What is the Best VPN for Chromebook in 2022?

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In 2022, Chromebooks will be the most popular device on the market. But which VPN is best for use with these devices? We investigate and recommend a top pick.

The “best vpn for chromebook free” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer to the question, is often subjective, and can be different for each person.

A laptop that uses Google’s Chrome OS, a Linux-based operating system, is known as a Chromebook. The gadget does laptop-like operations including word processing, online surfing, and much more using the Google Chrome browser.

You are just as vulnerable to online dangers whether you use a Chromebook as someone who uses another kind of gadget. Perhaps even more so, given that many tasks done on a Chromebook either call for an internet connection or improve the experience by doing so.

This implies that you could be the target of online phishing scams, man-in-the-middle assaults, online surveillance, and other threats.

Fortunately, there is a method to safeguard your online activity while using your Chromebook: a VPN (VPN).

By encrypting your internet connection, a virtual private network shields your online actions from prying eyes, making it difficult for other observers to track your online activity or steal your personal information.

A VPN may also let you get access to material that you would not typically be able to, such geo-restricted material from websites, streaming services, and other services.

I examine the top 5 VPNs for Chromebooks in this post.

How to Use a Chromebook with Your VPN

Using a VPN to secure your Chromebook needs only a few quick steps:

  1. Sign up for a VPN.
  2. Install the Android app to safeguard all of your device’s actions, or the Chrome browser plugin to safeguard your surfing sessions.
  3. Connect to the VPN.
  4. Connect to a VPN server of your choice.
  5. On your Chromebook, enjoy your secure internet activities.

Top VPN services for Chromebooks

The five VPNs I considered to be the finest underwent extensive testing, and I discovered that they worked the best with Chromebook devices. Here is a summary if you need it right away:

  1. NordVPN: Here, fast, connections with good encryption with the best privacy and security precautions are the norm. This top service offers quick connectivity over a vast international server network.
  2. Surfshark: The least expensive choice on our list, Surfshark offers a rapidly expanding worldwide server network, privacy and security safeguards, and an unlimited number of concurrent connections all for a very low cost.
  3. ExpressVPN: The company’s extensive network of servers, privacy safeguards, and security features all combine to provide dependable VPN security. Additionally, their connectivity rates are nothing to be sniffed at.
  4. CyberGhost: This supplier offers high-quality service via user-friendly applications. An internet-centric gadget like the Chromebook need quick speeds and trustworthy security, and CyberGhost meets those needs.
  5. IPVanish: In addition to offering competitive connectivity rates, a worldwide server network, and privacy and security safeguards, IPVanish takes things to the next level with its own, independently run server farms. also enables an infinite number of connections at once.

Although VPN companies don’t provide native Chromebook applications, many do offer Android apps that work with the most recent version of Chrome OS, the operating system used by Chromebooks.

Additionally, several provide Chrome browser add-ons. On a Chromebook, a VPN connection may also be manually configured.

I considered the following factors while evaluating and ranking the best VPNs for Chromebooks:

  • Existence of an Android application or Chrome extension
  • globally accessible servers
  • connectivity rates
  • Customer service options
  • precautions for privacy and security

Here is my ranking of the best 5 VPNs for Chromebooks.


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NordVPN snags the top spot in this 5-way horse race thanks to its excellent connectivity rates and high level of service in most categories.

This vendor provides a Chrome browser extension as well as an Android app. There isn’t a manual setup option, however.

With over 5,400 servers located in nearly 60 countries, this provider’s globally accessible servers is good enough to offer most users access to their favorite content.

connectivity rates are not an issue with NordVPN, as the provider’s speeds are the fastest on this list. Its reliable connections will keep the content flowing smoothly to your Chromebook. Plus, you never have to worry about the VPN service restricting you with data caps or bandwidth limitations.

Even if NordVPN is a trustworthy VPN service, it’s comforting to know that you’ll have access to lots of help if necessary. A searchable knowledge base, email assistance, and live chat are all available round-the-clock from the supplier.

precautions for privacy and security are well covered when you’re connected to NordVPN. Your online security is protected by the provider’s connections with good encryption. Meanwhile, your privacy will stay intact thanks to NordVPN’s no-logs policy and Bitcoin subscription payment option.

Although the service provider generously permits 6 connections to be active at once, customers who need additional connections may connect using routers that are compatible with NordVPN.


  • 5,400+ servers in around 60 nations
  • Available Chrome extensions and Android applications
  • Value-priced
  • excellent protection for your privacy and security
  • Fast connectivity rates

The best VPN for Chromebooks is NordVPN, which delivers top-notch security for your device. Fast, secure connections are provided, along with above-average customer care, all without breaking the bank. Money-back guarantee of 30 days.


Thanks to its easy Chrome browser extension, kill switch-protected Android app, and first-rate customer service, Surfshark offers above-average VPN safety for your Chromebook. All of this is available for a pittance.

The worldwide server network of this company was initially rather tiny, but they have subsequently accelerated their global expansion. The service now has 3,200+ servers spread over 64 different nations.

