore. The advantages of this supplier include excellent connection and privacy precautions, dependable and quick connections, and first-rate app support. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered.

Read our in-depth NordVPN review.

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Fast connections, extensive worldwide server coverage, limitless simultaneous connections, and top-notch online security are all features that Surfshark offers for an affordable price.

Thanks to Surfshark’s military-grade encryption, kill switch, and ad blocking security, you’ll never have to worry about your security. For enhanced security, the company also provides “MultiHop” functionality, which passes your connection over two VPN servers rather than just one.

You won’t ever have to worry about your privacy either since Surfshark does not retain a record of your online actions and accepts Bitcoin as a payment method that respects privacy.

Stunning connection rates from Surfshark let you stream, play games, and exchange files with ease.

You will have several alternatives about where you want to connect and the kind of information you want to view thanks to the 3,200+ servers in 65+ countries. Singapore is another choice. The supplier claims of having access to more than 30 Netflix libraries worldwide.

For the following operating systems: iOS, macOS (native Apple Silicon support), Android, Windows, Linux, and Fire TV. Your internet sessions are protected by extensions for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox, and there is a wide range of compatibility for various router brands and models.

You’ll discover that Surfshark’s several connections at once allowed allows you to connect all of the devices or people you want to connect at once, regardless of how many you want to connect.

You’ll be glad to hear that customer service is offered 24/7 through a live chat option, a support contact form, and a searchable help library in case you encounter any issues.


  • very low prices
  • dependable quick connection times
  • several connections at once
  • complete privacy and security safeguards


  • has few sophisticated customizing options

BEST At BUDGET: Surfshark offers a high-caliber service for an unexpectedly reasonable cost. Your connection is adequately protected by the supplier, who also provides fast speeds and allows you to simultaneously connect as many devices as you choose. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered.

Read my whole Surfshark review.

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When it comes to connection speeds, worldwide server coverage, unblocking material, and security and privacy safeguards, ExpressVPN excels well in a number of areas.

Regarding privacy, ExpressVPN does not maintain any records of your online activities and accepts Bitcoin as payment for subscriptions.

With military-grade encryption, kill switch protection, IPv6 leak and DNS leak prevention, ExpressVPN’s fast connections are securely safeguarded. Your online behavior is never restricted by the provider with data quotas or bandwidth restrictions.

With more than 3,000 servers spread across 94 countries, ExpressVPN provides a good global coverage. You may readily access Singapore-specific material while traveling since the supplier has servers located there.

All ExpressVPN servers just need RAM to operate. This guarantees that all data is safely erased when the server restarts since no data is ever written to a physical hard disk.

Even though ExpressVPN’s service is quite dependable, it’s comforting to know that thorough customer care is available when you need it. A searchable support and troubleshooting library, a problem ticket system, email help, and live chat support are all offered.

Offerings for Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Linux, Chromebook, and Amazon Fire devices are part of ExpressVPN’s extensive app support. Thanks to extensions for the Edge, Firefox, and Chrome browsers, your browsing experiences are covered.

The provider’s MediaStreamer DNS solution will enable access from anywhere in the world if you access your preferred streaming content via game consoles, set-top boxes, or smart TVs. Note that MediaStreamer does not encrypt your connection, however.

Although ExpressVPN only allows 5 devices to connect concurrently, customers may get around this restriction by using the provider’s extensive router support.


  • a full range of app support
  • rapid connection rates
  • Excellent privacy and security safeguards
  • world-class server coverage


  • five simultaneous connections maximum
  • surprisingly high cost

ExpressVPN is a solid choice if you want a VPN that operates well across the board. High qualities of the supplier include connection speeds, worldwide server coverage, app support, and security and privacy safeguards. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered.

Read the whole of our ExpressVPN review.

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When seeking for a simple-to-use VPN service that grants access to global content, CyberGhost is a great choice for beginners.

CyberGhost’s no-logs-ever policy and support for Bitcoin help to safeguard your privacy properly.

Through the use of military-grade encryption, kill switch protection, the option to block advertisements, and many other features, the service provides some really fast connections and does a wonderful job securing them. There are never any data limits or bandwidth limitations placed on users.

More than 8,100 servers for CyberGhost are strategically placed across more than 90 nations. For consumers seeking for a dependable method to unblock gaming servers and streaming services in as many nations as possible, the company is a fantastic option. P2P communication is permitted on certain of their servers, and while you’re outside of Singapore, you may utilize their Singapore servers to “go local.”

