How to Watch YouTube Videos Blocked in Your Country in 2022

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In 2022, YouTube will be unblocked in every country. However, some countries will have restrictions on which types of videos can be watched. This guide will teach you how to watch blocked YouTube videos in 2022.

The “how to watch youtube videos blocked in your country without vpn” is a question that has been asked before. In 2022, YouTube will be blocking certain content in some countries. If you are in one of these countries and want to watch YouTube videos, you can use a VPN service to unblock them.

The stuff on YouTube is vast. That universe may, however, be split apart.

You won’t be able to access material that is only accessible in other areas of the globe based on the nation you’re in since certain content is only available in certain regions of the world.

Users in certain nations, including China and North Korea, cannot access any aspect of the service without using a Virtual Private Network since those nations completely restrict the site (VPN).

A VPN may provide you with a new IP address in a nation where YouTube isn’t restricted or where there are more user-friendly video options.

For instance, you won’t be able to see films that are exclusively accessible to U.S. customers if you’re in the U.K. However, all American-specific material will be accessible to you if you use a VPN to get an IP address in the United States.

Additionally, a VPN may encrypt your internet connection, preventing governments, ISPs, and hackers from monitoring your online activity.

In this post, I’ll explain how to use a VPN to alter the nation from which you’re (ostensibly) viewing YouTube as well as recommend the top VPNs for the task.

How to Get Around Regional Blockades on YouTube

Here is a tutorial on how to unblock YouTube using a VPN from wherever you are right now.

  1. Select the ideal VPN service for your requirements (I suggest NordVPN).
  2. Install the app(s) from the vendor on your preferred device (s).
  3. Open a VPN connection.
  4. Choose a VPN server in the nation where the YouTube material is available. Connect to a VPN server in France, for instance, if you want to see material that is only available in France.
  5. Have fun having access to fresh YouTube videos!

Note: To remove previous location markers if you have any problems, you may need to delete your browser’s cache and cookies. If it doesn’t work, get in touch with the VPN’s customer service as certain servers can be more suitable for streaming than others.

Is It Possible to Change Your YouTube Country with Any VPN?

Not all VPNs can bypass YouTube’s geographical limitations.

It is simpler to stream YouTube videos from different countries since YouTube doesn’t restrict VPNs the way Netflix and Amazon Prime do, but not all VPNs are compatible with the video platform.

This is due to the fact that certain VPNs of inferior quality leak your real IP address, causing YouTube to recognize you’re not really in the nation you claim to be in. You can see messages like as

The following video is unavailable in your nation.

This movie is not accessible in your country according to the uploader. I apologize for it.


Here is a brief list of the top VPNs for changing your YouTube country before I delve into the specifics of each VPN.

The top VPNs for changing the country of YouTube are:

  1. For whatever reason, including changing your YouTube country, NordVPN is my go-to VPN. Along with fast connections and full app compatibility, the company provides a vast server network so you can access YouTube video from all around the world.
  2. If you’re on a tight budget, Surfshark can let you switch the nation of your YouTube channel without costing you anything. Speeds from the service are quick, and you may view YouTube on as many devices as you’d want at once with several connections at once.
  3. ExpressVPN: If you’re ready to pay the fee, ExpressVPN is a premium VPN that provides exceptional service. ExpressVPN does not dissapoint, offering the best speeds in addition to a vast server network and thorough app support.
  4. CyberGhost: CyberGhost could be your best choice if you’re new to the VPN industry. Using only a few mouse clicks, you can easily change your YouTube location with the provider’s user-friendly tools.
  5. While IPVanish has trouble unblocking other streaming sites, this provider has no trouble with YouTube. You and your family may watch YouTube simultaneously on as many devices as you need thanks to the several connections at once.

