Betternet Netflix Not Working Workaround 2022

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If you’re one of the unlucky Netflix subscribers that’s having problems streaming since the company announced its new cloud DVR feature, there might be a workaround. Check out this Reddit post for instructions on how to fix Betternet Netflix not working. If all else fails, there are other options available such as using a VPN or proxies.

The “what vpn works with netflix” is a question that has been asked many times. There are two solutions to this problem, the first being that you can use a proxy server as an alternative to VPNs. The second solution is to change your DNS settings on your device so it uses Google’s public DNS servers.

You’ve had enough of looking at the walls of your French hotel, and you’ve already been to the Louvre a few times. Time to binge on Netflix. Oh no, Arrested Development isn’t accessible on Netflix France.

No worries: launch the Betternet VPN software, access Netflix, hit play, and… Holy blue! It is ineffective!

Netflix has noticed that you are trying to use your free Betternet VPN subscription to connect to one of their American servers. It is on their prohibited list. So, back to the Louvre it is.

You might also try a more effective VPN provider that consistently grants access to Netflix.

Netflix does not support Betternet? Try it out…

Change to NordVPN (which I think is the best VPN provider for accessing Netflix).

I’ve tried a lot of VPNs, and NordVPN consistently unblocks Netflix in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Italy, and Japan, among other countries. Additionally, it is quite quick, so there won’t be any buffering when you binge in HD or UHD.

Because NordVPN provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can test it out without risk.

Why a VPN Service Terminates Support for Netflix

Netflix doesn’t block VPN access to their servers just to play mind games with you. Contractually, the streaming service must restrict access to its material from other countries.

Netflix is obligated to stop efforts to access material from nations where such content is not legally permitted for viewing by movie studios, television networks, and other content creators. As a result, when you go to another nation, many of your favorite American programs won’t be accessible on Netflix.

When a VPN server is used to access Netflix’s service, it is now very difficult to identify.

In fact, they are so excellent that many VPN companies have given up and stop including Netflix access in their services. Many companies who still provide Netflix access take a long time to react when their clients’ access is stopped.

When Betternet fails, the best replacement

Netflix and VPN providers are engaged in a never-ending game of wits in which Netflix detects a cluster of users connecting from the same IP address, determines that they are using a VPN server, and blocks the IP address(es) of that server from accessing the material.


The VPN users then contact their VPN’s Customer Service representatives to complain about losing access to Netflix. They (ideally) react by swiftly deploying brand-new VPN servers with brand-new IP addresses, restoring both Netflix access and kingdom peace.

The respite in crying is only momentary, however, as Netflix virtually always picks up on the new IPs that VPN users are using to access the service, and the conflict soon returns.

Due to all of this, several VPN companies have given up on providing Netflix access and are concentrating their efforts on more manageable objectives.

A VPN company is still engaged in the conflict and acts rapidly to restore clients’ Netflix connections. that is, NordVPN.


A tried-and-true option for maintaining access to Netflix content from different regions is provided by NordVPN. When necessary, the company adds additional VPN servers and IP addresses using its vast resources.

Numerous streaming services with regional restrictions may be unblocked using NordVPN. Having used the VPN service for a while, I can attest to their responsiveness in terms of preserving access to Netflix and other streaming services.

Any time I discovered that Netflix had blocked my regular VPN server, I was able to locate a server substitute immediately and resume access to my priceless streaming entertainment.

Additionally, NordVPN provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, enough streaming bandwidth, excellent worldwide server coverage, and native app compatibility for the majority of popular devices. (Click here for a detailed review of NordVPN.)

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Rapid connection rates

Netflix users can get a lot of bandwidth via NordVPN, and the service is fast enough to watch 4K UHD movies. There isn’t a VPN that is quicker than NordVPN.

For my usage, NordVPN has constantly offered excellent connection speeds. The VPN service provider can easily match Netflix’s suggested connection speeds.

App Support

There’s a decent possibility NordVPN supports native apps for each device you use.

NordVPN offers apps for devices running iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, Android TV, and Amazon Fire. With the help of NordVPN’s Chrome and Firefox extensions, you may access foreign Netflix via your browser, and a variety of router brands and models are supported.

Additionally, NordVPN provides a SmartDNS service, which enables access to foreign Netflix streams on devices that are often incompatible with VPN applications, such as game consoles and certain set-top boxes. (Warning: while utilizing this service, there is no encryption for your connection.)

On a single account, you may connect up to 6 devices at once.


The above-average service provided by NordVPN is not priced similarly. In actuality, particularly for multi-year memberships, the price is really affordable.

I don’t believe you’ll ever wish to utilize the great 30-day money-back guarantee that the company gives.

Customer Service

If you have a Netflix-related or another type of support issue, you can contact NordVPN Customer Service any time via their 24/7 support chat option. You can also contact them through email, or opt to look through their easy-to-search support library.

When it comes to setting up new servers and IP addresses, I’ve discovered that the supplier moves quickly.

Server Coverage Worldwide

Over 5,200 servers for NordVPN are evenly scattered across 60 countries. No matter where your chosen material is located, I don’t believe you’ll have any trouble connecting to your preferred streaming service.


You may want to consider relocating to Panama, where NordVPN is based, if you value your online anonymity. Since there are no data retention laws in the nation, NordVPN is free to adhere to a rigorous “no logs” policy.

You may pay for your VPN subscription using Bitcoin if you want to secure your anonymity.

In conclusion

Betternet failed to fulfill its promise to you, therefore give up on them like a hot rock and go for a supplier like NordVPN that can guarantee a steady connection to Netflix.

NordVPN provides reliable access to Netflix, as their 24/7 support department responds quickly to blockades. When you take into consideration their excellent connection speeds, top-notch privacy protections, and wide Server Coverage Worldwide, NordVPN is the best option for Netflix users.

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