Surfshark’s connectivity rates will easily keep up with the demands of your Chromebook, be it schoolwork, gaming, or working from home.

When using Surfshark, privacy and security are, well, guarded. The service provider gladly takes Bitcoin and has a no-logs policy. In terms of connection security, Surfshark offers highly encrypted connections and is the only company in our top 5 to give Android app kill switch protection.

When you utilize Surfshark, customer service may be categorized as “no concerns” because of its 24/7 live chat option, searchable support library, and support contact form.

The company kindly permits an infinite number of simultaneous connections, but if you have a device without a VPN client, you can also take use of their first-rate router support.


  • One and only Android app on this list has a kill switch.
  • many connections at once
  • premium protection for your privacy and security
  • Fast connectivity rates
  • a rapidly expanding worldwide server network


  • no alternatives for manual configuration

BUDGET-PRICED VPN SECURITY: Surfshark offers secure connections and is the only Android app in the top 5 with a kill switch. The company provides excellent performance and quick connections at a reasonable cost. A policy that permits infinite simultaneous connections merely increases the value. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered.


ExpressVPN delivers reliable all-around protection and performance for Chromebook devices. The provider delivers comprehensive globally accessible servers and top-notch Chromebook support.

Along with a Chrome browser extension, ExpressVPN provides an Android app compatible with current Chrome OS versions. Additionally, knowledgeable users may utilize the instructions provided by the service to manually configure an L2TP connection to the provider’s servers.

With over 3,000 servers spread across 94 countries, ExpressVPN probably has you covered no matter where in the world you’d want to pretend to be connected from.

All of your Chrome OS apps will perform well when streaming video or saving information to the cloud thanks to ExpressVPN’s swift connectivity rates. The provider never subjects its users to data caps or bandwidth limitations.

Through the provider’s round-the-clock live support chat, support ticket tracking system, email support, and searchable support library, customer help is always available.

The connections used by the service are well-encrypted, ensuring your security at all times. The company strictly enforces a no-logs policy when it comes to keeping track of your online activities, and also takes Bitcoin for membership payments, so your privacy is never in danger.

A single login is limited to 5 concurrent connections with the provider. The best router compatibility offered by the supplier may be used by many users to secure several devices using a single access point.


  • offers a Chrome browser extension and an Android app.
  • connectivity rates keep things brisk
  • superior client service
  • excellent protection for your privacy and securitys
  • Comprehensive globally accessible servers


  • On this list, the most costly provider

RELIABLE ONLINE PROTECTION FOR CHROMEBOOK:ExpressVPN is a good, flexible VPN option for use with your Chromebook. Fast connectivity rates and wide-ranging globally accessible servers make it easy to protect your Chromebook. While the provider is admittedly expensive, a 30-day money-back guarantee makes trying ExpressVPN a no-risk option.


Due to its user-friendly software, CyberGhost is the top choice among these five services for first-time users. Additionally, the service provider does a fantastic job of safeguarding your Chromebook’s online activity. The supplier has top-notch privacy measures and well-protected connections.

The service provider offers solutions for Chrome browser extensions and Android apps, in addition to manual L2TP connection setup instructions.

With more than 7,000 servers spread over 90 nations, CyberGhost’s worldwide server network is about average compared to the rest of the market. That would open up access to the majority of geographically restricted material worldwide, including Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and other services.

CyberGhost is a great choice for always-connected devices like the Chromebook because of its quick connections and absence of data constraints or bandwidth restrictions.

The live chat feature, support ticket system, and searchable support library provided by CyberGhost’s customer support team ensure that you will never be left without assistance.

Your internet connection is secured with military-grade encryption, and your privacy is well-protected thanks to a rigorous no-logs policy and the Bitcoin payment option.

CyberGhost offers a generous 7 concurrent connections, but if you want more, you may take advantage of the provider’s broad compatibility with a variety of router brands and models.


  • There is a Chrome extension and an Android app.
  • connections with good encryption
  • Fast connections are ideal for Chromebooks that are constantly connected.
  • Industry-required privacy safeguards

CyberGhost is the finest VPN for Chromebook users that are new to the VPN market. BEST FOR NEW VPN USERS: You may relax knowing that your privacy and security are protected by the provider. A 45-day money-back guarantee makes it risk-free to test this supplier.


IPVanish delivers optimal app and browser extension support, along with top-notch precautions for privacy and security.

The service provider provides manual OpenVPN and L2TP setup instructions, a Chrome browser plugin, and an Android app.

IPVanish’s globally accessible servers is lacking a bit when compared to other providers’ coverage. That said, with 1,600+ servers stationed in nearly 60 countries, the provider has things covered fairly well.

Since IPVanish owns and manages its server farms, neither your information nor the servers are accessible to other parties.

IPVanish’s connectivity rates are more than adequate for an always-connected device like the Chromebook. Customer support also matches or exceeds other VPN services, with 24/7 chat support, email support, and an easily searchable support knowledge base.