When choosing which VPN to use to change your YouTube country, there are several aspects to take into account. The following considerations were taken into account while choosing which VPNs to suggest:

  • opens up YouTube
  • extensive server network
  • rapid connection rates
  • Strong encryption and privacy protection with no logs
  • responsive client service

These are the top VPNs for unblocking YouTube videos globally by allowing you to change your YouTube country.

How-to-Unblock-Instagram-at-School-in-2022 Jul 2022

The best service to use to unblock YouTube in different regions is NordVPN.

With 5,400+ servers spread over almost 60 nations, NordVPN gives you a lot of alternatives for viewing YouTube in whatever nation you want. The supplier has no trouble unblocking YouTube and other streaming services.

Streaming on YouTube in HD or 4K, gaming, and file sharing are all supported by NordVPN’s fast connection speeds.

The security features of NordVPN keep you very secure online as you binge-watch YouTube. These features include government-grade 256-bit AES encryption for your connection, an automated kill switch, DNS leak prevention, and malware, botnet, and ad blocking tools.

Because obfuscated servers are accessible in so many countries, your VPN traffic will seem to be typical internet traffic. By connecting via two VPN servers rather than just one, Double VPN gives you double the encryption and privacy.

Due to NordVPN’s stringent no-logs policy and privacy-friendly Bitcoin payment option, your anonymity is appropriately secured.

Apps for Windows, iOS, macOS, Android, Linux, Amazon Fire, and Android TV are available from NordVPN. Additionally, support for multiple router brand and model names is available, along with Chrome and Firefox browser extensions. It is possible to connect up to 6 devices at once.

Additionally, NordVPN provides a smart DNS solution that it simply refers to as SmartDNS. With this service, you may access foreign YouTube broadcasts on set-top boxes, smart TVs, and other devices like gaming consoles. However, bear in mind that unlike a VPN service, this one does not secure your internet connection.

Customer service is offered round-the-clock through live chat, email, and a searchable knowledge base.


  • international servers
  • security measures and strong encryption
  • a no-logs policy, and support for Bitcoin payments
  • Extremely rapid connection rates
  • extensive app support


  • No servers with a focus on streaming

BEST VPN FOR CHANGING YOUTUBE COUNTRY:NordVPN is the best option for changing your YouTube country. The provider has a wide server network, allowing you to connect almost anywhere. rapid connection rates and extensive app support add to the value. A 30-day money-back guarantee is available.

Read my in-depth NordVPN review.

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The greatest option for those on a tight budget seeking a high-quality VPN service at a reasonable cost is Surfshark.

3,200+ servers spread over 65+ countries make up Surfshark. This is far more than what they provided a year ago, indicating that their coverage could continue to grow.

The service provider’s speeds are more than sufficient to support HD YouTube viewing and a variety of other online activities.

Surfshark takes security seriously, including 256-bit AES encryption that is on par with that used by the government, an automatic kill switch, DNS leak prevention, malware and phishing defenses, and ad and tracker blocking. By routing your connection across two VPN servers, a “MultiHop” function may increase your anonymity and privacy.

Additionally, Surfshark values your privacy, never storing any use records, and allowing you to pay with Bitcoin if that’s your jam.

Surfshark provides native applications for the platforms of Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, and Amazon Fire devices. For Chrome and Firefox, there are add-ons for the browsers, and there is a ton of support for various router brands and types.

Large families and small enterprises won’t have any trouble connecting as many devices as they need to the provider’s servers at once on one account since the company also supports several connections at once.

When you connect through a 24/7 live help chat, customer assistance is only a click away. Additionally offered are email assistance, a “Contact Us” form, and an accessible knowledge base.


  • very cheap prices
  • Numerous security measures
  • many connections at once
  • Support for apps on the most common devices


  • A lack of sophisticated choices in applications

BEST FOR BUDGET: Surfshark is a great option for customers on a low budget since it doesn’t charge much for its broad service offerings. You may view YouTube on as many devices as you need simultaneously thanks to the provider’s excellent speeds and several connections at once. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered.

Read my whole Surfshark review.