Although CyberGhost’s applications and service are simple to use and dependable, if you ever want support, the provider will be there for you with the help of a searchable support library, live support chat, and a problem ticket support tracking system.

Thanks to macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV applications, the majority of devices are properly secured. Users of Chrome and Firefox may benefit from the provider’s browser extensions.

Despite the generous seven simultaneous connections per account limit offered by CyberGhost, you may simultaneously secure all of your connected devices thanks to the provider’s superb router compatibility.

The supplier provides strong VPN services in addition to antivirus, anti-malware, and other security and privacy-related applications and services, such as a password manager and a service to alert users when their email address is revealed in a data breach.


  • Excellent native app support, including extensions for Chrome and Firefox
  • Excellent security and privacy protection
  • rapid download times
  • There are several servers worldwide.


  • The sophisticated features included in the applications from other providers are absent from these apps.
  • Having trouble unblocking certain streaming websites

BEST FOR VPN NEWBIES: CyberGhost offers a user-friendly service, which makes it a great option for customers who may not feel comfortable using a complex VPN. You can rely on CyberGhost to keep your information private and secure. There is a 45-day money-back guarantee offered.

Read the whole of our CyberGhost review.

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Your online activities in Singapore are reliably protected by Private Internet Access (PIA).

3,300+ servers spread across more than 80 countries, including Singapore, are included in PIA’s worldwide server network coverage. Users in the nation may now access geo-fenced material while on the go or when living abroad from anywhere in the world.

PIA uses banking-grade encryption, IP/DNS leak prevention, and kill-switch security to keep your online activities well-hidden. The service offers further ad, tracker, virus, and harmful website prevention.

The provider’s bitcoin payment option helps to keep your payment details hidden, particularly when you enroll with a temporary email address. No user-connected logs are ever retained on PIA servers.

The slowest connection speeds on this list are undoubtedly those of PIA. But any popular online activity that comes to mind will have more than enough bandwidth thanks to those connections. This covers file sharing, streaming, and internet gaming. There are no data limits or bandwidth restrictions to spoil the experience.

Support for native apps is available for Android, Android TV, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux-based devices. There are browser add-ons for Chrome, Opera, and Firefox that may help keep your surfing safe. There is also availability for compatibility with many router brands and models.

Ten devices may be connected at once to the PIA servers by users.

When you need help or direction, live support chat, a problem ticket form, and a searchable support library are all offered.


  • good native app support for the majority of common devices
  • servers spread throughout more than 80 nations, including Singapore
  • protection for your privacy and security in full


  • No servers marked as “streaming-optimized” in PIA applications
  • Some nations find it ineffective

RESPONSIBLE SINGAPORE VPN PROTECTION:Private Internet Access guards against monitoring and throttling of your online activity. In many parts of the world, connections that are well-encrypted provide access to geo-restricted material. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered.

Read the whole of our Private Internet Access review.

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Fast connections and great identity and online activity protection are provided by PrivateVPN to its consumers.

Given that it never records its clients’ online activities and gives the option to pay using Bitcoin, the supplier completely protects your privacy.

Fast connections provided by PrivateVPN are fully safeguarded by government-grade encryption, IPv6 leak prevention, kill switch protection, and other features. There are no data or bandwidth limits with PrivateVPN.

With only a little over 200 servers, the provider falls short in the server count category, but they nevertheless make the most of it by dispersing them throughout 63 nations, including Singapore. All of PrivateVPN’s servers enable P2P file sharing.

When compared to the other providers in this lineup, PrivateVPN’s customer service falls a little short since, while it provides live help chat, it isn’t always accessible. The provider’s customer service resources are completed by a contact form and a non-searchable FAQ section.

Only macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS applications are supported. Use PrivateVPN’s router compatibility if you wish to secure more devices or more than the maximum of six at once.


  • Stunning connection rates
  • six connections at once, maximum
  • File-sharing through P2P on all servers


  • On this list, server count is the lowest.
  • Customer service may need some improvement

USERS OF P2P WELCOME: Users in Singapore who want unrestricted speed for downloading, streaming, and file sharing have a great choice in PrivateVPN. Despite having a small number of servers, they deliberately disperse them throughout the world. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered.

Read the whole of our PrivateVPN review.

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Access to information from Singapore and the majority of the outside world is dependable and secure thanks to Atlas.

