TunnelBear Not Working With Netflix? Here is How To Fix it (2022 Edition)

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TunnelBear is one of the most popular VPNs on the market, but it seems to be having some problems with Netflix. Here’s how to fix it if you’re experiencing issues.

Windscribe is a VPN service that allows users to browse the internet without being tracked. However, Netflix has been blocking Windscribe’s IP addresses and it has become increasingly difficult to use. Here are some fixes that have been successful for many people.

You gather your tablet, a cup of hot cocoa, your coziest blanket, activate your TunnelBear VPN connection, open Netflix, and prepare for a protracted winter binge-watching session. And yet…


Something went wrong, whoops… Error in Streaming. You seem to be using a proxy or unblocker. Please stop using any of these services before attempting again.

CRAP! Yesterday, everything went well.

Netflix and TunnelBear not functioning together? Try it out…

Change to NordVPN (which I think is the best VPN provider for viewing Netflix).

I’ve tried a number of VPNs and discovered that NordVPN consistently gives me access to Netflix in a variety of locations throughout the world. Additionally, it is quite quick, allowing you to stream in HD without buffering.

A 30-day money-back guarantee for NordVPN lets you test it out risk-free.


Regardless of the VPN service they subscribe to, an increasing number of VPN customers are experiencing the same problems with Netflix.

A VPN used to perhaps be the most effective method for foreigners to access Netflix content. Netflix has been actively waging a campaign to prevent VPN users’ IP addresses from accessing its content since the beginning of 2016.

Once upon a time, one of the simplest methods to access Netflix’s honeypot of streaming goodies from outside of a country’s boundaries was via VPN service TunnelBear. But it seems that the Ursidae supplier has given up trying to elbow its way into Netflix’s honeypot of content.

What are your alternatives if you utilize TunnelBear, then?

How a VPN Provider Can’t Connect to Netflix

I contend that while many VPN subscribers may have chosen a service for one specific perk or another, the majority quickly learn that a VPN is an excellent tool to secure their online activities, regardless of what those activities may be. Because of this, many customers continue to utilize their VPN service anytime they are online.

Customers are connected to one of the provider’s servers when they join to their preferred VPN service, along with many other users. They get a new IP address when they log in, making it look as if they are connecting from the VPN server’s location. It can be on the other side of town or in a different nation on the other side of the globe.

All users that are connected to a certain VPN server have the same IP address. Due to the fact that each connected user has the same IP address supplied by the VPN, it seems as if they are all connecting from the same place.

Due to the fact that every user’s online activity originates from the same IP address, this adds an additional degree of protection but also makes it simpler for a streaming service like Netflix to identify a VPN as being in use.

Netflix is alerted that a VPN service may be providing the IP address if a significant number of VPN customers on the same VPN server login to the streaming service using that VPN server.

After confirming that the IP address belongs to a VPN provider, Netflix may easily block that IP from accessing their streaming servers, prohibiting VPN customers from using that address to view their content.


A VPN user may contact the company’s customer service team to file a complaint if they notice that a previously functional server no longer allows them to access Netflix.

The support staff may create a fresh set of IP addresses after they have verified that the server’s IP address has been blacklisted. Netflix may now be accessed, but only while the new IP addresses are being identified. The dance then restarts when the new IPs are blocked. (It’s less of a Waltz and more of a Cha-Cha.)

Although the back-and-forth game of Battleship between Netflix and the VPN provider may frustrate Netflix users who use VPNs, the streaming business has the right to deny such access since their agreements with film and television studios permit them to limit access to particular regions.

Unfortunately, Netflix’s agreements with its content suppliers imply that some material may not be accessible to consumers based outside of the United States.

The Top VPN Replacement for Tunnelbear

Almost any VPN could successfully access the service up until January 2016, when Netflix made the announcement that they will start aggressively prohibiting VPN and proxy server customers from accessing their movie and television content.

