How to Watch American Netflix in Indonesia? 2022 Guide

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In the past, it was difficult to watch American Netflix in Indonesia because there were only a few ways to do so. But that has changed drastically in the last few years, with new streaming services popping up all the time and VPNs becoming more accessible. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get American Netflix in Indonesia using one of the most popular methods – VPNs. We also provide a step-by-step guide on how to set up a VPN for Indonesian users.

“Netflix Indonesia” is a service that allows American Netflix subscribers to watch their favorite TV shows and movies in Indonesia.

The biggest island nation in the world, Indonesia has 20 percent of the world’s coral reefs, a 73.7 percent internet penetration rate, and an average internet speed of 19.09 Mbps.

What they lack is access to Netflix’s American version.

Even when it is accessible, the content has a distinctly local flavor and contains little of the content that is available on the American version of the streaming service. There is an Indonesian version of Netflix, but users in the country may occasionally find that it is blocked for content-related reasons.

Why is the American Netflix stream inaccessible while there are so many ex-pats, guests, and even Indonesian natives who want to use the service? I’ll explain.

The simple method to use US Netflix in Indonesia

To access the US Netflix catalog, all you need to do is use a VPN; however, not all VPNs will function.

After evaluating a large number of VPNs, I believe NordVPN to be the best dependable for accessing Netflix in the USA and many other countries.

Additionally, it is quite quick, allowing you to stream in HD without buffering.

A 30-day money-back guarantee for NordVPN lets you test it out risk-free.

Why Indonesia Can’t Watch American Netflix

The material that a Netflix subscriber may view is just that which is accessible in the nation in which they are presently located, despite the fact that their membership gives them access to Netflix in any location.

Users are immediately sent to the local version of the service when they enter “” in their browser or use the Netflix app, meaning they no longer have access to all of their preferred local content.

I can promise you that Netflix only abides by the contractual commitments that they have made with content producers and does not impose access restrictions out of some Lex Luthor-like desire to dominate the world.

Why can’t I see American Netflix content in Indonesia?

All of the films and television programs you like (and dislike) have been legally adopted by film companies and television networks.

Every agreement Netflix makes with them has a provision stating that access to their material must be restricted to a certain area.

The movies and television programs you watch on Netflix are under license from film studios and television networks. For every nation that it serves, the streaming juggernaut does this.

Because of these agreements, Netflix prohibits Indonesian users from accessing Netflix material from the United States or other countries. If they didn’t do that, film studios and television networks would sue them. And trust me, studios and networks have a ton of attorneys on hand, and they don’t enjoy paying them to sit around doing nothing but their (law)suits.

How Does Netflix Stop Foreign Viewers From Watching American Netflix Content?

An IP address is given to a device when it connects to the internet, such as your computer or iPhone. This address serves as a point of reference for all of the data that the connected device transmits and receives. It functions much like the postal address for your house.


Each nation receives a set of IP addresses that are used by the devices there when they connect to the internet in that nation.

Netflix can identify the nation from which a viewer’s connection is from by knowing which IP addresses are utilized in each one. They may use such information to direct your connection to the authorized material for the proper nation.

How a VPN Avoids Netflix’s Obstacles

A VPN is what?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) offers its customers a lot of beneficial advantages. Not the least of these advantages is a VPN’s capacity to provide a user’s connection with a new IP address so that it seems to be coming from a different place.

This function is very useful for getting to Netflix material.


A VPN also protects a user’s online activities from prying eyes by encrypting their internet connection. As a kind of tunnel, encryption shields a user’s actions from the prying eyes of hackers, governmental personnel, and other people who would love to see your business, personal activities, and information.

Accessing American Netflix Content with a VPN

By exploiting its capacity to “spoof” a user’s IP address, a VPN enables access to Netflix material from other countries. Users in Indonesia now have access to Netflix’s American programming thanks to this.

A user launches his VPN program and chooses a VPN server that is somewhere in the United States to utilize. The connection of the user then seems to originate in the United States. Your connection to Netflix’s American servers is approved when Netflix recognizes the IP address.

This strategy was almost perfect for years, but Netflix caught on and started honing its detection abilities for when users were using VPNs to get material that was not available in their location.

When a large number of customers log in to Netflix using the same IP address, it is likely they are doing so using a VPN server. So they block that IP address in an attempt to maintain the integrity of their content licensing agreements.

The industry leader in streaming has been so good at spotting VPN connections that many smaller VPN providers with little resources have given up attempting to offer streamer access.

Thankfully, there are still VPN service providers that are prepared to carry on the virtual conflict and fight to provide access to Netflix. NordVPN is perhaps the finest of them.


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Of all the VPN providers I’ve tested, NordVPN offers the most dependable access to American Netflix material. The supplier devotes an astonishing amount of effort to maintain subscribers’ access to Netflix.

A company that will provide top-notch VPN service will have outstanding Customer Service and privacy safeguards, quick Relationship Speeds, broad device support, and above-average worldwide server coverage.

Additionally, the service provider provides consumers with a wonderful amount of Netflix-specific information, along with useful data to improve their watching habits.

Relationship Speed

NordVPN’s average Relationship Speeds have proven to come within 20% of my ISP-only speeds. That’s great, especially if you’re in Indonesia, where the Relationship Speeds average a mere 19.09 Mbps.

Despite the slow Indonesian speeds, the VPN provider should still come through with speeds up to Netflix’s recommended Relationship Speeds.

Multi-Platform Assistance

Both Netflix and NordVPN are accessible on the majority of widely used connected devices. For Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire, Linux, and Android TV device platforms, the service provides native app support. You can secure and improve your Chrome and Firefox viewing experiences by using browser extensions.

If the provider’s concurrent connections capacity of 6 is insufficient for your requirements, router help (even pre-configured routers) is available.


You’ll be satisfied with NordVPN’s month-to-month pricing if you believe Netflix’s monthly subscription fee to be affordable. You’ll definitely believe NordVPN’s memberships are a steal if you choose a one- or two-year commitment.

Customer Service

Customers of NordVPN may instantly get in touch with the company’s support staff using their available 24/7 help chat feature if they have any problems with the service. The provider’s support services are completed with a problem ticket tracking system and a searchable support archive.


Server Coverage Worldwide

Indonesian Netflix users will love the viewing opportunities provided by NordVPN’s Server Coverage Worldwide of 5,200+ servers in 60 countries.


Because NordVPN doesn’t maintain any records of your online activities, users who are concerned about security may safeguard their payment information. In addition, the company doesn’t store any data on actual hard drives and operates all of its servers entirely off of RAM. This implies that when the server restarts, all data is totally deleted.


NordVPN is the VPN to utilize if you want to binge-watch “Shameless” for days while within Indonesian territory.

NordVPN provides reliable access to American Netflix content. Fast connections, comprehensive Server Coverage Worldwide, total privacy protection, excellent Customer Service, and top-notch Multi-Platform Assistance all add up to the best way to view Netflix.

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