The service has a rather underwhelming worldwide server network, with just over 750 servers dispersed over close to 35 countries. However, in the nations where it does have servers, the Atlas VPN server network performs a decent job of offering dependable access to internet material.

Your online exploits with Atlas VPN connected are kept secret thanks to government-grade encryption, a kill switch, and other security features. Additionally, the Safebrowse and Safebrowse Plus solutions from the supplier shield you from a variety of online threats while also preventing adverts.

No use logs are ever stored to an Atlas server, therefore no record of your online actions can be retrieved. However, the service lacks a bitcoin payment option at this moment.

The connections offered by Atlas VPN are quick and have no trouble handling common internet activities. There are no data limitations or bandwidth restrictions with this VPN service.

For devices running Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV, native app choices are available. Sadly, the supplier doesn’t support routers, browser extensions, or Linux. However, according to a statement made by Atlas VPN, all three capabilities will eventually be accessible.

On a single user account, an infinite number of devices may be linked at once.

Paid subscribers get access to live support chat. However, everyone has access to email, a contact form, and a support library.


  • rapid connection rates
  • Global and Singaporean content availability
  • prevents advertisements and internet dangers


  • No Linux, router, or browser compatibility
  • There might be enhanced global server network coverage.

Atlas VPN provides an infinite number of secured connections to its users, so regardless of how many compatible devices you possess, your online safety is guaranteed across all of them. The server network of the supplier is undoubtedly modest. However, it offers dependable access to geo-restricted material in the locations where its servers are situated. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered.

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Techniques for evaluating VPNs for Singapore

While within Singapore’s boundaries, never accept anything less than the best VPN security. Additionally, check for trustworthy access to globally geo-restricted information at all times. When determining which VPNs are ideal to use in Singapore or other areas across the world, always keep the following things in mind:

  • No matter what your preferred online activities are, connection speeds of VPN-protected connections are always a crucial factor to take into account. My list of VPNs includes those that provide quick connectivity.
  • Server Network: The more comprehensively a VPN’s worldwide server network is covered, the easier it will be for you to access geo-restricted material in other parts of the world. In order to prevent a single server from being overburdened with users, look for a provider that has many servers that are all situated in the same nation.
  • Value: Verify if the price a VPN is asking for is comparable to the value of the services it provides. Every VPN on my list has excellent features and offers above-average value for the money.
  • Ease of Use: A VPN service provider has to provide applications for the majority of widely used device platforms. Access to the provider’s servers should be fast and simple in any VPN program worth its salt. Every VPN I list has user-friendly applications for a variety of widely used devices.
  • Security and privacy protection: A VPN service should provide thorough security and privacy safeguards. A VPN should at the very least include DNS/IP leak prevention, automated kill switch, and banking-level encryption. Extra is a plus. Additionally, service providers should never keep records of your internet actions on their systems.
  • Streaming: One of the most well-liked internet pastimes right now is undoubtedly streaming HD and 4K video. Access to international video streaming material should be made possible through VPNs. These VPNs provide dependable access to a variety of streaming services, including Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and many more.

The above-mentioned factors do not represent the Conclusion of my investigation. This is just a tiny portion of my general testing strategy for VPNs. With the help of this data-driven methodology, VPNs and their services are better understood. This enables me to only suggest VPNs that are suitable for your requirements.

Is Using a Free VPN in Singapore a Good Option?

There are certainly many “free” VPN companies on the internet nowadays, but I highly advise against ever using one. Not that the experiment will end in tears, but you won’t be pleased with the outcome.

The majority of “free” VPN services include underlying charges for comfort and privacy.

If you look into it, you’ll discover that many “free” services generate money by monitoring the internet actions of its customers, preserving the data, and then selling it to the highest bidder. If the Singaporean government asks for access to the VPN’s records, it’s unlikely that the VPN would put up much of a struggle because they are eager to sell your information.

Some free VPNs are known to include tracking cookies and adverts into their customers’ online surfing sessions in addition to selling user information.

If you’re anything like me, you probably want to get in, do your tasks, and move on with your life. You’ll probably experience some annoying delays if you utilize a free VPN.

Before you can connect to a server, you may need to wait in line with other users on certain free VPN services. You may have to wait a long time before connecting to a VPN server, depending on how many users are online and how many are waiting to join.

You could discover that your server options are restricted after you are permitted to join. That is, assuming you are even permitted to choose the server to which you may connect.