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If you don’t mind spending a lot of money, ExpressVPN is a reliable VPN choice.

With more than 3,000 servers spread across over 95 countries thanks to ExpressVPN, you can access YouTube from anywhere in the globe. The service provider is renowned for its proficiency in unblocking a wide range of streaming services.

The fastest connection speeds on this list belong to ExpressVPN. Due to its speeds, it is possible to play games online and engage in file sharing in addition to watching YouTube in HD and 4K.

ExpressVPN provides government-grade 256-bit AES encryption, an automated kill switch, and defenses against DNS leaks and IPv6 leaks in terms of security. Your speeds will rise as a result of the provider’s own “Lightway” protocol, which also provides security.

The service provider accepts the privacy-friendly cryptocurrency Bitcoin as payment for its services while not keeping any records of your online activity.

Additionally, all server activities are performed entirely from RAM, never writing any data to the hard disk, thanks to the provider’s unique TrustedServer technology. This implies that each time the server restarts, all data is entirely erased.

Numerous app platforms are supported by ExpressVPN, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Chrome OS, Android TV, and Amazon Fire devices. Chrome, Firefox, and even Edge have browser add-ons available, and the router support from the supplier is extensive.

One set of login credentials is limited to 5 concurrent connections.

Another clever DNS choice provided by ExpressVPN is named “MediaStreamer.” On gadgets like game consoles, smart TVs, and other set-top boxes, MediaStreamer enables you to view worldwide streaming material, such as what YouTube has to offer. Just keep in mind that unlike a VPN service, this one does not encrypt your connection.

Thanks to round-the-clock live help chat, customer service is accessible every single day. There is also access to a searchable help library, a problem ticket tracking system, and email assistance.


  • There are servers accessible globally.
  • Excellent ability to unblock content
  • fastest VPN connection speeds
  • includes Smart DNS service


  • pricier than competing suppliers
  • fails to identify its streaming servers

COMPREHENSIVE VPN: ExpressVPN provides high-quality service in almost every area, but at a hefty cost. Accessing YouTube is made enjoyable by the provider’s lightning-fast speeds, vast global server coverage, and potent content-unblocking capabilities. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered.

Read the whole of my ExpressVPN review.

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CyberGhost’s user-friendly programs, which provide one-click protection and connection, will be appreciated by those who are new to using VPNs.

A staggering 6,700+ servers are part of the provider’s extensive worldwide server network, which spans 90+ nations. Regardless of the nation that appeals to you, you won’t have any trouble viewing YouTube.

You can absolutely view YouTube videos in HD thanks to CyberGhost’s dependable fast connection rates. With this service, gaming and file sharing are both quick and simple.

Bank-grade 256-bit AES encryption, automated kill switch protection, DNS leak prevention, malicious website and ad filtering are just a few of the security measures available. Additionally, websites may be compelled to display HTTPS (secure, in other words) versions of their web pages when such are available.

Bitcoin is a secure payment method that CyberGhost allows while adhering to a rigorous no-logs policy.

For the following operating systems: Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire, and Android TV, CyberGhost provides user-friendly applications. There are extensions for the Chrome and Firefox browsers, as well as compatibility for many other router brands and types.

Seven simultaneous connections on one account, albeit not infinite, ought to be plenty to satiate your YouTube binges.

CyberGhost offers 24/7 live help chat, a problem ticket submission system, a searchable knowledge base, and other forms of effective customer care because it recognizes their value.


  • very broad server coverage
  • Simple to use applications
  • Strong privacy and encryption safeguards


  • not all streaming services are unblocked
  • No native router applications

Greatest FOR BEGINNERS: CyberGhost is the best choice if you want to watch YouTube material from various countries but are unsure how to use a VPN. The service provider makes it simple to connect wherever you want. The provider’s server coverage, as well as its privacy and security safeguards, are excellent. There is a 45-day money-back guarantee offered.