When working with IPVanish, privacy is a bit of a mixed bag. Although the service provider never records your internet activities, there is no way to pay anonymously since it doesn’t accept Bitcoin.

Although IPVanish connections do provide military-grade encryption, a kill switch option is not available.

With its comprehensive router compatibility and super-generous unlimited concurrent connection limit, IPVanish can safeguard all of your devices.


  • Private server farms increase security
  • allows many connections to be active at once
  • offers manual settings for L2TP and OpenVPN


  • There is no kill switch in the Android app.
  • No opportunity to pay using Bitcoin

NO THIRD PARTIES INVOLVED: Your data cannot be accessed by other parties thanks to IPVanish’s self-managed server farms. Without launching an app, experienced users may benefit from OpenVPN connections. The 30-day money-back guarantee from the service provider eliminates the danger of using IPVanish.

Methodology for Examining Chromebook VPNs

When determining which VPN service to use for the Chromebook, you can’t simply choose the first company you come across. When deciding whether to secure your Chromebook with a VPN, there are a number of crucial considerations to bear in mind.

Here are the most crucial criteria to consider when choosing a VPN for a Chromebook.

  • Speed: You’ll always want a fast connection, because fast connections equal a better experience for basically all internet activities. All of the VPNs on my list offered extremely fast connectivity rates during my most recent speed tests.
  • Server Network: With a sizable server network, you can unblock international internet material with ease. Additionally, since there are several servers spread out across the world, your speeds will be higher because no one server will be slowed down by too many people trying to connect at once.
  • Value: A good bargain is what everyone seeks. Why choose a VPN that overbills you for inadequate services? Every VPN on my list has the tools and capabilities you want for a Chromebook, and their rates are fair considering what they provide.
  • Ease of Use: In addition to looking for a VPN that offers user-friendly applications (so you don’t have to spend time figuring out intricate settings), you should also make sure that the VPN you choose has either a ChromeOS app or an Android app that is compatible with Chromebooks. Every VPN on my list has user-friendly applications available, and at least one of them works with Chromebooks. (Not all VPN service providers available today can make that claim.)
  • Security and privacy: In order to keep yourself secure, you need full digital security and privacy, regardless of what online activities you want to carry out via your VPN connection. A VPN need to at the very least have DNS/IP leak prevention, automated kill switch functionality, and banking-level encryption. Additionally, seek for a stringent no-logs policy that will prevent anybody from requesting a record of your activities.
  • Streaming: Since the majority of VPN users like watching video on the internet, I’m always searching for VPN services that allow me to unblock and stream content from a variety of sources. Access to streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and others is available using any VPN on my list with confidence.

See more details on my VPN testing procedures here.

Is Using a Free VPN With a Chromebook a Good Idea?

To be honest with you, although free VPN services are compatible with your Chromebook, I would never advise using one for any purpose. Simply put, they are not worth the danger they pose.

By tracking their users’ online behavior and selling that data to marketers and other interested parties, many “free” VPN providers are able to cover their rent and other expenses. Free VPNs have a reputation for inserting unsolicited tracking cookies and ads throughout users’ surfing sessions.

Free VPNs are not only risky for your privacy, but they may also be inconvenient and time-consuming. Before being permitted to connect to a VPN server, you may have to wait in line. When you are finally released out of the holding pen, your options for servers will probably be few, if any at all.

Once you’re connected, it’s also possible that your free provider will put a monthly data cap on your VPN usage, and maybe even throttle your connectivity rates. UGH!

Keep in mind that a month of service from a trustworthy VPN provider will cost you less than an iTunes digital record. A “free” VPN may end up costing you much more.

Utilizing Android Applications on a Chromebook

While utilizing a VPN on your Chromebook is handy, you should be aware that the addon only secures your browser session and leaves the rest of your online activity vulnerable to surveillance.

You’re in luck if full privacy above convenience is your preference.

Android applications, which can secure all of your online activity, may be launched on Chromebooks running newer versions of the Chrome OS or Chromium OS (the open-source variant of Chrome OS). (Google developed both the Android and Chrome OS operating systems, allowing for compatibility.)

Visit the Chromium OS website for a list of supported devices to see whether your Chromebook can install and run Android applications.

FAQs for VPN on Chromebooks

Which Free VPN for Chromebook Is the Best?

There is no such thing. Free VPNs are known to be less than private, they limit your usage by imposing daily or monthly data caps, throttling your connectivity rates, and more.

Are there Chromebook apps from VPN providers?

Few VPN service providers provide a native app for Chromebooks. However, using the provider’s Android app can be possible depending on the version of your Chromebook. To learn more, contact your preferred VPN.


Users of Chromebooks who want to keep their online activity hidden from prying eyes would be wise to choose and utilize a trustworthy, dependable VPN service.

A VPN not only shields you from outside surveillance but also gives you access to material you would not otherwise have.

NordVPN provides the optimal method of protecting your Chromebook via its connections with good encryption, wide-ranging globally accessible servers and top-notch privacy and security offerings.

Visit the NordVPN website for further details or to buy a membership.

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