How to Watch American Netflix in South Korea?2022 Guide

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If you want to watch American Netflix in South Korea, here’s how it works. First, you need a VPN that can get around the region-blocking features of most streaming services. Then, you need to connect to a South Korean server and change your country of origin to America. Finally, sign in with your American Netflix account and start watching!

The “how to get korean netflix free” is a guide that will help you find the best way to watch American Netflix in South Korea.

Along with manufacturing firms for electronics and automobiles, South Korea is also the origin of the fiery food kimchi. Amazingly, 47 million of the nation’s 51 million residents use the internet, or 92.4 percent of the population.

These consumers have the highest average internet speeds in the world (28.6 Mbps), but they are unable to utilize those quick connections to watch their preferred Netflix titles in the United States.

The South Korean Netflix service, which launched there in 2016, is available to South Koreans who like watching videos. Sadly, the material available on the localized version of Netflix differs from that available in the US and other countries.


A selection of the American content Netflix has to offer.

Expats and anyone traveling to the nation for work or pleasure who want to binge on their favorite films or TV shows may be disappointed by the absence of access to Netflix material from their home country.


The simple method to access the Netflix collection in the US…

You may enjoy the Netflix selection in the United States without moving. A VPN is all you need, however not all VPNs will function.

After evaluating a large number of VPNs, I believe NordVPN to be the best dependable for accessing Netflix in the USA and many other countries.

Additionally, it is really quick, so there won’t be any buffering when you binge in HD or 4K.

Because NordVPN provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can test it out without risk.

Why Netflix in America is unavailable in South Korea

South Korean residents who are Netflix customers cannot access the streaming giant’s material that is authorized for use in other nations, such as the United States or Canada.

The local version of Netflix may be accessed with a Netflix membership, but users are not able to view all of the material that is accessible in their home country.

When you use the Netflix app or enter “” into your browser, Netflix will automatically restrict your content choices to those that are accessible within the boundaries of the nation in which you are now located.

How come? Is Netflix really playing mind games with you for fun? Simple reply: No. (Although sometimes it does appear like that, doesn’t it?)

Why Can’t South Koreans Access American Netflix Content?

The movies and television programmes you watch on Netflix are under license from film studios and television networks.

Clauses limiting the watching of the movies or television series to certain countries are included in the license agreements Netflix enters to acquire access to the material. Each deal that Netflix enters into specifically relates to the nation it serves.

Any efforts to access material from outside the approved area are blocked by Netflix due to these regional content licensing agreements. They risk legal action and severe financial penalties if they don’t limit access in this way.

How Does Netflix Prevent Foreign Viewers From Accessing American Content?

Your computer, or any other connected device, is given an IP address when it connects to the internet, which functions similarly to your home’s postal address. The IP address is used to identify the source of information requests and the address to which a response should be delivered.


Each nation has received a set of IP addresses that may be used by devices there. By identifying this IP address, Netflix is able to ascertain the nation from where your connection is coming.

This enables them to decide which Netflix version you need to be sent to. They limit your access to your nation of origin in this way.

How a VPN Avoids Netflix’s Obstacles

A VPN is what?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) offers its customers a number of beneficial advantages. The capacity of a VPN to give a user the appearance that they are in a different country from where they really are by giving them a new IP address is the most practical of these for Netflix access.


By encasing the connection in a virtually unbreakable layer of encryption, a VPN also helps shield a user’s online activities from prying eyes. Encryption shields the communication from being seen by any other parties, including the government, hackers, or an Internet service provider, like a subway tunnel. This keeps a user’s actions secret and guards against the theft of personal or business-related data.

How a VPN Makes American Netflix Content Accessible

Access to Netflix streaming video from other countries is made possible by a VPN’s capacity to “spoof” a user’s IP address. As a result, South Korean VPN users may effortlessly access American Netflix movies and TV series.

The user’s IP address seems to be in the United States when the VPN user chooses a VPN server situated in that country. Assuming that the user is originating from the United States, Netflix directs them to the American edition of the service.

Although the streaming giant has become good at figuring out when a member is connecting to their servers using a VPN, this has long been an almost surefire technique of obtaining overseas Netflix material. Due to the license agreements they sign with its content suppliers, when Netflix detects the usage of a VPN, they are obligated to prevent that server’s IP address from accessing their servers.

Many VPN providers have given up on allowing their consumers access to Netflix because they are so annoyed by Netflix’s ability to block VPN servers. Many of the VPN providers who have given up the game to Netflix are tiny companies with limited funding.

Fortunately for us, there are still service providers that are eager to compete and provide dependable access to the well-liked streaming service. NordVPN is the greatest of these services.


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According to my experience, NordVPN offers the most dependable Netflix access of any VPN service I’ve ever used (and I’ve tried a lot). The supplier performs a fantastic job of allocating its large resources to keep its customers’ access to Netflix.