Since then, a lot of VPN firms have abandoned the IP war and stopped touting Netflix access as a perk. One of such VPN services is TunnelBear.

Fortunately, not all VPN companies have given up, so there are still solutions available for anyone looking for a means to access Netflix material hosted in another nation. I’ll talk about one of them suppliers in the part that follows.


As older addresses expire, NordVPN valiantly generates new IP addresses to carry on the good fight. Although you’ll undoubtedly encounter an IP address that no longer grants access as it previously did, you should be able to detach and rejoin a few times to locate a VPN server address that has the secret to enabling Netflix access.

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Server Coverage Worldwide

A VPN is a fantastic tool for unblocking streaming and gaming material that could otherwise be restricted in your area. With more than 5,200 VPN servers spread across 60 countries, NordVPN is a fantastic option for accessing Netflix and other content providers.

Relationship Speed

Once you’ve unblocked Netflix, you’ll want to choose a VPN service that offers quick connections so you won’t have to waste all of your time waiting for your preferred HD or 4K HDR video to buffer. Depending on your typical connection speeds, NordVPN offers speeds that can comfortably accommodate both sorts of entertainment.

Protection of Privacy

For its consumers, NordVPN provides excellent privacy protection. The BVI government does not compel the VPN provider to maintain any kind of record pertaining to the online activities of its customers, thus the business makes the most of this by adhering to a rigorous “no logs” policy.

Since NordVPN accepts the privacy-enhancing Bitcoin cryptocurrency as payment for their services, they also extend their superb privacy safeguards to subscription payments.

Multi-Platform Assistance

Whether via a browser or a native app, Netflix is accessible on practically any connected device. On the majority of the platforms where Netflix is accessible, NordVPN has you covered. This includes browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox, native programs for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire, Linux, and Android TV devices, and much more.

The service provider supports a wide range of wireless router brands and models and enables compatibility with up to 6 simultaneous connections on the same login. You may purchase a pre-configured router from FlashRouters.com if you’re not the DIY kind.

Customer Service

It’s quite possible that you won’t have a worry-free experience with whichever VPN company you decide to go with, even though I would never intentionally wish any issues on any of my readers. You’ll need to inform them when your preferred VPN server stops offering access to Netflix material, if nothing else.

Some of the greatest customer care in the VPN industry is provided by NordVPN. The service provider offers a variety of assistance channels, such as an online support chat option, a form for submitting support tickets, and an accessible support library.

I’ve always received prompt and informative responses to my support queries from the provider, and if I felt like doing my own research to find answers to my problems, I was usually able to locate some useful information immediately.


NordVPN provides a variety of generally affordable subscription plans. Its monthly option is quite expensive, costing somewhat more than a big fast-food combination with onion rings. Although its one- and two-year memberships only cost a little bit more each month than a nice cup of coffee or tea, they include VPN security.

Users have a sufficient amount of time to decide whether the supplier is right for them with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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The Sweet Spot for VPN

After it comes to VPNs that can access Netflix when TunnelBear is no longer functional, NordVPN is my top choice. The service provider allows users to access Netflix, and when it learns that one of its IP addresses has been restricted by Netflix, it reacts right away.

The service also offers excellent connection speeds, provides good Server Coverage Worldwide that is handy when you need to access other geographically-controlled content, and their customer support and privacy protections are second to none.


While I sometimes need to go for a different VPN server when my preferred Netflix-compatible server fails, I can often locate a new Netflix-friendly VPN connection with just a few attempts before discovering a new IP address that provides access to the streaming service.

I’m not sure how long NordVPN will continue to play chess with Netflix over IP addresses, but for the time being, they still provide movie buffs a method to view American Netflix movies when traveling abroad.

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The “free vpn for netflix” is a service that can help you get around geo-restrictions on Netflix. Unfortunately, TunnelBear has been having some issues with their service and it’s not working properly. Here are the steps to fix it.

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