How to Watch American Netflix in Italy? 2022 Guide

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If you’re looking to watch American Netflix in Italy, here’s a guide on how to do it. No matter where you are in the world, there is always a way to access US Netflix if you have an internet connection and a compatible device. Check out our comprehensive guide for more information!

The “netflix italy show list” is a guide that will show you how to watch American Netflix in Italy. It includes some popular shows and movies that are available on Netflix.

The Coliseum, the Italian Renaissance, and 60.6 million people reside in Italy. While Americans traveling to Italy may not have access to American Netflix “culture,” Italians do have access to a wealth of regional culture.

Although Netflix is accessible in Italy, there isn’t as much material there as there is on the American edition of the streaming site.

The simple method to use US Netflix in Italy

You may access the US Netflix catalog without moving. A VPN is all you need, however not all VPNs will function.

After evaluating a large number of VPNs, I believe NordVPN to be the best dependable for accessing Netflix in the USA and many other countries.

Additionally, it is quite quick, so there won’t be any buffering while you binge in HD or UHD.

Because NordVPN provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can test it out without risk.

Why American Netflix Isn’t Available in Italy

No matter where the streaming service is offered, your Netflix login will function. However, the stuff to which you’ll have access differs greatly from one nation to the next.

A Netflix subscriber’s connection is immediately sent to the material that is authorized for the area in which they are currently situated when they log in to Netflix, whether via an app or by typing “” into their browser.

Netflix is not being petty by not providing the same material in every country, despite the impression that they are. They are only adhering to the guidelines established by their content suppliers.

Why Can’t I Watch American Netflix Content in Italy?

The films and TV shows that Netflix transmits to its subscribers are licensed from independent filmmakers, television networks, and film studios.

All of the content license agreements that Netflix enters into with these content providers have provisions that restrict the streaming rights to certain geographical areas. Each agreement Netflix enters into is individually signed (someone’s signature hand is really worn out).

This implies that the material that a viewer in Italy sees is different from the stuff that a viewer in the US may see.

Netflix may be visited by attorneys from the entertainment industry if it doesn’t make every effort to stop users from seeing material that is only available in a licensed location (and nobody likes those guys).

How Does Netflix Stop Foreign Viewers From Watching American Netflix Content?

A unique IP address is given to each internet-connected device, including computers, upon logging in. The address serves as the location for sending and receiving information, similar to the postal address for your house.


The linked devices in each nation have been given a set of IP addresses that are reserved for usage by those nations. The address identifies the point of origin of a device’s connection.

These IP addresses are used by Netflix to determine a viewer’s location and direct their watching session to the material that is authorized for that nation.

Accessing Netflix’s Content Libraries using a VPN

A VPN is what?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is perhaps the greatest means for an internet user to access online information that may not generally be accessible in their country while also protecting their online actions from prying eyes.

By establishing an encrypted tunnel for the user’s connection to go through, a VPN shields a user’s online actions (and related personal and business-related information) from prying eyes.

Using a VPN, a person might look as if their connection is originating from somewhere other than their actual location. In order to do this, one of their VPN servers, which are situated in different states or countries, is used to route the user’s connection.


How a VPN Makes American Netflix Content Accessible

An international Netflix user simply loads their preferred VPN program, connects to a VPN server located in the US, grabs some popcorn, launches Netflix, and begins binge-watching when they have a hankering for US Netflix material.

Netflix directs the user to US-licensed streaming material when it detects that the connection is originating from a US IP address.

Simple, yes?

Well, it once was. Netflix has started adding IP addresses that are known to belong to VPN servers to a blacklist after realizing what these customers were up to.

The connections arriving onto Netflix’s servers are watched. They presume a VPN provider’s IP address is responsible for a significant number of customers coming from the same IP address, therefore they block access from that IP address to their material.

To restore access for its users, a VPN should discover that one of its servers has been banned and put up a new server with a new IP address. However, Netflix ultimately becomes aware of the new IP address, blacklists the IP, and the VPN provider then takes action.

Netflix has been so proficient at blacklisting VPN servers that some VPN providers, particularly those with limited resources, have quit the chess game and no longer provide their consumers with access to Netflix.

There are still VPN services that let users access Netflix, but a lot of them take a while to respond when Netflix blacklists one of their servers, leaving its users without Netflix access until fresh IPs are added.

However, there are still service providers out there that react promptly when Netflix blocks them. The most effective of these services, in my opinion, is NordVPN.


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In my opinion, NordVPN is the finest option for trustworthy international access to American Netflix content. The business does a great job of concentrating its efforts on maintaining open channels to Netflix.

With first-rate customer service, extensive worldwide server coverage, quick connections, top-notch privacy measures, and many more features, this VPN provider keeps its users connected. Click here to read the whole review.

Relationship Speed

When you’re in a country like Italy, where the average Relationship Speeds are in the single digits, you don’t want to slow your connection any more than you have to. That’s where NordVPN’s connections, which measured in as some of the fastest around in my most recent testing, come in handy.

Depending on your normal speeds, NordVPN’s bandwidth is more than up to Netflix’s Relationship Speed requirements.

Multi-Platform Assistance

I’d dare to guess that the majority of us have several devices that can access Netflix. The fact that NordVPN offers native app compatibility for all widely used device platforms is another advantage of their service.

These platforms for devices include Android, Windows, Linux, Amazon Fire, iOS, macOS (with native Apple Silicon support), and Android TV. There are extensions for the Chrome, Edge, and Firefox browsers, as well as compatibility for a wide range of router brands and types.

This supplier offers a SmartDNS solution that gives users access to American Netflix on gadgets like game consoles and set-top boxes that are incompatible with VPN applications. The service, however, does not encrypt your connection in order to safeguard it.

On a single account, you may simultaneously connect up to six devices to the service.


Because NordVPN’s memberships are reasonably priced, you’ll have more money to spend on your preferred streaming services.

There is a 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee.

Customer Service

While I would never wish technical issues on any of my lovely readers, there’s a good chance that you’ll need to contact your VPN’s Customer Service folk for one reason or another.

Because of this, NordVPN’s email support, live chat help, and user-friendly support library are crucial. I’ve always gotten prompt responses from the support team that were well-informed.

Server Coverage Worldwide

Italian Netflix fans seeking a little international variation in their Netflix binges may benefit from NordVPN’s 5,200+ VPN servers located in 60 different countries as of last count.


Your online actions are your business alone, according to the politicians of Panama, and NordVPN, which is domiciled there. The supplier doesn’t record anything about your internet actions at all.

To secure your financial details, you may use bitcoin as a subscription payment method.

The provider is in the process of converting its whole worldwide server network to an owned-and-operated model, which will protect your data from the access of outside contractors. Additionally, no data of any type is written to a conventional hard drive since all NordVPN servers are run entirely from RAM. Every time a NordVPN server restarts, all data is safely erased.


Netflix users from the US who are visiting or residing overseas should pay careful attention to what NordVPN has to offer.

The provider makes it easy to access Netflix content from the US and other countries with its fast connections, wide-ranging Server Coverage Worldwide, and awesome Customer Service. In addition, privacy concerns are passé, as the provider offers top-notch privacy protections.

Netflix is a popular streaming service that offers movies, TV shows, and original content. The service has been available in the United States for a long time but it’s not yet available in Italy. In order to watch American Netflix in Italy you will need to use a VPN or Smart DNS proxy service. Reference: netflix italy price.

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