NordVPN is a great option for VPN service due to the company’s top-notch customer care and privacy protection, quick connections, first-rate device compatibility, and above-average worldwide server coverage.

NordVPN is focused on Netflix and provides advice on how to utilize the service to improve and secure your binge-watching sessions.

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1. Speed of Connection

Some of the fastest VPN speeds available are provided by NordVPN. When I use NordVPN, the VPN service’s typical connection speeds are always enough to match Netflix’s recommended connection speeds.

You should be able to stream any Netflix 4K UHD material without lengthy buffering times thanks to South Korea’s excellent internet connections.

Support for Multiple Platforms

The majority of common connected gadgets, except the internet toaster that burns the news into your bread, have Netflix. With native app compatibility for the majority of today’s popular connected devices, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire, Linux, and Android TV devices, NordVPN has customers covered. (Once more, apart from that toaster.) There are also browser add-ons for Firefox and Chrome.

Users may connect up to 6 devices at once with the provider using a single login. You may benefit from the provider’s outstanding router compatibility if that isn’t enough. There are also routers that are already set.

3. Consumer Assistance

Customers of NordVPN may use the provider’s 24/7 live chat service to get help with any VPN-related problem, whether it has anything to do with Netflix or not. Additionally offered are a support library and an email support option.


4. Worldwide Server Support

Netflix aficionados in South Korea can discover a broad range of watching choices thanks to NordVPN’s worldwide server coverage, which includes 5,200+ servers in roughly 60 countries, including the United States of course. The provider is in the process of converting its server network to an owned-and-operated model, which keeps outside contractors out of contact with your personal information.


Five. Privacy

Logs are absolutely forbidden by NordVPN. This implies that the service won’t keep a record of your online exploits.

Users who are concerned about the security of their payment information may use the Bitcoin payment option to secure it.

No data of any type is written to a physical hard disk while operating any NordVPN server; everything is done straight from RAM. This makes sure that if a server reboots, all data is entirely erased from the server.

Pricing 6.

Because NordVPN’s pricing are so inexpensive for a multi-year membership, you won’t have to spend a fortune to use its excellent services.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered.

How to Evaluate a VPN in South Korea to Access American Netflix

Not all VPN services can provide South Koreans dependable access to foreign material. Any VPN that you are thinking about using within the nation should provide access to all types of foreign material.

I always take into account the following variables when determining which VPN delivers the greatest Netflix access from any country:

  • Streaming: If you want to maximize the value of your entertainment budget, any VPN you use must include access to foreign streaming services like Netflix. Access to Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and other well-known streaming services is offered by NordVPN with confidence.
  • Server Network: Users will discover that it’s essential to sign up for a VPN that has many of servers spread out all over the world if they want to access foreign material from streaming services, gaming servers, and other sites across the world. The more servers that are accessible, the less likely it is that you will experience a delay as a result of servers being overwhelmed with too many people at once. A provider should also have many servers stationed at each location.
  • For any online activity, particularly streaming, a fast connection is essential. Some of the quickest connection speeds I’ve lately seen are from NordVPN.
  • Value: Avoid using a company whose asking price is too expensive in relation to the services it provides since you will not receive a good value for your money. I only include VPN services that have a strong ROI.
  • Ease of Use: Any VPN that is worth considering should include app compatibility for as many platforms as is practical. The applications should also be simple to use. For the majority of common device platforms, NordVPN provides user-friendly applications.
  • Privacy and security: Any VPN that is worth your time will provide complete privacy and security. It should, at the absolute least, include DNS/IP leak prevention, automated kill switch, and banking-grade encryption. Any more security and privacy measures are very welcome. Additionally, VPNs must to adhere to a strict “no-server-logs” policy that forbids the preservation of any records related to your online activities. Online privacy and security are superbly protected with NordVPN.

See more details on my VPN testing procedures here.

FAQs about American Netflix in Korea

What websites provide K dramas like Kingdom?

American Netflix has a wide selection of Korean dramas, including Kingdom. If you have a Netflix membership and just connect to an American VPN server, you should be able to see all of the K dramas that are offered there.

What Are the Top Netflix Korean Dramas for 2021?

Popular 2021 K dramas include The Penthouse, The Uncanny Counter, Sweet Home, Run On, A Love So Beautiful, and more. Many of them are accessible on either the South Korean or American Netflix.

How Can I Use South Korean Amazon Prime From The United States?

Amazon Prime United States offers a large selection of South Korean dramas. For American Netflix, the procedure is the same to access them. Access your Amazon Prime Video account by connecting to an American VPN server, then start binge-watching.


If you need a 12-hour “Gilmore Girls” binge while you’re within the welcoming boundaries of South Korea, I recommend giving NordVPN a try. High-quality access to Netflix video from the United States is provided by the service.

The service provider provides constant, dependable access to the huge streaming platform. Its characteristics include quick connections, substantial multi-platform compatibility, worldwide server coverage, ideal privacy measures, and thorough customer support.

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