Read the whole of my CyberGhost review.

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The majority of VPN services do not give the privacy protection that IPVanish does, making it a very secure VPN.

Although the provider doesn’t have the broadest worldwide server coverage on our list (1,500+ servers in 54+ countries), it will nonetheless do the job.

The good thing about those servers is that IPVanish owns and manages every single one of them, which is where the added privacy protection comes in. That implies that your data is not accessible to outside contractors.

The service provider offers sufficient bandwidth for file sharing, gaming, and YouTube streaming at acceptable rates.

High-level 256-bit AES encryption, a kill switch with auto-reconnect functionality, and a “scramble” feature, which disguises your VPN use as regular internet traffic, are all included in IPVanish’s security measures.

Additionally, IPVanish effectively safeguards your privacy by not keeping any records of your internet actions. You cannot, however, use Bitcoin to make a payment to the supplier.

IPVanish does well in the area of app compatibility, providing applications for devices running iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, and Amazon Fire. Users using Linux and Raspberry Pi must manually configure the service. Numerous router brands and types are supported, despite the absence of browser extensions.

IPVanish offers many connections at once, so you and your family can all enjoy YouTube streams on all of your devices at one time.

A searchable help library, a FAQ section, and live chat assistance are all available for customers.


  • several connections at once
  • keeps independent contractors at a distance
  • comprehensive security measures


  • No opportunity to pay using Bitcoin
  • A one-month membership is pricey.

EXTRA PROTECTION FOR MANY CONNECTIONS:IPVanish’s proprietary servers keep you utterly protected while connected. several connections at once add to the value. I do wish it offered a Bitcoin payment option, though. A 30-day money-back guarantee is available.

Read my whole IPVanish review.

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You may view videos from any country by changing the YouTube country setting using a VPN. You should use NordVPN as your VPN service provider since it is the finest option.


With NordVPN’s extensive server network, you may connect to several nations to access a large range of streams. Because of its incredible speeds, you can view in HD or 4K. Your connection is safeguarded by reliable encryption and a thorough privacy policy, and customer assistance is available at all times.

Visit the NordVPN website to learn more or to subscribe.

FAQ Regarding Blocked YouTube Videos

Is it legal to unblock YouTube?

It depends on the country you’re in if it’s legal to unblock YouTube. To find out whether there are any legal ramifications for unblocking YouTube where you are, check your local laws.

Are Free YouTube Unblockers Safe?

Common methods for unblocking YouTube videos from various countries include proxy websites. In order for you to access YouTube, they alter your IP address to make it seem as if you are situated in a nation where YouTube is accessible.

However, free proxies only do that.

All of your information is unprotected while using free proxies since they don’t encrypt your internet connection. Your login credentials, passwords, payment information, and location are insecure since your information is travelling via the proxy. Continue to use a reliable VPN.

Which nations have YouTube bans?

YouTube is completely restricted in China, North Korea, Turkmenistan, Iran, Sudan, and Turkmenistan. Other nations like Morocco, Thailand, the UAE, and even European nations that value internet freedom like Finland, Germany, and Denmark have in the past partly or completely prohibited YouTube. 

When the download options are disabled, how can you download a video from a YouTube channel?

When the download options for a YouTube channel are disabled, you must utilize a VPN service provider to view the video. The video converter you choose may then download the video for you by simply pasting the YouTube URL into the box provided.

2 items To begin with, confirm the legitimacy of the video converter you use. Next, look up the local legislation of your nation. Your internet access may be cut off in certain nations, including France, if you download copyrighted files without authorization. 

How Can I Tell If a YouTuber Has Blocked Me?

Whether you are unable to connect with the videos, such as by leaving comments or enjoying them, you will know if a YouTuber has blocked you. If you attempt to communicate them but are unable to do so, that will tell you for sure. 

The “how to watch blocked youtube videos in school” is a question that many people are asking. The answer for this question is simple.

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