You Can Find Out About VPN From This Simple Explanation

Virtual Private Network aka VPN is a technology for making a series of devices connected to the same virtual network. So it’s as if various devices are joined in one network. In this post, I will share a simple explanation about the VPN. Other than that, if you’ve already understood about VPN, we recommend you to also learn about what is best vpn software so you can choose the one that suits your device well.

VPNs are widely used in the corporate or enterprise world. Its common use is to connect various regional offices with other offices or with headquarters. VPNs are also used by remote workers to access office resources (servers, printers, etc.) that cannot be accessed from the public network. With a VPN connection, a home computer or laptop can enter the company network. If you are browsing via a VPN, it is as if you are accessing the internet from the company’s network.

Some banks also use VPN connections for their partners, so companies that want to access the bank system must go through a VPN. This is just an additional layer of security, besides that, passwords and tokens, are still used.

VPN can also be used to surf through other people’s servers. Actually, the principle is simple: we join the private network and from there we access the internet. The purpose of using a VPN is usually:

– To bypass a blocking.
– Obtaining certain contents.
– Hiding the user’s IP.

With a VPN, we only pass through the internet. This is no different (in terms of security) like Wi-Fi riding in public places or people’s homes.

Many companies have their own VPN. In addition, there are VPN providers, both free and paid. We can also rent a VPS (Virtual Private Server) or a dedicated server, the cost is not much different from a paid VPN. It all depends on your needs or the needs of the company where you work.

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