Free VPN companies may also impose monthly data constraints on your VPN use, bandwidth restrictions, and throttled connections. UGH!

Why Would Someone in Singapore Need a VPN?

Internet access in Singapore was rated as “partly free” by Freedom House in 2021. Over the last several years, a number of legislative efforts have the potential to negatively impact internet freedom in the nation.

During “serious occurrences,” Singapore’s Public Order and Safety Act severely limits internet media and freedom of speech. These occurrences might range from terrorist assaults to nonviolent sit-down demonstrations. A fine of SGD 20,000 (USD $15,200) and up to two years in jail are possible penalties for breaking a prohibition.

Internet content providers and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are required to censor any material that the government considers “undesirable, damaging, or obscene” under the Broadcasting Act of 1996 rules.

By adding a layer of encryption to user connections, a VPN enables users to protect their online activity from prying eyes. This guarantees that governments and other repressive parties cannot monitor a user’s online activities. This is particularly useful in Singapore and other nations with limited internet freedom.

At least 100 websites are blocked in Singapore by the government. It is also common for website material to be censored. Users may access websites and other information that would otherwise be prohibited in their region by using a VPN.

How to Protect Your Privacy Online in Singapore

Utilize every security option that the program from your VPN provider has to offer if you want to keep your online actions discreet.

Turn on connection obfuscation (which masks your VPN usage as regular internet traffic), “scrambling” (another form of connection obfuscation), kill switch protection, auto-reconnect (which automatically restores your connection to the VPN server if there is an accidental drop), and any other feature that is offered to help ensure your online antics go undetected.

Avoiding utilizing public Wi-Fi hotspots, using an encrypted email service, and even using a secure browser like Tor are further methods to enhance your anonymity.

Using VPN Browser Extensions: A Reminder

You’ll find that many VPN providers provide add-ons for the Chrome, Firefox, and even the Edge browsers. With only one mouse click, users may utilize these extensions to secure their web surfing.

Be aware that if you do use a browser extension, it only protects your in-browser actions. The browser’s VPN protection will not be used by any other programs or services that are already operating on your device and connect to the internet. Any activity that uses the internet, such as chatting, streaming, and torrenting, falls under this category.

A VPN browser plugin is the way to go if all you do with your browser is check your bank balance, pay a few bills, or make an Amazon purchase.

To safeguard all of your online-related activities, utilize the VPN’s native app if you anticipate spending a lot of time online and using many internet-connected applications.

What Else Can I Do With a VPN?

A VPN is perhaps the finest tool you can use in Singapore to prevent your online activity from being monitored and traced, but its capabilities go well beyond that.

Additionally, a VPN provides access to material that would not typically be accessible in your region. This may include websites and other services, such as streaming services, gambling websites, online gaming, and more, that may be restricted by the government or the content provider.

You might use it to access American Netflix material from Singapore.

Some ISPs may slow down a user’s internet access if they utilize file-sharing or visit websites or services that aren’t on their list of “authorized” websites. By blocking connection throttling, a VPN may assist.

A VPN is a great tool for shielding your online activity from the prying eyes of criminals like hackers who want to steal your personal data.

FAQs about Singapore VPN

What Is Singapore’s Best Free VPN?

Avoid using free VPNs. Free VPNs have a reputation for imposing data use restrictions, slowing down connections, having users wait in line, and selling customers’ sensitive data to benevolent outside parties. Make sure you sign up with a premium provider for the utmost security and convenience.

VPN use is permitted in Singapore?

Although Singapore may prosecute you if you use a VPN to access blocked material, VPNs are nonetheless permitted there.

What is Singapore’s fastest VPN?

NordVPN is the VPN that offers some of the quickest connection speeds I’ve ever experienced. Large file sharing, HD and 4K streaming, and action-packed gaming are all supported by those connection speeds. NordVPN won’t significantly slow down your usual connection speeds, regardless of what they are.


Internet users in Singapore are recommended to utilize a VPN to safeguard and improve their online activities while they are in the island state, whether they are residents or just passing through.

The finest tool available for keeping your internet actions secret is a VPN, such as my top pick, NordVPN. A VPN secures all of your online activities, including file sharing, streaming, and more, while keeping your browser sessions private.

Visit the NordVPN website for further details or to buy a membership.

The “vpn singapore free unlimited” is a virtual private network that allows users to access the internet without restrictions. The best VPNs for Singapore are ones that are also easy to use, reliable, and have a wide range of servers.

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